Chapter 911: Joining Forces for a Big Fight

“What did you just say? You want me to go kill the sectlord of this Profound Killing Dao Sect? On a hundredth ranked immortal world? With people from the future world?” Yang Qi had just been given the news by Flower Goddesses Snowlotus and Jade Nightqueen.

The two flower goddesses knew that Leaf Dao-Denier’s cultivation base was advancing rapidly, and in their nervousness, were actually coming to view Yang Qi as an important ally.

“Yes!” Jade Nightqueen said. “We met with the son of Magister Proud Heaven today, Proud Ethics. It's a very important task, and would benefit us quite well. Kill Profound Valor, and you can take his soul and nascent divinity and convert it into an out-of-body incarnation. A second nascent divinity. Your fighting prowess would soar, and your cultivation base would benefit as well. In fact, maybe you could even convert him into a full-on puppet, which would make you even more capable of taking out Leaf Dao-Denier.”

“Oh?” Yang Qi said. “Perhaps we can make a feint to the east and attack in the west. Use Proud Ethics to deal with Leaf Dao-Denier.”

“That’s a definite possibility,” replied Snowlotus. “But time is limited, and neither of us have been able to come up with a specific plan in that regard. Besides, neither of those two are fools, and they won’t just fight each other to the death for no reason. For now, our first priority should be to take down Profound Valor. After all, there will be more opportunities to work with Proud Ethics. He wants our help to ultimately change the face of the entire immortal dao civilization.”

“Incidentally, Yang Qi,” Jade Nightqueen said, “who are you, really? Proud Ethics requested you by name!”

“What? He mentioned my name?” Yang Qi was actually surprised by this. Inside, he was thinking, ‘So that’s what’s going on. Proud Heaven knows that I have the God Legion Seal, and apparently, he told his son about it. And his son is clearly drooling over the possibility of getting it. This thing is all a big trap. Well, two can play at that game. I’ll just kidnap him and hold him hostage as a bargaining chip to get back mother, Master, and Aunt Susu.’

Of course, Proud Ethics had profound and enigmatic energy arts, and likely knew secrets about Proud Heaven. He would not be as easy to deal with as Leaf Dao-Denier, and Yang Qi was actually curious to see what he was capable of. All in all, it seemed he had a good opportunity on his hands.

“Sure, I’ll go along,” Yang Qi said. “Although, considering how ruthlessly ambitious the people from the future world are, if he does anything insulting to the Joyflower Palace....”

Suddenly, the voice of Eunuch Blackheart rang out. “There’s no need to even bring that up. We’ll use Proud Ethics for everything he’s worth, and eventually find a way to eliminate him. If the future world thinks they have what it takes to vie for power with the Joyflower Palace, they’re delusional!”

Behind him were four other eunuchs, one of whom seemed as deadly as a needle. That one was Eunuch Sunflower. The other three appeared to be brothers. They were all diminutive and profoundly elderly, with long white beards and drooping eyebrows. However, their eyes shone with incomparable killing intent, and when they looked at Yang Qi, he got the sensation that he was being stared at by three vipers.

‘They all have power indexes over fifteen hundred,’ Yang Qi thought, shocked.

Of course, he had over a dozen sect leaders on his side, all with similar power indexes.

Besides, Yang Qi was much more worldly-wise now, and had seen many experts with incredibly high levels of power. As for these eunuchs, they usually remained out of sight, thus it was something of a surprise to learn that they would be joining the effort to kill the sectlord of the Profound Killing Dao Sect.

After all, they were like the personal weapons of Empress Joyflower.

For the benefit of Yang Qi, Snowlotus went on to introduce them. “These are Eunuchs Loveflower, Lovemusk, and Lovejade, all of them brothers and longtime loyalists in the Joyflower Palace.”

Eyeing Yang Qi, Eunuch Loveflower snorted coldly and said, “Who is this brat, a consort? He looks average at best. Low energy arts, low power levels. Are we expected to work with him to kill Profound Valor?”

“You’re underestimating him,” Jade Nightqueen said. “Yang Qi, do you mind demonstrating what you’re capable of? Prove that you’re capable of standing shoulder to shoulder with us? What do you say? These three eunuchs aren’t weak by any means, and if they’re not convinced, you’ll be expelled from the group or even killed.”

“Yes.” Eunuch Loveflower said, a sinister smile spreading across his face. “It’s just as the flower goddess said. If you can’t prove your worth to us, we’ll simply kill you. Although consorts technically outrank eunuchs, we’re not just ordinary eunuchs. Even the empress’ personal consorts treat us with utmost courtesy.”

“Is that so?” Yang Qi said. He suddenly flicked his finger, causing a vajra-like will to shoot out. It was none other than a true energy manifestation of the Secret-Ensconcing All-World Anything-Everything Fundamental-Law Magic, and although it didn’t seem particularly impressive, it contained the will of a supreme buddhist school and the profundities of the mother of a myriad buddhas.

