Chapter 798: More Map Pieces

When Yang Qi showed up with an Army of Radiance and Light made up of a million Chaos God angels, it caused a huge stir. Many of the old-timers were suddenly struck with the sensation that he was a profound and enigmatic type of individual who definitely qualified to vie with the league-lord.

Many people wanted to join him, thus it was in the shortest of moments that he suddenly grew vastly more powerful. And everyone knew that his power and influence would only continue growing.

Even some of the god-generals and dharmarajas began currying favor with him. They had armies, but they didn’t have access to the blessings of primeval god skills, which meant that future battles would definitely involve heavy casualties for them. Obviously, getting on Yang Qi’s good side would be a major benefit.

The old-timers were no fools, and they knew that the war with the future world would only get more and more bitter as time passed. Rumors had begun spreading that generalissimos from the future were coming—people on the same level as Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven. And their arrival would be preceded by numerous generals and marshals.

What that meant was that a tempest of carnage and fighting was coming, a situation in which everyone would be in great danger.

That said, if they could get the support of Yang Qi’s primeval god skills, they would have a huge advantage in the fighting and could possibly even crush the enemy. Considering the circumstances, it was only natural that people wanted to side with Yang Qi.

Yang Qi was building his power structure, and when the time came he hoped to simply force Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven to abdicate, perhaps killing him if necessary.

And he was convinced that that time would come soon.

For now, he needed to focus on getting as strong as he could, as quickly as possible. He had two options in that regard. The first was to go to the Eight Tribes Heaven and try taking the Engine of the One God. The downside to that option was that it would involve the mysteries of the passageway into primeval times. Furthermore, the Eight Tribes Heaven had as many experts as the sky has clouds. It was also likely that primeval experts were present there. If things went bad, it could easily turn into a major disaster that might affect the Dao Defense League as a whole. If they had to deal with armies from both the past and the present, it could lead to destruction many times greater than anything up to this point.

Yang Qi definitely didn’t want that.

Therefore, the second option seemed the best. He would track down Young Master Leaf and force him to hand over the remaining two pieces of the Aeonic God Psalter. With the whole map, he would have a shot at fusing fully with the core of the Heaven Beyond Heaven. The power and treasures that would be available to him when that happened would make him vastly stronger.

In fact, he hoped it would help him reach the Measureless God level.

At that point, he would be able to summon fiend-devils who had stepped onto the Deathless Heavenly Stairway. When he turned such Infernalfolk into angels, they would easily be able to compare to the god-generals and dharmarajas.

‘So, Young Master Leaf. Leaf Dao-Denier. I have no other option than to force your hand. I want those map pieces. We’re already enemies, and our grudge will get even worse after this. You're always plotting against me, so surely you’re hoping to take advantage of my situation with Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven to strike a deadly blow against me. But did you really think I would allow something like that?’


He vanished into thin air, appearing shortly thereafter in the Tusita Heaven.

Thanks to the faith provided by the six junior siblings of the mysterious Eldest Brother Secundus, his immortal-slaying clone had already stepped onto the Stair of Valor and would likely continue making progress. Now that Yang Qi had seven of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions, he was able to use the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart to keep an even closer eye on the clone’s progress. He could see his cultivation base rising, pushing him to levels of indescribable power.

Already, the clone was so strong that he would shock many old-timers if they knew his true level of power.

As for Yang Qi’s true self, he could sense that Young Master Leaf was back in the Tusita Heaven. After all, that was definitely the safest place for him, considering he was so closely connected to its essence.

Leaf Dao-Denier’s cultivation base was steadily continuing to rise, and although he couldn’t compare to Yang Qi, he was definitely able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the dharmarajas. His formal title was True Raja Dao-Denier, making him famous within the Dao Defense League and a nightmarish figure to the warriors of the future world.

However, the time had come for Yang Qi to put some pressure on this True Raja Dao-Denier.


Yang Qi made no effort to mask his presence. He headed directly toward the Sea of Despair in the middle of the Tusita Heaven, where he opened his Lord's Eye to identify a pagoda in the middle of it, surrounded by violet mists. It was a luxurious structure surrounded by dao trees, ancient plants, godlings, and the like. There were numerous doorways leading into it, all of them pulsing with an ancient aura that made it obvious that this was the very center of the Tusita Heaven. It was none other than the Tower of Tusita, which the ancient legion of gods had left behind to control the vital energy of the Tusita Heaven. Every year, countless ambitious young ones would come here in the hopes of becoming successors, only to die in the process.

Only Leaf Dao-Denier had ever had the fortune necessary to take control of the essence.

Sadly for him, the power of that essence wasn’t enough to stop Yang Qi.

