Chapter 931: Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence

Battle Resister and Battle Kilomountain were about to fight each other.

They were fellow disciples who were now heading into a life-or-death struggle, and although one might think it would provoke an emotional sigh, Battle Kilomountain didn’t seem to be reacting that way at all. Bubbling with killing intent, he said, “If you want to die, Battle Resister, then don’t blame me for fulfilling your wish! Did you really think that you would always outdo me here? It’s true that you were stronger than me, in the past. But after throwing in my lot with the Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence, one of their top experts bestowed an energy art upon me. I’ve already successfully cultivated the Supreme Preeminence Exalted Celestial Energy! You should be honored to die by a divine art like this. Although, I definitely won’t make it a quick death. You're going to experience endless pain before I let you pass.”


After finishing his little speech, Battle Kilomountain immediately launched an attack.

The air vibrated as he sped forward, twisting and writhing through the air like a big snake.

Time Rides upon Six Dragons!

Six palms, six stances. Each palm resembled a divine dragon, pulling a chariot of time. Everyone watching was struck with the sensation that this palm attack could control the momentum of time itself.

Snorting coldly, Battle Resister said, “That’s the Battle Dragon God Palm from our Profound House of Battle Energy. Why not use this supposed Supreme Preeminence Exalted Celestial Energy you talked about? Could it be that you actually haven’t cultivated it to completion? The consummate arts of our Profound House of Battle Energy were passed down from the majestic Battle God himself. And they’re on exactly the same level as the arts of the Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence. Beginning of all Living Things!

His words led right into a palm attack that rocketed right toward the Time Rides upon Six Dragons attack.

When the two palms met, Battle Kilomountain shivered and began emanating a blood-colored energy. “Grand Brightness From Start to Finish!

It was a move that radiated strength and discipline, causing the grand brightness of a sun and a moon to transform everything it touched.

Battle Resister flipped backward, then shouted at the top of his lungs as he launched a fist strike. “The Safeguard of Supreme Harmony!

Instantly, yin and yang were inverted, and the power of supreme harmony negated Battle Kilomountain’s attack. The most marvelous moves of the Profound House of Battle Energy were on display here, and the result was that a domain was spreading out to cover the area. Yang Qi couldn’t help but nod in admiration; these two were truly top experts, their each and every action revealing a profound understanding of battle. Although the power they unleashed couldn’t compare to his Hand of the One God, their raw skill was something to marvel at.

Even just watching them, Yang Qi was starting to gain enlightenment into the consummate arts of their sect.

The Chief Emerges from Commoners!

Let Peace Fill the Nation![1]

Battle Resister and Battle Kilomountain were using the deadliest moves from the Profound House of Battle Energy, a collection of secret arts relating to battle energy. Back and forth they fought, exchanging blow after blow.

Battle Resister actually hovered in midair, but solid ground appeared beneath his feet as he moved, forming with each step he took. The ground almost resembled a turtle shell, as though an actual turtle were lending him aid.

It was an extremely marvelous footwork technique.

As for Battle Kilomountain, each step he took caused an enormous mountain to appear beneath his feet, making his energy arts seem like a heavenly wind blowing through the most majestic of mountain peaks.

Unexpectedly, the two of them seemed evenly matched!

At a certain point during the fighting, Battle Resister nodded. “So, Battle Kilomountain, you really have put a lot of effort into today’s attempt to seize power. Unfortunately, you don’t understand the true meaning of battle. Today, in front of all the disciples present, I’ll show you the most consummate technique of the Profound House of Battle Energy. This is what the true will of battle looks like. Charge to Battle and Defeat the Dharma![2]


Cracks spread out and covered Battle Resister, whose will of battle began to rise rapidly, making it seem almost like he was being possessed by the Battle God. Suddenly, an enormous cudgel of true energy appeared in his hands, which he raised over his head to deliver a massive downward blow.

“I know Charge to battle and Defeat the Dharma too! What’s the big deal about that?” A true energy cudgel appeared in Battle Kilomountain’s hands as well, which he thrust toward Battle Resister.

However, Battle Resister suddenly flitted through the air, his cudgel transforming into a long, sharp saber, creating a streak of golden light as it sliced through the air.


The sabre slashed through Battle Kilomountain’s cudgel, then continued onward.

Battle Kilomountain was clearly shocked, and had been completely unaware that Charge to Battle and Defeat the Dharma could do something like that. Shouting at the top of his lungs, he drew even more deeply on his true energy to power the move and try to fight back.

Unfortunately for him, Battle Resister had seized the upper hand. He was a Warrior One, and every move he unleashed was fierce and filled with infinite variations. The surging true energy weapons he unleashed shifted from a saber, to a spear, to an axe. Then a warhammer, a whip, a noose, and a trident.

The weapons endlessly shifted from one to another.

Fundamentally speaking, it wasn’t anything unusual, as just about anyone could use true energy to create a variety of weapons. For example, in the mortal world, the sixth phase of cultivation was the Energy Weapon level, which was all about converging energy into the shape of a weapon.