“Screw the hell off!” Eunuch Loveflower said dismissively. He waved his sleeve and sent out a blast of wind that was one of his most deadly moves, the Flower-Burying Palm. It was a very sinister energy art, the kind that could destroy the foundation of everything beautiful and wonderful. To bury a person in the ground was one of the most tragic and grievous things imaginable, and flowers were one of the most beautiful things in nature. In other words, his technique could be described as burying one of the most beautiful things.

As soon as he waved his sleeve, a soft and feminine power rushed forth as if to bury all of the many heavens that existed.


Yang Qi’s finger attack, simple and unadorned, met the Flower-Burying Palm.

Everyone else present shook their heads, convinced that Yang Qi was going to come out the loser. The Flower-Burying Palm was very dangerous, and there was no way that a simple finger strike could vanquish it.

However, in the moment that they connected, golden godlight shone from Yang Qi’s finger, illuminating the highest clouds like the sun parting an overcast sky, and bathing the world in brilliance.


Eunuch Loveflower staggered backward, a gaping hole on his hand and his entire body wreathed in a golden light that filled him with agonizing pain.

“What?” It was as plain as day that Eunuch Loveflower was the loser of the fight. Eunuchs Lovemusk and Lovejade instantly hurried forward to help drive the golden light away from him.

“What technique was that?” Eunuch Lovejade growled. “A vajra skill from a buddhist school?! One of the top energy arts from the god world? How can you have cultivated that?”

The three eunuchs glared threateningly at Yang Qi, but he just stood there looking completely unconcerned. “The number of energy arts in existence are like the eternal sands. It’s no rarity to have a smattering of ability with arts from the buddhist schools.”

“Enough,” said Jade Nightqueen. “At least the three of you now understand that Yang Qi is qualified to participate in this operation. Furthermore, the two of us acquired a god item that will be particularly useful against Profound Valor. Come. Let’s head to our meeting with the forces of the future world.”

“Let’s go!”

During the entire exchange, Eunuch Sunflower hadn’t said anything, but couldn’t shake the feeling that he recognized Yang Qi. But he never made the connection that he had actually clashed with him back in the Exquisite Cathedral. After all, back in the Exquisite Cathedral, Yang Qi’s power index had only been around two hundred, whereas now it was seven hundred. And when one’s will convergence changed, the manifestation of their energy arts would do the same. [1]

The truth was that Yang Qi was actually surprised at how powerful the Secret-Ensconcing All-World Anything-Everything Fundamental-Law Magic was. Of course, part of it was that Eunuch Loveflower had been careless and arrogant, and had completely refrained from putting up any defenses.

Furthermore, his Flower-Burying Palm was even more dangerous than Yang Qi had anticipated, and some of his power double’s meridians had been broken as a result.

His true self quickly sent a stream of energy to the power double, repairing all of the damaged meridians and making them even stronger than before. He really wanted to avoid having this power double destroyed. After all the work he had put into it, it would be very difficult to create one that rivaled it.


Five eunuchs, two flower goddesses, and Yang Qi all flew out of the Joyflower Palace. Around that time, Leaf Dao-Denier also happened to step out and see the eight streaks of light. He had been keeping a close eye on Yang Qi’s whereabouts, intent on following him if he went anywhere.

‘What are they poking their noses into? Perhaps this is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for. The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. I don't care what you’re up to, I'm going to find a chance to strike a blow, Yang Qi! As soon as your true self appears in the open, I'm going to capture you. Now that I have both the Secret-Ensconcing All-World Anything-Everything Fundamental-Law Magic and the Taiji Indestructible Chaos-Magic World-Terrorizing Profound Art, you won’t be able to benefit at all from the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.”

Before long, Yang Qi and his group were at the hundredth ranked immortal world, which was indescribably larger than thirty-third ranked immortal worlds like the Tusita Heaven. Yang Qi wondered again what it meant that the Great Necropolis could produce places like this. What exactly was the necropolis?

There were people waiting on a high mountain, all of them clad in military uniforms, the handsome Proud Ethics in the lead position. Of course, Yang Qi had seen Proud Ethics before, but this was Proud Ethics’ first time catching sight of him.

Yang Qi’s true self sent some power secretly to his double, causing golden light from both the Secret-Ensconcing All-World Anything-Everything Fundamental-Law Magic and the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth to surround him. It was as though he were pulsing with the dignity of the Sovereign Lord, as well as the profundity of the buddhist schools. It was a combination that not even Leaf Dao-Denier would have been able to identify.

“You must be Yang Qi,” Proud Ethics said with a slight nod. “I’ve heard a lot about you. You inflicted some heavy losses on the forces of the future world, and even took a fragment of the Cruiser of Civilization. I'm afraid you’re going to have to return them to their rightful owner. Now.”

1. Eunuch Sunflower fought Yang Qi in the Exquisite Cathedral back in chapter 887.

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