Chapter 914: The Big Secret

Yang Qi analyzed the incoming fist strike, and was certain that, if struck, his power double that he had painstakingly molded into its current level of strength would be wiped out of existence. And that wasn’t all. The fist technique contained a mysterious expression of will convergence that would follow the power double’s will all the way through to Yang Qi’s actual nascent divinity, inflicting a grievous injury.

Once Yang Qi’s will convergence had reached the peak of the Destabilizing level, only enemies at the Terrifying level could possibly hurt him or his power double. And normally speaking, if his power double were to be destroyed, the will within it would simply return to Yang Qi’s primary nascent divinity.

But for some reason, that wasn’t the case here. As of this moment, he was in a very dangerous situation.

He had no time to draw on the powers of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart to pull his power double back inside. Nor could he allow the power double to open a pathway into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart from the outside; that would only be making it easier for his enemy's fist strike to find its way to his true self.

This was definitely the most terrifying fist attack Yang Qi had ever faced.

How could Profound Valor, who had a power index of only two thousand, unleash an attack like this?

Making a snap decision, Yang Qi had his power double shoot backward and simultaneously shove his hand out in front of him, releasing a palm move from the Secret-Ensconcing All-World Anything-Everything Fundamental-Law Magic, an attack that thrummed with the energy of the Vajra Māyādevī.

Profound Valor simply snorted coldly and unleashed a second fist strike.

This second attack was far more powerful than the first, and when the fist winds combined, they emitted mountain-toppling, sea-draining force.


The power of the Vajra Māyādevī and the Secret-Ensconcing All-World Anything-Everything Fundamental-Law Magic were vanquished and energy surged into Yang Qi’s power double, accompanied by a will that sought out the essence of his will. If it succeeded, and his power double was destroyed, his primary nascent divinity would definitely suffer severe injury.

‘This guy is incredible! Alright, time to go all out!’

A black hole sprang up inside of Yang Qi that began gobbling up the enemy’s power and will.

“So that’s how you want to play it? Fine!” Thrumming with awe-inspiring power, Profound Valor launched another fist strike, even more impressive and devastating than the previous two combined, seemingly filled with the quintessence of the universe itself. From Yang Qi’s perspective, it appeared as though Profound Valor had suddenly opened all of his pores to absorb the power and quintessence of heaven and earth, the god world, all planes of existence, all space-time, and even the past and future. Combining it all, he created an amalgamation of power the likes of which no one present had ever seen before.

In that moment, Profound Valor became like a boundless god of all creation, a force who could match up to the sect leader of any top-tier organization. From what Yang Qi could tell, not even Battle Resister would be a match for him at this moment.

As the third fist strike slammed into Yang Qi’s power double, it flew through the black hole toward Yang Qi’s true self, ignoring all magical laws of space and time, an expression of power and will that could crush anything in its way.

However, it was at that very moment that a voice rang out from within Yang Qi.

“Such arrogance!” It wasn’t Yang Qi’s voice. Upon cultivating the Vajra Māyādevī and the Secret-Ensconcing All-World Anything-Everything Fundamental-Law Magic, he had become connected to the will of a mighty buddhist school from the god world. The mere words spoken by the will of that school could shake his true self and will into dust. Or at least it would have, if he wasn't protected by the God Legion Seal.

In this moment of danger, Yang Qi once again provoked that voice. However, things were different this time: he had a place to vent the destruction.

And the target was none other than Profound Valor!

Even as Profound Valor’s will and power coursed through Yang Qi, it slammed into the counterattack from the words ‘such arrogance!’


Cracking sounds rang out inside of Profound Valor and his clothing was shredded to pieces, revealing his powerful body, which looked like an ancient stone statue, majestic and awe-inspiring. At the same time, he coughed up a gob of blood.

The spoken words of ‘such arrogance’ sent all the energy of the three fist strikes back toward their source, and as a result, Profound Valor was devastated. Yet apart from coughing up some blood, nothing much else happened, much to Yang Qi’s shock. What kind of cultivation base did this Profound Valor actually have?

For one thing, it confirmed that, at the least, he had to have Terrifying will.


As Profound Valor coughed up more blood and staggered backward, he ran right into attacks from Proud Ethics, the five eunuchs, and the two flower goddesses.

Profound Valor coughed up another mouthful of blood, yet he still seemed to have infinite reserves of power to draw on. He let loose a thunderous battle cry, causing everything to shake, and ripping apart the space in the area.

Despite having been hit with two tremendous blows, he was still able to fly up into the air and throw his hand out in front of him.

