Chapter 833: Changes to the Ancient Road

The abilities of the future world had reached an incredible level. They already knew exactly how many top experts existed in the Dao Defense League and the Demon League.

It wasn’t that Yang Qi hadn’t considered destroying the Brahman Immortal World. However, it still contained Brahma’s heart. Furthermore, he didn’t want to remove his only passage to the future world itself. For now, he had to allow the future world to maintain their foothold.

“What other progress has been made recently?” one of the generalissimos asked.

“We identified a location in primal-chaos where a group of Mechfolk experts built a base,” the marshal replied. “Apparently they’re researching the Ancient Road to the Gods. The Mechfolk are a powerful element of the immortal dao civilization, nearly on the same level of the Demonfolk, denizens of hell, and humans. They inherited elements of the ancient scientific and technological civilization, and in fact, their science and technology resemble ours. If we could take their knowledge, it would be a big boost, and would fill in a lot of the holes we have.”

“So you’re saying we should conquer these people?”

“Of course. While the Dao Defense League and the Demon League are embroiled in conflict, these Mechfolk are apparently trying to unlock certain secrets of the Ancient Road to the Gods.”

“In that case, we should make them our first target. At the same time, we need to bolster the defenses of the Brahman Immortal World and make sure this Yang Qi doesn’t somehow get inside. Thankfully, the magisters passed us a god item from the Primeval Age. If we activate it, it will create an enormous spell formation that can project a shield of protection.”

With that, the generalissimos headed into different parts of the Brahman Immortal World, where they began to erect enormous gateways.

They all looked different, and many resembled gateways Yang Qi had seen in the past, such as the Gate of the Great Void, the Primal-Chaos Gateway, or the Aeon Portal. There were thirty-six in total, each one obviously being an incomparably powerful god item of unknown origins. One thing was certain: they all rippled with deathless godliness.


As the gateways grew larger and larger, power began flowing out of them and taking the shape of an enormous shield that soon covered the entire Brahman Immortal World. At the same time, the world itself began expanding, its foundations wriggling like living flesh and blood.

At that moment, Yang Qi awoke from his meditative trance and opened his Lord's Eye, which revealed to him the thirty-six gateways, the huge shield, and the expanding Brahman Immortal World. It was clear just how much of a threat the place was now.

“What are those god items? The shield they're creating is huge! They’re obviously part of a set of items no weaker than King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans.” 

Even as Yang Qi analyzed the new development, Patriarch Annalist hurried in. “This is bad, League-Lord. Have you seen what's happening with the future world? It seems the generalissimos have arrived.”

“I know.”

Yang Qi waved his hand and a projected image of the various gates appeared in front of them.

They were surrounded by a dense mist that enveloped everything other than the gates themselves. Not even the generalissimos were visible, which meant that Yang Qi had no way to assess their cultivation bases. The future world was finally beginning its full-scale invasion.

Upon seeing the thirty-six gateways, Patriarch Annalist’s face was overtaken by a look of disbelieving shock. “Don’t tell me… could it be true?” 

“Do you know what those gateways are? All I can tell is that they’re god items.” 

“It’s a god item set from the Primeval Age called the Deathless Call,” Patriarch Annalist explained. “I happened to hear some legends about it. Supposedly, it can summon power from the god world, and if used to the fullest extent, it could even call forth souls of immense and deadly power.”

“The Deathless Call?” Yang Qi said. “It can summon deathless god souls from the god world? That’s incredible. From what I can tell, it’s now impossible for me to enter the Brahman Immortal World without destroying the entire place. And that wouldn’t be an easy task now.”

“That’s too bad, League-Lord. Now that you've united the Dao Defense League, it would be wonderful if you could destroy the foundation of the future world here and return heaven and earth to a state of peace and tranquility. Right now seems like the best opportunity to do that.”

“You’re right,” Yang Qi said, but then shook his head. “Even if we destroy their current foothold, they would just make another. With the Dao Defense League just having been stabilized, my goal isn't to just destroy one foothold after another. We need to wage a true war and destroy their entire age. When two ages come into conflict, only complete destruction of one will solve the problem of the other. Incidentally, the future world’s passageway was created by drawing on the power of the god Brahma. And I've gained Brahma’s trust. With his help, I can truly strike a devastating blow on the future world.”

