Chapter 741: Success at Last

Higher up, beyond all of the countless golden god dao seeds, was an even more superior version.

It wasn’t particularly large. In fact, it resembled an infant. It was crystalline, transparent, and absolutely pure in every way. It didn't emanate any fluctuations to indicate it contained even a lick of power. However, the infant’s eyes were pitch black, making it seem like it could see through all illusions and pierce through all truths in the world. And they contained a vital energy that seemed filled with the profundities of universal life and death.

There were even countless shadowy figures deep within the eyes, figures that were born and died in a constant cycle, as though the destinies of innumerable people were contained therein.

This thing seemed to be, not a fruit containing true godhood, but rather a sage child, very much similar to the one that existed within Yang Qi’s sea of energy.

Delighted, Yang Qi pushed forward. He had consumed so many god dao seeds that his fateless dao fruit had reached the point where it was about to burst. And now he had found a sage child fruit that was nearly on the level of having true godhood. Therefore, he reached out to grab it without hesitation.

Once he acquired it, he would leave his enemies in the dust. Even if Leaf Dao-Denier reached the Chaos God level, it wouldn’t do him any good against Yang Qi.

‘I'm going to combine that thing with my own sage child! It's almost like it was foreordained to be mine. I wonder how much destiny was put into it. Emperor Tusita is in seclusion at the moment, and Leaf Dao-Denier has chosen this time to make his move and try to take advantage of the Live Forever God Tree. But in the end, it's going to benefit me!’

Without the distraction provided by the thirty-six patriarchs, Yang Qi would never have been able to reach this sage child fruit.

Drawing deeply on all of his power, he shot into motion, becoming a streak of light that shot in the direction of the fruit.


As he approached, divine sound waves rolled out to block his path. However, he simply waved his finger and drew on the power of his God Legion Seal. 


The sound waves collapsed into nothing, and within moments Yang Qi was right in front of the sage child fruit. Even as he reached out with the Hand of the One God, more sound waves erupted out, filling the entire area like fluttering flower petals.

“What incredible gall!” shouted the voice of an old man. “You took advantage of me being in seclusion to sneak past the Primal-Chaos Gateway?! You really deserve to be killed!”

A fist appeared out of nowhere and smashed into Yang Qi, backed by the power of a Chaos God. Before his recent advancements, that fist blow would have wiped him out of existence, reducing even his bones to nothing. But this time, he simply collapsed into millions upon millions of hells. Black energy swirled everywhere as his voice echoed out with the words, “Hells Slaughter Gods; Godhood Falls from Grace!” 

The hells swept forth like the eternal sands of the universe, wrapping around the sage child and causing the entire Live Forever God Tree to suddenly grow dim.

As soon as he acquired the font of godhood, Yang Qi felt another sage child within his sea of energy, which immediately began fusing with the existing one.

He coughed up a mouthful of blood, but at the same time, laughed heartily. He could sense the pure power of godhood flowing through him, repairing his cultivation base and wiping away any injuries from the fist strike.

‘I have to get out of here!’ he thought, as he could sense that powerful old-timer emerging from seclusion and preparing to leap through space-time to launch another attack.

In a snap decision, he drew on King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions to quickly open a passageway to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

As he leaped inside, the shadowy figure of the old-timer appeared and launched a deadly attack. However, the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart closed before the attack could land.

Yang Qi was safe.

Sitting down in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, he quickly began going through breathing exercises to recover from the ordeal. After a short time, he then opened the chart again and stepped out into Young Lady Green Blaze’s bed chamber in the Green Clan.

Normally speaking, the world that the Primal-Chaos Gateway led to was sealed, and was impossible to enter or exit without a talisman from the gateway. But the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart was more powerful than the barriers locking down that world. And with four of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions, it was even easier for Yang Qi to use the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart as a means of escape.

He had succeeded wildly in his endeavor. Now, all he had to do was assimilate all of the godhood and he would easily step into the Godmyth level. He was actually curious to see how far the godhood would push him.


“Dammit. Dammit!!!

Back near the Live Forever God Tree, the thirty-six patriarchs were howling with fury. They had just spotted that pulsing expression of godhood, only to see it snatched by some mysterious figure who then vanished into thin air. A moment later, an old man wearing an imperial crown on his head appeared and subsequently attacked them in vicious fashion. And he pulsed with a most deadly aura!


“You bunch of degenerates! How dare you come here and steal what I labored for millions upon millions of years to create! You deserve to be wiped out of existence, all of you!” The old man was virtually insane with rage.

“You’re wrong, Emperor,” one of the patriarchs shouted. “We didn’t take that godhood. We're here to help you figure out who did! And then get it back!”

“I might just be here in clone form,” the emperor said, “but I can still kill you criminals. Then I’ll go slaughter that dirty little swine, Leaf Dao-Denier!”

Without bothering to find out any detailed information, the emperor simply unleashed another deadly attack, forcing the thirty-six patriarchs to stagger backward.

However, that was when a cold snort echoed out and a violet-colored bridge appeared, piercing through space to appear in front of the thirty-six patriarchs, who landed on it without hesitation. 

“That’s enough, Emperor,” a voice rang out. It was none other than Leaf Dao-Denier! “I'm currently busy gaining essence enlightenment, so I don’t have time for your nonsense. The person who took that godhood is my greatest enemy, so hurry up and go catch him. He has a clone in the Dao Defense League. He’s the sectlord of the Sage Panacea Sect, Dragon Proudheaven. Go kill him! If you do, you can easily get your godhood back.”

When the emperor’s clone saw the violet-colored bridge, he could instantly tell that it was formed from the highest-level essence of the Tusita Heaven itself. Perhaps if they weren’t in the Tusita Heaven it might have been a different story, but within the immortal world itself, there was nothing that could counter that essence, not even godrelics.

“Hmph! If that's the case, then I’ll send some people to track down this Dragon Proudheaven. If you're not telling me the truth, I’ll exterminate your Leaf Clan! And once you're done with your work on that essence, we’ll see if you have what it takes to deal with me. Maybe I won’t be able to kill you then, but I'm still the ruler of the Tusita Heaven. The imperial house has too many old-timers to count, and if we all work together we can overwhelm you with force!”

“Once I fully take control of the essence, you old codger, you and I can duel. And then you’ll see exactly how strong I am. I'm invincible here in the Tusita Heaven! Other than the legion of gods, nobody could possibly be a match for me.”

“We’ll see about that,” the emperor replied in a voice that echoed like thunder. “You ruined my plans, and there will be an accounting for that. If it wasn't for you, that Dragon Proudheaven would never have been able to take my collection of godhood!”

“That godhood was created by slaughtering waves upon waves of Tusita Heaven geniuses,” Young Master Leaf replied with an arrogant smile. “You’re the biggest criminal there is, Emperor, and you're doomed to die. Maybe you hoped that reaching godly ascension would make it all worth it, but now you’ve lost the godhood so you won't be making any significant progress any time soon. Besides, the Tusita Dynasty isn’t the rightful ruler of this immortal world. I'm going to take over this place, and soon you’ll be a thing of the past. You might as well enjoy your final days while you can.”

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