Chapter 820: Campaign of Radiance and Light

Yang Qi had called a meeting with about half of the dharmarajas, and quite a few of the god-generals, to discuss the issue of dealing with the Demon League.

The war between the future world and the Dao Defense League was still ongoing. However, the Dao Defense League had managed to gain the upper hand, pushing the future world inexorably back to the Brahman Immortal World.

One purpose of the meeting was to foster internal cohesion and trust. The second was to resolve any disagreements or conflicts that might be bubbling underneath the surface. In war, it was important to have an atmosphere of confidence in one's forces.

“We can’t afford to sit around and wait for the Demon League to make the first move,” Yang Qi said, looking around with a gaze that caused immense weight to fall on the shoulders of all present. “Therefore, I've decided to lead the Army of Radiance and Light on an immediate campaign. We’ll bring the fight to the Demonfolk and slaughter every last one of them that resists! All of you mobilize your various forces and prepare to depart. Let it be known that I’ll be distributing primeval god skill talismans to everyone. Let’s see if they can stand up to even a single charge of my Army of Radiance and Light, the strongest military force in all of heaven and earth!”

Quite a few exclamations of surprise could be heard. Then one of the dharmarajas said, “Oh exalted Emissary of Radiance and Light, are you sure you want to start a campaign right now? The Dao Defense League is unstable and there's a lot of infighting. We’re still under pressure from the future world, and besides, the Demon League is no one to take lightly. You won’t be able to influence the alliance as a whole while you’re on the campaign trail, and for all you know, everything could fall apart!”

“Everything will be fine. Besides, the Demon League already made a move on me during my meeting of treasure distribution. They’ve already declared war, and for that provocation, they must pay the price. They’ve earned a death sentence and we can’t give them any breathing room. The decision has already been made; I’ll be opening up a passageway that leads right to the border of their territory.

“If you don’t wish to join my Army of Radiance and Light on the campaign, I won’t force you. But if you don’t come….” He let the words hang. “Soon, I’ll be seizing complete power, and there will surely be some changeup in ranks and positions. I suppose I might as well tell you that when Sectlord Nine Yangs and I have our duel at the Heaven-Dao Operation God-Temple, I’ll use the opportunity to take the position of league-lord from Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven. Even if all Four Emperors of the Heavenly Court stand together against me, they’ll fail.”

“What?” The expressions of many present flickered to hear such outright threats coming out of Yang Qi’s mouth. And they looked even more surprised when he said that he could deal with all four emperors at the same time.

Looking around, Patriarch Annalist snorted coldly and said, “What, you people don’t believe the young sir? Perhaps you should know that in the Eight Tribes Heaven, the Dragonfolk have created a passageway to the Primeval Age. They summoned the Five Great Lokapālas of yesteryear, yet the young sir defeated them quite handily. Presumably, you understand what defeating such top experts from ancient times means. If he can deal with the five lokapālas, handling the four emperors and seizing overall power will be even easier. So, it’s up to you which side to bet on.”

He worded things even more directly than Yang Qi had, causing the people present at the meeting to exchange flabbergasted looks. It was obvious to them what was happening; Yang Qi was putting all his cards on the table!

“Remember,” Patriarch Annalist continued, “we won’t tolerate any doublecrossing or backstabbing. Make your choice and stick with it. Pick the young sir, or pick Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven. This is going to be a situation where either the fish dies, or the net splits. One of them is going to end up dead. You all know what kind of person I am; not even Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven would be able to take me out. So why am I siding with the young sir? Because he’s unparalleled under heaven!”

“Very well, make your decision,” Yang Qi said, sitting there calmly on his throne. He began tapping the arm of the throne, and the sound wormed its way into the hearts of everyone present, filling them with a sensation of deep anxiety. They knew that there was no way to escape making a decision.

“I’ll side with the exalted Emissary of Radiance and Light!” one of the god-generals said. “Let’s vanquish the Demonfolk and force Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven off the throne! In ancient times, Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven established the Heavenly Court for the sole purpose of slaughtering his fellow daoists. He aroused the fury of heaven and men alike!”

“That’s right. None of those four emperors are good people. With them in control of the Dao Defense League, we might all end up dead.”

“I’ll follow whatever orders the Emissary of Radiance and Light gives us! Let's give this thing a shot!” Quite a few of the god-generals were all giving voice to the same sentiment.

“Give it a shot?” Yang Qi chuckled and rose to his feet. “Don't worry, I’ll definitely come out on top. The Four Emperors of the Heavenly Court are doomed to be assimilated by me. I’ll soon be the league-lord, of that, there is no doubt.”

