Chapter 80: Life Force Springwater

The letter from Yang Zhan went into detail regarding everything that had happened in Yanhaven over the past several months.

It said that for unknown reasons, the previously overbearing State of Yun had retreated. Then, more than thirty Masters of Energy had arrived from four aristocratic clans, as well as hundreds of eighth phase experts. Because of that, it had been easy to capture Yan Gufeng and seize the city magistrate’s mansion.

All of the other clans in Yanhaven had immediately acknowledged allegiance to the Yang Clan, and had agreed to serve as counselors.

The letter went on to say that Yang Zhan intended to found a nation, and that he was interested in Yang Qi’s opinion on what to call it.

Furthermore, Yang Zhan’s cultivation base had significantly improved, thanks to the medicinal pills Yang Qi had sent him. And because of the Golden Nine Transformations Pills, his eldest and second brothers had both reached the Master of Energy level.

There were other messages that were more vaguely written. First, the clan was growing both in numbers and in power.

Second, Yang Zhan reminded Yang Qi that it was important to make a name for himself in the Demi-Immortal Institute; that was the clan's best chance to remain stable and avoid disasters.

Third, Yang Zhan yet again mentioned Yang Qi’s mother, and that he should try to get as much information about the Hanging Mountain as he could.

‘Wonderful,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Truly wonderful! The clan is finally reaching new heights of glory!’

The message from Yang Zhan also explained that, after capturing Yan Gufeng, he realized that he had powerful backers, and thus, agreed to his pleas to be freed. He even let him take all of his counselors and guards with him. Of course, he had confiscated all of the Yan Clan’s wealth.

‘Who would have thought that Yan Gufeng would eventually flee Yanhaven? However, considering that Father let him go, I wonder if that means he’ll try to come back for revenge one day.’

Yang Qi was fairly certain that problems were on the horizon; there was no way that Yan Gufeng would let the matter drop.

That said, Yan Gufeng’s daughter Yan Feixia was a student at the True Dragon Institute, so killing him would still have resulted in major repercussions. At least this way there was still a possibility to resolve things later on.

‘For now, I probably don’t need to go home. I should focus on reaching the Lifeseizing level first. Once that happens, word will spread far and wide that the Yang Clan has a Lifeseizer on their side, which will make us untouchable.’ His hands clenched into fists. ‘Mother, I'm definitely going to get to the Hanging Mountain one day, and finally ask you why you disappeared and never returned.’

He really was itching to get into the Lifeseizing level.

At this point, Yang Qi finally put the letter away. Sighing, he said, “So, my clan is finally in a stable situation. Now I can really focus on building my power base here in the Demi-Immortal Institute. Looks like the four of you have improved recently!”

“Of course,” Li He replied excitedly. “Our positions in our clans improved dramatically, and we have access to greater resources than before. In fact, one of the Lifeseizer chief elders from my clan personally blessed me and expanded my sea of energy. My clan wants me to continue progressing and eventually reach the Lifeseizing level myself. If I can become an elite student in the Demi-Immortal Institute, my clan will have a huge advantage in the Sage Ancestor Dynasty.”

“Brother Yang Qi,” Liang Dong said, “you're the leader of our Sage Monarch Society. Do you think you have a shot at reaching the Lifeseizing level? I know you’re already capable of dominating Lifeseizers in combat, but it seems you’re currently stuck. Is it because of the energy art you cultivate? If you know what you need to achieve another breakthrough, just say the word, and we brothers will figure out a way to help you.”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Hua Yinhu added. “We have access to a lot of clan resources now. Perhaps whatever item you lack is something that we can help you get.” After all, if Yang Qi could reach the Lifeseizing level, it would be a big benefit to all of them.

Eyes glittering, Yang Qi said, “Well, what I really need are spirit medicines that increase life force quintessence. With enough pills like that, I could rise to the next level. Can you guys think of a solution to the problem?”

“Spirit pills that increase life force quintessence?” The four friends exchanged glances, and none of them seemed very confident. “Medicines like the Golden Nine Transformations Pill and the Violet-Golden Meridian-Strengthening Pill are extremely rare and valuable. Even if you found a place to buy them in bulk… our clans would probably go bankrupt trying to do so.”

“I see….” Yang Qi said, his eyes turning slightly downcast.

After a moment of thought, Li He’s eyes brightened, and he said, “But that doesn’t mean we have no other options. What if we went on missions for the institute?”

“What do you mean?” Yang Qi asked.

“I remember seeing a mission that involved going into one of the most dangerous locations in the Rich-Lush Continent, the Heavencorpse Dimension. There are fragments of holy relics there that belong to the Demi-Immortal Institute by right. If you collect enough fragments, you can get a hefty reward. Besides, there’s a type of spirit water there called life force springwater. According to the rumors, a single drop of it contains a huge amount of life force quintessence, far more than any golden pill or spirit medicine. A few decades ago, some students went there and found some. Afterward, all of them rose to the Lifeseizing level almost immediately. With that water, advancing your cultivation is like turning over your hand. In fact, Lifeseizers can use it to achieve multiple lifeseizings! Even the Crown Prince used it. That’s how he broke out of Nonary Lifeseizing into the level beyond.”

