Chapter 845: People in the Necropolis

Any godworm in the Grand Emperor level would be considered a precious treasure. However, after examining the godworm cocoon with his divine will, Yang Qi could tell that it would be difficult to fully make use of it. After all, it contained billions of trillions of spatial magical laws.

King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans were powerful, but Yang Qi’s overall cultivation level was still too low to draw on their full capabilities. If he could climb to the ninth stair of the Deathless Heavenly Stairway, he would be a Grand Emperor, and able to draw on the full and complete fighting prowess and devouring strength of the talismans. But he wasn’t in that position, for now.

‘Don’t fight me, godworm. You might be strong, but only as strong as two Grand Emperors. And I'm as strong as thirty-five.’

He waved his hand, and King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans yet again turned into a primal-chaos elder-snake. Then, using the power of the talismans, Yang Qi began pulling apart the spatial threads that made up the cocoon.

Before long, he had quite a collection of the threads.

They thrummed with power, and were too valuable to simply discard. He could give them to subordinates to make powerful magical treasures, such as banners, flags, clothing, nets, and the like, god items that could cause big trouble even for Grand Emperors.

As the threads built up, the cocoon grew thinner and thinner, spinning like a top as it unraveled.

Eventually, the godworm began to awaken, twitching a bit as its compound eyes flashed. As its power rose, it let loose a long cry.

At the same time, the power assessment systems immediately began providing a report. 

[Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep. Power index two… three… five… seven….]

‘Excellent,’ Yang Qi thought as he watched the godworm growing stronger and stronger. The more powerful it became, the better it was for him, because after he forced it into submission it would be one of the strongest assets he had in the Dao Defense League.

The godworms that he had taken from the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart were still in his God Legion Paradise, constantly feeding and growing stronger. The spatial spell formations they could create were without rival, and made the God Legion Paradise a huge asset. After all, those spell formations were so strong that not even cultivators many levels higher than Yang Qi would be able to break them.

With the addition of a Grand Emperor godworm, the defenses his army could create would put the Dao Defense League in a position to defend against all sorts of catastrophes.

It was certain that the situation in heaven and earth would only continue getting more complicated. New and more powerful entities would be appearing on the scene, and it was imperative to prepare to deal with them.

“Stop struggling, godworm. The sooner you submit, the sooner I can help you. Considering you're only as strong as seven Grand Emperors, you're clearly not a match for me.” Yang Qi thrust out his palm, unleashing the power of the God Legion Seal.

He was convinced that this godworm must have consumed some item that pushed it to this extremely high level of power. Then it had gone into hibernation to digest it.

Unfortunately, it didn’t matter how strong it was, it definitely couldn’t deal with the power of thirty-five Grand Emperors.

However, it continued to struggle and resist, unleashing pulses of will that seemed to be a cry of help to some distant entity.

‘Why is this so difficult!?’ Yang Qi frowned and redoubled his efforts. It was in that moment that, all of a sudden, a faint voice echoed out far in the distance. When it reached the cocoon, the godworm began to reach even higher levels of power.

[Power index nine… ten… eleven!]

The godworm was now as powerful as eleven Grand Emperors, which was quite a shocking level.

‘Some voice is blessing the godworm with power?’ Yang Qi thought, shocked. ‘Don’t tell me this godworm actually belongs to someone already. There’s no way!’  Yang Qi suddenly opened his mouth and began singing the Eternal Heavenly Aria, which negated the effects of the voice. Then he reached out, summoning a sealing mark into his palm and slamming it onto the cocoon.

The godworm let loose an agonized shriek, then grew calm. Then it shrank down into something that looked like a tiny silkworm, wriggling on Yang Qi’s hand.

Waving his hand, Yang Qi entered his God Legion Paradise and looked at the work that was underway there. Numerous godworms were producing spatial threads of magical law that were being woven together into an enormous throne, which was where the Grand Emperor godworm would sit.

The God Legion Paradise shuddered, and Yang Qi sensed his power levels rising.

His power index was now at thirty-six, thanks to the addition of the new godworm. Furthermore, his pure land was even sturdier, and as he gained even more complete understanding of the magical laws of the god world, his cultivation base would rise even further.

However, it was in that very moment that an explosive voice echoed into Yang Qi’s ears.

“I can’t believe you would dare to take the godworm I was raising! This is a crime worthy of death!” Then a rumbling flood of vital energy roared toward him, clumping together into something like a hail of asteroids. As the plane around him crumbled, an enormous hand reached out to grab him, white as if crafted from jade, and pulsing with a godly might that seemed unrivaled.

[Warning. Warning. Powerful enemy detected. Power index forty.]

‘Impossible! Something that surpasses me?’ Yang Qi was currently as strong as thirty-six Grand Emperors, but that was without King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions, the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, the God Legion Seal, or any of the other assets he had. Truth be told, his total level of strength was actually closer to forty, meaning that not even forty Grand Emperors could hurt him.

Fist of King Fierce-Savage!” he growled. As he threw both hands out, veins bulged on his arms, almost like god dragons howling in fierce and savage fashion. This was a consummate technique from one of the ancient seventy-two monarchs, King Fierce-Savage.

Fierce Howl!” His two fists almost seemed to inhale and then cry out, a sound like the fierce howl of ancient barbaric giants.


Yang Qi staggered backward, but managed to shatter the incoming hand.

He quickly called on the power of the Engine of the One God to calm himself and recover as he looked off into the distance.

Eee?” the voice said. Apparently, the owner of that voice was surprised that Yang Qi could withstand the blow just now.

Meanwhile, to Yang Qi’s shock, he realized that whoever had launched the attack was probably not from the group that had just entered the Great Necropolis. The experts from the Primeval Age and the Demon League, and even some of the old-timers who had remained in hiding up to this point, were none of them a match for Yang Qi. Maybe if they all joined forces, they could tangle with him, but one-on-one, there was no way. That indicated that whoever had just attacked him was not from the past, the future, or the immortal dao civilization. It must be a person who already resided in the Great Necropolis.

It was a momentous realization. After all, if people could reside in the Great Necropolis, then it seemed highly likely there would be many such individuals. And they would surely all be extremely dangerous individuals.

“So, you actually managed to stand up to my palm strike. I didn’t realize there were people like that from the mortal world. Hasn’t the Immortal Dao Age begun declining yet? I've already been on the Ancient Road to the Gods for several hundred million years, but have yet to reach the god world. Considering how much I’ve progressed in that time, I assumed I would be completely without parallel in the Immortal Dao Age. But here you came along and actually stood up to me? Friend, please come over for a chat!”

The voice actually seemed welcoming, and not the least bit hostile.

As for Yang Qi, he was shocked to find that this was apparently an expert who had walked the Ancient Road to the Gods. Of course, that begged the question of what this person was doing in the Great Necropolis.

Focusing on the direction the voice came from, he flapped his wings and flew forward until he saw a world up ahead at the end of the path. It had ten thousand burning suns in the sky, causing fiery light to fill the world. As for the vital energy, it was chaotic, but filled by more than half with the aura of the true flame of the god world.

It was a world of fire. A plane of existence devoted solely to flame.

He saw enormous giant-spirits roving about, pulsing with fighting prowess that was no weaker than old-timers on the Deathless Heavenly Stairway.

Yang Qi was completely taken aback. Suddenly, a voice spoke from behind Yang Qi. He turned to find a young woman floating behind him.

“What, you think this is strange?” she said. “You see, this necropolis originated in the god world, and has been drifting along the Ancient Road to the Gods for tens upon tens of thousands of years. I entered it to further my cultivation and explore a bit, only to find that it recently returned to the immortal dao civilization.”

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