Ever since Leaf Dao-Denier had taken control, the place had been so tightly locked down that not even Emperor Tusita could have entered uninvited. As of now, Leaf Dao-Denier was the true leader of the Tusita Heaven.

But even when Yang Qi was only a third division Incarnated God, he was still considered a threat by Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven. And now that he was a fifth division Nirvanic God, he was even more of a rival to the grand emperor. Although he might not be as shrewd and ruthless, in terms of raw power, he was more than a match.

For now, Yang Qi was mostly worried about what would happen if the other three grand emperors joined forces. There was no way that he could fight them all at the same time.

Even worse, it seemed like the lord of the Unrestrained Heaven was going to side with Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven as well.

Lord's Eye Scan!

A beam of godlight pierced through the violet mists and revealed Young Master Leaf, who was in the middle of a session of cultivation. 

“I have to reach a higher level of enlightenment,” he murmured to himself. “I have to reach the ninth stair as quickly as possible, then I can completely fuse with the essence of the Tusita Heaven itself and completely take charge. Then all of you are going to die! Everyone else who lives in my Tusita Heaven are parasites. I’ll definitely take back all the destiny and quintessence vitality. They’re mine!”

Swirling tempests of violent magical laws swirled around him like screaming winds.


Yang Qi simply stepped through them, right into the Tower of Tusita, until he was standing right in front of Leaf Dao-Denier.

“Y-y-y-you…” Leaf Dao-Denier blurted, shooting to his feet, his eyes flashing with terror. “How did you get in here? I have this whole place locked tight! You shouldn’t be able to get inside!”

Yang Qi chuckled. “You’re pretty naive, did you know that, Young Master Leaf? You know that I have a God Legion Seal, don’t you? What is there in heaven and earth that could possibly block my path? I'm not here to kill you, so you can just calm down. You're a dharmaraja of the Dao Defense League, and I'm the Emissary of Radiance and Light. I might outrank you, but I still want to do things by the book.”

“That’s right! I'm True Raja Dao-Denier!” Leaf Dao-Denier’s voice suddenly turned very cold. “I admit you’re strong, Yang Qi. But even you have to follow the rules. Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven is in charge, and if you do something stupid here I’ll definitely tell him. Everyone can tell that you and he are at odds, and he’ll seize any excuse he can to kill you. All it would take would be one word from me and he would wipe you out! And don’t forget that I could easily spread rumors about your God Legion Seal. If people found out, you would be public enemy number one! Any of the old-timers would go crazy to lay hands on you and kill you.”

“I honestly couldn’t care less if word spread about my God Legion Seal,” Yang Qi replied. “Other than actual gods, nobody can possibly be a threat to me. I have seven of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions. Surely you understand what that means. I can go into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart any time I want, and nobody could ever catch me. Not even gods. I’ve already stopped the chart from opening automatically every ten thousand years. That place is like my backyard now. So do you really think that I'm afraid of Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven? Just wait until my cultivation base advances a bit more and I’ll kill him too, if I have to. You might even be around to see it happen.”

The mention of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions caused Young Master Leaf’s face to twist with rage. “I was supposed to be King Immortal-Slayer’s successor, you bastard! I can’t believe you took them from me. And you turned the other seventy-one patriarchs against me, too!”

Yang Qi snorted coldly. “Cut the crap. I didn’t come here to argue about our grudges. I want the other two pieces of the Aeonic God Psalter. Hand them over.”

“The Aeonic God Psalter!?” Leaf Dao-Denier shivered. “Forget it! I'm True Raja Dao-Denier now! How dare you talk about stealing my things. I’ll sue you in the Heaven-Dao Operation God-Temple!”

“Sue me?” Yang Qi laughed. “Let me explain more clearly. I already have all the other pieces of the Aeonic God Psalter. And I control the essence of the Heaven Beyond Heaven. I could easily kill you, take them by force, and instantly become thousands of times stronger than before. At that point, not even all four of those grand emperors working together would be a match for me. I could kill them all in a single move. Do you know what energy art I cultivate? It’s the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth! I can summon armies of fiend-devils, and every time my cultivation base gets stronger I can summon even stronger versions. Considering that, do you think I care about the power of the Dao Defense League? I control all of the hells that exist! So I’m giving you two options. One: hand over those maps, get on your knees, and give me your faith. Two: die. Think it over. My patience has limits, so if you take too long, you’ll lose your chance to pick option one.”

“You….” Leaf Dao-Denier stood there for a moment, then suddenly spun and shot toward the nearest door. At the same time, countless streams of violet energy shot inside toward Yang Qi.

“Begone!” Yang Qi said, and the mist shattered. Leaf Dao-Denier dropped to the ground.

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