Chapter 816: Beast King Corpse

The Four Emperors of the Heavenly Court had acquired the corpse of a beast king, which clearly originated in the god world. Somehow, it ended up on the Ancient Road to the Gods, then drifted out into primal-chaos, where the emperors stumbled across it.

Despite being a corpse, it still contained boundless power and beastliness. Even ordinary objects from the god world would be considered godly, and all treasures from there were god items. Even the weakest of animals were godlings.

If they could awaken this beast king by means of universal fortune, it wouldn’t be a true god-spirit, but it would give them such a boost that they would double, triple, or even quadruple their overall power output, putting them in a position where they could crush anything and everything.

Scintillating, burning destiny flowed into the beast king’s corpse, causing it to twitch and wriggle.

At a certain point, its chest lifted.

It inhaled….

Then exhaled…

As it breathed, boundless primal-chaos vital energy flowed into it, which was converted into raw, pure power. Godpower. It was clearly something foreign to the immortal worlds. Not even the Tusita Heaven or the Eight Tribes Heaven had anything like it, nor did the future world or the Primeval Age.

“It finally produced the pure power of the god world!” Grand Emperor Myriadmagic Heavenspan exclaimed. “Excellent! This beast king really does have a bit of life force left in it. None of the other god corpses we’ve encountered over the past millions upon millions of years have been like this. This is the only one. We had to sacrifice a lot of quintessence-blood to finally reap something of benefit, but it was worth it!”

“Exactly, don’t hold back now!” Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven said. “Pour more destiny into it. The more god world power we can get, the better. When it breathes in primal-chaos, it connects to the god world and produces deathless god power. And that is our ticket to becoming truly invincible. We’ll finally be able to slaughter that brat!”

“Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven, you were the one in charge of starting the Dao Defense League and becoming the league-lord,” said Grand Emperor Heavenearth Vastocean. “How could you have screwed up this badly? You just let that brat become the Emissary of Radiance and Light and establish a huge power base! Now hosts of experts are siding with him, reducing the destiny and universal fortune we can acquire!”

“Exactly!” Grand Emperor Ninelimits Paragon said. “If the hearts of the people were united, the universal fortune and destiny would be vastly superior. In fact, we would’ve already completed our work with this beast king corpse and advanced our cultivation bases. Instead, we’re stuck here working just as hard as ever. We have to kill that brat and take back the destiny that rightly belongs to us. Kill him down to his very soul!”

“You don’t understand how incredibly strong he is,” Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven growled. “He came across some good fortune or another that let him instantly create an army of a million Chaos Gods. That’s how he’s won over the hearts of so many people. He really is our greatest enemy. That said, he has a lot of treasures and destiny. If we can kill him, the benefits will be astounding. Unfortunately, he has several of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions, which he can use to get into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart any time he wishes. That will make him even more difficult to kill. Thankfully I’ve already planned out a way to deal with that, as I explained earlier. Do any of you have any further thoughts on the matter?”

“If we work together with those four suzerains of hell, we’ll definitely be able to kill him. Of course, the suzerains need to be put to death as well. Perhaps we can manipulate them into directly fighting Yang Qi, then we’ll come out as the ultimate victors.”

“Yes, those suzerains of hell follow the dao of devils, so it’s a given that they need to die.”

“Enough chatting. Draw as deeply as you possibly can on destiny. Hold nothing back. Once we complete our work with this beast king corpse, Yang Qi and the suzerains of hell will both be destroyed.”

As the destiny flowed, the beast king began breathing more deeply.

However, at a certain point, the burning destiny flow suddenly decreased significantly, much to the shock of the Four Emperors of the Heavenly Court.


“Just what exactly is going on here?”

“Why did we suddenly lose so much destiny!?”

“What? Why is this happening? Did something go wrong in the Dao Defense League? Did Yang Qi seize power in my absence?”

Enraged, Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven immediately sent some divine will out to communicate with some of his confidantes in the Dao Defense League.

