Chapter 834: Something Comes (Part 1)

These Mechfolk old-timers were extremely powerful, roughly in the Grand Emperor level. One of them looked like a particularly wizened king who wore a long, golden robe and carried a scepter in his hand. He had a beard that was so long it touched the ground.

Speaking in a sonorous, booming voice, he said, “Our venerable ancestor in the god world spoke of an ancient prophecy, something that could shake the entire god world itself. Supposedly, the most ancient and mysterious of treasures troves is set to appear on the Ancient Road to the Gods. And that is why we are here. We have set up this base in preparation for the arrival of that treasure trove.”

The other Mechfolk were already starting to get very excited.

“A prophecy about a treasure trove on the Ancient Road to the Gods?”

“Has our research revealed what the treasure trove contains?”

“I've heard it's something that could change the face of heaven and earth. Perhaps it can even save this age from destruction.”

“If we Mechfolk get the treasure trove, we could really become the ultimate rulers of all other people, right?”

“It seems to me we would become even more powerful than before, strong enough to pierce the dome of heaven. We would definitely be able to take over this age and make all other peoples our servants.”

“You’re right. The Dao Defense League, the Demon League, the future world, the experts from the past… we’ll crush them all. We Mechfolk will create an empire that rules over the dao of immortals and the dao of devils. We’ll finally be able to enslave those high-and-mighty immortals.”

The Mechfolk were an ambitious lot, and considering they had the technology to manipulate genes and life force, and create mechas, their fighting prowess was no weaker than humans or demons. Their base was so large it couldn’t be taken in with a single glance, and it was impossible to tell exactly how many Mechfolk were present there. They had been working nonstop recently to expand the base and set up all the spell formations. They were such expert craftsmen that they never made mistakes in their work, leading to incredible results. And now that they could tap into the gravitational force from the Ancient Road to the Gods, converting it into power, they were able to boost themselves to even higher levels.

“The spell formations are complete!” one of the Mechfolk leaders announced. “Our base is finished! Now we can all benefit from the grace of the gods. The power from the Ancient Road to the Gods is ours to use. Look! Look at the magical laws and godliness it contains. It even has hints of deathlessness!”

He extended his hand and tiny streams of power swirled around it, vital energy that thrummed with deathlessness. He quickly inhaled it, pushing his cultivation level higher and higher.

Now that their base was complete, their energy arts were advancing across the board. There were many wise ones, leaders, and nobility among them who were now trying to draw deathless energy out from the Ancient Road to the Gods.

Around that time, intense rumblings rolled out from the depths of that ancient road that shook the many heavens. Nothing had even appeared, yet all dimensions, all universes, and all primal-chaos began to tremble.

Crack! Snap!

Objects appeared like floating bits of trash, drifting down from the Ancient Road to the Gods. Corpses, tools, weapons, beasts, minerals… they flowed without end. They fell like rain down onto the Mechfolk base, as numerous as the eternal sands of the universe.

The Ancient Road to the Gods was the most mysterious location within primal-chaos. Supposedly, it led to the god world, and contained innumerable miraculous things on it. Starting in the Primeval Age, epochs and epochs had passed in which countless experts entered the road. Some perished, some reached the god world, and some ended up creating armed encampments on the road as they continued searching for clues leading to the god world.

Every so often, the road would be struck with drastic transformations, and would purge large amounts of items, weapons, medicinal pills, minerals, treasures, corpses and the like. Any ordinary person who acquired such items would benefit greatly in their cultivation base.

But things were different this time. Apparently, some enormous object was coming along the Ancient Road to the Gods from the god world, causing everything to shake violently.

“God items! A set of three hundred and sixty thousand Overflowing Sabers of Slaughter!”

One of the wise ones among the Mechfolk could see that within the falling ‘rain’ were three hundred and sixty thousand streams of light.

It was obviously a powerful set of god items that had been forged by some expert who surpassed the Grand Emperor level, but had eventually vanished from the Ancient Road to the Gods. No one had ever been able to determine whether that being ultimately reached the level of the legion of gods, or simply perished. But considering what was happening with these sabers, it seemed very likely that he had indeed died.

Even as that Mechfolk expert reached out to try to grab the Overflowing Sabers of Slaughter, some other force swept onto the scene, wrapped them up, and vanished! Unexpectedly, some other expert had arrived on the scene.

“Was that an invincible fighter from the Dao Defense League? Was it their league-lord? This is bad.”

“My god, what item is it that we’re waiting for? Didn’t the message say that whatever was coming out of the ancient road belonged to us Mechfolk?”


More intense vibrations could be sensed from the depths of the Ancient Road to the Gods.

This wise one of the Mechfolk knew that the other magical treasures and godrelic falling down were of little note. The thing to watch for was whatever immense item was still on the way.

But what was it? What could cause such incredible rumblings? The wise one could only imagine that it had something to do with a true god.


In the Dao Defense League, Yang Qi opened his eyes and looked down to see three hundred and sixty thousand motes of light in his hand, swirling in a vortex. Upon closer inspection, they were actually god sabers of immense power. They could shake entire universes, and when arranged into a formation could easily be used to kill a Grand Emperor.

Of course, they were none other than the Overflowing Sabers of Slaughter that had just come out of the Ancient Road to the Gods.

Upon becoming aware of what was happening with the Ancient Road to the Gods, he had cast his senses over and noticed the particularly powerful aura of the sabers.

Even as he examined the sabers, a group of god-generals and dharmarajas appeared in the Heaven-Dao Operation God-Temple. 

“This is bad, League-Lord! Something is happening out in primal-chaos with the Ancient Road to the Gods! Some enormous item is coming, and is being heralded by a rain of numerous god items and magical treasures. Many experts from our Dao Defense League have already headed in that direction to fight for treasures. There are also future warriors there, as well as hellish monsters and Demonfolk. Just about everyone imaginable is gathering near the Ancient Road to the Gods.”

“I'm aware of the situation. Pass down orders forbidding anyone from trying to take any of the items. I’ll send the Holy Sage Army over to take care of the situation. Everyone else needs to be prepared for attacks by the future world and the ancient experts. And be particularly careful about the Demon League.”

When momentous events like this occurred, they provided the perfect circumstances for enemies to launch sneak attacks. And the last thing Yang Qi wanted was for his people to be disunited and fighting amongst themselves.

That could easily lead to the downfall of the league.

“Yes sir!” replied the dharmarajas and god-generals. Considering the looks on their faces, they could sense how serious Yang Qi was, and knew that they would likely have to execute some people who refused to follow orders.

There were still plenty of people in the Dao Defense League who were only feigning compliance and were still more than willing to viciously fight for their own self-interest.

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