Chapter 754: The Patriarchs Acknowledge Allegiance

The two patriarchs were filled with such intense pain that their souls trembled. And of course, their anger burned intensely hot, to the point where they were just about ready to go all out in trying to kill Yang Qi.

They were majestic patriarchs, the subject of universal admiration. But he had beaten them like stray dogs, which was a level of humiliation they couldn’t accept.

However, it was at that moment that Yang Qi casually said something that completely stifled their anger.

“What? You healed our hidden injuries?”

They exchanged a glance, then quickly scanned themselves internally.

“Wait, let’s not waste time on this now!” Patriarch Kingheaven said. “Let’s get out of here first. If he closes the passageway, we’ll be stuck forever!”

“Right. Hurry, let’s get out of here.” Winter Bloodless flew out, followed closely by Patriarch Kingheaven, the two of them like rats scuttling off of a sinking ship. Outside, they found Yang Qi sitting on his throne in the Sage Panacea Sect, seemingly completely unconcerned about them.

Of course, they didn’t dare to act out of turn. They knew full well what Yang Qi was like when he was angry, and that if he wanted to, he could wipe them out of existence with hardly a thought.

Patriarch Kingheaven sat down and examined himself. He immediately realized that he was in much better condition than before. His true energy flowed more smoothly, and when he breathed, he could absorb the profundities of the universe. He had no more hidden injuries, and it seemed like reaching the next highest level of cultivation shouldn’t be any problem, as long as he worked hard enough.

Glancing over, he saw that Winter Bloodless was in the same situation as himself.

The two of them looked over at Yang Qi with glittering eyes. Although he’d forced all of this on them, they had benefited in a way that defied imagination in the end.

“You two schemed and plotted against me, and I slapped you around a bit. Then I healed all your hidden injuries. I'd say the slate is clean, and we don’t need to bring up the past again.” The way Yang Qi’s gaze pierced into the two patriarchs was somewhat off-putting, but they had no choice but to accept it. Yang Qi stood. “You’re now in the same boat as me, in opposition to the Eight Tribes Heaven and the God Dragon Tribe. You wouldn’t be so stupid as to accept help from me and then back out of our agreement, would you? Of course, if you do, I’ll just kill you.”

“Young Sir Dragon Proudheaven, your abilities are beyond comprehension. We two will follow you and do anything you ask.” Neither patriarch could possibly muster the gumption to oppose Yang Qi now.

“Fine. The two of you are dismissed. You two are my main representatives in the Heaven-Dao Operation God-Temple now. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure nothing bad happens to you. Right now, I want both of you to put pressure on the Nine Yangs God Sect. And try to get other patriarchs to shift loyalties to me. Eventually, I want the Nine Yangs God Sect to be expunged from the Dao Defense League.”

“Young Sir, are you going to go kill Sectlord Nine Yangs right away?”

The two patriarchs knew that Yang Qi had become vastly more powerful. However, it was impossible to say what would happen in the Nine Yangs God Sect in the three month period leading up to the duel.

“That’s exactly what I'm going to do,” Yang Qi replied. “I'm going to assassinate him. He’s currently in secluded cultivation, trying to figure out how to deal with my Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. If I kill him now, it will avoid problems in the months to come. Once I truly establish myself in the Dao Defense League, who will I have to fear?” For all Yang Qi knew, Sectlord Nine Yangs might form alliances with other powerful individuals to take him down before the three-month deadline came. So his plan was to seize the initiative and take him out first.

“In that case, congratulations, Young Sir. If you take out Sectlord Nine Yangs, it will be a big shock to the God Dragon Tribe and the Tusita Heaven!”

“Sectlord Nine Yangs isn’t even in the Dao Defense League at the moment. He’s back in his immortal world. You should head over there immediately.”

The two patriarchs bowed and prepared to leave.

“You can leave,” Yang Qi said coolly, “but just be aware that your information is out of date. Based on my divinations, I can tell you that Sectlord Nine Yangs is in the Tusita Heaven right now. Back when I clashed with him, I placed some tracking energy on him, and I can chase him to the furthest corners of reality if I have to. He's doomed. Nobody could possibly save his life now.”

The two patriarchs’ jaws dropped. “But the Tusita Heaven must be trying to track you down. They might have even sent people here to the Dao Defense League to cause problems. Do you really dare to walk right back into their hands?”

“I’m even stronger than the two of you can imagine. If I want to go somewhere, I’ll go there.” Yang Qi turned and vanished.

The two patriarchs let loose such long sighs that they nearly deflated like balloons. 

“See, Sectlord Nine Yangs is done for.”

