Chapter 801: Secrets of the God Psalter

The seven pieces of the map had finally been combined.

The Aeonic God Temple could now open. The legion of gods had left behind a stash of treasure that had remained hidden through the aeons, but now it was starting to come into view. And the first manifestation was an incredible amount of power.

Power entered the Cruiser of Civilization, causing instant upgrades and prompting surges in the genetic and vivicreation systems.

The photonic computers began speaking again. 

[Scanning. Scanning. Unique constitution detected. Paramount blood. A legendary Fateless One. Blood levels have only been unlocked to a level of one one-hundredth. Request permission to stimulate blood for further development.]

“What?” Yang Qi said, visibly surprised. “Further development? Go ahead!”

The combination of the genetic and vivicreation systems could provide incredible and shocking functions. Yang Qi had been operating under the assumption that his Fateless constitution was already fully developed. However, now he was being told it wasn’t even at the level of ten percent!

Blinding light shot out from the Cruiser of Civilization and into Yang Qi, which immediately began stimulating his blood. It felt almost like a warm bath. However, the light vanished after a moment, leaving him feeling like he was just on the verge of making major progress. 

[Warning. Warning. Power insufficient. Unable to stimulate blood. Further development impossible.]

He couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to unlock one hundred percent of his Fateless constitution.

‘First, I need to build up more power. Then I can get into the Aeonic God Temple and see what's inside. There’s power there that should be able to push my own true energy to a greater level of purity.’

He now had all seven pieces of the psalter, each of which contained a boundless energy art. By combining them, he could unleash the full Aeonic Heaven-Dao Life-Destruction Zen Art.

Aeonic Heaven-Dao Life-Destruction Zen Art!

An Aeon Portal opened up behind him, causing an ancient and profound energy to rush toward the temple in front of him. A moment later, the main entrance of the temple opened.


Primeval godpower erupted, becoming almost a physical attack on Yang Qi that slammed into him and caused his defensive true energy to creak loudly.

“Incredible!” he murmured. That level of power was more than enough to slaughter a god-general from the Dao Defense League—possibly even a dharmaraja. Even Leaf Dao-Denier would’ve probably been slaughtered by it.

It was so incredibly large and moved so quickly that once it locked onto a person’s soul, there was no way that person could possibly escape.

The truth was that once someone opened the door of the temple, it would be impossible to leave. The temple itself would exert a gravitational force that would drag in whoever opened the door.

Beam after beam of light slammed into Yang Qi’s chest, but he stood strong until they faded away. At that point, an ancient will spoke to Yang Qi from inside the temple. “We are connected by destiny, young one. You actually withstood my onslaught of god light. However, your true strength comes from your boundless constitution. You have earned the legacy of the Aeonic God Temple. Hopefully, you can protect the interests of the legacy and not be corrupted by the power of hell.”

With that, Yang Qi flew into the copper temple. Inside was an enormous dimension filled with numerous altars, atop which were magical treasures, god items, medicinal pills, and other items. Looking around, he realized that the ancient will from moments ago was completely gone, and all of the warding magics that were originally in place had been removed. He had passed the test and now had full access to the stash of treasure.

‘Is that a god pill?’

He reached out to grab a gourd bottle from one of the altars. It was the size of a mountain, but upon leaving its enshrined spot it shrank down until it fit in the palm of his hand.

Opening his Lord's Eye, he looked in and saw a god pill hovering in the middle of the bottle. Even just sensing its aura caused his bones and muscles to creak.

‘This thing is even stronger than the god pill I got from Leaf Dao-Denier.’ Yang Qi had put that god pill to good use, but it was almost not worth mentioning compared to this one.

All of a sudden, Yang Qi noticed a line of text on the altar that was written in god script, which of course he could read. It was a description of the pill. 

Aeonic Heaven-Changing God Pill. Concocted from several billion types of god herbs from the kingdom of gods in primal-chaos. Consume it to change the face of heaven and earth. With a demigod body, one’s self becomes heaven; transform the dao of heaven and replace it. This god medicine can provide the strength of a hundred million years of cultivation. However, it must not be consumed until the appropriate time.

‘Forget it. I already have the Physique of the Sovereign Lord, so this thing won't benefit me at all. However, it could definitely make my people stronger. Perhaps I can transform it into a serum for them to drink. That would work.’ Yang Qi put the bottle gourd away and continued on, inspecting the treasures on the other altars.

Thankfully, all of the altars had lines of text describing the treasures and what they did. It was a real treasure trove, and it almost seemed like something the legion of gods had set up specifically for when the future world invaded.

On another altar, there was a wolf tooth club, crafted not from the finest steel, but from bone.

When Yang Qi picked it up, he found it to be incredibly weighty, almost as heavy as an entire immortal world. And it contained violently powerful deathless godliness.

He read the inscription on the altar. The Club of the God Wolf, forged from the remains of a heaven-wolf that I killed. It is a god item with violent energy just waiting to destroy anything it touches.

‘This is the kind of weapon a fierce person should wield. Not my style, but I can definitely give it to one of my subordinates.’

Looking around at the countless altars, Yang Qi saw god items, god pills, sabers, spears, swords, halberds, jewels, magical treasures, flags, banners, parasols, canopies, chariots, and sundry other items. They radiated intense godliness, and there were so many that they seemed enough to equip an entire army.

‘If I took this treasure hoard and used it to arm my Army of Radiance and Light, they would be even more formidable! It seems to me that whoever created this place knew that a great tribulation was coming and wanted to save all of heaven and earth.’

Yang Qi caught sight of a sword formation made of tens of thousands of god swords. It was called the Myriad-Sands Aeonic-Lightflow God Sword Formation. With enough old-timers powering it, it would be strong enough to keep someone like Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven in check.

There was one god item composed of numerous pearls, which could break through any barrier, and could defeat even the strongest opponents, if used in a formation.

‘What’s this…?’ Yang Qi stopped in front of an altar, upon which was a five-colored mountain. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be made from a combination of gold, silver, copper, iron, and lead. It pulsed with metallic godliness that could only come from the god world and was so heavy that Yang Qi had trouble lifting it.

Mountain of the Exalted Celestial. The description indicated that it was a precious treasure that, if placed in an immortal world, would make the place's vital energy ten times stronger and its magical laws ten times more dense. Any newly forged weapon which was placed on the mountain for a period of time would develop godly striations that could vanquish evil, suppress devils, cleanse the heart, extrude impurities, and make one stronger and wiser.

Yang Qi soon realized that there were tens upon tens of thousands of altars, all of them with god items the likes of which would even be considered extremely rare in the Tusita Heaven or the Eight Tribes Heaven. Adding their value together, the trove made him the richest person in existence.

‘Unfortunately, none of these things are going to be of much help to me personally. I wonder if there's something deeper in that can help my cultivation base.’

He flew onward, until he had passed a million altars. Eventually, he caught sight of what appeared to be an ancient door. It wasn’t a manifestation of power, but rather an actual god item.

Inscribed on the head doorjamb were the words “Aeon Portal”.

There were seven very lifelike humanoid figures sitting in front of the door, wearing ancient clothing and headgear. They weren’t cultivators. They radiated godliness that reminded Yang Qi of the god Brahma, except they were clearly dead.

These seven seated figures were guarding the Aeon Portal, and they were dead gods!

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