Chapter 910: Hundredth Ranked Immortal World

The future world was a mysterious and unfathomable place. Of course, the generalissimos and other top experts from there were enigmatic to the extreme, but they were like nothing, compared to the sons of the magisters.

For example, Proud Ethics, whose energy abounded and who had a power index of well over a thousand. It was impossible to tell whether he was present as his true self, or just as a holographic projection. Regardless, he stood there looking both elegant and confident, clad in a crisp military uniform and emanating a heroic sense of manliness.

Any woman who caught sight of a man like this would feel her heart pounding in her chest.

If Zilin was beautiful, then Proud Ethics was handsome.

Both Jade Nightqueen and Snowlotus sensed that there was something different about Proud Ethics, compared to the last time they had met with him.

Could it be that he was actually present as his true self this time? It was impossible to say.

“Flower Goddesses, the eruption of immortal worlds from the Great Necropolis has completely changed the situation between your Dao Defense League, our future world, and the alliance of the Primeval Age and the Demon League. The dao of heaven has transformed, becoming more powerful and enigmatic. Unfortunately, not even those of us from the future world have been able to determine why this has happened. The Immortal Dao Age has completely veered from the course of history, to the point where it's current track ensures that it will never end up like our Future Age.”

They were currently standing at the peak of a mountain on the hundredth ranked immortal world, with sprawling lands stretching out endlessly beneath them, creating a very beautiful and soul-stirring scene.

“That said,” Proud Ethics continued, “the magisters of our future world are nearing the end of their quest to acquire the God Legion Seal. They’ll return within a matter of months to take control of matters and conquer the Immortal Dao Age.”

Flower Goddess Snowlotus snorted coldly. “Your future world is as wildly ambitious as ever. Unfortunately, you don’t quite measure up to the Ancient Road to the Gods. There are plenty of top experts emerging from the Great Necropolis now, seeking to acquire universal fortune, conquer this age, and reach godly ascension. You'd best prepare yourself to be attacked. There are plenty of boundless experts who would just love to acquire that God Legion Seal of yours.”

Proud Ethics burst out laughing. “Anyone who tries to take our God Legion Seal will end up dead. The ten magisters are strong enough to keep the god Brahma under control, much less weaker individuals. Look, enough of such talk. I want to know if you delivered my message to Empress Joyflower, and if any decision has been made regarding my proposal.”

“When the empress returned, she went directly into secluded meditation,” Flower Goddess Jade Nightqueen replied. “When we reported the matter to her, she said one thing in response: ‘I understand.’ Afterward, she didn’t ask for the message or for King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallion. Both items are still in the treasure storehouse. Apparently, she’s suspicious of Magister Proud Heaven’s motives and wants to improve her energy arts before looking at whatever gifts he's sent.”

Proud Ethics frowned. “I have no idea what the message says, so if your Empress Joyflower doesn’t want to look at it, then it has nothing to do with me. Fine, I’ll return and update my father. With that matter out of the way, there’s something else I wish to discuss with the two of you.”

“Oh? What’s that?” Jade Nightqueen asked.

“Something pertaining to this hundredth ranked immortal world. The scenery here is beautiful, and the magical laws are perfect. There are treasures everywhere. Wouldn’t it make an incredible addition to your Dao Defense League?”

“This place is infested with local savages!” Snowlotus said. “They have a big organization called the Profound Killing Dao Sect, led by someone named Profound Valor. He used to be on the same level as Empress Joyflower, but recently began cultivating a new divine ability that makes him even stronger. Do you really think someone like him will be easy to defeat? It's actually quite a risk for us to be meeting here in this world. If the Profound Killing Dao Sect found out we were here, we’d be forced to flee.”

“You make them sound very domineering,” Proud Ethics said with a smile. “I didn’t realize your Joyflower Palace was such a useless organization. You see, the reason I picked this location for the meeting is that I was hoping you could destroy the Profound Killing Dao Sect, so that we could take their place on this hundredth ranked world. Immortal worlds like this are rare even in the Great Necropolis, and are vastly superior to the Brahman Immortal World that we’re currently using as our base. With a world like this, we could expand our passageway to the future and make it much easier to transport plundered goods back home. The Immortal Dao Age is virtually bursting with treasure to be had.”

