Chapter 908: Cosmic Upheaval (Part 2)

A cosmic upheaval was underway!

Yang Qi could sense the entire Great Necropolis trembling. The vital energy around him surged like the tide, causing many of the bubbles in the world forest to fly out into the open.

He quickly opened the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart to get a better view of what was happening, and caught sight of a primal-chaos energy flow rushing through a beehive-like opening in the Great Necropolis.

Thanks to that energy flow, numerous worlds were being ejected into the immortal dao civilization.

As the worlds flew out, they dropped into the spatial tempests and set down roots.

Shockingly, the Great Necropolis was giving birth to a host of new immortal worlds!

It was a truly stupendous event. Even Grand Emperors would require an extensive period of time to create an immortal world with all of the magical laws associated with it. But now the Great Necropolis was literally erupting with them. They were essentially planets, and not low-ranking ones either, but rather thirtieth through thirty-third ranked versions.

And then Yang Qi realized that some of the bubbles contained worlds that were actually beyond the thirty-third rank.

The previous structure was being completely changed.

Originally, the highest rank for immortal worlds in the Immortal Dao Age was thirty-three. But he could already see thirty-sixth ranked worlds, and even fortieth-ranked. Of course, that indicated that the Grand Emperor level was no longer the ultimate limit. Whatever beings were born in such higher-ranking worlds would obviously be completely extraordinary.

Yang Qi watched it all in something of a daze, wondering what it meant. For one thing, the immortal dao civilization was obviously going to experience incredible growth, pushing it far beyond what it was before. A new age of experts and heroes was unfolding.

Plenty of other experts also saw what was happening. In fact, Yang Qi noticed people flying up from within the Dao Defense League, gasping in amazement at the sight of all the new worlds.

There were already living beings in these new worlds, as well as humans. In fact, there were already Grand Emperors, including some experts that had power indexes in the hundreds! It was truly terrifying. And it was only in this moment that Yang Qi finally realized that the Great Necropolis didn’t just contain people from the Ancient Road to the Gods; it also had native denizens.

When the necropolis had initially descended from the god world, it was completely empty. But as it traveled along the Ancient Road to the Gods, the worlds inside of it spawned living creatures, including humans.

And considering it had been drifting along the Ancient Road to the Gods for hundreds of millions of years, one could only imagine how powerful such humans could have become. Truth be told, some of the sect leaders that Yang Qi was dealing with were actually natives of the Great Necropolis, not people from the Ancient Road to the Gods.

“The Great Necropolis is ejecting immortal worlds?” Battle Resister murmured. “But why? Is it intentionally changing the greater structure of the dao of heaven?” The living beings in the ejected worlds had no idea what was happening; their homes were simply thrust out into the Immortal Dao Age.

In the shortest of moments, there were billions of trillions of new immortal worlds.

The destiny and structure of the Immortal Dao Age was changing in chaotic fashion, and Yang Qi couldn’t help but wonder if it would soon reach the level of being able to crush the Primeval Age or the Future Age.

‘Don’t tell me that the dao of heaven here has actually summoned the Great Necropolis from the god world,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Is it changing the overall structure to ensure that the Immortal Dao Age doesn’t get destroyed? But is the dao of heaven really that powerful? Or is it that some almighty being from the god world saw that the dao of heaven was about to be destroyed, and did this to save it?’ Given his current level of wisdom and cultivation base, it was impossible for Yang Qi to tell for sure.

There were actually numerous locations in the Great Necropolis that had world forests, which constantly grew new worlds. And looking deeper into the world forest he was currently occupying, Yang Qi could see some bubbles that were so huge they surely contained worlds that were ranked a hundred or higher. It was really a terrifying situation. If such worlds entered the immortal dao civilization, the overall structure would be completely transformed.

Such immense worlds would almost be like suns, radiating light and glory on the other worlds that already existed.

A new age was clearly unfolding.

Yang Qi suddenly felt very small. Watching the countless immortal worlds flowing out into the universe, he realized that even if he became a god, he probably couldn’t do something like this. The Great Necropolis seemed to be a machine designed to create immortal worlds.

Even after several hours had passed, the process still was not over.

