Chapter 841: God Soul Godhood

The godhood in the soul of a god would be very much like the true godhood that had been gathered in the Live Forever God Tree. The power in it would be unimaginable, to the point where most people couldn’t even assimilate it. Instead, they would use it to craft an out-of-body incarnation that would be vastly stronger than anyone else in the immortal worlds. It would be like a hundred Grand Emperors, or even a thousand!

After all, the beast king corpse that had fallen from the god world had only been around as strong as twenty Grand Emperors. But a true god would be many, many times stronger than that. In terms of the mortal world, it would be like the difference between a bunny and a martial arts expert.

The god world was ruled by the gods, who viewed godlings as little more than food.

The godhood of even a Lesser God would be a source of almost complete invincibility in the immortal worlds. Over the course of the many millions upon millions of years, quite a few god items had appeared, but not very many corpses of gods. As a result, godhood was also not very common. Normally speaking, it would fade away after the death of the god and return to the essence of the surrounding god world.

If there really was godhood in the Great Necropolis, it would be of incredible use.

The surrounding crowd was already starting to get very excited. God items, godliness, and god corpses were like rubble cleared from a mine, whereas true godhood was like pure gold! It was the ultimate core of any god, and as long as it survived, that god could be born again.

Everyone present was already dreaming of what it would be like to get some godhood. As for Leaf Dao-Denier, he looked at Yang Qi through narrowed eyes, then glanced at the Great Necropolis. ‘This is my chance. If I can get the godhood of a god soul, I’ll be as strong as hundreds of Grand Emperors. Then what will Yang Qi count for? I’ll definitely be able to kill him. He’s strong, but only as strong as a few dozen Grand Emperors.'

“Why exactly did you feel the need to say that out loud?” one of the generalissimos said to the Mechfolk wise one, clearly somewhat angry that his ally had revealed such sensitive information. Of course, he kept his voice down so that their conversation was not audible to any of the others present.

The wise one chuckled. “It's fine, I'm just providing them with a bit of stimulation. Besides, what I said is only half true. Although there really are god souls and godhood in there, the truth is that such souls are evil and vicious. Anybody here that tries to go in there and take them will be killed. You see, the Great Necropolis is an opportunity, but also a curse. The distant god world realized that the Immortal Dao Age is about to be destroyed, so it sent the necropolis to block the entrance of the Ancient Road to the Gods. The whole point is to allow the long-perished god-spirits to return to life.”

The generalissimos nodded in understanding. 

“So that’s how it is,” one of them said. “The godhood in there is really just bait to lure people inside. Once they start getting killed, their destiny will be used to resurrect the god souls.”

“Just what I would expect of you famous generalissimos,” the Mechfolk wise one said. “Rumors have been spreading that in the old Tusita Heaven, there was a similar exam designed to harvest destiny from those who died during the process, using it to create true godhood. Of course, the resulting godhood was weak. How could lowly individuals from the thirty-third ranked Tusita Heaven possibly compare to top experts of the Immortal Dao Age? Besides, we also have experts from the Future Age and the Primeval Age here. Experts from three ages, all ready to kill each other and send their destiny into the necropolis to resurrect the ancient souls of the gods. Of course, we’ll definitely manage to snag one of the god souls and take the godhood from it!”

At this point, one of the generalissimos turned to a marshal and said, “On another topic, the magisters sent word that they’ll be delivering us a new fragment of the Cruiser of Civilization, one with high-level power assessment systems. Our current systems aren’t strong enough to get a reading on Yang Qi. Has the delivery been made yet?”

“Yes, Generalissimo Skyvault, it’s been delivered!” The marshal handed over a paper talisman, which the generalissimo opened to reveal a device that resembled a geomantic compass. Although its original size was that of a twentieth ranked immortal world, it had been shrunken down to the size of a palm. The rotating pointers on the surface of the device would provide a readout explaining exactly how powerful a person was in terms of fighting prowess.

As soon as the device was activated, the voice of a photonic computer could be heard. 

[Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep. Please provide input regarding readout standards. Shall we use the standard of true gods or the standard of Grand Emperor cultivators on the Stair of the True Void?]

