Chapter 837: Something Comes (Part 4)

Now there were no impurities in the destiny, and he could simply absorb it directly, pure and unadulterated.

The Dao Defense League was huge, with a hundred trillion immortal worlds. Matters of destiny pertaining to a place so large vastly surpassed anything that a mortal emperor would have to deal with. That said, once it was under control it would provide power that vastly surpassed anything from the mortal world. Right now, even if Yang Qi actually lost all of his energy arts and resources, as long as no one found out about it he would still be able to maintain complete power.

The brutal and bloody end to the rebellions had completely cemented Yang Qi’s prestige and power. No one had had any idea that the league-lord had secretly hidden armies of angels in all corners of the universe, ready to jump out and fight at a moment's notice. Not even the old Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven could have done something like that.

When the Four Emperors of the Heavenly Court had experienced a similar upheaval, it ended with the collapse of the Heavenly Court. If they had prepared the way Yang Qi had, the Heavenly Court would likely still be around.

The other old-timers present could sense the change in destiny. They also saw the angels in the Heaven-Dao Operation God-Temple setting up teleportation portals to funnel the falling treasure there. Countless experts throughout the Dao Defense League were following orders. Instead of chaotically fighting for the falling treasures, they took them and sent them through the spell formations.

This was the benefit of strictly enforced rules and laws. Yang Qi had established a mystical network of laws of immense proportions, and it was like a net of heaven that hung over the heads of all the heroes in existence.

Right now, the Dao Defense League was virtually invulnerable on all fronts.

Yang Qi looked over in the direction of the Demon League and saw that the place was in utter chaos, with rivers of blood flowing as everyone fought for the falling treasures. In contrast, the Brahman Immortal World, with its army from the future world, was just as orderly as the Dao Defense League. Several streams of immense energy would occasionally rise up from it and take some of the most powerful god items.

The Ancient Road to the Gods was pulsing violently now, to the point where enormous chunks of pure primal-chaos debris were falling down. They were like enormous continents that dropped through the primal-chaos with incredibly destructive power. It was almost as if the sky were literally falling and the end of the world had come.


One huge chunk of primal-chaos debris fell down toward the middle of the Dao Defense League, larger than dozens of immortal worlds put together. A large group of immortals flew out and set up a defensive spell formation that ground away at the debris for a full two hours before it was reduced to rubble.

The success just went to show how beneficial Yang Qi’s strict laws were. In a state of chaos, there would never have been a spell formation set up so quickly to protect against the falling primal-chaos debris, which meant that the end result would have been the destruction of numerous immortal worlds.

People were already starting to admire Yang Qi’s foresight, and feeling much better about following his orders.

“What do we do now, League-Lord?” Patriarch Annalist asked as he stood there in the Heaven-Dao Operation God-Temple, flanked by numerous god-generals, dharmarajas, and other old-timers.

Soon, discussions broke out.

“League-Lord, the destruction of the primal-chaos is growing more intense. There must be some immense object about to appear. Whatever it is, it will surely be the source of immense good fortune and will likely enable us to seize control of all the immortal worlds that exist.”

“I agree, League-Lord. Although, we should plan things out well and do everything possible to ensure no one else acquires this item. The Dao Defense League is on the brink of imminent crisis, so something with a power that surpasses the gods will be incredibly valuable. What if it’s a true god that’s descending?”

“A true god? Then wouldn’t we all have to follow their orders? There’s no way our age could sustain the presence of a god! If a god appeared, we would all be reduced to slavery.” 

Chuckling coldly, Yang Qi said, “There’s no need to be so panicky. I have ways to deal with even gods. Calm down, we’ll be fine. Worst case scenario, I can always take us into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart to avoid any catastrophes. I always make sure that my followers are safe, one way or another.”

His words effectively calmed the hearts of everyone present.

“Now we just have to wait and prepare for combat,” he continued. “I have a feeling that this activity from the god world has nothing to do with an actual god descending. However, there is something coming which will change everything in this age. And whoever gains control of it will be able to control the larger picture. It's definitely some sort of treasure.”

Even as he spoke, he opened his Lord's Eye and peered into the depths of primal-chaos, and beyond it, to the Ancient Road to the Gods. On the road, he saw godliness, god souls, perishing gods, death, and slaughter. Those were the things coming to this age.

However, he couldn’t catch a clear glimpse of whatever enormous item was about to emerge. All he saw was a huge shadowy shape, slowly proceeding down the Ancient Road to the Gods, shaking everything it passed—including god items, magical treasures, and medicinal pills and the like.

‘Whatever this thing is, it's incredible,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘It’s likely equivalent to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. In fact, it might even surpass the chart.’ Shaken, he realized that even if he were ten times stronger than he currently was, he wouldn’t be in any position to deal with something like this.

There was no way he could simply take it for his own.

Meanwhile, the fluctuations rolling through primal-chaos made everyone feel like the end of the world really had come. In fact, if the hundred trillion immortal worlds of the Dao Defense League weren’t fully united by this point, it really would have been a dramatically destructive event.

Finally, something appeared on the Ancient Road to the Gods. It shoved aside all of the primal-chaos near it, crushing countless primal-chaos beasts and any old-timers who were near it. It was almost like what one would expect if a planet fell into an ocean. In front of the mighty godpower of nature, humans were very insignificant.

Finally able to see it clearly, Patriarch Annalist exclaimed, “It's a tomb! An enormous necropolis!”

It was made of pitch black stone, and seemed profoundly ancient. And it was so large that it could easily contain countless thirty-third ranked immortal worlds. In fact, it was so large that it seemed to stretch on without end.

“Not good!” Yang Qi said, rising to his feet. “If that necropolis flies down here, our spell formations will have no way to stop it. It could destroy the entire Dao Defense League!”

It was obvious at first sight that there would be no way to stop this necropolis.

Crash! Boom!

Numerous parallel universes were destroyed. Upon reaching the entrance of the Ancient Road to the Gods, the huge necropolis entered the primal-chaos paleo-energy, crushing everything in its path. The many heavens were shaken, and even the fiend-devil suzerains in numerous hells looked up and realized what was happening.

The necropolis flew out into the open.

However, as the primal-chaos paleo-energy was driven away, Yang Qi suddenly realized that the necropolis had stopped moving and he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Keep on guard over the immortal worlds as a whole. I’ll go investigate this necropolis. It seems highly likely it’s full of treasures!”


He vanished, reappearing in the primal-chaos, where he headed directly toward the Ancient Road to the Gods and the huge necropolis. There were other experts doing the same thing.

Soon, they found that the gravitational force of the Ancient Road to the Gods had weakened, but the entrance was blocked by the huge necropolis at the same time. In other words, if one wanted to enter the Ancient Road to the Gods, they would have to pass through the necropolis first.

‘It’s huge!’ Yang Qi thought, being one of the first to arrive in front of the necropolis. Standing in front of it, he was like a grain of sand in front of the ocean. And the energy fluctuations coming off of it were so intense that he couldn’t get any closer than a few tens of thousands of kilometers.

Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh.

A host of experts arrived nearby, and Yang Qi immediately realized that they were from the Demon League. There were dozens of them, all at the level of Grand Emperors. And unexpectedly, Grand Emperor Myriadmagic Heavenspan and the other Grand Emperors Yang Qi knew were among them!

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