Chapter 895: Butting Heads

After the three Grand Emperors had left, Yang Qi settled comfortably back into his chair. “Well, Flower Goddesses, we just drove away three of Young Master Leaf’s lackeys. But all that means is that he’ll probably come in person to try getting what he wants. Then what?”

Yang Qi knew there was no way Leaf Dao-Denier would give up so easily.

And he knew exactly what Leaf Dao-Denier was after. Yang Qi’s God Legion Seal, legacy medallions, and other treasures. If he got them, he would definitely use them to destroy Joyflower Palace to get revenge.

It was for that very reason that Yang Qi had brought up the God Legion Seal himself. He knew that Leaf Dao-Denier wouldn’t spread rumors about it, otherwise he would likely lose out on the opportunity to get it for himself.

Yang Qi was taking full advantage of that in his overall strategy. As for now, he was fully aware that, having driven away the three Grand Emperors, Leaf Dao-Denier would likely come in person. And Yang Qi would use the opportunity to see what Leaf Dao-Denier’s cultivation base was like nowadays.

If he was as strong as Zilin, it would be something of a surprise, although Yang Qi wouldn’t need to worry that much. After all, he was already beyond Zilin’s level, with only the empress herself being a match for him in Joyflower Palace.

Of course, his power double was completely expendable, leaving him free to use it in any way he wished.

“If he comes in person, we’ll make sure he loses any face he has,” replied Jade Nightflower. “There are a lot of people who don't like him, so if he dares to act out of line around us, we’ll show him a thing or two. Does he really think he's as important as Zilin? Throughout the long history of Joyflower Palace, there have been a lot of people who earned favor the way Leaf Dao-Denier has. And every single one of them ended up losing favor and either being killed, or crippled and forced to live out their days in ignominy. Zilin is the only one who’s flourished long-term. Compared to him, Leaf Dao-Denier is just a flash in the pan, and will burn out eventually.”

“You have a respectable cultivation base, Yang Qi,” Jade Nightqueen said. “Why are you fooling around with all this nonsense? Why don’t you try earning the favor of the empress? Considering what you’re capable of, she would definitely take a liking to you. You might even be able to directly dispose of Leaf Dao-Denier that way. If you were to actually kill him right now, you’ll only earn her wrath.”

“I don’t think the two of you understand what kind of person I am,” Yang Qi replied with a smile. “How could someone like me truly join Joyflower Palace and become a low-down consort? After all, you women obviously hate men. Unfortunately for you, in this heaven and earth, it’s men who prop up heaven and earth. For example, King Immortal-Slayer. He was a man, wasn’t he? And what about the Sovereign Lord. Isn’t he male? About ninety percent of the legion of gods were male as well. And in hell, it’s even more pronounced. Ninety-nine percent of all fiend-devils are male. So what do you think that means?”

Jade Nightqueen’s expression was as cold as ice. “Our Joyflower Palace is going to change all of that. We're going to make sure that women rule the god world, and everything else under heaven.”

“You’re crazy if you really believe that,” Yang Qi replied. “Even if Joyflower Palace were stronger than it already is, could it really compare to King Immortal-Slayer?”

“There’s no need to debate this now,” Snowlotus said. “One day you’ll have your proof that we're right, when all men in creation are enslaved by us. Incidentally, you’ve never met the empress, so you don’t really know what kind of person she is. Once you meet her, you’ll understand how much of a genius she is when it comes to strategy and tactics. You’ll be convinced, and you’ll definitely join her willingly.”

“Oh? In that case, I very much look forward to seeing what this empress of yours is like.” Yang Qi prepared to continue with a different conversation topic that would sow further discord between the flower goddesses and Leaf Dao-Denier. After all, the more chaotic Joyflower Palace became, the easier it would be to determine what the empress herself was up to at the moment.

He needed more information about her before he dared to enter the treasure storehouse again. He wanted more god formations, and that god-king’s tear, which would improve his Engine of the One God. And the more chaos he could create in the Great Necropolis and on the Ancient Road to the Gods, the sooner he could strike a fatal blow to the future world, and also kill Proud Heaven.

However, that was when Leaf Dao-Denier’s voice suddenly reached their ears from outside.

“Leaf Dao-Denier is here to see Flower Goddess Jade Nightqueen and Flower Goddess Snowlotus!” Without waiting for a response, he strode in.

“Leaf Dao-Denier? What are you doing here?” The two flower goddesses were clearly furious that he would be so impudent.

He wore a garment as pure as white snow, and a headband with a taiji symbol on it. He carried no weapon and kept his hands clasped behind his back, making him seem quite dignified. Of course, he was as wildly arrogant as ever, and made no attempt to hide that fact.

