Chapter 743: A Mass of Breakthroughs

“Father. Big Brother, Little Brother. Eldest Brother, Elder Second Brother. Bring all of the core disciples and family to me. I have an important announcement to make!”

There was an immediate rush as everyone began assembling. Yang Qi had quite a few loyal followers from the old Rich-Lush Continent. Obviously, there was his father and two brothers, as well as other key members of the Yang Clan. He had a whole group of sworn siblings who’d joined him during his days contending with the Crown Prince. There were even members of the old Hanging Mountain, like Father Leviathan, Yan Wubing, and others who had been faithful subordinates of his mother. 

Yang Qi had always helped them with their cultivation and they were all ninth stage Dao-Demolishers now, some of whom even had smatterings of the power of special constitutions.

After all, Yang Qi had killed plenty of future warriors and was thus able to impart bits of Future power to them.

These were core loyalists who would never betray Yang Qi, and were all considered founding members of the Sage Monarch Society. If he could push them all into becoming Godmyths, it would be a big increase in face within the Dao Defense League, and the immortal worlds as a whole.

After all, in the Dao Defense League as a whole, Demolishers were considered to be low-level disciples.

It didn’t matter what title or position Yang Qi occupied, if he couldn’t back it up with actual strength then people would still look down on him. To immortals, strength was everything.

A buzz of conversation was heard as everyone gathered in the meeting hall. With the loyalists and all of their subordinates and followers, it was a group tens of thousands strong.

Yang Qi saw many familiar faces, and it caused warmth to fill his heart as he thought back to the Rich-Lush Continent and his days in Yanhaven. Back then, he had been a weakling and a nobody, only to be given the God Legion Seal. From there, everything had become a blur as he slowly climbed the ranks of power.

Maybe if Yun Hailan hadn’t stabbed him in the back, he wouldn’t have acquired the God Legion Seal. But he did. He then went on to slaughter the Crown Prince, and even Chancellor Demi-Immortal. He had turned the Rich-Lush Continent into the Sage Monarch Heaven and reached such a high level of power that, if he wanted to, he could easily revert the place back into being the Rich-Lush Continent. 

Not that he would ever do that.

“Qi’er,” Yang Zhan said, “why have you gathered us here? Did something big happen? Did you take advantage of your time in the Tusita Heaven?”

“I absolutely did take advantage of the Tusita Heaven; I got my hands on an incredible treasure. Before long, people from the Tusita Heaven are going to come here to the Dao Defense League to hold me accountable. But I don’t care. None of them are a match for me now. However, I want all of you to be very careful of their plots and schemes. And I brought treasures from the Tusita Heaven to help all of you reach the Godmyth level!”

He waved his hand and the Many Heavens God Seal appeared, instantly shattering the dao of heaven in the area. All of a sudden, everyone felt as though certain restrictions on their souls had been lifted.

Before, all of them were feeling held back in their cultivation, as though a blade were constantly hanging over their heads that could fall at any time. Those were the limitations placed on them by the dao of heaven. But now Yang Qi had destroyed that overhanging blade, allowing them to relax. In fact, many of them were visibly calmer than before.

It was the freedom that came with the removal of the dao of heaven.

‘Now all I need to do is reach the Godmyth level myself,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Once I do, I’ll benefit from some significant upgrades. For example, my Angel Wings will rise to a higher state.’

Soon, his Angel Wings would transform into their next state, which was that of the Freedom Wings.

Freedom Wings could pierce through primal-chaos and overcome any and all obstacles. No daoist technique or energy art would be able to restrict him then; he would have true and ultimate freedom.

In addition to that, once he reached the Godmyth level, his Infernal Deity Spear, Heaven and Earth Furnace, God Legion Battle Robe, God Legion Paradise, and all of his other energy arts would reach higher levels thanks to the virtual godhood he would develop. He would truly begin to unlock energy arts that were at the level of the Sovereign Lord.

Even his Eight Tribes Godfist and five phases energy arts would be transformed.

The Godmyth level represented a major upgrade. All of one’s energy arts would improve by thousands, if not tens of thousands of times. That was what happened when virtual godhood was thrown into the mix.

Raising his voice, he said, “These are god dao seeds. Consume them, then draw on your energy arts to form virtual godhood. Not only will you reach a higher level of enlightenment, but your destiny will also change on a substructural level!” With a wave of his hand, Yang Qi sent out a whole collection of god dao seeds, which the loyalists all grabbed and consumed without hesitation. Godpower instantly began transforming them.

Eldest Brother from the Invincible Society threw back his head and laughed heartily. “I'm going to break through to the Godmyth level! My dream is finally coming true!”


His aura surged, and dazzling, multi-colored light shot out from his head, which was the might of the Godmyth level. The dao of heaven had been crushed, so no heavenly tribulation came. That said, Yang Qi’s Many Heavens God Seal allowed him to sense the dao of heaven’s rage, although it couldn’t do anything.

“I'm going to break through also!”

Elder Second Brother, Sword Seventeen, Yan Wubing, and a whole host of others all began achieving breakthroughs. His father, his two brothers, the Yang Clan disciples, the chancellor of the old Sun Moon Institute… all of them benefited from the god dao seeds.

And thanks to Yang Qi’s protection, none of them experienced any dangers as part of the process. Almost immediately, shock spread through the Dao Defense League.

To have a whole host of disciples suddenly step into the Godmyth level at the same time was something completely unheard of. Even the big sects and clans of thirty-third ranked immortal worlds would never see tens of thousands of breakthroughs like this. After all, the resulting heavenly tribulations would be terrifyingly destructive.

“What? What’s going on? How could something like this be happening? You can clearly sense that tens of thousands of disciples in the Sage Panacea Sect are becoming Godmyths. The virtual godhood and godpower are clear.”

“Incredible. You never see anything like this. We all assumed the Sage Panacea Sect would never have any Godmyths, but now, in the shortest of moments, they gained a whole army of them!”

“Where did those disciples get the power they needed for their breakthroughs? It couldn’t have come through ordinary cultivation. Maybe they used some sort of special medicine. Although, not even the most powerful god pills would be strong enough for this. And pills would also draw significantly on the vital energy and quintessence-blood.”

“The Sage Panacea Sect is going to be very important in the Dao Defense League now. After all, Godmyths are elders with significant power and prestige.”

“They’re getting tens of thousands of elders! Incredible!”

“I wonder how the old-timers are going to react. Look, there are still people breaking through!”

“What a pity that Sectlord Dragon Proudheaven hasn’t broken through. If he did, the Sage Panacea Sect would be really powerful. Although, he’ll probably break through sooner or later.”

Yang Qi could actually sense the heaven-god that he had blocked within his Many Heavens God Seal battering at his dao heart. After all, the dao of heaven still existed outside of the area where he had destroyed it, and it was still furious. And that fury was being directed at Yang Qi himself. 

In other words, he was actually experiencing the tribulations of all the tens of thousands of people who were breaking through right now. 

Even more relevant was that this group wasn’t breaking through using their own power, but rather external power. And the dao of heaven couldn’t possibly just accept that.

Thankfully, as the tribulation entered him, he was able to negate it easily.

Massive power slammed into his fateless dao fruit, and as it combined with the true godhood in his sea of energy, the sage child began melting.

Yang Qi’s eyes lit up with delight.

As the sage child melted, he absorbed the power, although it was a process that would take a very long time.

Yang Qi could feel that his rise to the Godmyth level would be coming very soon.

As the tens of thousands of disciples achieved their breakthrough, a visitor arrived.

“It’s me, Patriarch Promoter, here to pay a visit!”

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