Chapter 742: Many Heavens God Seal

The first thing Young Lady Green Blaze told Yang Qi was that the forces of the Tusita Heaven were being marshalled for what appeared to be a major military campaign. 

Yang Qi couldn’t help but smile sarcastically. “So the officials of the Tusita Dynasty are meeting? That's fine. I’ll be safe here in hiding.”  

With the true godhood he had acquired, he had no need to be afraid of such forces. Soon, the time would come when he would be able to crush the Tusita Heaven. And of course, Young Master Leaf would also be in big trouble once Yang Qi was a Godmyth.

As he channeled the true godhood into his sage child, it became power for his own use. At the same time, he felt himself inching toward a breakthrough. He was benefiting from the destiny of who-knew-how-many trillions of young geniuses. That level of power could be used to resurrect ancient gods, so it could only be imagined how beneficial it was to his cultivation base, his Wheel of Fate, and his fateless dao fruit.

“Green Blaze, I'm going to help you achieve another breakthrough. I'll push you to the peak of the Revisionist God level, then you can continue on your own power to become a Measureless God!” He sent a stream of bright light into Young Lady Green Blaze. The sheer force caused her clothes to rip off of her body, leaving her stark naked. Meanwhile, the brilliant light coursed through her, purifying her until she was nearly transparent. At the same time, heterogeneous vital energy and impurities that had built up during her years of cultivation were expunged.


Yang Qi's fingers interlocked into a complex incantation gesture as he guided the immense levels of force, creating a sealing mark that could save an entire world.

‘I can't fully assimilate all of the god dao seeds I took, much less that true godhood. But my dao heart is completely full, which means that I can call on the next ability in the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth. Many Heavens God Seal!

Godliness swirled out of his body and created an enormous sealing mark.

The Many Heavens God Seal could be used to suppress the dao of heaven in a given area, along with its magical laws, making a person like an invincible god.

Back when the power of the future world had erupted into the Brahman Immortal World, the dao of heaven shattered and allowed countless experts to achieve breakthroughs without having to worry about heavenly tribulation. The reason was that the magical laws of the dao of heaven were unable to function under those circumstances. In that moment, the magical laws of the dao of heaven were superseded by the power of the future world, thus, any who wished to improve their cultivation base could do so at will.

With the Many Heavens God Seal, Yang Qi could produce similar circumstances. He could suppress the dao of heaven and change truth and reality. He could also negate the effects of even the most powerful spell formations.

I am the many heavens. Hells are heavens, heavens are hells. Gods are devils, devils are gods. When devils and gods combine, god-devils exist….” The particles within him erupted and he vanished, transforming instead into a host of wriggling hells resembling a flowing river.

A river of hells.

They were like the eternal sands of the universe, shining with an eternal luster and emanating traces of deathless godliness. As they flowed through the enormous sealing mark, the mark was inscribed with godly vestiges and patterns of deathlessness.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Qi’s energy arts reached an extremely high level. He was an invincible, almighty being who could manipulate the dao of heaven.

His fateless dao fruit appeared, as enormous as a planet—or even an immortal world—swirling with primal-chaos paleo-energy, above the dao of heaven. In fact, the magical laws of the dao of heaven weren’t even aware of the existence of this dao heart, which surpassed truth itself.

Crack. Crunch.

The true godhood he had acquired appeared, pulsing with dazzling light that entered the fateless dao fruit, causing it to grow fuller and larger.

At long last, his dao heart began cracking!

One, two… all the way to nine. Nine loud cracking sounds rang out.

Each crack was like a peal of thunder ripping the universe apart and rising to the highest heavens.

With the nine cracks, Yang Qi reached the absolute peak of the Dao-Demolishing level, placing him just one step away from being a Godmyth.

Unfortunately, he was completely spent and incapable of reaching any higher level.

That final step would require an immense amount of power, so much so that Yang Qi knew he would have to fully tap into the true godhood he had acquired.

His fateless dao fruit and sage child faded from view, leaving behind the enormous sealing mark floating above his head. Of course, considering the major breakthrough he had just achieved, he was now bursting with strength.

His hell particles were larger and clearer, and it was even possible to see fiend-devils within them that were praying, offering worship, and singing hymns to the eternally deathless lord of hell.

Hell Seals; Essence Blessing!” Yang Qi waved his hand and a host of sealing marks filled with the essence of hell flew out and entered the larger sealing mark. 

Holy hymns echoed out and the air vibrated. Flowers began falling like rain, flowers that resembled lotuses, hibiscuses, or plum flowers, yet were none of those. They were god flowers whose petals resembled angels of a very unique nature; they wore golden armor and emanated golden light that could never be destroyed.

The Many Heavens God Seal was complete!

There were many aspects to the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, and the Many Heavens God Seal was one of them, a seal that could transform the magical laws and destiny of the universe itself.

The seal of an emperor represented law and authority. But this seal was a seal that belonged to the hosts of gods that existed in the many heavens, so it was only natural that it could exert such immense control over the universe itself.

‘What is that thing?’ Young Lady Green Blaze thought, stunned. Before she could even react, a sinister cloud appeared above her head, filled with the depraved howls of hosts of monsters and crackling lightning that represented the fury of the dao of heaven.

Heavenly tribulation had arrived.

It was only natural that such a thing would happen as a result of Yang Qi imbuing her with such immense levels of power.

“Dao of heaven, be broken! Many Heavens God Seal: Suppress!” Yang Qi’s voice was as emotionless as that of a photonic computer.

The enormous sealing mark surged forth and the heavenly tribulation shattered, becoming countless streams of destiny that flowed into Young Lady Green Blaze and pushed her cultivation base to a higher level.

“I've put an end to the dao of heaven here in your bedchamber,” Yang Qi said. “Magical laws won’t do anything to you. Focus on your cultivation while I head back to the Sage Panacea Sect. I need to turn as many of my people into Godmyths as possible. With my Many Heavens God Seal and its ability to crush the dao of heaven, I can plunder good fortune from heaven and earth. Continue following me, Young Lady Green Blaze, and I can hand you control, not just of the Green Clan, but of the entire Tusita Heaven.”

With that, Yang Qi vanished.

Going forward, Young Lady Green Blaze would have no obstacles in her path of cultivation and, given some time, would definitely reach the Measureless God level. In fact, she would soon rival her brother, the Berserk One. Once he came out of seclusion, she could theoretically defeat him and take control of her entire clan. If she were strong enough, even the old-timers might cast aside their loyalties to her brother, Green Merchant, and cast their lot in with her.

Soon, Yang Qi was back in the Dao Defense League, looking out over the Sage Panacea Sect. He had only been gone a short time, and nothing of note had taken place in his absence. The sect was flourishing and there were plenty of patients, all of whom were lined up to be admitted in very orderly fashion.

The main disciples of the sect were from the Yang Clan, as well as other loyalists from the old Rich-Lush Continent. And the core individuals among them were all ninth stage Dao-Demolishers.

Now that Yang Qi was back, he planned to see them all become Godmyths!

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