Chapter 862: Joyflower Palace (Part 2)

Despite having assimilated God-Noble Goldensword, and experiencing a huge boost in strength, Yang Qi still wasn’t strong enough to condense the hundred trillion worlds of the Dao Defense League and put them into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

The league was now much firmer and tougher thanks to his actions, but if experts from the Ancient Road to the Gods came along, the current defenses would be as useful as a cup of water thrown on a burning cart of firewood.

Of course, Yang Qi wasn’t exactly trembling in his boots. His cultivation base was high enough now that he was confident he could hold his own on the Ancient Road to the Gods. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t be as invincible as he had been for so long in the immortal worlds. He would be a second- or third-rate power who could, at best, fight to the death with some of the larger factions.

If worse came to worst, the best he could do now would be to take his key people and worlds into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. However, that would definitely not be the ideal scenario.

Calming himself, he cast his vision through primal-chaos to the Great Necropolis, which was fully blocking the entrance to the Ancient Road to the Gods. All sorts of experts had entered in the hopes of earning glory. Some had died, some had vanished, and some were making a big scene.

Occasionally, the vital energy of the Great Necropolis would tremble, and god items, god medicine, or even entire planes of existence filled with godstones would emerge. That, of course, would lead to fierce fighting on the part of the people who lurked in the area but didn't want to enter the necropolis.

There were severe casualties among the fighting forces, all thanks to the Great Necropolis.

Thankfully, he had quickly exercised authority over the Dao Defense League, ensuring that it wasn’t a dish of loose sand. If he hadn’t done that, the consequences would have been too horrible to contemplate.

Although the Dao Defense League wasn’t directly competing for treasure, it was still growing stronger, as were the experts from the Primeval Age, the future world, the Demon League, and the Dragonfolk.

After all, Yang Qi was in the Great Necropolis acquiring all sorts of resources to send down, including power, medicinal pills, magical treasures, and even planes of existence. And he could purify all of them with his power assessment systems, making it an easy task to use them.

Yang Qi’s method was orderly and streamlined, and it ensured that everything advanced with efficiency.

“Eldest Brother, Elder Second Brother, Father, and everyone else, please step forward. I subjugated a fiery god soul and assimilated his quintessence energy. I have about forty percent of the energy left, which I will now give to you. It will advance your cultivation base, transforming you on a fundamental level.” The quintessence energy of the fiery god soul flew out in the form of fiery sigils that merged into the foreheads of everyone in the Heaven-Dao Operation God-Temple. Instantly, all of their foreheads gained a mark resembling a tongue of flame.

Yang Qi left out Patriarch Annalist and the others who were already Grand Emperors, as the flame sigil wouldn’t be of much benefit to them. But everyone else could use the godliness of the god soul to strive toward becoming Grand Emperors.

Yang Qi exhaled, and more quintessence energy swept forth to further aid those who were advancing their cultivation bases.

When the process was done, he vanished into thin air and headed back to the Great Necropolis. Hopefully, he could come across some good fortune or another that would help him reach an even higher level.

Soon, he was speeding through the Great Necropolis again, absorbing power, cleansing it, and sending it down into the Dao Defense League as he went along.

Days passed. Soon, three months had gone by, during which time Yang Qi had focused all his efforts on cultivation and advancing his cultivation base. Thanks to all the resources he was sending down to the Dao Defense League, it was experiencing rapid growth and advancement. Most noteworthy of all was that Empress Jadefall had unlocked more of her powers as a Reincarnated One. Her porcelain godspore seemed close to hatching, and she herself was already on the first stair of the Deathless Heavenly Stairway. As for her power index, it indicated that she was about as strong as a Grand Emperor already.

There were other old-timers in the league who were reaching the Stair of the True Void, making them actual Grand Emperors.

Another task that Yang Qi tackled was taking the low-level, relatively useless immortal worlds, and combining them. Eventually, it reached the point where all of the immortal worlds in the Dao Defense League were at the twentieth rank or higher.

Within all the worlds, pill furnaces were constantly in operation, ensuring that no one needed to search far and wide for ways to advance their cultivation base. They could simply use medicinal pills.

Yang Qi also planted the Live Forever God Tree in the middle of the Heaven-Dao Operation God-Temple, using it to gather destiny and convert it into god dao seeds for cultivation purposes.

Months flew by. Countless immortals reached the Godmyth level, and too many geniuses rose up to count. In the Tusita Heaven, the Live Forever God Tree had been considered something huge, but compared to the Dao Defense League, it was small, and hardly made a dent in the destiny of the league as a whole.

How large was the Dao Defense League now?

At the very least, it was the same size as a million of the old Tusita Heaven.

Yang Qi continued combining the immortal worlds in the alliance. The process was helped by the planes and greyspaces he sent down from the Great Necropolis. Eventually, the middle-ranked immortal worlds were disappearing and being replaced with high-level worlds. By this point, there were only about ten billion immortal worlds in the league, but all of them were incredibly powerful.

From a distance, the numerous worlds that made up the Dao Defense League looked like an enormous spell formation, floating there within the universe and pulsing with immense power. As for the specific shape of that formation, it resembled an animal.

Specifically, a mammoth, and even more specifically, a godmammoth.

Because of his Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, Yang Qi was very familiar with the internal structure of godmammoths. It was the most perfect structure possible, even within the god world, and contained profound secrets that even top experts couldn’t begin to unravel.

With the league in the structure of a godmammoth, it was possible for Yang Qi to have all the living beings within it unite their breathing and converge their destinies. That, in turn, would help his breathing exercises, allowing him to absorb power at a much higher rate.

The biggest downside to how things were progressing was that Yang Qi and Holy Daughter Joyflower hadn’t found any more god souls. They encountered other explorers, but would usually avoid them, or pass by them as quickly as possible. They weren’t interested in getting in fights, only in finding ways to grow stronger.

On one particular day, Yang Qi was in the Great Necropolis, absorbing planes of existence with King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans, and absorbing the surrounding vital energy.

It seemed like any other day, but it most definitely was not.

Within the immortal dao civilization, several enormous rifts opened within primal-chaos, on the other side of which was the Great Necropolis. Flower petals appeared, falling in droves, creating a kingdom of flowers within which were dozens of experts. They were all women with cold, bossy expressions on their faces, as if they were the most important people in existence.

The Joyflower Palace, one of the most powerful organizations in existence, had finally made an appearance.

“Elder Sister, has the time finally come to conquer the immortal worlds? Are we finally going to enslave everyone and create a new grand kingdom?” 

The person to respond was a young woman who wore a golden garment embroidered with thousands of flowers. She was as beautiful as the full moon and wore a crown that seemed like it was crafted from a myriad of flowers. Obviously, she was an important person in the Joyflower Palace.

“That's right,” she said. “There aren’t many top experts in the Immortal Dao Age, but apparently the Primeval Age and the Future Age have both opened passageways leading here, all in the hopes of seizing control of the Ancient Road to the Gods. The Great Necropolis fell from the god world to block the path to the road, but at the same time, provide a basis for godly ascension. The fighting is obviously going to be fierce going forward. Our esteemed empress has discovered the location of a collection of godhood, and is currently competing with other top organizations to get it. We are on a different mission. The immortal worlds are as numerous as the eternal sands, and soon they will become part of the Joyflower Palace. Their souls, flesh, blood, and destiny will become a trump card for the empress. Once she reaches godly ascension, we’ll crush everyone else on the ancient road and force them all to submit to us.”

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