Chapter 761: Assassinating Sectlord Nine Yang (Part 3)


The ground shook as King Devil Dragon’s body slammed into it, completely drained of spirit energy. Normally speaking, if someone like him died, his flesh and blood would explode into countless tiny devil dragons that would then pierce through space and quickly form back into a new, whole body. That was what happened when one was only a step away from deathlessness.

Unfortunately, despite how strong King Devil Dragon was, he was like tofu when compared to Yang Qi. 

In fact, he was weaker than tofu.

Yang Qi had quickly and easily killed him, then ripped his head off of his shoulders. 

However, his eyes remained open and a bit of will still stirred in them, not quite ready to die. “Why? How could I be dead? Are you a god? Only a god could kill me so easily.”

“I'm not really a god. But almost.” Yang Qi waved his hand and a primal-chaos elder-snake appeared and devoured King Devil Dragon’s body. As the snake chewed on the scaly flesh, terrifying grating sounds echoed out.

“Enjoy your last moments, King Devil Dragon. Before long, you’ll be nothing but fecal matter.”

With that, Yang Qi turned and started walking toward King Bone Dragon.

King Bone Dragon’s teeth were already chattering from fear. He could tell that he wasn’t a match for Yang Qi, and couldn't wrap his mind around how Yang Qi could be so strong. Of course, now wasn’t the time to contemplate the matter. His top priority was staying alive.

Shrieking, he turned and fled. After all, if fighting wasn’t an option, one could always try escaping.


Almost as soon as he’d started moving, he slammed into what appeared to be a glowing membrane of sorts. It was like a barrier created by the glory of the legion of gods, and he was completely shocked to find that it made it impossible for him to flee. Normally speaking, even the strongest warding magics couldn’t block his path.

Even worse, slamming into it had struck confusion into his mind and caused some of his bony exoskeleton to crack and crumble.

“Time to go for broke! Preheaven Bleached-Bone God-Dao! Fall of the Bone Dragon!

King Bone Dragon suddenly transformed into an actual bone dragon, which whipped about as he attempted to flee again.

In response, Yang Qi reached out his hand.

His five fingers unleashed an energy field that instantly surrounded King Bone Dragon almost like a bubble. No matter how he flailed or struggled, he couldn’t break free, and he even felt like he was starting to suffocate. Of course, he didn’t actually need to breathe. He could survive in a complete vacuum for a hundred million years without taking a breath. Yet, inside this bubble, he felt like he was asphyxiating.

“You’re in my God Legion Paradise, where no one can hear you scream, and your attacks are useless. You're a Chaos God, just a step away from the Deathless Throne, yet you’re still quite the fool. Did you really think you could attack me and just run away?” Yang Qi sighed, and although it seemed like he was bemoaning the state of the universe and pitying the fate of mankind, it sounded like the vicious laughter of a devil-ghost to Sectlord Nine Yangs.

“No!” shouted King Bone Dragon. “Spare me! I’ll serve you faithfully! You’ve proven your point. We bone dragons only respect strength, and you’ve shown me how strong you are! I’ll even be a mount for you! Please, take me in!”

As of this moment, humiliation wasn’t even on the mind of King Bone Dragon. He was a ninth division Chaos God and an important patriarch, but right now he looked like little more than a clown. However, he was no human. He was a bone dragon who knew very well that the only way to live was to accept reality when someone else was stronger than you. You couldn't be strong if you were dead.

“Fine. Open your soul and become a believer!” Yang Qi wouldn’t mind having King Bone Dragon’s faith; it would only further help his immortal-slaying clone to advance.

“Yes, yes of course….” King Bone Dragon blubbered from inside the bubble as he stared at death looming over him. He knew that plots and schemes wouldn’t work in this moment, so he opened his soul and let Yang Qi’s Light of Faith into him. Moments later, he had become a believer.

The bubble vanished and he once again took the form of a human with a bone exoskeleton. Kneeling, he said, “Greetings, Milord! Your remarkable abilities encompass the world and your might and glory shall remain invincible for all eternity!”

Now, Yang Qi only had Sectlord Nine Yangs left to deal with. The man was currently backing away in shock. He’d been waiting to jump in at the right time with a deadly attack, but that moment had never materialized.


