Chapter 844: Vital Energy Crumbles


Cannon fire rained down onto Yang Qi from the fleet, and to deal with it, he yet again drew on King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans and the consummate abilities of the seventy-two monarchs, breaking up the incoming power and redistributing it throughout his body. Surprisingly, the power assessment systems also helped in this regard.

Those observing could see that the cannon fire wasn’t hurting him; however, it also had him locked down and apparently incapable of advancing. But the mere fact that he could sustain such incredible power levels was still a big shock to the marshals and generalissimos from the future world.

‘I can’t believe the power assessment systems have this function as well. They can actually process the power of the cannon fire and turn it into vital energy!’

At the moment, Yang Qi wasn’t even trying to fight back. He was just soaking in the cannon fire, gaining enlightenment and other benefits. The combined firepower of all the cannons in the fleet was equivalent to something along the lines of two to three hundred Grand Emperors. There was no way Yang Qi could fight his way through that to reach the actual cannons. Thankfully, the fleet was not capable of quick movements or adjustments. If he had been dealing with this many living Grand Emperors, it would have been a very different situation.

In fact, it would have been difficult to escape alive.

“Feels great!” Yang Qi murmured with a sigh. As the power of the cannons coursed into him, he cast his senses inward and could see dramatic transformations playing out. All sorts of vital energy inside of him was being broken apart and purified.

The power assessment systems weren’t just useful in analyzing the details of his own power, but could also be used outwardly, including affecting the various types of power within the Great Necropolis. He inhaled, and the surrounding vital energy entered him. Now, he could see which types of vital energy were harmful, which were true spirit energy, which contained the power of the god world, and which contained killing intent left behind by the legion of gods.

In general, the vital energy in the Great Necropolis was mixed together to create something more primal and chaotic than actual primal-chaos. Inhaling it could be very harmful, which was why most experts who entered the place would never use the vital energy there for breathing exercises. Instead, they would summon a personal kingdom around them for safety purposes.

The top figures from the future world essentially did the same thing with their battleships.

For most people, inhaling the power of the Great Necropolis was pure death. Of course, Yang Qi was different. With all of the detailed information he could get from the power assessment systems, he could easily identify which types of vital energy he could use, and which he could not.


Using the functions of the Cruiser of Civilization, he sent different types of power to different locations. Within the depths of the spacecraft, there were tens of thousands of visible minor planes. Upon initial creation, they were absolutely empty and desolate, but now he was filling them with vital energy.

Some of them were filling up with streams of porcelain colored energy, dazzling and beautiful. That was pure power from the god world, which could be used to create god herbs, among other things. Any knowledgeable concocter of pills could use the vital energy in those ingredients to create powerful god pills.

Some of the planes were filled with powerful platinum-colored energy that pulsed with preheaven five phases power, the kind that could be used to create incomparably sharp weapons. Unfortunately, even an eighth or ninth division Godmyth who absorbed such energy would be wiped out of existence by it.

These were flows of energy that would never appear out in the mortal world and would be avoided even by ordinary Grand Emperors if they saw them. It was only because Yang Qi had the power assessment systems that he could break them apart into useful elements.

Yang Qi also saw one particularly marvelous plane of existence, where the vital energy seemed filled with howling voices. As they roared, their words transformed into a single word in god script: “Kill!” 

It was killing energy that, if absorbed, would conjure mental images of armies ravaging the lands and burning everything. It was the killing intent of the legion of gods, which would never dissipate for all eternity.

It contained the ultimate and core meaning of killing and death, and would be profoundly harmful to any Grand Emperor who absorbed it. However, it could be used to create very powerful magical treasures, or even god items. With the power assessment systems in operation, Yang Qi now realized that, although the objects contained in the surrounding walls were definitely useful, the vital energy of the Great Necropolis was actually far more precious. Later, when he was able to take these vital energy collections back to the Dao Defense League, they would definitely make the organization even more powerful.

At a certain point, one of the marshals said, “Generalissimos, our combined cannon fire doesn’t seem to be hurting him. What do we do? I can’t believe he's actually able to neutralize the power of the cannons.”

Generalissimo Skyvault chuckled coldly and said, “We still have more to throw at him. Use our strongest cannon formation, the Heavenly Oversight Prospectus! I refuse to believe that he’ll survive this!”


As the orders were sent out, the fleet began roaring like a pack of wild beasts. Their power shields transformed yet again, and a huge magnetic field spread out.

Another cannon formation was unleashed, and this time Yang Qi wasn’t being targeted with beams of light, but rather power spheres. They were like enormous planets, upon the surfaces of which, terrifying faces could be seen. There were hundreds of thousands of them, locking down the entire area.

Then, a massive explosion destroyed everything around Yang Qi. In fact, when the smoke cleared, he was nowhere to be seen.

“What?” one of the marshals shouted. “Where did he go? Don’t tell me that even the Heavenly Oversight Prospectus didn’t hurt him? Impossible! That doesn’t make sense!”

“He’s hurt,” one of the generalissimos said. “He’s just hiding, that’s all. Scan for him again!” Apparently having sensed something that told him Yang Qi was hurt, his eyes darted back and forth as he tried to spot him.

“He’s right there on top of the Grand Emperor godworm cocoon!”

Everyone looked over as an enormous primal-chaos elder-snake opened its mouth above the cocoon, then gobbled it up.

Yet again, King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans were proving their worth. Just like an actual snake, they were capable of devouring anything in existence.

Having taken the godworm, Yang Qi chuckled and raised his voice. “Generalissimos of the future world, I know that I can’t take you all on together right now. But I'm only going to be getting stronger and stronger here in the Great Necropolis. And you people are going to get weaker and weaker. Maybe if I bury you all here, your Magister Proud Heaven will finally show up.”

With that, he blurred into motion and vanished. Obviously, he had no desire to continue fighting with them right now.

“After him!” one of the generalissimos shouted. Unfortunately, he was nowhere to be seen. The further one went into the Great Necropolis, the more space opened up and the stronger the vital energy became, until it became almost liquid. Soon, the battleships’ shields were under incredible pressure and they were finding it harder and harder to proceed along. And considering the environment, they knew they had to be particularly careful.

‘That was close!’ Yang Qi thought. He was currently hiding out in one of the planes of existence in the walls of the larger path. It was a world full of ores and minerals from the god world, which he didn’t hesitate to gather up. The truth was that he really had been injured by the Heavenly Oversight Prospectus, and now needed some time to recover.

The blow had felt like something from an ancient god and had nearly caused him to cough up a mouthful of blood. Many of his meridians had shattered, and they wouldn’t recover in a short time.

At least now he knew how terrifying the combined might of the fleet could be. For now, he didn't stand a chance of taking on the entire force from the future world. He definitely needed to be a lot stronger before he could try.

So he sat there performing some breathing exercises and slowly recovering.

Thankfully, he could make use of the vital energy of the Great Necropolis now. It was actually very beneficial, making his meridians even stronger than they had been before. He had actually benefited quite a bit from the fight, and now he understood the future world much better than before.

‘Now let’s see what this Grand Emperor godworm is like,’ he thought, taking the cocoon out of his God Legion Paradise.

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