It caused Yang Qi to feel as if some immense heavenly net were rumbling toward him. Even if his true self opened up the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and sent power outside, it wouldn’t be able to get close to this. More than ever, he sensed how profoundly ferocious this Profound Valor was. Despite all of the powerful attacks that had hit him, he merely coughed up blood, then went on the offensive, heading right back toward Yang Qi’s power double.

In fact, even if Yang Qi were present as his true self, and was working with his power double, he would have to use the God Legion Seal to pull off any successful attacks.

There was no question about it: Profound Valor could definitely beat Empress Joyflower in a fight.

In the blink of an eye, Profound Valor’s hand had latched onto Yang Qi’s power double. He moved with such amazing and heroic momentum that Yang Qi couldn’t help but be impressed.

“I’d planned to take you down one by one today,” Profound Valor said, “but in the end, I was caught off guard by this fellow’s scheming! I might have lost this fight, but I’ll be back. And it will be doomsday for the future world and the Joyflower Palace!”


With that, he turned and became a dragon-like streak of light that vanished into thin air before Proud Ethics could chase after him.

It took a long moment for the five eunuchs and two flower goddesses to regain their composure. When they did, they looked over at Proud Ethics.

“How could things have played out this way?” Eunuch Sunflower asked

“Why is Profound Valor so incredibly strong, Proud Ethics?” Snowlotus said. “You should have told us about this beforehand. It's obvious there’s no way we could have killed him. If it weren't for Yang Qi making the perfect move at the right time, delivering a vicious blow, we would all be dead now.”

Everyone present looked like they were still feeling frightened, and even Proud Ethics took a long moment before he could drive the glazed look from his eyes.

“So, it seems the stories are true after all. Profound Valor really is one of the Inheritors of the Great Necropolis.” The fact that he spoke the truth so openly was initially so shocking that no one knew how to react.

Finally, Jade Nightqueen said, “Inheritors of the Great Necropolis?”

Proud Ethics sighed. “Yes. That's what I said. The Inheritors. Remember how the Great Necropolis recently ejected a host of worlds, transforming the face of the Immortal Dao Age? At the same time, strange sealing marks were sent out, and those who can acquire them become Inheritors, blessed with immense power and fighting prowess. Not even I am sure of the details of what the sealing marks do. I was hoping to take down Profound Valor and seize his sealing mark, but had no idea that his cultivation base had become so much stronger. We really aren’t a match for him.”

“Great Necropolis Inheritors?” said Eunuch Blackheart. “So they can acquire the legacy of the Great Necropolis? If so, these successors are people of incredible standing. Just how strong are they, exactly?” The two flower goddesses and five eunuchs were all trembling at the thought of the immense power of the Great Necropolis. After all, they had all resided in the Great Necropolis for millions upon millions of years, and they knew what it would mean to inherit its power.

Whether it was the Joyflower Palace or any other sect, they would likely be as weak as chickens or dogs compared to such a person.

“There’s no need to get so excited,” Proud Ethics continued. “The Inheritors get sealing marks, that's all. To actually gain control of the Great Necropolis is a process that will take a very long time. There’s still plenty of time to fight over the sealing marks. Kill Profound Valor, and you can take the mark and become an Inheritor yourself. Thanks to the God Legion Seal that the magisters of the future control, they’re aware that many people have such sealing marks. Obviously, there will be bitter fighting between them. Just like the process of producing an apex-level poisonous beast, they’ll fight each other to the death until only the ultimate, true Inheritor is left standing. And with access to the godpower of the Great Necropolis, godly ascension will become much more possible.” He smiled. “You see, the fight just now was only the beginning.”


Meanwhile, Profound Valor was flying through the primal-chaos paleo-energy with Yang Qi, traveling to some unknown location. All Yang Qi knew was that the energy kept getting stronger, and that space-time was being distorted even more profoundly.

Eventually, they reached a place where primal-chaos lightning fell constantly, strong enough to kill even Grand Emperors.

Yang Qi still wasn’t incredibly worried. He was only here as a power double, and although losing that double would be a big loss, it wouldn’t be a fatal one.

He was very interested in seeing what this Profound Valor was all about, and wanted to know how he could be strong enough to defeat so many enemies while only having a power index of two thousand.

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Deathblade's Thoughts

About the Inheritors: In Chinese, it attaches the term Great Necropolis to every single instance of their name. So they are always Inheritors of the Great Necropolis (or Great Necropolis Inheritors). When it makes sense for the narrative, though, I will occasionally shorten this to simply Inheritors.