“Damnation! That brat’s been talking to the elders and elder kings and winning even more hearts! That’s why our supply of destiny is being reduced. People are even saying that he won the legacy of the Heaven Beyond Heaven, a thirty-third ranked immortal world! And he got all of the god items from the Aeonic God Temple!? More and more disciples are flocking to join him!”

“So what do we do now?”

“We don’t have enough destiny to resurrect this beast king now!”

“Damn it all! Should we just go kill the brat right now?”

“No, we can’t do that. He has the support of someone on the same level as us. But who? Considering that, and the fact that he took the Aeonic God Temple, he probably has a plan to deal with us. There’s no way we can just kill him!”

In their rage, the four emperors were all scrambling to come up with an idea of how to kill Yang Qi.

All of a sudden, laughter rang out, followed by a voice. “You four can’t kill Yang Qi on your own. But we can help you do it!”

“Who’s there?”

“That’s an ancient aura!”

“Someone from the Primeval Age is here. Show yourself!” Grand Emperor Myriadmagic Heavenspan thrust his palm out, splitting the primal-chaos to reveal a young man clad in beast hide with a bone cudgel in his hands. Next to him was Leaf Dao-Denier. Of course, it was none other than Eldest Brother Secundus.

“True Raja Dao-Denier?” Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven growled. “You, a lowly dharmaraja, dares to spy on us emperors?”

“That's right, League-Lord.” Leaf Dao-Denier’s cultivation base had reached an astounding level and he radiated both Eternal and Fortuned power. In addition, he pulsed with the energy of the Tusita Heaven. Apparently, Eldest Brother Secundus had helped him gain full control of that immortal world’s essence.

“We have a common enemy in Yang Qi,” Leaf Dao-Denier continued. “I know about everything that’s been happening in the Dao Defense League, and I know that Yang Qi acquired the legacy of the Aeonic God Temple. If we don't work together, he’ll kill all of us sooner or later. Are you having trouble assimilating that beast king corpse? Eldest Brother Secundus and I can help you.”

“What? How could you assimilate it?”

“What makes you think I can’t?” Eldest Brother Secundus said, looking over at the beast king, which seemed dead yet was breathing slowly. “In the Primeval Age, we know how to do things that surpass imagination. You four really got lucky to find something from the god world that has a bit of life force in it. If you can awaken it and make out-of-body incarnations with it, it wouldn’t necessarily help you reach the Deathless Throne, but it would definitely provide a tenfold boost in power.”

Grand Emperor Myriadmagic Heavenspan exchanged a glance with the other emperors, then said, “Cut the crap. If you can really deal with this corpse, we’re willing to share. With our Profound Body-Splitting God-Clone Technique, we can divide the beast king into twelve different parts, each of which will be roughly as strong as any single one of us. In other words, we could each get two clones. An increase in power like that would be nothing to look down on. There are four of us and two of you. If we all had two clones, we would make a group of eighteen Grand Emperors. That should be more than enough to kill Yang Qi. What do you think?

Leaf Dao-Denier chuckled coldly. “Absolutely not. Eldest Brother Secundus wants an additional beast king clone for each of us. Half and half. We get six, you get six. That’s only fair.”

“Are you kidding?!” Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven said. “How’s that supposed to be fair? There are six of us. Two each is the only way that makes sense.”

“No,” Leaf Dao-Denier said. “This isn’t a deal between six people, it’s a deal between two groups. Us and you. Besides, how are we to know you wouldn’t betray us with your vastly superior numbers?”

“We’ll swear oaths to bind us all together in spirit and action,” Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven said. “Furthermore, once we kill Yang Qi, you can have the position of Emissary of Radiance and Light.”

Leaf Dao-Denier laughed. “Neither of us wants to be the Emissary of Radiance and Light. And we have no reason to believe you’ll live up to any oath. This is our final offer. We get six clones, you get six. Your only other option is to keep working at it on your own while Yang Qi continues to win more hearts and take more destiny from you. Eventually, he’ll take full control of the treasures in the Aeonic God Temple, and you’ll all be dead.”

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