“What's that supposed to mean?” Flower Goddess Snowlotus said. “You think we would agree to work with you? Even if we wanted to, there’s no way we could possibly kill Profound Valor.”

“I think you’re overestimating him,” Proud Ethics replied. “Your Joyflower Palace has certain eunuchs with immense fighting prowess. Why not call four or five of them out to handle this situation with you? That should be more than enough to assassinate Profound Valor. With him dead, the Profound Killing Dao Sect will crumble. Although they have plenty of other experts, none are like Profound Valor himself, and with him gone, they’ll be as disunited as a dish of loose sand. Then we can split this hundredth ranked immortal world as the prize. What do you say?”

After some consideration, Snowlotus said, “Well, the more universal fortune we can get for the empress to use in her cultivation, the better. Fine. We agree. We’re very experienced when it comes to destroying enemy sects. We’ll head back immediately to recruit the people we need.”

“Hold on a moment,” Proud Ethics said. “I heard that you have someone working for you that could definitely help in dealing with Profound Valor. Why not invite him as well?”

“Who are you talking about?” Jade Nightqueen asked.

“His name is Yang Qi, league-lord of the Dao Defense League.” As the words left his mouth, his eyes flickered with an unusual light. “A few years ago he handed his organization over to you, and you imprisoned him. If you look into him, you’ll find that he's quite competent.”

“Yang Qi?”

Snowlotus and Jade Nightqueen exchanged a glance. Yet again they were struck with the sensation that Yang Qi was a very mysterious person, and definitely not the insect they had taken him to be. Even the future world knew about him.

“He’s a consort now, so it won't be difficult at all to bring him along. His cultivation has been progressing rapidly, although it’s questionable whether he’s strong enough to fight Profound Valor.”

“Oh? He's a consort?” Proud Ethics was visibly surprised. “In that case, yes, bring him with you. How about we agree to meet back here in three days? I’ve already sent people to infiltrate the Profound Killing Dao Sect, and according to their reports, in three days Profound Valor will be going to an unknown location to try to acquire a god item. That would be the perfect opportunity to kill him.”

After discussing a few more details, the two flower goddesses left.

At this point, one of the generalissimos stepped forward respectfully and said, “Young Sir, do you think Yang Qi is really a consort to those flower goddesses? Magister Proud Heaven said that he’s extremely cunning and dangerous. We definitely don’t want to fall into a trap laid by him. There must be some nefarious reason he's in the Joyflower Palace.”

“It's a given that we need to be very careful. Don’t forget, the main reason we came to this age is because of him. One of the ten magisters recently received a very grievous injury that will be very difficult to recover from. In fact, it’s most likely he’ll abdicate his position. Because of that, various sons of the magisters are viciously competing to take his spot.”

“Young Sir, considering the profound energy art you recently succeeded in cultivating, you should be able to take the spot without any problem.” The generalissimo then bowed his head, aware that he shouldn’t probe too deeply into matters such as this.

“True. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of competition. For instance, Hua Rongma, the son of Magister Hua. His cultivation base is no weaker than mine, and he has enlightenment of some of the most profound treasures from the future world. I think that the only way I could be completely confident in beating him would be using Yang Qi.”

“Yang Qi? But why? What about him would make you so confident?”

“According to father, he has some very powerful treasures. And if I can get them, I’ll be strong enough to completely dominate this age, earning my rightful spot as a magister. Since Yang Qi has those items, I need to get my hands on him. Unfortunately, he's very wily. I sent people after him, but he killed them all. He even took the treasures they had, including a fragment of the Cruiser of Civilization and one of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions. Well, the time has come for me to take all those things back, and along with them, his life!”

“Young Sir, are you saying that the matter of killing Profound Valor is just a trap to snare Yang Qi?”

“To some extent, yes. Although, I really do need to destroy the Profound Killing Dao Sect. The riches of a world like this defy imagination. Then afterward, we can raze the Joyflower Palace to the ground! I’ll enslave every last one of the women from there and take them back to the future world with me, making me stronger than ever!”

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