Chapter 777: Big Success

‘I finally did it! From here on out, Young Master Leaf and the future world alike will become rubble beneath my feet.’

A broad smile could be seen on Yang Qi’s face as he looked down at the seed of truth and the legacy medallions. He’d resolved a major catastrophe, gaining immense benefits in the process. His efforts had not been in vain.

‘Maybe your cultivation base puts you on the level of the legion of gods, Proud Heaven. But one of these days, we’ll meet on the field of battle and I'll cut you down. I'm going to get the God Legion Seal that you people from the future world have, earning the right to become the paramount Sovereign Lord! You people will serve as nothing but foils to my majesty!”

He looked at the seed of truth, with its collection of power from the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, then crushed and swallowed it. Warmth flowed through him, reaching every part of him and causing his energy arts to erupt. Areas that he’d never cultivated became free, and the God Legion Seal trembled as if with excitement.

Bow of Chastisement, God-Wrath Arrow!” An enormous bow appeared in his hand, along with an arrow that seemed capable of piercing through the entire Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

It was another manifestation of his energy arts.

Cracking and ringing sounds could be heard, and clouds began to form over his head as his cultivation base rose to a higher level. He was now about to become a third division Incarnated God.

The name of the third division came because one could use virtual godhood to create mind incarnations. It was a watershed level that would lead to major advancements and incredible transformations in one’s energy arts.

For example, the five phases energy arts that Yang Qi cultivated would now be able to produce an incarnation called the Five Phases True Spirit Diagram as well as a Five Phases God Kingdom. The Eight Tribes Godfist could produce a Myriad Dragons Battle Painting, as well as the Myriad Dragons Conjoined Howl. A single fist strike from that technique would be enough to slice through mountains and shatter the dome of heaven.

Furious tribulations descended, filled with projections of the legion of gods and other dazzling images. God items slashed into Yang Qi, trying to kill him. There were even god mountains that crushed down onto his shoulders.

“Be annihilated!”

Without hesitation, Yang Qi unleashed a fist strike backed by the power of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. A projection of myriads of worlds appeared and the rage of the gods was shattered into dust.

At the same time, the true godhood within him continued melting, transforming into pure godpower that advanced his energy arts. The Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth was becoming something very different than before.

However, at that moment Yang Qi realized, to his shock, that the true godhood was being melted away much more quickly than he had anticipated. He previously assumed he could use it to get all the way to the ninth division, but it seemed like it wouldn’t get him past the fifth. If he wanted to achieve breakthroughs after that, he would need to find another source of power.

‘So, that’s how it is.’ Taking a closer look at himself, he confirmed that, after consuming the seed of truth, the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth seemed to be developing in a different direction from before. It was somehow more complete, and he was already about twice as powerful as he had been before. That was one reason why the true godhood was being drained away so quickly.

That said, it confirmed that the body of knowledge in his God Legion Seal was incomplete. He was light years away from having access to the complete Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth. 

It would require all three parts to do that.

The tribulations continued descending, and he continued vanquishing them. As they collapsed, they turned into true energy that poured into him, filling him. Inside of his body, he could sense chain-like pillars of magical laws that supported his skeleton, within which were ensconced the powers of hell.

His body was the cornerstone of truth, with his flesh and blood being hells that were more numerous than the eternal sands. Combined with his skeleton, they shaped the perfect body.

Yang Qi threw his head back and laughed uproariously. The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart thrummed as he absorbed more of the power of monarchs, until there was no more left for him to take. The rage of the tribulation faded away, and he was a third division Incarnated God. He could now crush the Dao Defense League with ease, unless the old-timers all came out to stop him.

“I bet you never guessed that I would defeat those magisters, did you Samman?!” Yang Qi said as he forced Samman back into shape. Although Samman had been hurt by the explosion of the seed of truth, he hadn’t been killed.

“Mercy! Spare me! I’ll work for you. I'm an important person! I even know some big secrets. Don't you want to go to the future world? I can help you a lot! Status is important in the future world. If you don’t have a proper identity, you won’t last long. But I can help you get an identity!”