“The Stair of the True Void, of course,” Generalissimo Skyvault said. “The standard of Grand Emperors. That’s how we calibrate our scanners in the future world.”

[Understood. Calibrating now. Please wait…. Calibrations complete. You may select a target to scan.

The voice of the photonic computer was completely emotionless, yet it somehow thrummed with a feeling of profound civilization.

“Him. League-Lord Yang Qi of the Dao Defense League. The Fateless One!”

[Beep-beep-beep…. Power index of three hundred! He is currently as strong as thirty Grand Emperors on the Stair of the True Void. With your current index of fifteen, you are clearly no match for him.]

“What? His index is three hundred!?” The other generalissimos were visibly shocked.

In the future world, anyone whose power index reached the level of ten would be a generalissimo, or in other words, a Grand Emperor. People like that were considered invincible to all others, the cream of the crop in terms of cultivation base. Even people who broke past the limit of ten would rarely go beyond twenty, thirty, or forty. There was one generalissimo who had supposedly reached the level of two hundred, but he eventually lost control of the power and exploded. Currently, the top generalissimo in the future world was Generalissimo Order, who was second only to the magisters. Even he only had a power index of one hundred and ninety, which indicated that he was as powerful as nineteen ordinary Grand Emperors working together.

But now they were being told that Yang Qi’s index was three hundred! It almost defied their comprehension.

One of the generalissimos snorted grimly and said, “So what if his power index is at three hundred? That’s nothing compared to the magisters. Their indexes are over a thousand! And Lesser Gods will reach ten thousand. The path from being a Grand Emperor to the level of the legion of gods is a long and arduous one.”

Meanwhile, Yang Qi was eyeing the huddled group of generalissimos.

‘What is that thing?’ he thought. As soon as they had brought out their fragment of the Cruiser of Civilization, Yang Qi could sense the Engine of the One God thrumming. In fact, he was fairly certain that if he unleashed the power of the engine, he could take whatever it was they were looking at.

That alone was enough to confirm to him that it was a piece of the Cruiser of Civilization. If he acquired it, it would surely come with countless benefits. However, now wasn’t the appropriate time for that. Infuriating the future world right now would only upset the current balance. It would be better to wait until he was inside the Great Necropolis, then steal the item in secret.

There was quite a buzz in the area outside of the Great Necropolis.

The temptation of true godhood was just too much for anyone to resist. After all, even Grand Emperors had to consider how to further their cultivation. Being on the ninth minor stair meant that the only possible future upgrade was godly ascension. And the only way to do that was to enter the Ancient Road to the Gods.

Even Lesser Gods were a thousand times more powerful than a Grand Emperor. That much could be confirmed with the power index system used by the future world, in which the magisters were categorized as a thousand, and Lesser Gods as ten thousand.

As for the power indexes of Common, Greater, Consummate, Perfect, and Paramount Gods, it was impossible to say.


All of a sudden, the people from the Demon League and Primeval Age alliance unleashed a powerful daoist technique. The target wasn't Yang Qi, but rather the Great Necropolis itself. Normally speaking, it would take some sort of special technique to get into the enormous necropolis. But there were plenty of experts from the Demon League and the Primeval Age who were adept at the use of spell formations that could pierce through heaven and earth. In the blink of an eye, a pathway leading into the Great Necropolis appeared.

Swish. Swoosh!

Numerous old-timers began flying into the necropolis.

There were plenty of human old-timers that had been hiding in the surrounding primal-chaos who also drew on various god items and other techniques to open their own way inside.

Meanwhile, the future world did nothing but simply wait for everyone else to enter. As for Yang Qi, he also held back. The last thing he wanted was to end up stuck inside the necropolis while the future world attacked the Dao Defense League.

There were other people who similarly held back as they tried to consider whether or not to face the danger inside. But then a voice rang out from one of the experts from the past, who had just entered the necropolis.

“A god item! I got a god item. This thing is amazing!”

“I got one too! There are so many of them!”

At this point, not even the people from the future world could hold back.

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