Chapter 876: A Billion Spell Formations

Yang Qi acquired another spell formation, this one filled with the power of fire and wind from the god world. It was domineering to the extreme, filled with both offensive and defensive power, and just what one would expect of a god formation. Everything in this treasure storehouse was something from the god world that could never be produced in the mortal world. The Joyflower Palace had worked long and hard to collect these items, but now Yang Qi was taking all of them.

“I could never produce something like this,” Yang Qi said. “It’s definitely what I would expect the gods to produce. With a few tens of thousands of formations like this, I won’t have to suffer the humiliation of having people like Orchid Purity and her people occupying my territory ever again. There’s no way she could break through formations like this.”

Shaking his head, he looked at the numerous formations stretching out in front of him.

“A few tens of thousands?” Flower Mildcloud said. She couldn’t help but chuckle. “You're really underestimating the Joyflower Palace. According to the records I've studied, there are a billion god formations here. Even if thousands of gods simultaneously came to besiege the palace, they would have a hard time getting through such defenses. That’s one reason why we're such a dominating force on the Ancient Road to the Gods. Without defenses like this, how do you think we could have survived for so long? There are definitely fiendish and deadly forces that would have long since ripped us to shreds otherwise.”

“A billion god formations?” Yang Qi said, visibly stunned as he looked out at the countless formations. There were even formations within formations, a seemingly endless hoard that was impossible to visually take in.

He had to wonder how long it would take to collect a billion spell formations, if there really were that many.

And creating virtual duplicates of them would be a huge drain on his power reserves. Thankfully, there was plenty of vital energy from the god world in the treasure storehouse. Using that to power the Engine of the One God would probably ensure that he wouldn’t run out.

“Supposedly, that god-king’s tear is located beyond the billion formations,” Flower Mildcloud said. “Aren’t you interested in seeing what that god-king’s tear is like, and whether or not it can power your Cruiser of Civilization?”

Although she didn't know about Yang Qi’s God Legion Seal, she knew about many of his other treasures. He had intentionally provided that information to her, hoping that an understanding of his true level of strength would forestall any attempts to resist or escape him.

“That’s right,” he said.

The god-king’s tear was apparently made from a strange variety of godhood, the kind that most people would never be able to use. Anyone who tried to would be assailed by the boundless and incomprehensible grief of a god, and would be killed and transformed into something neither human nor ghost.

However, the Engine of the One God was different. The engine needed pure power, and it could absorb huge amounts of vital energy. In fact, it could take the power of the god world that existed in the Great Necropolis and split it into its various component parts. But unfortunately, even that power was of little help to the engine overall.

It would be like trying to fill an ocean by adding water one cup at a time. It was an effort doomed to failure from the beginning.

Right now, the power reserves of the engine were only at the level of one one-hundred-millionth. It seemed likely that the only way for Yang Qi to fill them to capacity would be for him to reach the level of the legion of gods himself. That said, every time the Engine of the One God reached a higher level of power, it made Yang Qi that much stronger.

It had nothing to do with his own cultivation base, and everything to do with raw power.

One of the main strengths of both the Cruiser of Civilization and the Engine of the One God was that they weren’t connected to the cultivation base of the person using them. In that way, they were similar to the powerful mechas used by the future world. Even the weakest of humans could use them to devastating effect.

The greater the power reserves of the engine were, the greater Yang Qi’s fighting prowess would be.

If he could get that god-king’s tear to fill the reserves of the Engine of the One God, it would probably save him millions upon millions of years of work.

And it would ensure that he could easily devastate opponents such as the Joyflower Palace, the future world, or experts from the Ancient Road to the Gods. They would be virtually powerless to do anything to him.

It was definitely worth taking a risk to become that strong.

Yang Qi quickly made his decision. There wasn’t any time to lose; he needed to get stronger as quickly as possible. Proud Heaven and the other magisters would be coming soon, and if they had the God Legion Seal from the Primeval Age, it would change everything and he would end up fleeing like a stray dog. That was something he couldn’t tolerate the thought of.

Right now, the most important things were furthering his cultivation, acquiring godhood, and reaching godly ascension. If he was a god when he faced Proud Heaven and the others, then he could likely use his God Legion Seal to take the other two. At that point, he would be the most powerful entity in all creation.

With such thoughts on his mind, he set to work.

He started with the spell formation of wind and fire, sending it right into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart to his sworn siblings. If he could really acquire a billion new spell formations, he would definitely be in the position to go back and retake the Dao Defense League.

With the chart, he was able to look back and inspect the Dao Defense League, which had shrunk down significantly. However, that process made the existing god formations even stronger. More immortal worlds were joining it, and more old-timers from out in primal-chaos were submitting. The entire league was transforming almost on a daily basis. Just like the old saying went, things change, people stay the same. The dharmarajas, god-generals, and emissaries were all still there, and even stronger than before.

Apparently, Orchid Purity was a really skilled administrator. Destiny flowed with incredible intensity, and Yang Qi was even able to spot destiny from the Primeval Age and the Demon League. The Dao Defense League was already about two thirds more powerful than it had been when Yang Qi left it.

That level of growth was astonishing.

Thanks to Yang Qi’s ability to discern flows of destiny, he was able to spot both the larger flows, and also the smaller ones belonging to experts hiding out in primal-chaos.

‘Just wait,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘I’ll eventually be back, and then I’ll take control over this entire age.’ Focusing back on the present situation, he went on to the second spell formation.

This formation seemed filled with hazy mists, within which rose up spectacular and mysterious mountain peaks.

“That’s the Preheaven Cloud-Mist Mountain-Concealing Grand Formation,” Flower Mildcloud said. “Those mountains were created in the god world by a mountain god, and when they’re arranged in a formation, they can suppress godpower. Anyone who enters the formation will be surrounded by the mists and crushed into dust by the mountains. It's very powerful. I once saw an elder use that formation to kill a monster on the Ancient Road to the Gods. It was actually a mystoseal paleo-devil, but it didn’t stand a chance of escaping once it was in the formation.”

“Incredible,” Yang Qi said, nodding. He flew into the formation, and immediately, the mists rose up and the mountains began rotating. In response, he uttered a single word.


It was the Glad Tidings of the Lord, and it immediately caused the formation to cease moving. He sat down and the pure white robes of the God Legion Battle Robe flowed out, surrounding the formation, shrinking it down, and depositing it into his hand. Mountains and mists alike appeared on his palm, which he absorbed into his acupoints.

Examining the mountain peaks, Yang Qi saw that they were made from unique rocks and soil from the god world. They even had their own acupoints that resembled those in the human body, enabling them to constantly absorb the good fortune of heaven and earth, and the quintessence of the sun and moon.

Yet again, his enlightenment regarding spell formations reached a higher level.

Everything Yang Qi took from the treasure storehouse would be subjected to scanning by the Cruiser of Civilization, which would in turn reveal more information to him. The entire time, his knowledge-base was increasing.

It was something only he could do; not even ordinary Grand Emperors could gain enlightenment from the legion of gods in such a way.

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