Chapter 821: Flames of War Rage

“Kill them!”

“I can’t believe these people from the Dao Defense League would dare crusade against us! They’re dead! We Demonfolk are naturally fiercer than they are, and can defeat human cultivators several cultivation levels higher than us! Our constitutions make us virtually invincible!”

“Kill them all! Burn them alive! Loot them! How dare these human cultivators attack us. Are they looking to get killed? Well, we’ll fulfill their wishes. Hahahahaha!

The demon soldiers on guard when the Army of Radiance and Light arrived were obviously taken completely by surprise. However, they weren’t the type who would be thrown into chaos and confusion by an enemy attack. In fact, they were actually excited. Demonfolk genes were filled with bloodlust, ruthlessness, violence, and the desire to slaughter. Once such desires were tapped into, they became like wild beasts.

Swarms of demons appeared, seemingly without end, and the flames of war began to burn brightly.

The Demon League was composed of as many immortal worlds as the eternal sands, strung together in a way that resembled the planetary systems of the mortal world. There were enormous planets that created vortexes of wretch energy and demon energy, the kinds that could easily demonize any human cultivators it touched and turn them into freakish half-demons.

The Demon League had been put together on very short notice and was backed by certain powerful old-timers who normally remained hidden in primal-chaos. Because of that, Yang Qi had been completely unaware of its existence.

But now it was obvious that those old-timers sought to seize the universal fortune in heaven and earth, making them a big threat to the Dao Defense League. Leaving them untouched would be allowing a dangerous enemy to lurk right behind one’s back, ready to launch a sneak attack at any time.


Thus, he struck like lightning with the Army of Radiance and Light.

Primeval god skills descended like rain as the two armies clashed, blessing the Army of Radiance and Light and making them thousands of times stronger than the moments before. Meanwhile, the Demonfolk forces were weakened by thousands of times.

From the outside, the fighting was very one-sided.

The Demon League’s armies immediately crumbled.


Screams rang out as the Demonfolk soldiers were slashed to bits, becoming a bloody rain that fell down in front of the Dao Defense League’s onslaught.

Meanwhile, the souls of the demons, as well as their resources, power, weapons, armor, medicinal pills, and magical treasures, were sent back through the passageway, piling up in mountainous form in the public square in the Sage Monarch Heaven.

Many of the observing old-timers were so terrified they grew weak at the knees. Never could they have guessed that Yang Qi’s forces would be so devastatingly powerful.

The Army of Radiance and Light was like a sword stabbing right into the heart of the Demon League, devastating all spell formations and greyspaces with impunity.

“You are all hereby judged guilty by radiance and light itself!” shouted the angels. 

A towering shield of demon energy rose up to block the path of the Army of Radiance and Light. Sadly, it was completely incapable of blocking millions upon millions of Chaos God angels.

In the blink of an eye, the shield fell and the Demonfolk on the other side died.

“They’re so strong! Nothing can stand up to this!”

“It’s a massacre. The Demon League is done for! This is terrifying. Who could possibly defend against millions upon millions of Chaos Gods, all working together?” With each moment that passed, the old-timers grew more and more fearful.

Next, a group of angels swept forth who were all on the first stair of the Deathless Heavenly Stairway, and a twentieth-ranked demon-immortal world was dragged back through the passageway.

An entire immortal world had been taken as a spoil of war!

Yang Qi reached out and grabbed it, causing it to shrink down rapidly. In front of the shocked eyes of all present, it quickly turned into a śarīra, floating there in his palm.

“The Demon League foolishly attempted to oppose us. Those who put on airs will be killed beyond the shadow of a doubt. My armies will wipe out the Demon League and ensure that their foundation ceases to exist. The demon-immortal worlds will fall, and will be added to the essence of the Dao Defense League!”


Everyone present knew that Yang Qi was a ruthless individual. And here he was, attempting to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots. Without immortal worlds to call home, it was obvious that the Demonfolk would have nowhere to stand. Eventually, they would cease to exist within the countless immortal worlds of the Dao Defense League.

Of course, there was no way the Emissary of Radiance and Light was going to share the spoils of war with anyone else. The only way to benefit from this victory would be to declare allegiance to him.

People began looking at the piles of treasure and licking their lips. Everything present, including weapons, medicinal pills, demon souls, and other cultivation resources, were particularly powerful, and would be of incredible use to any disciple who acquired them. After all, many powerful energy arts required demonic energy as a foundational element.

As countless demon-immortal worlds fell and innumerable Demonfolk lost their souls, their quintessence was cleansed by burning radiance and light, and the Sage Monarch Heaven benefited from a massive influx of vital energy.