However, there was something about Battle Resister’s true energy that was different from normal. Every different weapon he created was a god item, profound and mysterious to the extreme. They were real weapons that could shake the enemy to no end. Each of them was filled with mysterious transformations that could incite reactions from the dao of heaven, and they were all completely unpredictable.

The weapons almost seemed like something from a textbook, as if they had been forged by the ultimate ancestor of all weapons.

And they could only unleash their potential in the hands of Battle Resister; in the hands of anyone else, they would be pieces of scrap.

This was what happened when the battle will of Charge to Battle and Defeat the Dharma was pushed to the ultimate limit.

Battle Kilomountain was being relentlessly shoved backward across the battlefield.

When he was finally pushed into a corner, he shouted, “Supreme Harmony Exalted Celestial Fist!

A brilliant stream of godlight shot up, scattering the effects of Charge to Battle and Defeat the Dharma, and raging toward Battle Resister.

In response, Yang Qi’s pupils constricted.

As for Battle Resister, he suddenly vanished, as though he had long since anticipated that Battle Kilomountain would use this move. Apparently, he never did this sort of thing, because the move was totally unexpected. Not even a moment passed before he was on the left side of Battle Kilomountain, his energy arts surging with the power of the Merciful level as he clenched his hand into a fist.

Battle God Shatters Hell!


Battle Kilomountain was sent flying, a waterfall of blood erupting from his mouth.

He had been completely and utterly defeated!

“What a piece of trash!” said the male emissary from the Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence. Reaching out, he grabbed Battle Kilomountain and sent some true energy into him to stabilize him. From the look on his ashen face, Battle Kilomountain was now convinced that he still wasn’t a match for Battle Resister.

Striding forward, the young emissary said, “So, you’re a Warrior One. That’s in the top ten of the three thousand constitutions. Very rare. I'm Preeminence Boost from the Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence. And I’m very curious to see how much battle prowess you have yet to unleash.”

Making a beckoning gesture with his index finger, he continued, “Why not ask that brat friend of yours to join you. Two against one!”

“There’s no need for that,” Yang Qi said, strolling forward lazily. “You take a rest, Battle Resister. I’ll take care of things now. After this fight is over, we can take your Profound House of Battle Energy away like we were originally planning.” Looking at Preeminence Boost, he said, “Two against one is fine. You two emissaries against me. In fact, if you want those prime elders to help you as well, that's fine. It’ll just save me some time.”

“You’re quite young to have such a big mouth, boy,” Preeminence Boost said, shivering with rage. “Apparently, you want to die right here, have your soul wiped out from the cycle of reincarnation, and—”


Before he could even finish speaking, Yang Qi suddenly appeared right in front of him and struck him viciously in the abdomen.

Aaaiiiieee!” he screamed, tears leaking out of his eyes as he staggered backward. Although Yang Qi’s palm strike had seemed simple in nature, he had actually backed it with the energy of the Hell Scourge. In the blink of an eye, waves of hellish torture spread through his enemy’s entire body.

Although he had a high cultivation base, how could he possibly compare to Yang Qi? Yang Qi had fought with Empress Joyflower and had taken Eternal Fortuned blood. Furthermore, his immortal-slaying clone could pour the power of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart into his attacks, enabling him to at least try to stand on his own against Terrifying will for a short time. During his session of healing in the chart, he had gained profound enlightenment regarding the magical symbol of the Secret-Ensconcing All-World Anything-Everything Fundamental-Law Magic, and added vajra characteristics to his nascent divinity. His will convergence was already at an inconceivable level, and his true energy was at such a high level that he could easily brush shoulders with enemies whose power indexes were three thousand.

As for Preeminence Boost, he wasn’t at the level of three thousand. Although he was close, it wasn’t enough to enable him to defend against Yang Qi.

Thus, this single palm strike of Yang Qi’s had completely vanquished him.

It had been many hundreds of millions of years since Preeminence Boost had last shed tears, but right now, they flowed down his cheeks and he very nearly shouted, “Mommy!”

It was almost as if he had been beaten back into a state of childhood!


Yang Qi’s palm continued on, creating an enormous black hole which violently sucked Preeminence Boost into it. It didn’t matter how mighty he was, he was powerless to do anything to fight it. Eventually, when the Sage Monarch Society made a reappearance in the world, he would be a ‘hired thug’ working at their side.

As for everyone else present, they watched as Preeminence Boost was smacked off his feet like a shrimp, then visibly wept before vanishing into a black hole. They couldn’t have been more shocked.

After all, most top experts would readily shed blood, but never tears. In fact, they wouldn’t weep at all, even if they died.

It would take a truly terrifying torture to provoke a reaction like that.

1. All of the attacks up to this point have been taken from a long passage from the Book of Changes, a historical book of divination techniques. For the most part, the way they are used in the story has nothing to do with their “real-life” divination interpretation.

2. This is the first attack in this fight that doesn’t contain a reference to the Book of Changes.

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