Chapter 751: Fooling the Patriarchs

‘He really fooled us.’

‘Considering our age, how could we be tricked by a brat like this?’

Winter Bloodless and Patriarch Kingheaven were furious, but couldn’t let it show. They were in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and that meant capturing or killing Yang Qi was impossible. They were out of options.

They were fully aware that the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart was a god item that even the legion of gods had found difficult to deal with in ancient times.

“Stop overthinking things,” Yang Qi said, “and just help me assimilate Dragon King. All of this happened because the two of you didn’t keep your word. Don’t worry, you’ll benefit handsomely by helping me take out Dragon King. After all, you’ve now thrown your lot in with me to defy the God Dragon Tribe.”

“Yes, we’re all in now,” said Patriarch Kingheaven with a sigh. “And going forward, we’ll support you with full sincerity. Where’s Dragon King? Maybe we can talk things out with him. If he agrees to work for you, you can spare his life and avoid the wrath of the God Dragon Tribe.”

“Prepare to be teleported,” Yang Qi said with a smile. With that, he drew on the boundless power of monarchs, causing everything to tremble. The space around the two patriarchs seemed to twist and fold, then they found themselves in a vacuum, devoid of vital energy, completely empty and deathly.

The stories that circulated said that the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart was full of endless treasures. But this area had nothing, not even a scrap of energy.

Popping out next to them, Yang Qi said, “This void is a deadly part of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart that essentially goes on without end, making it impossible to escape from. Truth be told, not even I’m sure how big this area is. From what I understand, King Immortal-Slayer would use this location to imprison gods. It only opened up to me after I acquired four of his legacy medallions. Dragon King is just ahead, heading in this direction.”

The two patriarchs look off into the distance, and sure enough, they saw Dragon King, using some magical treasures to set up a spell formation as he tried to break free from the void around him. Unfortunately, nothing he did helped.

Upon sensing the auras of some interlopers, Dragon King spun in place and looked over to see Yang Qi. Eyes flaring with anger, he unleashed a mighty dragon claw attack in his direction.

“So you’re back, eh brat? Why don’t you just go and die already!”

As his dragon claw arrived, Yang Qi simply hovered there and let it pass right through. As it turned out, he was just a projection.

“Save your energy,” Yang Qi said. “It won’t do you any good to attack me here. Do you really think your cultivation base is strong enough to defeat King Immortal-Slayer?”

“We’re here to talk things out, Dragon King!” Winter Bloodless said. Both he and Patriarch Kingheaven were shocked at how powerful Yang Qi was within the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and were even more convinced that they couldn't do anything to him.

“It’s you? Winter Bloodless? Patriarch Kingheaven?” Eyes burning with fury, he said, “So you’ve ganged up with this brat to fight me?”

“Yes,” Winter Bloodless said with a bitter smile. “We were forced into it. Look, Dragon King, you need to listen to us. Offer allegiance to Young Sir Dragon Proudheaven. If you don’t, we’ll be forced to kill you and help him assimilate you.”

“What?” Dragon King roared angrily. “You two patriarchs are flunkies of this brat? Is this supposed to be some sort of joke? Well it’s not funny. If you help him do this, the God Dragon Tribe won’t let it drop. Maybe other people don’t realize how strong the God Dragon Tribe is, but you two are surely aware of it. Not even the Dao Defense League can match up to us!”

“Well…” Patriarch Kingheaven said, still hoping that they wouldn’t actually have to kill Dragon King.

“If we kill him, who would ever know?” Yang Qi said grimly. “Don’t be stubborn, Dragon King. Open your soul and become a believer in me. Give me your faith. If you do, I’ll give you your freedom. Become my spy within the Dragonfolk and work to gain me their faith. If you turn the entire God Dragon Tribe into believers, you’ll rise through the ranks more quickly than you could ever imagine. And of course, the alternative to all this is that you die.”

“This is insanity!” Dragon King shouted. “Preposterous! Who the hell do you think you are? You want faith from me? I don’t even give faith to the Dragon God, much less you, you bug! Are you mentally challenged or something?”

“So, you’re going with the stubborn option?” Yang Qi sighed. “Winter Bloodless. Patriarch Kingheaven. Kill him. Now! I’ll bless you with some of the powers of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart to make sure you succeed. Hurry up, otherwise I’ll leave all three of you trapped here until I’m strong enough to kill all of you myself!”

