Chapter 932: Complete Defeat

A flurry of palm strikes had smashed Preeminence Boost into capitulation, until tears streamed down his face. In the end, he was forced into servitude. In the Great Necropolis, it was rare to see servants of his level. In fact, they would only appear in the top superpower sects.

In the blink of an eye, Preeminence Boost was inside the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, facing Yang Qi’s immortal-slaying clone, who lashed him with the Hell Scourge and caused him to rapidly descend into a haze of despair.

Myriad worlds god-king; one billion god formations; deliver all beings from suffering; suppress all opposition; give your faith to me; give your faith to me....” A conglomeration of glowing sagelight entered into Preeminence Boost’s sea of consciousness, causing him to tremble visibly.

After the haze of despair caused by the Hell Scourge, he could do only one thing in response to the appearance of that sagelight.

“Save me. Save me!”

“Exercise faith in me,” the clone said, “and your torment will end. Refuse, and sink into eternal oblivion....”

Just when it seemed that Preeminence Boost would give in and become a believer, a surge of quintessence energy appeared in his sea of consciousness and destroyed the sagelight.

“Who dares to forcibly convert my disciple!” someone shouted, causing Preeminence Boost to suddenly regain his lucidity.

“What?” Both the clone and Yang Qi’s true self were caught completely by surprise by the fact that some sort of guardian was lurking in Preeminence Boost's sea of consciousness. Apparently, it was a defensive mechanism put in place by the Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence.

Secret-Ensconcing All-World Anything-Everything Fundamental-Law Magic!” Yang Qi waved his hand, sending a stream of true energy out from his true self, as well as the golden imp of his nascent divinity. As they entered Preeminence Boost’s sea of consciousness, he caught sight of an old man there, sitting on a throne, surrounded by primordial chaos. From the way the old man’s eyes stabbed into Yang Qi, he could tell that the old man was a projection of Terrifying will.

Despite being just a projection, his mere voice alone would have been enough to shatter most people.

But not Yang Qi.

Approaching, he laughed and said, “So, you’re some leader from the Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence, here to protect this disciple. Nice. Sadly, I'm going to devour you to bolster my own nascent divinity. For all intents and purposes, you might as well be a knowledge-devil! Prepare to submit!”

Yang Qi was very familiar with this process and quickly drew upon the arts of King Heaven-Devourer. Meanwhile, the old man’s eyebrows shot up in fury. “How dare you! Supreme-Preeminence Paragon-Dao Preheaven Nine Conversions!

Countless vortexes sprang into being and shot toward Yang Qi.

This was a direct competition between nascent divinities, which, despite not involving true energy, was actually even fiercer than an ordinary fight.

Yang Qi was proficient in all sorts of daoist techniques, and furthermore, he commanded the battlefield itself, giving him a huge advantage. However, the old man was incredibly tough, leaving Yang Qi completely convinced that he was a scrap left behind by an elite Terrifying-level opponent. In fact, it was highly likely that he was the houselord of the Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence. Obviously, conquering someone like him would bring incredible benefits, helping his own nascent divinity to push onward toward the Terrifying level.

Yang Qi’s nascent divinity unleashed countless divine abilities as they fought back and forth in terms of will. At a certain point in the fight, the will of the clone joined Yang Qi’s will in the fierce fighting.

By now, Yang Qi and his immortal-slaying clone were no longer the same person. In other words, this was like a fight in which the God Legion Seal and King Immortal-Slayer himself joined forces.

Thanks to the combination of power, the old man’s throne finally crumbled, provoking a bitter scream from him. “The Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence won’t let this go!”

Yang Qi snorted coldly and unceremoniously devoured the enemy nascent divinity. A moment later, a wave of magical power surged through him, including scattered bits of dao enlightenment, energy arts, spell formations, and other fragments of knowledge. Because of that, his psychic scale began rising.

Unfortunately, Yang Qi had not yet acquired the psychic scaling systems for his Cruiser of Civilization, otherwise he could directly assess matters relating to psychic scales. [1]

Based on what he already knew, simply using the designations of Normal, Stupendous, Destabilizing, and Terrifying were too vague.