“Exactly. He went and offended the wrong person.”

“Hiding out in the Tusita Heaven won’t be enough to keep him alive. His cultivation base is about the same as ours! He’s in big trouble, that's for sure.”

“The Nine Yangs God Sect is going to be wiped out. What a pity! Nowadays, you really have to pay attention, otherwise you’ll end up offending the wrong person. We need to be careful ourselves. Although, I have a feeling that Dragon Proudheaven will do right by us.”

“Let’s get going. We need to send down the orders to our disciples to start handling the Nine Yangs God Sect. It's going to be a dead sect soon enough anyway.” With that, the two patriarchs left.

A big storm was about to hit the Dao Defense League.

As for Yang Qi, he was slipping back into the Tusita Heaven. Obviously, he wasn’t going to make a big deal about his return. For one thing, the Tusita Heaven had sealed all entrances and exits, making it impossible for anyone to get in and out.

Of course, things weren’t that simple.

The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart could bypass any and all greyspaces, thus, Yang Qi easily got right into Young Lady Green Blaze’s bedchamber.


Young Lady Green Blaze opened her eyes from meditation. During her latest session of cultivation, she could sense herself hovering just on the brink of a breakthrough to the Measureless God level. Yang Qi reached out and tapped her forehead, causing brilliant light to flare. In the blink of an eye, she was a Measureless God! There wasn’t even any tribulation!

“Milord!” Young Lady Green Blaze said, visibly taken aback. She quickly dropped to her knees. “Did you just push me right into the seventh division? Won’t there be some bad side-effects?”

“Side effects?” Yang Qi chuckled. “No, there won’t be any side effects. Considering I can crush the dao of heaven, it won’t be sending any heavenly tribulation. You can just rise to a higher level, just like that.” 

“Many thanks, Milord!”

“No problem. Now, is your brother, Green Merchant, out of seclusion yet?” Yang Qi’s first plan was to force Green Merchant into servitude. He was one of the seventy-two brethren, so with him as an asset it would be much easier to get information about Leaf Dao-Denier and the Tusita Heaven as a whole. Hopefully, he could even tell Yang Qi where Sectlord Nine Yangs was. Of course, Yang Qi still had to be careful. He was a Godmyth now, and would be invincible to all but Demigods. But this was a thirty-third ranked immortal world, and there was no way he could stand up against all of their most powerful experts all at once.

Thus, his plan was to initially rely on assassination, and the terror it would result in.

“He’s out of seclusion and is currently in a meeting with the clan chief. Of course, now that I'm a Measureless God myself, he and I are going to be butting heads soon. Word has already started to spread about me and my recent advancements. The clan leadership has taken notice of me, and I bet that Green Merchant will be coming to me soon to talk things out.”


Before she could even finish speaking, vital energy fluctuations appeared.

“That’s him!” she said. “Milord, why don't you hide?”

“Fine,” Yang Qi said, slowly becoming transparent as he became one with the air around him. Within moments, he wasn't visible, and even his aura was nowhere to be detected. A short while later, a young man appeared on Young Lady Green Blaze’s luxurious bed. It was none other than her brother, Green Merchant, the Berserk One.

“Green Blaze!” he said, slowly rising into a sitting position. “What?! You reached the Measureless God level? How is that possible?”

She chuckled. “Why wouldn’t it be possible? I came across some good fortune, brother. What do you think? It seems I'm now a top genius in the clan, just like you.”

“Top genius?” He laughed heartily. “I'm the most important person in the clan, sister. Not even you come close. I don’t know what good fortune you acquired, but considering your aura, I can tell you that it wouldn’t matter if you were an eighth division Buddha God, you still wouldn’t be a match for me. I'm a Berserk One! Plus, there’s something else you don’t know. We seventy-two patriarchs can practice cultivation in a formation that allows us to share each other’s energy. In other words, I have bits of all seventy-two special constitutions! You really have no idea how strong I am!”

“What? You have seventy two special constitutions?!” A look of alarm appeared on Green Blaze’s face. She knew how powerful the special constitutions were, and the idea of one person having seventy-two of them was completely terrifying.

“What do you think, sister? You see, you have no hope of resisting me. So pack away any ambitions you have. The Green Clan will be mine. In fact, the entire Tusita Heaven will be mine! We seventy-two patriarchs are going to take over all of the many heavens for Young Master Leaf. Sister, I'm going to give you one choice here. Submit to me. Be my woman. Not my sister. My woman. A sister can’t be trusted, but a woman, well, a woman is simply an object. A slave that I can do whatever I want with however I please. If you hand over that good fortune of yours, I won’t make things difficult for you.”

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