The Demonfolk suffered setback after setback on the field of battle and were inflicted with heavy casualties until, finally, their top experts appeared to join the fight.

“What incredible gall!” A shadowy figure appeared in front of the Army of Radiance and Light, apparently a projection from a thirty-third ranked immortal world. It looked like an enormous bear created from primal-chaos itself, and as it reached out with its paw it completely locked down space-time. The Army of Radiance and Light ground to a halt as dense mists of raw demon energy appeared and spread out to cover the Demon League.

Yang Qi looked over and could instantly tell that this was one of the consummate experts of the Demonfolk. It had to be, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to block the progress of the Army of Radiance and Light.

‘A primal-chaos bear-giant? It must be Patriarch Buddhabhadra, who’s roughly on the same level as Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven! Well, it’s good he’s out in the open. I'm curious to see if he has what it takes to protect the Demon League. Killing him would really cement my reputation.’

Rising to his feet from his spot in the Dao Defense League, he threw both hands out in front of him and unleashed a deadly technique. “Life, Death, and Illusory Destruction; Three Worlds of Froth and Shadows; Glory of the Sun and Moon; Radiance and Light Bathe all Things; Human Existence Leads to the Halls of Heaven; Many Heavens God Seal!


Explosive force erupted from within him, so much so that the entire Dao Defense League trembled as a result. Everyone watched as an enormous sealing mark shot out from Yang Qi’s hand, heading directly toward Patriarch Buddhabhadra.

Roaring with fury, the bear-giant that was Patriarch Buddhabhadra launched a fist at the incoming sealing mark.

Yang Qi ignored it and threw a fist strike of his own. Within his heart, the Engine of the One God erupted with power, and radiance and light swirled as the fist headed right toward Patriarch Buddhabhadra’s chest.

“Damn you, Emissary of Radiance and Light!” the bear-giant growled. “I'm going to wipe you out along with all your children and grandchildren. However many Demonfolk you killed today, that’s how many people from the Dao Defense League I’ll wipe out! Just you wait!”

A magical mirror of defense sprang up in front of Patriarch Buddhabhadra’s chest, and was destroyed as soon as Yang Qi’s fist smashed into it. However, the fist attack also dissipated as a result.

“Hmph! You think you're going to kill people from the Dao Defense League? Today, you’re the one who’s going to die.”

Crack! Snap! 

Everyone watched as Yang Qi lunged forward, piercing through numerous universal rifts until he was right in front of Patriarch Buddhabhadra. It was a shocking display of strength, making him seem like nothing less than a god-spirit.

Patriarch Buddhabhadra could never have expected that Yang Qi would leap right into the forefront of the battle. However, he was a decisive person, therefore he didn’t hesitate at all to launch another deadly fist strike at Yang Qi.

“If you want to fight, fine! I want to see how many of my fist strikes you can take, Emissary of Radiance and Light! Bhadra Mountain Godfist; Let the Buddha God Come!” The power of primal-chaos bear-giants was supreme among ancient godlings. In fact, they surpassed the Dragonfolk and were second only to the godmammoths.

The fist strike itself caused the projection of an enormous god-spirit to appear behind him, which unleashed boundless power into the attack.

Yang Qi didn’t seem worried. He met the punch with his own fist, backed by the Engine of the One God, causing power to flow through him that shoved aside all of the surrounding primal-chaos.

As it parted, the Ancient Road to the Gods could be seen, along with the shadowy form of the god world itself.

This was the final stance of the Hand of the One God: Eternity.


The two fists collided and Patriarch Buddhabhadra stumbled back, a look of terror overcoming his face.

Meanwhile, back in the Dao Defense League, all of the patriarchs and old-timers in the square in the Sage Monarch Heaven were watching the fight play out.

They could see that each move and stance utilized by Yang Qi was at a peak level of strength. After he seized the upper hand with his fist strike, the primal-chaos paleo-energy swirled behind him to take the shape of sabers, spears, swords, halberds, lances, pikes, hooks, tridents, and numerous other god items, all of which took aim at Patriarch Buddhbhadra.

Patriarch Buddhabhadra could only howl in rage; there was nothing he could do to fight back. Everyone could clearly see that this Demonfolk expert who had existed since the Primeval Age was no match for Yang Qi. There was no questioning Yang Qi’s strength now. As of this moment, every person who had been acting wishy-washy wanted to side with him and remove Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven as the league-lord.


As of that moment, virtually all of the destiny switched from Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven to Yang Qi!

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