“That's incredible, League-Lord!” Patriarch Annalist exclaimed. “You worked out a deal with Brahma? In that case, we don’t need to be worried. You obviously have a master plan at work here, and we’ll follow whatever orders you give.”

“Take a seat,” Yang Qi said, waving his hand, and Patriarch Annalist complied. “Thanks to one of the boundless techniques I cultivate, I've begun assimilating the beast king clones I recently acquired. Because of that, I’ve begun gaining enlightenment of the blood of both Eternal Ones and Fortuned Ones. Patriarch Annalist, you have ordinary blood, which just goes to emphasize how amazing it is that you've reached this level of cultivation. If you could acquire Fortuned Eternal blood, you would reach an even higher level of invincibility.”

He waved his finger, and a drop of blood flew out from the Cruiser of Civilization, pulsing with a Fortuned Eternal aura. It was the product of none other than the Engine of the One God, and Yang Qi was directing it right into Patriarch Annalist.

Patriarch Annalist shivered and his face first flushed, then turned greenish. At the same time, the unstable auras of both yin and yang pulsed out of the top of his head.

Shortly thereafter, the unstable auras vanished and Patriarch Annalist sighed. “Beyond incredible. I can already tell I’m going to benefit greatly from that blood. It'll take me a while to properly fuse with it, but once I do, I’ll conform to the preheaven dao of gods and be immeasurably close to the Deathless Throne.”

“Exactly,” Yang Qi said. With that, he dismissed Patriarch Annalist and closed his eyes to focus on his own cultivation again. His cultivation base was now at the highest of levels, and as the preheaven vital energy swirled through him, the magical laws of primordial chaos were like shackles from the god world.

He closed his eyes and focused his divine will on the Ancient Road to the Gods.

At his current level, there was no vital energy in existence that could advance his cultivation base. He had to gain enlightenment of the Ancient Road to the Gods, the god world that existed at its end, and the boundless mysteries therein.


Meanwhile, deep in boundless primal-chaos, an enormous base could be seen, filled with gigantic metallic castles and battleships. They were crafted from god metal, something passed down from the god world, mysterious and profound, inscribed with ancient spell formations that constantly absorbed primal-chaos paleo-energy and converted it into raw power.

Although the Mechfolk didn’t have impressive cultivation bases, their technology made them extremely powerful. Supposedly, one of King Immortal-Slayer’s seventy-one brethren was an expert named King Destructor, a Mechfolk old-timer with incredible fighting prowess.

Mechfolk were neither human, nor fiend-devil, nor demon. They were guests who had come from beyond the heavens, extremely mysterious nomads who roamed to and fro doing business.

After the establishment of the Dao Defense League, the Mechfolk had essentially vanished. But here they were, hiding in their base within primal-chaos. Their base swarmed with experts, no fewer than the forces of the Demon League.

And shockingly, this base of theirs was actually close to the Ancient Road to the Gods. In fact, the road was just visible up ahead, wider than a thirty-third ranked immortal world.

No expert would dare to get too close to the Ancient Road to the Gods, as it exerted a powerful gravitational force that could suck anyone inside. And once on the road, it was impossible to turn back.

However, despite being so close to the Ancient Road to the Gods, the Mechfolk base didn’t seem to be affected at all by the gravitational force. The reason for that was, in the very middle of the base, there was an altar that the Mechfolk old-timers were offering sacrifices to. As a result, it emanated a black smoke that interfered with the gravitational force, and turned it into power for the Mechfolk.

“We Mechfolk will control this age,” one of the old-timers said. “And a critical moment has arrived. Our venerable ancestor has reached out to us from the god world and told us that we will usher in a new age, an age belonging to the Mechfolk, in which all other people serve us. The golden age of the Mechfolk is coming! Thanks to this altar crafted by our venerable ancestor, and the will he left behind, we know of the dramatic events in the god world, and how something incredibly important is about to appear on the Ancient Road to the Gods.”

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