Yang Qi’s words caused Winter Bloodless and Patriarch Kingheaven to shiver with fear.

“Don’t listen to him!” Dragon King howled. “Word of him imprisoning me has already gotten back to the God Dragon Tribe, and they’ll be coming soon. They’ll wipe out his sect and drive him out of the Dao Defense League. Soon, he’ll be homeless. And besides, Leaf Dao-Denier has some of King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions too. He can get into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, so once the God Dragon Tribe works out a deal with him, it’ll be easy to get out of here. As long as the three of us stand firm, there’s nothing he can do to us. Furthermore, if you help me, you’ll gain the friendship of the God Dragon Tribe. We have spectacular treasures, plus godly-class energy arts. You can either earn incredible rewards, or get chased down and killed. It’s up to you!”

As the two patriarchs hesitated, Yang Qi said, “Leaf Dao-Denier only has two legacy medallions left, which means that he can’t get into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. The other three are in the future world, making them impossible to collect. So you might as well stop it with your delusions. Besides, even if someone came along with three medallions, I have four, which gives me the upper hand.

“Actually, I would love it if someone came along with three medallions and entered the chart. It would only help me build up my own collection. And then I wouldn’t need help to kill Dragon King. Look, you two. Are you going to do this, or not? Do I really need to activate the warding magics to trap you in here? If I were you, I wouldn’t trust Dragon King’s empty promises. Believe me, he’s not going to help you at all. But I will. Think about it. Really think about it deeply. Who do you think will benefit you more—Dragon King, or me?”

At this point, the two patriarchs made up their minds. Dragon King was offering empty promises, and if they didn’t take action to help Yang Qi, they’d end up in a very bad situation. And it was true that Yang Qi could help them much more than Dragon King could. Dragon King couldn’t offer them anything to truly improve their cultivation bases, whereas Yang Qi could heal their hidden injuries and help them reach a higher level of enlightenment.

The two of them nodded, and their eyes shone with glittering light. “Sorry, Dragon King. Blame Dragon Proudheaven for killing you, not us.”


The two of them unleashed their most deadly techniques.

Eternal Heavenly Aria!” Yang Qi immediately blessed the patriarchs with primeval god skills, causing halos to spring up around them. He also augmented them with the natural laws of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

At the same time, he caused countless halos of damnification to surround Dragon King, and locked him in place with the fetters of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

Dragon King was more than a match for these patriarchs, and if they had been fighting outside of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, it was possible that their fight would have ended with mutual destruction. But here, with the augmentations of the chart and Yang Qi’s Eternal Heavenly Aria, the two patriarchs were vastly stronger, while Dragon King was profoundly weaker.

‘What is he using to bless us with so many primeval god skills?!’ thought the two patriarchs, completely shocked by what was happening.

‘I never would have guessed that Dragon Proudheaven would be able to do something like this! This technique would be perfect for large-scale combat. If he blessed the immortals of the Dao Defense League like this, we would have a huge advantage against the future warriors!’

“That’s exactly right!” Yang Qi said, fully aware of what they were thinking. “This is my Eternal Heavenly Aria, which can provide three thousand halos of blessing, and three thousand halos of damnification. In the blink of an eye, they can make someone ten thousand times stronger than before. I've been keeping a lot of secrets and waiting until I reach the Godmyth level before revealing them. If you and your sects stick with me, imagine the benefits I can bless you with. You think the God Dragon Tribe counts for anything? Can they stand against weapons like I have? Just wait until I'm a Godmyth! Our three sects can work together to completely wipe out the God Dragon Tribe!”

The two of them couldn’t have been more shocked, but at the same time it was clear how terrifying the primeval god skills were. Every attack they unleashed sent Dragon King stumbling backward in defeat.

Seven Stances of the God Dragon!” Dragon King shouted, drawing on his ultimate set of moves.

Tail Swipe of the God Dragon!

Smashing Flight of the God Dragon!

Profound Descent of the God Dragon!

Earthly Burrowing of the God Dragon!

Heavenly Battle of the God Dragon!

Grand Stance of the God Dragon!

Dao Incarnation of the God Dragon!

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