“Fine,” Yang Qi said with a nod. “If that's what you want to do, be my follower. I can even help you advance your energy arts. Open your soul to me and give me your faith!”

Before long, Yang Qi had gained another believer.

Waving his hand, he caused both of the fragments of the Cruiser of Civilization to appear in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. The photonic computers immediately began reporting in.

[Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep. Second fragment found. Begin fusion process?]

“Of course,” Yang Qi said. ‘I’ll use this treasure to travel through the passageway to the future. I’ll traverse space-time, save the god Brahma, and get all of the items I need from there. However, there's always the possibility that saving Brahma will involve destroying the passageway. Before I go through with that part of the plan, I should get the Engine of the One God.’

He thought back to the buddha dragon temple in the Eight Tribes Heaven, and how the Engine of the One God was apparently hidden in its depths. That place also thrummed with power from the primeval world; if he could get that, it would definitely make him a lot stronger.

“I'm going to break through!” his immortal-slaying clone announced. With seven of the legacy medallions, it was hard to say exactly how strong the clone was going to become.

Yang Qi watched as the clone became a Nirvanic God, then a Revisionist God, then a Measureless God, then a Buddha God.

Finally, the clone shivered as he climbed into the ninth division, making him a Chaos God! In the Dao Defense League, he would even surpass Sectlord Nine Yangs and the other old-timers!

Meanwhile, the Cruiser of Civilization was also upgrading.

As the two fragments connected into a unified spacecraft, the photonic computers were wildly flickering.

Yang Qi could sense that there was a lot of potential within the new spacecraft, but unfortunately its power levels were far too low. The stronger the ship became, the more power he needed to run it.

‘I wonder how many fragments there are of the Cruiser of Civilization,’ he thought, shaking his head. ‘If I could get them all and restore the Cruiser of Civilization to what it was like in the Primeval Age, I bet it would be on par with the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.’

Other photonic computers began speaking now.

[Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep…. Vivicreation and genetic systems… combined. Power reserves at one quadrillionth…. Power reserves are in the red. Request power boost. Currently, we are too weak to move.]

[The thirteen fragments of the Cruiser of Civilization are scattered all over… they exist in the past, present, and future. Now that two of the thirteen primary systems are combined, we can search for the others.]

“Forget it,” Yang Qi said. “This thing devours power like mad. How am I supposed to find that much power?” Waving his hand, he sent General Samman and his men into the cruiser, then shrank it down and absorbed it into his body. Once he got to the future world, he could use the ship and its crew to find and rescue his mother, aunt, and Master.

With the immortal-slaying clone working together with the seventy-one patriarchs, they advanced by leaps and bounds, and soon all of them were Buddha Gods. Eventually, they would step into the Chaos God level.

Yang Qi knew that he’d become so much stronger that there was no way Leaf Dao-Denier would be so much of a thorn in his side. That said, considering he had control of the essence of the Tusita Heaven, if he eventually joined forces with Emperor Tusita they might be able to cause some problems.

The Tusita Heaven was a thirty-third ranked immortal world, and Yang Qi wasn’t quite in a position to devastate a place like that. Besides, the place had existed for who knew how many millions upon millions of years. There were definitely demigods from there who were currently hiding out in primal-chaos, looking for godrelics and trying to attain godly ascension. If those people came back to fight, they would be a powerful force.

‘It’s a waiting game now,’ he thought. ‘When the buddha dragons fully open the passageway to the past, hopefully I can take advantage of the chaos to get the Engine of the One God. I also still need to find a proper source of power.’

With a whoosh, he left the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and headed back toward the Dao Defense League to strengthen the Sage Panacea Sect and the Sage Monarch Society.

Meanwhile, in the Tusita Heaven, atop an enormous mountain, a howl of rage echoed out.

It was Leaf Dao-Denier, and his rage caused the essence of the Tusita Heaven to tremble. He’d reached a level of strength that was many times higher than before, but it still hadn’t done him any good. 

He had suffered another humiliating defeat.

“Why?! Why did the seventy-one patriarchs betray me!?”

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