Chapter 770: Samman Arrives

‘I don’t care if your fragment of the Cruiser of Civilization is fully powered, I'm still going to defeat you today!’

Yang Qi could already sense the faint aura of King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions and couldn’t have been more pleased. If he succeeded in his effort today, he would definitely be one step closer to crushing Leaf Dao-Denier. His path of cultivation would also be made clearer.

General Samman’s Cruiser of Civilization was so fast that Yang Qi’s fragment couldn’t catch it in a chase. But thankfully Yang Qi was a Tempered God now, making him vastly superior to his previous self.

His Angel Wings were now Freedom Wings, and despite the fact that General Samman’s Cruiser of Civilization had vivicreation systems, it didn’t have complete propulsion systems.

If it had the Engine of the One God, then even if Yang Qi’s Freedom Wings were capable of ten times their normal speed, he still wouldn’t be able to catch up.

Relying on the incredible speed of his Freedom Wings, Yang Qi flew to some primal-chaos debris some distance outside of the Tusita Heaven.

The primal-chaos around thirty-third ranked immortal worlds was very dangerous, with tempests that could be deadly even to ninth division Chaos Gods. Legend had it that there was one specific kind of primal-chaos tempest called the Godgrave Hurricane, which was capable of putting an end to even gods.

Even experts from the Tusita Heaven rarely traversed primal-chaos tempests; most of the time they preferred using teleportation portals to travel about.

Yang Qi could predict the path General Samman would take to the Tusita Heaven. Thus, he went out into the primal chaos and organized some of the debris into a huge formation. Each piece of primal-chaos debris was huge, equivalent to a twentieth-ranked immortal world. But even things like that were easy for Yang Qi to manipulate now.

And he had an innate connection to the powers of primal-chaos.


The spacecraft appeared, but apparently sensed something and stopped outside of the primal-chaos formation Yang Qi had put together.

[Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep.]

The future warriors in the spacecraft were bustling about anxiously, checking the readouts on the photonic computers. 

[Danger ahead. Extreme Danger. Halting momentum and scanning for unknown entities. Unable to measure rank… unable to measure power, unable to measure battle prowess….]

General Samman rose from his throne on the bridge. “What’s going on?” he asked coolly.

One of the future warriors hurried over. “General, there appears to be some primal-chaos debris that’s formed into a natural spell formation. It’s right in our path. Our hyperdrive systems are saying there’s something dangerous about it and we shouldn’t go in. There might be some dangerous entity lurking inside.”

This man pulsed with the special constitution of a Future One, thanks to his journey through the passageway. At the same time, he possessed an aura of someone who killed gods and slaughtered buddhas.

All of these future warriors were now Future Ones, which boosted their cultivation bases, remolded their bodies, and cut them off from the dao of heaven. Their destiny burned bright, and they couldn’t wait to pillage and destroy everything in the immortal dao civilization.

“An unknown entity of great power?” General Samman said coldly. “Perfect. I’ll go see what exactly it is we're dealing with. Who would dare to block our path?”

A shadowy figure suddenly shot out from General Samman, a clone covered with a membrane of white light. With lightning-like speed, it shot toward the primal-chaos debris.

The primal-chaos debris trembled, as if to resist him, but the light membrane that surrounded him cut through its power.

As soon as the clone was inside the debris, he saw what looked to be an enormous snake that lunged toward him. Before the clone could react, he was gobbled up by the snake. A few crunching and cracking sounds could be heard, and then the clone was gone.

General Samman shivered, and his aquiline nose and fierce eyes made him seem particularly intimidating.

One of the future warriors looked at the photonic computer in front of him and said, “General Samman, the unknown entity is a primal-chaos elder-snake! From the look of it, it's approaching adulthood!”