By that point, the immortal dao civilization was nothing like it had been before, to the point where Yang Qi could hardly recognize it. There were now immortal worlds with a rank surpassing a hundred. And the inhabitants of the worlds were already beginning to spread out, explore their surroundings, and fight for the god items that were also being ejected from the necropolis.

In the past, the dominant organizations present in the Immortal Dao Age had been the Dao Defense League, the forces of the future world, the Demon League, and the Primeval Age. But now, such forces counted for almost nothing. The Great Necropolis was sending out waves of immortal worlds that completely changed the balance of power.

It was impossible to determine what immensely powerful factions were on those worlds. In fact, Yang Qi could already sense that there were at least a thousand experts on the new worlds whose power indexes were close to a thousand.

And it was impossible to tell how many new god items, godrelics, ancient ruins, and even god souls appeared during the same time.

At the same time, the universal fortune in the Immortal Dao Age completely transformed. The dao of heaven grew stronger, and Yang Qi could sense that while the so-called ‘river of fate’ in the past was more like a trickling stream, the current version was truly a mighty river.

“This really is a powerful age of heroes,” Yang Qi murmured.

He wasn’t the only one that reacted with stunned shock. Leaf Dao-Denier, Battle Resister, and the other sect leaders all realized that dramatic transformations were underway. And no one knew exactly why it was happening.

After some time had passed, Yang Qi composed himself. “Although we have no idea why this is happening,” he said, “it’s clear that the Immortal Dao Age is changing dramatically. There's even godhood being ejected. That said, our top priority right now is still our alliance. We need to take on the Joyflower Palace and kill Empress Joyflower. Afterward, we can decide what to do about these dramatic transformations.”

“Yes,” Battle Resister said. “In the mortal world, it’s impossible to truly prepare for things like earthquakes or volcanoes, and these transformations are the same. Don't forget our main task at hand. If we don't take down Empress Joyflower, she’ll continue conquering one immortal world after another. And as she gathers more and more of the destiny of the dao of heaven, she’ll get stronger and we’ll get weaker.”

Everyone nodded in agreement, then turned and looked at Leaf Dao-Denier.

“Leaf Dao-Denier, it’s time for you to return to Joyflower Palace,” Cipher Ever-Heaven said. “We’ve already wasted enough time here. If the empress achieves her cultivation progress too soon, we’ll lose any chance we have. And if that happens, we’re all going to end up dead.”

“She won’t easily achieve that progress,” Leaf Dao-Denier said with a faint smile. “It will take her at least three years to assimilate that godhood, which means we’ll have plenty of opportunities. Besides, she hasn’t summoned me for dual cultivation, and I can’t just barge in and suggest it. Beating the grass and startling the snake will ruin everything.”

“Fine,” Battle Resister said. “The rest of us will establish a base of operations outside of the Joyflower Palace. We’ll wait there for news from you. Once our opportunity arrives, we’ll take action together.”

“Agreed,” Leaf Dao-Denier said. “I’ll return to the Joyflower Palace and send word once there's a development.” With a final glance at Yang Qi, he rose to his feet and vanished.

Just as everyone else was about to leave, Yang Qi said, “Hold on a moment....”

“What, you have something to add?” asked Cipher Ever-Heaven.

“Waiting outside the Joyflower Palace will be very dangerous,” he replied. “Why not come with me into the palace? You can disguise yourselves as my servants, and I can say that I personally picked you from the god-general prisoners. I can also disguise your power signatures so that not even Empress Joyflower will be able to detect your true level. I'm currently a consort in the palace, which is a very high position, so I’ll definitely be able to keep you safe. Furthermore, it’s a good way to keep an eye on Leaf Dao-Denier. He and I have been enemies since our days in the mortal world, and working closely with him is as dangerous as asking a tiger for its skin. For all we know, now that he's succeeded with his Secret-Ensconcing All-World Anything-Everything Fundamental-Law Magic, he could very well rat us out to the empress and try to have us all killed.”

Battle Resister nodded. “I think that’s a good idea. You can’t catch tiger cubs without entering the tiger’s lair. But are you sure we won’t be found out, Yang Qi? It would be bad for us to end up trapped in the Joyflower Palace.”

“I’ll keep you safe,” Yang Qi replied. “Besides, what better place to seek information about your children and people than right inside the Joyflower Palace?”

His suggestion hit home for all of the sect leaders. Nodding, they agreed to his suggestion.

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