One by one, everyone present stood and voiced their approval, as well as their decision to follow him.

“May the exalted Emissary live for ten thousand autumns, undying and deathless!”


This group comprised more than half of the top leadership in the alliance, and the moment they threw their lot in with Yang Qi, he sensed that he now controlled ninety percent of the overall destiny. That left Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven with only about ten percent, which was a pitifully weak amount.

And of course, it would push Yang Qi’s cultivation speeds to new heights.

“Fine. Get your armies in order and sound the call to battle. Watch closely as I open the passageway to Demon League territory.”

Boundless flames of radiance and light filled the area, filling all the skies of the Dao Defense League, causing heaven and earth to tremble and primal-chaos to crumble.

The light was so powerful that lower-level disciples felt as though they were being suffocated, and could do nothing other than lay motionless on the ground. As for the old-timers, they were profoundly shocked and wondered what exactly the Emissary of Radiance and Light was doing.

But none of them dared to utter a single word.

Next, an immense projection of radiance and light appeared, which was none other than Yang Qi. He seemed large enough to prop up heaven and earth, and as he thrust his hands out, fiery light shot out and opened up a passageway that seemed to pierce into the depths of the universe itself. Spatial tempests were suppressed left and right as the pathway stretched far out into the distance.

Everyone felt as though the magical laws of heaven and earth were being transformed. Countless tribulations began descending, expressions of the fury of the dao of heaven, almost as though the essence of the universe itself were angry at Yang Qi. However, when the tribulations touched him, they simply vanished. It was as if he were some sort of god-spirit.

“Dear lord. He really is opening a pathway that pierces through the universe!”

“He's so powerful! He’s definitely stronger than Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven. Considering he's openly showing off his fantastic abilities, does that mean he’s actually going to fight for the position of league-lord?”

Many of the old-timers were convinced that the Dao Defense League really was going to have a new ruler soon.

The power to connect two separate parts of the universe—or essentially, two universes—was something that defied imagination and belonged to the realm of gods.

As soon as the passageway opened, boundless demon energy began flowing out, making it obvious that there was some Demonfolk kingdom at the other end, a place vastly different than the immortal worlds. It was obviously the territory of the Demon League.

Speaking in a voice that rumbled like thunder, Yang Qi said, “Grand Emperor Bloodsworn Bat from the Demon League dared to sow chaos in the Dao Defense League, and even tried to assassinate me. We cannot tolerate the existence of these Demonfolk. I opened this passageway so that the Army of Radiance and Light can take the fight to the Demonfolk alliance, and we won't stop until we absolutely crush them!”

The god-generals and dharmarajas all joined their voices together and said, “We will stand by the side of the Emissary of Radiance and Light in this campaign!”

As Yang Qi felt the flows of destiny growing stronger, he let out a hearty laugh. “In that case, the time has come for war. Come forth, Army of Radiance and Light!”


The army appeared, ranks of angels with shining weapons, whose mere presence drove away the demonic atmosphere as they began marching through the passageway.

Thanks to Yang Qi’s constant rise in cultivation base, he had access to even more fiend-devils to turn into angels. Within the current group were Nirvanic, Revisionist, Measureless, Buddha, and Chaos Gods. There were even some who had reached the Stair of Valor. And they streamed out in seemingly endless numbers.

“My god! How could the army be that large? Where did he get them from? Look, those are fifth division Nirvanic Gods! There must be several billion of them. And there are billions of Revisionist, Measureless, and Buddha Gods. Plus tens of millions of Chaos Gods.”

“Last time he had a few million Chaos Gods, and that was enough to shake all heaven and earth. But now he has tens of millions? How did he get them? It’s like they're as common as carrots or cabbage to him. What do we count for, compared to that? We're basically cannon fodder!”

“My god. That army could crush all of our forces without suffering any casualties!”

“Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven’s forces are like nothing compared to that. This is definitely an army that can take care of the Demonfolk alliance.”

“The Emissary of Radiance and Light is invincible! How did we not realize this before? Let’s hurry up and try to get on his good side!”

“Strong. So strong!”

“Does Sectlord Nine Yangs have any hope of surviving their duel?”

Some of the old-timers who had been on the fence about what to do were now completely bowled over, and no longer cared about Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven at all.

Soon, the sounds of fighting and the reek of blood began drifting through the passageway; the war with the Demon League had begun.

Back in the Dao Defense League, Yang Qi waved his hand, summoning a mirror the size of a thirtieth-ranked immortal world that projected images of the fighting.

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