Eventually, he ran into a barrier and couldn’t back up any further.

“Stay away from me!” he said in a shrill voice that came across as relatively comical. Normally speaking, a top master like himself would never speak like this. But things had changed very quickly and he’d realized that there was no way he could possibly be a match for Yang Qi. Now, he could only hope to buy time by acting as weak as possible.

“Come on, Sectlord Nine Yangs,” Yang Qi said. “Someone like you shouldn’t be putting on a cheap show like this.”

“Yang Qi….” Sectlord Nine Yangs suddenly stood up straighter. “You've got guts, I’ll give you that. Three months. That's the time limit we originally agreed to. Give me that time, and if I can’t beat you I’ll accept my fate and just die. But I can’t accept death now. Besides, you’re not living up to your end of the agreement.”

“Living up to my end of the agreement?” Yang Qi laughed. “I usually stick to my word, but not when it comes to enemies like you. You hate me down to your bones, and you’ve been plotting and scheming against me this entire time. And for what? Profit for the Nine Yangs God Sect? Your pettiness has been fully revealed by your hatred. Look, I'm done wasting my words. Get on your knees. Give me your faith and become a believer in me. If you do, I’ll let you off the hook.”

The more faith his clone got—and the higher quality it was—the better. And Chaos Gods were incredibly powerful people. In fact, King Bone Dragon’s faith was just now reaching the immortal-slaying clone in the Heaven Beyond Heaven and provoking a most astonishing transformation.

The clone immediately unleashed a wave of power that devoured the faith, and even some destiny that came along with it. It was common for a bit of destiny to come alongside the faith of top experts.

That was one of the detriments of becoming a believer. Everything pertaining to a believer belonged to his lord. Not even their souls were their own, so it was only natural that their destiny could be taken. It was for that reason that top experts didn’t wish to be believers. 

Dramatic transformations were occurring within the immortal-slaying clone, and Yang Qi was very pleased by what he was seeing.

He could even sense faint traces that pointed to the awakening of King Immortal-Slayer himself.

Power. Power. More power. Even more power! Deep within the clone, a mighty will was assailing his soul.

“You want my faith, Yang Qi?” Sectlord Nine Yangs said in a shrill voice. “Impossible. I'm not a bone dragon. You think you have what it takes to beat me? To kill me? I'm not like King Bone Dragon or King Devil Dragon. Don’t push me too far here! I have the backing of other old-timers, Chaos Gods in the Dao Defense League! They’re people that are just a step away from the Deathless Throne and already have their own god kingdoms. You know, there’s more in the primal-chaos above the thirty-third ranked immortal worlds! The eternal sands of the immortal worlds are just a foil to that which is beyond, where living gods exist!”

“What’s the point of all this jabbering?” Yang Qi said, striding forward. “You think I care about whoever backs you? Exercise faith in me, or die.”

“Don’t push things too far, Yang Qi! I can swear an oath to heaven to never cause any problems for you again. I and the Nine Yangs God Sect will mind our business, and you can mind yours. We can turn weapons of war into gifts of jade and silk!

“On your knees!” Yang Qi said, reaching out and placing the Hand of the One God on top of Sectlord Nine Yangs’ head.

“Just too stubborn.” King Bone Dragon said from off to the side. “All my lord wishes is for you to give him your faith, but you’re too stubborn. You’re looking to get killed, that's what you're doing. No one can save you.”


Sectlord Nine Yangs coughed up a mouthful of blood, which turned into a crimson shield. Simultaneously, he reached up and tried to grab Yang Qi’s arm. “Either the fish dies or the net splits, Yang Qi. Do you really want to do this? I'm telling you, if I die, things won’t go well for you. You’re not strong enough to deal with the real old-timers! You’re nowhere near that level.”

“Oh? Why not ask those old-timers to come out? Mind giving me a look?” Yang Qi drew on his strength and everything began trembling. Then, the blood shield shattered and Yang Qi hoisted Sectlord Nine Yangs off his feet. At the same time, the Hell Scourge appeared.

An agonized scream rang out that was far more chilling than any that had been heard up to this point.

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