Chapter 894: The Fury of the Flower Goddesses

Leaf Dao-Denier’s servants had arrived, and the news caused a smile to spread out on Yang Qi’s face. He had guessed that something like this would happen. Once Leaf Dao-Denier had come out of seclusion and learned what had occurred with the Dao Defense League, and Yang Qi being taken captive, he wouldn’t be able to hold back from trying to make a move.

That was one of the reasons he had chosen to sow dissension between the flower goddesses and Leaf Dao-Denier.

Presumably, Leaf Dao-Denier’s servants had caught wind that Yang Qi was meeting the flower goddesses, and they were operating on the assumption that their master’s reputation would ensure their safety. Little did they know that Yang Qi had already set the flower goddesses fully against Leaf Dao-Denier by tantalizing them with ‘news’ of the God Legion Seal. Considering that they planned to benefit from Leaf Dao-Denier, there was no way they would let him off the hook now.

Looking as cold as ice, Jade Nightqueen said, “What? Leaf Dao-Denier’s servants? And they want to meet with us? Forget it. Send them away!”

“Slow down,” Yang Qi said. “There won’t be any harm in meeting with them. I knew all along that Leaf Dao-Denier would come after me. You see, he's actually terrified that I might reveal his big secret, and hopes to kill me before I can. Actually, it’s part of my plan to lure him into a vulnerable state.”

“I see,” Jade Nightqueen said. “In that case, fine. Send the servants in.”

“Yes ma’am,” the young woman said, hurrying out. A moment later, three individuals entered. They were none other than Grand Emperors Heavenearth Vastocean, Myriadmagic Heavenspan, and Ninelimits Paragon. Eldest Brother Secundus was nowhere to be seen.

Considering how much of a fool Eldest Brother Secundus had been, Yang Qi was fairly certain that Leaf Dao-Denier had assimilated him. After all, how could Leaf Dao-Denier just let an Eternal One walk free?

“So, you’re here, Yang Qi!” Grand Emperor Myriadmagic Heavenspan said, a vicious grin playing out on his face, as well as the faces of the other Grand Emperors. “Ah, Yang Qi. The day you forced us out of the Dao Defense League, did you ever imagine this day would come? We spent years building the foundation of the league, only to have you snatch it away at the last minute. And now it belongs to someone else entirely. You’ve become nothing more than a slave and a consort. Where is your fame and your power now?”

At this point, both of the flower goddesses snorted coldly.

“What are you three slaves doing causing a scene here in our palace?” Jade Nightqueen said. “Why aren’t you on your knees? You think you can do whatever you please because you have the backing of Leaf Dao-Denier?”

The three Grand Emperors bowed their heads respectfully, but didn’t get on their knees. And their eyes contained deadly venom when they glanced at Yang Qi.

“Salutations, Flower Goddesses. We're here on the orders of Young Master Leaf. He wants to get his hands on this consort named Yang Qi, who’s an old enemy of his from the Dao Defense League. Young Master Leaf intends to punish him for his crimes, thus laying to rest their grudge.”

“What incredible gall!” Jade Nightqueen shouted. “Yang Qi is our consort. How dare you make demands of him. Do you actually want to get yourselves killed?”

Sounding somewhat choked, Grand Emperor Ninelimits Paragon said, “Flower Goddesses, it's Young Master Leaf who wants him, not us. Hopefully you can agree to give us some face here.”

“Young Master Leaf does want him,” Grand Emperor Myriadmagic Heavenspan said. “He even mentioned it to the empress himself, and said that he intends to punish him severely.”

“You damned animal!”


Jade Nightqueen viciously slapped Grand Emperor Myriadmagic Heavenspan, sending him flying to the side, where he smashed into the wall and then slid to the ground. Blood gushed out of his mouth and his eyes glazed. Apparently he had been knocked unconscious.

Shocked, the other two Grand Emperors rushed over, pulled him to his feet, and sent some true energy into him to revive him. Then they looked back at Jade Nightqueen with expressions of vicious hatred.

“What was that for, Flower Goddess?” Grand Emperor Ninelimits Paragon said. “We need an explanation so we can report this matter to Young Master Leaf!”

“Explanation?” Jade Nightqueen said, her eyes flashing with killing intent. “What do you mean explanation? You barged in here, caused a big scene, then threatened us. Who the hell do you think you are? You’re not even worth as much as a dog! The only reason I haven’t killed you already is because I don’t want to stain my hands. Now get the hell back to Leaf Dao-Denier and tell him that he'd do well to remember his place as a mere consort. He might think he has a lot of power and authority, but he’s delusional if he thinks he can compare to the women of the Joyflower Palace.”

“That’s right,” Snowlotus said with a cold smile. “Screw off, all of you. Remember: Yang Qi is our consort, and he isn’t going anywhere. Know your place. If you don’t, we’ll deal with you using harsher methods.”