‘Life force springwater?’ Just the name alone made it sound like some sort of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering spirit medicine. ‘The Heavencorpse Dimension must be a place full of incredible dangers.’

All of a sudden, he found himself thinking about the Blackcorpse Mountains.

Deep in those mountains was a land of endless tombs, filled with countless zombies. According to the rumors, there were thousand-year-old corpse kings there, making it one of the top danger zones in the Rich-Lush Continent. Little did he know that the Heavencorpse Dimension was even more extraordinary.

“I'm not very good when it comes to the geography of the Rich-Lush Continent. What kind of place is this Heavencorpse Dimension?”

Yang Qi had only been in the Demi-Immortal Institute for a short time, and was fairly ignorant when it came to core studies such as medicine, pill concocting, astronomy, geography, history, and the like. Back in Yanhaven, he had spent all his time on energy arts and cultivation, and had never paid much attention to other random things.

Only by attending numerous classes in the institute could one gain an abundance of knowledge.

“The Heavencorpse Dimension is one of the top danger zones in the Rich-Lush Continent. A jeopardous place to say the least. It is surrounded by the Blackcorpse Mountains, Fiendcorpse Mountains, Primalcorpse Mountains, Dragoncorpse Mountains, Direcorpse Mountains, and the Devilcorpse Mountains. Only by passing through such locations can you actually reach the Heavencorpse Dimension, which is filled with such intense corpse auras that time and space are distorted. It’s almost like a different world, a place filled with endless corpses. The energy from there actually seeps out into the graveyard mountains in the Rich-Lush Continent. Such locations are where numerous ancient battles were fought, and are the home of ancient corpses, corpse kings, devil-banes, demon-ghosts and the like. Those mountains are filled with numerous tombs and graves that contain precious treasures such as divine weapons. It's relatively common for students to travel there to look for treasure.”

Li He and the others were obviously very well-versed in this field of knowledge.

“So, that's how it is,” Yang Qi said, nodding. “Yanhaven is near the Blackcorpse Mountains, but I had no idea they’re actually an entrance to the Heavencorpse Dimension.”

“The Fiendcorpse Mountains are to the east of the institute,” Hua Yinhu said. “They also lead to the Heavencorpse Dimension. Low-level students often go there to hunt demon-ghosts and zombies. I also heard that every sixty-year-cycle or so, a devil king will rise up and lead a horde of zombies into human lands to try to make more zombies. For that reason, the institute is always on guard for that possibility. Of course, freshman students aren’t allowed in. But now that we're outer campus students, we can go in to hunt zombies and turn in their zombie cores for merit points.”

“Alright, let’s do it.” Yang Qi was intrigued by this life force springwater, and very much wanted to see it for himself. He also wanted to know what kind of place the Heavencorpse Dimension was.

This was his first time hearing that there were other dimensions connected to the Rich-Lush Continent.

But then again, when his father told him that his mother came from the Hanging Mountain, and he had asked where it was, his father had said it was a different world. Perhaps the Hanging Mountain was another such dimension.

He couldn't even imagine what kind of power was required to create passageways to such places.

'If I can find that life force springwater, then it would probably help my father and brothers reach the Lifeseizing level too.' With that, the five friends discussed their plans in more detail.

After making all the preparations, they left the institute and headed east.

Spring was unfolding, and the lands were warming up. In many places, the snow had already melted, and the rays of the sun were calling the blooming plants up from the soil.

Yang Qi and his friends flew along at top speed until it was dark. Around that time, they saw mountains looming ahead, stretching from east to south, and radiating profoundly baleful energy.

“Art of Radiance and Light!” Hua Yinhu said, waving his finger. In response, a ball of energy shot out that radiated intense light, and drove away the mists that had begun to build around them.

Already, Yang Qi could sense that the massive mountains up ahead were filled with rot, and numerous corpse auras. There was also something toxic there that pricked at the nose.

Of course, toxins like that couldn’t affect him anyway.

“Here we are!” Hua Yinhu said. “The Fiendcorpse Mountains. Let’s go!”

However, even as his words rang out, a whistling sound reached their ears, as though someone were flying at top speed through the air.


A powerful aura settled down onto them.

“Lifeseizer!” Yang Qi said. Now visible was a group of a few dozen students from the Demi-Immortal Institute. Apparently, they were also planning to travel through the Fiendcorpse Mountains to the Heavencorpse Dimension.

They had four Lifeseizers with them, and three of them wore the green robes and white headbands of the Gentlemen’s Society. As for the other, it was none other than Chu Tiange!

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