Chapter 842: Power Assessment Systems

Everyone was stunned.

People had assumed that those who entered the Great Necropolis might be attacked immediately by the forces inside, but instead they were harvesting god items from the get go.

The triumphant shouts of those inside caused the generalissimos’ faces to fall.

Snorting coldly, one of them said, “What’s going on, Mechfolk!? I thought you said this place was extremely dangerous! It doesn’t seem dangerous at all! Everyone in there is getting god items! Can you hear that? They’re literally cheering. They’re getting stronger while we're sitting out here falling behind. God items have godliness in them, and every single one could be a big benefit to our forces. Who knows how many powerful mechas they could be used to make.”

“Er….” The Mechfolk wise one's expression flickered, and he was temporarily at a loss for words. “Well, our revered ancestor from the god world told us not to casually go into the Great Necropolis. He said it would be very dangerous. Uh… I don’t know what’s going on.”

“Damnation!” another generalissimo shouted. “Come on, let’s go. Follow the experts from the Primeval Age and start searching that necropolis.”

“I don’t think that's appropriate,” said another of the generalissimos. “Why should we follow the experts from the Primeval Age? Wouldn’t they already have cleared out all the god items? We need to head to the middle of the necropolis. Look, do you see all the entrances at the base of the thing? Why don't we use our power assessment systems to scan them and make sure they’re safe? If we see anything dangerous, we can retreat.”

“Yes, I was thinking the same thing,” a different generalissimo said, his eyes shining. “The power assessment systems can detect powerful life forms. And unfortunately, one of the functions of the Great Necropolis is to resist divine will.”

“I agree. Let’s get moving!” The generalissimos powered up their battleships and flew into the Great Necropolis along with the Mechfolk.

Compared to the enormous necropolis, the fleet was like a bunch of ants. Yang Qi watched them enter, then glanced around at the vital energy pathways that had been set up to get into the place. 

‘This is my chance. I have to get that new fragment of the Cruiser of Civilization.’


As the last battleship entered the necropolis, he flew after it. Upon entering the Great Necropolis, he got the feeling that it contained millions upon millions of planes of existence. It pulsed with all sorts of vital energy, some still and dead, some pure, and some burning with the aura of the god world. Some were so violent that even Grand Emperors who absorbed them would die. But others were suitable for use.

It was such a chaotic mix that it seemed obvious this place had been formed after an immense war.

Yang Qi quickly used his daoist techniques to create a shield around him, almost like a porcelain eggshell that kept out the vital energy. He also summoned his primal-chaos elder-snake to deal with any vital energy left inside the shell.

Next, he sent out his divine will to check his surroundings, but unfortunately, it didn’t reveal a single thing. Apparently, divine will couldn’t pierce through that which was of the god world.


Yang Qi turned and struck the nearby wall of the necropolis with his palm to see if he could damage it. However, to his dismay, he didn’t even leave the tiniest mark. Worse, there was a backlash that surged through him, causing creaking and cracking sounds, and was powerful enough that it would likely have injured most other experts.

‘Incredible. This thing obviously wasn’t made with ordinary building materials from the god world. But what exactly is it? That Mechfolk wise one said that there would be godhood from god souls, but how come I can’t sense any?’

Stretched out in front of him was a winding path as wide as a thirtieth ranked immortal world. It had walls that were decorated with ancient designs that Yang Qi couldn’t decipher. He also saw some god script that seemed to describe the history of an ancient civilization. Other bits of text contained godly-class energy arts or cultivation descriptions.

Yang Qi ignored them and kept his attention focused on the fleet of the future world up ahead. As it floated along, it would shatter any warding spells it passed, causing god items to fly out, things so powerful that they surpassed anything he had taken from the Aeonic God Temple.

Yang Qi didn’t take anything.

At a certain point, he flew up onto one of the walls lining the path and saw an enclave the size of a continent up ahead, filled with all sorts of spirit plants and medicinal objects. Unfortunately, the future world and the Mechfolk plundered it all.

He saw another section of a wall with another plane of existence filled with veins of god gold. It also fell to the advancing fleet.


Yang Qi suddenly realized that he had stepped on a weathered skeleton that had to be millions upon millions of years old. It was completely devoid of any spirit energy, and had clearly been gripping a god item recently. Unfortunately, the god item was now gone.

‘The Great Necropolis has so many treasures that they’re even growing in the walls! But how did those planes of existence come to be? Are they a natural growth of the necropolis?’

Peering ahead of the fleet, he saw that there were endless planes of existences, worlds, and ruins. Some were filled with ores, some with medicinal items, and others were even packed with the corpses and skeletons of godlings. There were others that seemed to be nothing but collections of weapons and god items.

The Great Necropolis seemed like it was a temple built for the gods.

A few hours passed in which the enormous fleet from the future world benefited quite a bit.

The generalissimos were laughing with delight at all of their gains. Right now, it was impossible to determine what cultivation benefits they would achieve, what mechas and battleships they would be able to craft, and what medicines they would be able to concoct.  

“Generalissimos, the power assessment systems have detected fluctuations that seem to be on the level of a Grand Emperor. They’re coming from the wall up ahead, and appear to be from something either sleeping or lying in ambush.”

A moment later, the voice of a photonic computer rang out. 

[Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep. Primeval godworm detected. Power index eighteen! It is currently hibernating.]

“What? A primeval godworm as strong as a Grand Emperor?!” One of the generalissimos waved his hand to stop the fleet from advancing. Then, a moment later, a destructive beam of light shot out from one of the battleships. After the rubble cleared, a pure white cocoon that was as large as an immortal world could be seen.

Within the cocoon was a sleeping godworm who pulsed with incredible spatial godpower. In fact, the power was so strong that it made the cocoon much tougher than the greyspace of an immortal world.

The generalissimos were thrilled. 

“That’s it!” one of them exclaimed. “A Grand Emperor godworm! Just imagine what kind of god items you could make with that. Considering the future world doesn’t have things like this, imagine how rich we would be if we took it home and sold it. Prepare to capture it. We absolutely, positively must not let it get away!”

When Yang Qi saw them setting up spell formations to try capturing the godworm, he knew that the moment of truth had arrived. Suddenly, the Engine of the One God flared with power.


In the blink of an eye, the power assessment systems flew out of the hand of the marshal who had been holding it!

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