“Yes, yes of course,” said Grand Emperor Ninelimits Paragon. Casting a venomous glance at Yang Qi, he said, “We’ll report all of this in detail to Young Master Leaf. You just wait, Yang Qi. This isn’t over yet. If you think you can avoid punishment by hiding out with the flower goddesses, you’re delusional.”

“Screw off,” Yang Qi said. He waved his hand, sending out a rushing wind that knocked the three Grand Emperors off their feet and sent them tumbling head over heels all the way out of the palace. They were three famous Grand Emperors from the immortal dao civilization, and had founded the Heavenly Court, but now they were little more than servants with no face whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Jade Nightqueen and Snowlotus were shocked at how Yang Qi had just driven them out using a power filled with softness. That level of skill required immense levels of enlightenment and was completely beyond the ordinary.

‘His cultivation base is unfathomable,’ Jade Nightqueen thought. ‘He really is the best option for dealing with Leaf Dao-Denier.’

Snowlotus was thinking similar thoughts.

Outside, the three Grand Emperors struggled to their feet. Their loss of face was immense, as hosts of palace maids were present and openly laughing at their predicament.

Ever since they had begun following Leaf Dao-Denier, they had enjoyed quite a measure of prestige, just like the fox exploiting the tiger’s might. But now they were like clowns or stray dogs.

Gnashing their teeth, they hurried off.

“Damn that Yang Qi. We’ll see you dead for this!”

“It was Yang Qi who actually drove us out,” Grand Emperor Myriadmagic Heavenspan said. “Since when did that dirty little swine get so strong? We can't afford to underestimate him, and we need to inform Leaf Dao-Denier about all of this.”

“That pig actually beat six of us in a fight before,” Grand Emperor Heavenearth Vastocean said, “back when he took the beast king clones from us. Even then, he was as strong as a third-rate expert from the Ancient Road to the Gods. He’s getting stronger incredibly quickly, and now he's a consort to the flower goddesses. There’s no doubt that he’ll hold nothing back in his efforts to continue his rise.”

“Come on, let’s check in with Young Master Leaf.”

It didn’t take long for them to reach Leaf Dao-Denier’s palace. Leaf Dao-Denier was currently in a session of cultivation, surrounded by swarms of taiji symbols.

When he sensed their arrival, he opened his eyes. Face flashing with anger, he retracted all the taiji symbols and said, “What?! Why don’t you have Yang Qi with you? You scum. How useless could you be!?”

Upon seeing Leaf Dao-Denier’s killing intent, Grand Emperor Myriadmagic Heavenspan grew cold at heart and said, “Young Master Leaf, the thing is that our status is just too low. We’re not as important as you. There are two powerful flower goddesses who seem to be acting in opposition to you. Furthermore, that swine Yang Qi is much, much stronger than before.”

With that, he went on to recount what had occurred, making sure to embellish a few of the details. As Leaf Dao-Denier listened, his expression grew increasingly vicious, until he looked like a fiend-ghost risen from hell.

Snorting coldly, he said, “I can’t believe they refused to give me any face. It seems I need to take action personally. I absolutely must get my hands on Yang Qi! If he wants to hide behind the skirts of those women, well, I’ll just drag him out myself. Considering how strong I am now, not even the flower goddesses are a match for me. Getting my hands on a consort will be an easy task.” Leaf Dao-Denier’s heart pounded as he thought of everything Yang Qi possessed: King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions, the God Legion Seal, the Aeonic God Psalter, King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans, and the Cruiser of Civilization. The more Leaf Dao-Denier’s cultivation base increased, the more his desire for such objects grew. If he could get them without anyone realizing it, he would become so strong that he could directly assimilate Empress Joyflower herself.

Therefore, not only would he not give up in his efforts to kill Yang Qi, but he would also never tell anyone the truth about what treasures he possessed.

He wanted them all for himself.

Leaf Dao-Denier was one of the most arrogant people imaginable, and the truth was that being a consort filled him with extraordinary shame and humiliation. Only the blood of the Joyflower Palace as a whole would cleanse that humiliation. He didn’t feel an ounce of gratitude toward Empress Joyflower for his recent advances, only hatred. In fact, he hated her more than he hated Yang Qi. Once he was strong enough, killing her would be the first thing he would do.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite ready to do that yet.

For now, he would focus on killing Yang Qi and taking his treasures, then using them to rise to further levels of power.

“Let’s go. I'm going to confront Jade Nightqueen and Snowlotus. Let’s see whether or not they refuse to give me face in person. After all, I'm an important person in the Joyflower Palace.” Expression turning sinister and icy, he continued, “I refuse to believe that they aren’t scared of me. I’m definitely more powerful than them now.”

Flicking his sleeve, he headed directly toward the flower goddesses’ palace. If everything went well, he would increase his reputation and prove that they still needed to take him seriously, even though he was merely a consort.

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