Chapter 803: Seven Gods Combined

At the most critical moment, Yang Qi clinched a victory.

The enlightenment provided by the sutra on the Wheel of Fate filled him with power, allowing the past, present, and future to exist within him. Three nascent divinity seeds formed within him—one deathless, one solitary, and one unfathomable. His soul suddenly had three distinct qualities, and it caused the psychic flame of his will to burn more brightly than ever. As a result, the wills of the seven gods immediately began crumbling.

“Well done,” a voice spoke into his mind. “So you managed to stand up to the assault of our divine will. Your will, strength, and temperament are clearly profoundly strong. You deserve to bear the legacy of the Aeonic God Temple. We seven gods perished long ago, yet we do not bemoan the fact that our final remaining scraps of will are being wiped out by the God Legion Seal.”

“Power be to the legacy, and glory be to the Lord….”

“Oh paramount Lord, we will finally return to your embrace….”

The wills of the gods seemed to rejoice, and they felt no fear as they faded away. After all, in the vocabulary of the legion of gods, there was no exact word for ‘fear’.

The seven gods’ spirits became pure power within Yang Qi, pushing him to a higher level. In the blink of an eye, he was a sixth division Revisionist God, an entity of inimitable strength.

Heavenly tribulation came, the fury of the gods, the might of primal-chaos in the form of an enormous spell formation. However, Yang Qi’s mere glance turned it into nothing more than a sweet rain that bolstered his mind and his cultivation base.

‘I'm finally a Revisionist God. However, there’s still more power available from those seven gods. I received enough enlightenment during the conflict that I’m now enlightened regarding the entire Godmyth level. Nothing can hold me back. I’ll break through everything like a hammer crushing an ice cube! Next up, the seventh division Measureless God level!”

As his aura reached an even more majestic level, thunderous rumblings filled the air. His blood flowed through his veins as if the gods were beating war drums and marching into battle in all of his acupoints.

More tribulation rose up, with even greater intensity. Yang Qi stood and stretched his hands out to the sky, breaking through the greyspace to reveal primal-chaos itself, which he grabbed. This violent primal-chaos could devastate even Chaos Gods who were climbing the Deathless Heavenly Stairway, but he grabbed it nonetheless, crushing it out of existence and ending the tribulation.

He was now a Measureless God.

Instantly, his energy arts climbed even higher and his cultivation base advanced by leaps and bounds.

‘Well, Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven, you won’t find it easy to deal with me now, will you? I'm absolutely your equal!’ Although Yang Qi was certain that he could stand shoulder to shoulder with Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven, there was still no way he would take the man lightly. After all, there were three more Grand Emperors on his side.

He surpassed Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven even in his psychic level, but in the end, there was still a huge cultivation base gap between the two of them. Yang Qi really needed to reach the Chaos God level and step onto the Deathless Heavenly Stairway. Only then could he wipe out the Four Emperors of the Heavenly Court, as well as Eldest Brother Secundus, the Eight Tribes of the Dragonfolk, and the generalissimos of the future world. The time had come to take control of the essence of the Heaven Beyond Heaven. The corpses of the seven gods were gone, and he was left alone.

“Aeon Portal!”

As he stepped toward the portal, he was bombarded by information in the form of raw power. An image of the Heaven Beyond Heaven appeared in his mind, and his view rapidly expanded until he could see the entire immortal world.

Now he could tell that it really did resemble an enormous warship nestled within primal-chaos, roughly elliptical in shape. Its magical laws were different from any other type of magical laws, and it was filled with endless power. In that respect, it was unlike the Cruiser of Civilization, which could easily run out of power.

That said, it was still a magical treasure, so it required immense strength to control and operate. That was another way in which it differed from the Cruiser of Civilization, which could be controlled by non-immortals.

“Alright! I have control of the entire Heaven Beyond Heaven now!” Yang Qi’s will spread out to fill all heaven and earth, seizing control of everything from mountains, to rivers, to plants and vegetation.

Using the Aeon Portal, he then caused the Heaven Beyond Heaven to begin shrinking down, growing smaller and smaller.

A few hours later, it was millions upon millions of times smaller, until it finally faded from view. A mysterious and famous thirty-third ranked immortal world had disappeared without a trace, as if it had been nothing but a mirage.

Around then, Yang Qi appeared within the primal-chaos paleo-energy, the Aeonic God Destroyer floating in front of him, roughly the same size as his hand.


The ship flew into his forehead, and the golden imp from the God Legion Seal settled down onto its deck. At the same time, immense power surged through all of Yang Qi’s body.

In the instant that he fused with the Aeonic God Destroyer, Yang Qi reached the ultimate peak of the Measureless God level, putting him just on the verge of the eighth division Buddha God level.

And this was what happened upon just having taken the Heaven Beyond Heaven. There were still many of its secrets to unlock. Once he spent some time cultivating and seeking enlightenment of it, he could use the remaining power from the seven gods to hopefully push forward to the level of a ninth division Chaos God.

‘The time has come to collect all of King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans! There are still seven hundred out there in primal-chaos, and now I can sense them. What old-timer has them? It's definitely not someone ordinary. It’s likely someone similar to Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven. Not that I'm worried.’

The first thing he wanted to do, having taken the Heaven Beyond Heaven, was to complete his collection of talismans and go to the Eight Tribes Heaven to take the Engine of the One God. With that engine, his Cruiser of Civilization would become even more powerful.


Without hesitation, he flew off into the primal-chaos paleo-energy.

Most old-timers wouldn't dare to travel so quickly, but with the Aeonic God Destroyer he could easily absorb the primal-chaos and convert it into power.

And although it was very easy to lose one’s way in primal-chaos, Yang Qi was being guided by King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans and knew exactly where the remaining seven hundred were.

Eventually, he reached a point where the primal-chaos paleo-energy was clumped together like an enormous mountain, surrounded by violent tempests that could easily destroy immortal worlds.

Even Chaos Gods who were struck with force like this would be killed.

Of course, they were not an obstacle for Yang Qi.

He flew on for a few more hours until the primal-chaos began to thin, as if it were being repelled by some incredible magical force. More mountains could be seen, along with buildings, making it seem like some sort of sect created by some old-timer.

It was rumored that there were indeed powerful entities who created places like this out in primal-chaos. They would even occasionally descend to the lower immortal worlds as clones to recruit disciples.

Such old-timers would be stronger than the dharmarajas in the Dao Defense League, and on the same level as Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven. 

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