In that regard, he couldn’t have been more different from Zilin. If Zilin was a piece of jade, and Eunuch Sunflower was a needle, then Leaf Dao-Denier was a razor-sharp dagger, or perhaps a vicious dog with a mouthful of glistening fangs.

For one person to be so domineering, forceful, and savage was terrifying indeed, and it made him the kind of person that few people would ever dare to provoke.

“Fancy meeting you here, Yang Qi,” he said as he strode into the hall. Waving his hand, he summoned a taiji symbol that spread out to lock down the space-time in the palace and prevent Yang Qi from leaving.

It was truly an act of arrogance, considering that he was in the presence of two flower goddesses. There was no doubt that he was dead set on taking Yang Qi away.

“This is outrageous, Leaf Dao-Denier,” Jade Nightqueen said. “How dare you do something like that here in our palace. This isn’t the harem! As a mere consort, you have no right to behave this way.”

She waved her hand, sending a stream of sword energy slicing toward the taiji symbol. Unfortunately, as soon as the sword energy touched the symbol, a burst of power erupted out and shredded it to pieces.

Jade Nightqueen shivered, her energy and blood quivering. Obviously, she wasn’t a match for Leaf Dao-Denier.

“Don't waste your breath, Flower Goddess Jade Nightqueen,” Leaf Dao-Denier said, his voice dripping with arrogance. “You’re no match for me. I've already successfully cultivated the Taiji Indestructible Chaos-Magic World-Terrorizing Profound Art. That means I could even fight Zilin, if I wanted to. In fact, I've already surpassed him and will wipe him out of existence, one of these days. As for you two, you couldn’t fight me even if you joined forces.”

“What?” Jade Nightqueen said through gritted teeth. “The empress actually taught you a consummate technique like that? The Taiji Indestructible Chaos-Magic World-Terrorizing Profound Art was only acquired after expending countless blood, sweat, and tears on the Ancient Road to the Gods. The empress gave something like that to a despicable slave like you?”

‘Bitch!’ Leaf Dao-Denier thought, killing intent surging within him. However, he kept control of himself. No matter how much he wanted to kill them, he was in enemy territory. If he attacked them, not even the empress would be able to protect him. He would have to wait until his position was more stable before doing anything like that. “Look, Flower Goddesses, I’m not interested in arguing with you two. I'm taking Yang Qi with me. He’s my greatest archenemy, and he belongs to me.” Grinning viciously, he continued, “After I’ve finished with him, I’ll come back and offer a formal apology to the two of you. Agreed? Don’t tell me you’re going to refuse a small request like this. Besides, I have the perfect compensation in mind for you. The empress gifted me with two Great-Dao Heaven-Origin God Pills the other day.”

“Great-Dao Heaven-Origin God Pills?” Both flower goddesses were surprised and moved. However, that was when Yang Qi cleared his throat and said, “Flower Goddesses, although god pills are nice, the item we spoke of earlier is worth millions upon trillions more.”

The flower goddesses’ eyes glittered as they both thought about the God Legion Seal. A moment later, Jade Nightqueen said, “Leaf Dao-Denier, you, a consort, have left the harem without official permission, which is a major crime. And if you dare to make a move on the two of us, you’ll never be let off the hook. Get back to the harem and forget about everything that happened here today. You’re not taking Yang Qi with you. We intend to give him to the empress as a gift. Considering all of his mysteries, she’ll definitely take a liking to him.”

“No, you can’t!” he blurted. Never in his wildest dreams could he have guessed that the flower goddesses intended to give Yang Qi to the empress. Now, more than ever, he hated Yang Qi down to his bones. And he couldn’t help but suspect that all of this was part of Yang Qi’s plan.

If he ended up with the empress, he would definitely impress her and gain her favor. And that would be the day that Leaf Dao-Denier headed to an early grave.

Sadly for Leaf Dao-Denier, he was no match for Yang Qi when it came to crafty plots and machinations. There was no way he could beat him if they were competing for the empress’ favor.

“Get over here, Yang Qi!” he growled. “If you’ve got what it takes, then stop hiding behind these women. You might’ve beaten me a handful of times in the past, but now you’re nothing but a pitiful bug. I honestly can't believe you’re so cowardly that you won’t face me directly!”

Yang Qi burst out laughing. “You really have no sense of shame, do you Leaf Dao-Denier? I never thought I would see you as a consort, a despicable piece of trash who’s neither man nor woman. Incidentally, I'm not here as a consort. I'm here as a guest. Did you really think that I was going to join Joyflower Palace? If so, you couldn’t have been more mistaken. You’re the one relying on a woman to try to get revenge. It seems you really have lost your previous dashing nature and have turned into nothing more than a diseased dog.”

“You!” Leaf Dao-Denier shouted, trembling with fury. Then he howled a battle cry and lunged forward in an attack.

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