“Primal-chaos elder-snake? And it’s approaching adulthood? Incredible. Those things can rival the legion of gods. King Heaven-Devourer of ancient times was an incarnation of a primal-chaos elder-snake. We wasted a lot of power on our journey, so we need to replenish the vivicreation systems and the power reserves. Whatever unknown entities we encounter, we should just immediately attack them. We’re going to capture this primal-chaos elder-snake! It’ll be very useful to our vivicreation systems, especially considering that they don’t exist in our time! All ahead!”

“Yes, General!”

“Power grade increase! Systems upgrade!”


The spacecraft began growing larger, and in the blink of an eye it was as large as a thirtieth-ranked immortal world. Then an enormous aperture opened on the bottom of the craft, which began sucking in the nearby primal-chaos debris.

As the energy flowed into the spacecraft like a river, the future warriors excitedly talked amongst themselves.

“Once we clear out this primal-chaos debris, we can force that primal-chaos elder-snake out of hiding.”

“Excellent. Our spatial fabrication technology has reached an indescribable level. Now that our power reserves are full, we should be able to create thirtieth-ranked immortal worlds. From what I understand, the Cruiser of Civilization’s systems were all designed by a boundless god-spirit of ancient times, the Lord of Civilization.”

“When the power reserves are full, the possibilities are incredible. It took some very rare primordial chaos god crystals to fill up our power reserves before. Without fuel like that, how can we do the same thing again?”

The primal-chaos debris was rapidly being sucked away, which was a shocking thing. If a Chaos God came along and tried to use primal-chaos debris to craft magical treasures, it would probably take tens upon tens of thousands of years. But this piece of the Cruiser of Civilization did it in almost an instant.

That was the terrifying reality of having absolutely full power reserves.

At the moment, Yang Qi’s power reserves were at the level of one hundredth, a far cry from being absolutely full.

Before long, the primal-chaos debris was completely gone, leaving behind absolutely nothing, not even a trace of the primal-chaos snake.

General Samman’s eyes glittered sharply, and he let loose a cold harrumph. “A very crafty primal-chaos elder-snake. It must have shrunk itself down and followed the primal-chaos debris into our holding tanks. But why didn’t the photonic computers issue a warning? Even if it shrank down to the size of a single particle, the moment it entered the holding tanks the photonic computer should have noticed. Perform a full system scan immediately!”

“Yes sir!”

The future warriors immediately hustled to comply.

[Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep.]

All of a sudden, one of the photonic computers issued a warning.

[Intruder on board! Suggest activating defenses and powering up shields!]

Hmm?” General Samman’s eyes flashed with cold light. “Activate the general defenses and the internal defense systems. We have an intruder!”

“Someone got inside the ship? Who is it?”

“Check immediately to see where this thing is. General lockdown!”

“Go, go, go!”

Although it was an emergency situation, the future warriors remained calm. They were veterans of numerous battles and had faced all sorts of violent and deadly situations. A minor crisis like this was little more than a drill for them.

Light flared and vital energy surged as a host of morphlings appeared, which began prowling through the Cruiser of Civilization looking for the intruder.

Of course, the interior of this fragment of the Cruiser of Civilization was immense, large enough to hold numerous immortal worlds. It was almost impossible to describe how big it was. But with full power reserves and defense systems activated, the photonic computers’ scans eventually found what they were looking for. 

[Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Intruder is approaching the main bridge. Extreme danger! Extreme danger!]

The voices of the photonic computers almost seemed flustered, which finally caused a bit of nervousness among the future warriors. If they had an enemy they could see and attack, it would be one thing. But an unseen and unknown enemy was a terrifying thing.

“Stop the scans!” General Samman said, a cold smile playing out on his face. “Open the bridge up. I'm going to welcome this guest personally!”

“General!” some of the future warriors objected.

“That's an order!” General Samman said, and the future warriors said no more. Nodding in subservience, they began opening the portals that lead to the bridge.

A moment later, Yang Qi appeared. “So, General Samman, you realized that this piece of the Cruiser of Civilization can’t do anything to me and opened the doors to welcome me? Unfortunately, no matter what you do, you won’t escape the destruction that will shortly be raining on you.”

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