For example, he already knew firsthand that the Destabilizing level was broken up into early, mid, late, and peak phases. Each of them were as different from the other as heaven was from the earth, and the difference between early Destabilizing and peak Destabilizing was about the same as that between an ordinary Godmyth and a Grand Emperor. It definitely wasn’t just a matter of increasing by a level here or there. The psychic scale was really the best way to assess an opponent's true fighting prowess.

After assimilating the nascent divinity sealing mark, Yang Qi sent his will into Preeminence Boost, who was now too weak to fight back. The man limply dropped to his knees and sent his faith to the immortal-slaying clone, who absorbed it and used it to further his energy arts.

The faith of an expert with a power index of two thousand six hundred was nothing to scoff at.

Although the conflict had actually taken an extended time, Yang Qi controlled the flow of time in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, so it only lasted for a moment from an outside perspective.

After defeating Preeminence Boost, Yang Qi shimmered with golden light, making him look even more impressive than before, and striking fear into the hearts of those who looked upon him.

“What?” the female emissary blurted, her eyes nearly popping out of her skull. “What did you just do? What happened to Preeminence Boost? If you hurt him, it won’t matter where you hide, you’ll end up paying with your life!”

As for the prime elders, they looked shocked to death and were clearly wondering who this ally was that Battle Resister had brought with him. Preeminence Boost had been such a terrifying entity that no one in the Profound House of Battle Energy held any hope of finding someone who could fight him.

Yet here he was, dispatched with a single move.

“This is Brother Yang Qi,” Battle Resister said. “Not only does he have a profound cultivation base, but he also inherited the daoist teachings and doctrines of King Immortal-Slayer, giving him access to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. In this time of chaos, he can provide a safe haven, and has no interest in plots or schemes. The time has come for us to go to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.” Glaring at the prime elders, he said, “Don’t tell me you’re going to stubbornly insist on going through with your previous plan.”

Snorting coldly, the female emissary said, “I'm leaving. But you just wait. I’ll be back eventually, and I’ll completely destroy the Profound House of Battle Energy!” Turning, she turned into a colorful beam of fiery light that shot off into the distance. However, there was no way Yang Qi was going to let her simply leave. At the last second, he unleashed a powerful palm strike.

However, that was when the woman's voice suddenly rang out from a different direction. “Fooled you, brat! I’ll be back soon enough to destroy you all!

Apparently, she had been using a diversionary tactic earlier to lay the path for escape.

Yet Yang Qi reacted just as quickly, popping into being and thrusting both hands out. Something like a huge net instantly appeared overhead, filled with numerous magical laws. As the saying goes, the guilty can never escape justice from heaven, and the woman was tightly wrapped up.

No matter how she scurried this way and that, she couldn’t escape.


Yang Qi appeared within the net, where he unleashed yet another devastating palm strike.

The woman’s eyes flashed with bright light as she waved her hands out, summoning a treasured sword, the kind that could slaughter dragons and immortals, and put an end to all living things.

Preeminent-Chaos Exalted-Celestial Sword Dao!

Sword energy swept out in all directions. Each slash of the sword was an incomprehensible divine ability that could cut down cultivators with power indexes of three thousand or more. Obviously, this female emissary was putting everything on the line.

However, Yang Qi didn’t hold back either. His palms sent out streams of power that hit the sword energy, grinding it away into powder.


Yang Qi took a step forward, then reached out and grabbed her sword. Wrenching it out of her grasp, he snapped it in half. As it shattered like glass, he absorbed the resulting quintessence energy.

Then his hand shot out and slapped the top of her head. Although she didn’t shatter like the sword, everyone could see streams of white light pouring into her sea of consciousness.

Then she began trembling, as though a deadly fight was playing out in her sea of consciousness.

A moment later, a cracking sound could be heard, like an egg being crushed. That was the nascent divinity sealing mark inside of her being defeated and absorbed by Yang Qi.

Yang Qi sighed contentedly, and mused that he really needed to find more disciples from the Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence. Absorbing the sealing marks inside of them seemed to be a great way to push himself to the next level.

In fact, maybe he could use this method to reach the Terrifying level.


“I sincerely offer my faith to you!”

Everyone watched in shock as the woman dropped to her knees and offered her full and utter allegiance to Yang Qi. Then, a vortex appeared and she flew directly into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

1. The “psychic scale” will be explained in more detail later.

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