Chapter 734: A Grim Situation

Yang Qi didn’t know anything about how the Tusita Heaven worked, therefore, he needed to be particularly careful. Maintaining full vigilance, he followed Young Lady Green Blaze’s men toward the teleportation portal leading to her mansion.

The portal was guarded by a host of soldiers who were obviously retainers of the Green Clan.

As it turned out, this entire city was administered by that clan.

On the other side of the teleportation portal, Yang Qi found himself atop a towering building that provided a panoramic view of the enormous city. He saw mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, military bases, and hidden spell formations. Young Lady Green Blaze was inside the building, standing behind an altar table arrayed with a variety of sacrificial gifts. Obviously, she was well-prepared for Yang Qi’s arrival.

“I offer respectful greetings, Milord. This is my personal bedchamber, where I’ve prepared this small welcoming gift. Anything more extravagant than this would attract attention within my clan.” With that, she clasped her hands and bowed deeply.

“There’s no need for such formality,” Yang Qi said with a dismissive wave of his hand. He sat down and looked again at the beautiful scenery. White clouds drifted by, filled, not with water vapor, but with immense power in the form of magical laws. Even the clouds in the Tusita Heaven could benefit one’s cultivation base.

A piercing cry rang out as an enormous, seven-colored phoenix dove down into one of the clouds. Further off in the distance, more divine birds flitted about, making the entire scene reminiscent of heavenly palaces.

Yang Qi closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Other immortal worlds really did seem like trash compared to this place. The Tusita Heaven was nothing short of a godrelic of a world.

People from here would be vastly stronger than people with similar cultivation bases from lower worlds. Obviously, the nature of the immortal world one came from could affect one’s constitution.

“Might I ask what brings you here, Milord? Is it because Leaf Dao-Denier is in secluded cultivation?” Young Lady Green Blaze had truly come to exercise faith in Yang Qi. She knew that he was the kind of person who would relentlessly pursue his goals, and was convinced that sticking to him was the best choice for herself. After all, she was also a ruthlessly ambitious person.

“That’s right,” Yang Qi said. “I'm aware that Young Master Leaf is taking the Essence Trial here in the Tusita Heaven. I'm curious as to his progress. Oh, another thing. Your older brother Green Merchant is a Berserk One, and one of the seventy-two brethren that include Young Master Leaf. What has he been up to lately? In seclusion? Or is he out drumming up support for Young Master Leaf?”

“My brother is in seclusion, Milord,” Young Lady Green Blaze said, “trying to become a seventh division Measureless God. I would expect him to succeed within the next few days, which will make him more powerful than ever. As for Young Master Leaf, he traveled to the most mysterious location in all of the Tusita Heaven, the Sea of Despair, to seek the legacy of our immortal world. So far, I haven’t heard any news about his success or failure. But if he succeeds, his cultivation base will advance by leaps and bounds. My guess is that he’ll pull it off. Milord, you have to be very careful about him.”

“If he takes the essence of the Tusita Heaven, will that instantly make him the ruler of this place?” Yang Qi asked.

“No, not instantly. But he’ll become very important and influential, the kind of person no one would dare to offend. To truly take control of the Tusita Heaven, he would need to reach a much higher level of cultivation, the same as the legion of gods. Only then would the essence truly acknowledge him and put the fate of this immortal world in his hands. If he gets the legacy, he’ll become like a crown prince. And a crown prince is not an emperor. It takes years of being the crown prince before one can build the power and authority necessary to take rulership. Of course, a lot of people are keeping a close eye on Young Master Leaf. If he succeeds, plenty of powerful organizations will switch their loyalties to him, which would make him sort of like a nominal leader here. Once he succeeds, it’ll only be a matter of time before he becomes a ninth division Chaos God.”

“Terrifying,” Yang Qi murmured. Young Master Leaf would soon be a Chaos God, while Yang Qi was still only a Dao-Demolisher. Dao-Demolishing had nine sub-levels, as did the Godmyth level. The difference between the two was so vast that it surpassed the difference between ants and dragons.

“Do you have a plan, Milord? Once Leaf Dao-Denier comes out you’ll have to go into hiding, won’t you? And everything you've worked so hard to build will be destroyed.”

“That’s exactly what I'm worried about,” Yang Qi said. “And yes, I do have a plan. First we’re going to pull a fast one on your brother, then once Young Master Leaf is out we’ll use your brother to trick him. The end goal is to get Young Master Leaf to get into a fight with an equally powerful enemy that will soon arrive.”

“So you already have a plan, Milord. Incredible. Whatever you need me to do, just say the word. Although I have to point out that my brother is not the type of person who can easily be fooled. He’s already been appointed as the successor of our clan lord. He’s very important.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be able to take care of him. He’ll put faith in me one way or another, even if he is a Measureless God. What I need you to do now is to go out and gather information. In the meantime, I’ll stay here to create some necessary items to carry out the master plan. Find out what treasure exists here in the Tusita Heaven and how far it can push one’s cultivation base. Get as much information as you can and put it together into a report.”

With that, he waved his hand dismissively.

“Yes sir!” the young lady replied. “Don’t worry at all, Milord. This is my private bedchamber. My personal world. Even if you do something to attract a bit of attention, no one would dare trespass here.” With that, she left.

“Heaven Dancer. Get out here!”


In the blink of an eye, the transformed Heaven Dancer appeared, standing there motionless with a slack expression.

“Cosmic Quantum Computer, re-form!” Drawing on the power of the Cruiser of Civilization, Yang Qi created a virtual version of the Cosmic Quantum Computer, which he then sent directly into Heaven Dancer’s head.

Within moments, Heaven Dancer looked like he had before, bubbling with killing intent, crafty and deceitful, his mecha crackling with power. He seemed like a hunting dog that was ready to rip his prey to shreds as soon as he tracked it down.

‘Excellent. Thanks to my transformations, Heaven Dancer is even stronger than before. And I’ve implanted a device in him that, in the critical moment, will definitely lead General Samman here to the Tusita Heaven.’

Yang Qi’s master plan was slowly coming to fruition. ‘As long as General Samman gets close enough to the Tusita Heaven, Leaf Dao-Denier will notice that he has some of King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions. And then, maybe I can jump in and take advantage of both of them. I've used this plan before, much to Leaf Dao-Denier’s detriment. But at the moment, I can’t think of any other suitable option.’

Waving his hand, he sent a host of talismans into Heaven Dancer, then closed his eyes to work on his own cultivation.

Moments later, Heaven Dancer’s aura grew stronger, and then electrocast messages began pulsing out of him, passing through bizarre aspects of space-time, going through the folds of the universe to reach the Brahman Immortal World, and beyond it, the space-time passageway to the future world.

[Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep.]

Within the other fragment of the Cruiser of Civilization, the vivicreation systems came to life and General Samman opened his eyes. Looking over, he saw data flowing across the screens of the photonic computers, which resolved into the image of a violet-colored immortal world.

Some of the other officers and members of the special ops team walked over to his side to look at the new information. After a moment, one of the lower-ranking members said, “Is that a distress signal from Heaven Dancer?” 

“Yes,” General Samman replied. “That's a thirty-third ranked immortal world with immense reserves of power. Imagine the power reactors from a hundred billion cities in the future world, all combined. That's the kind of power they have. If we can take it, it will be a huge benefit to us and a crucial influx in power. Power will always be a problem. Right now, it requires immense amounts of power to maintain the passageway between worlds using Brahma’s heart and head. Because of the power drain, many worlds where we come from have become dark and desolate. If we drained any more power, it would lead to a very dangerous situation. Perhaps even rebellion.”

“Who cares?” one of the warriors said disdainfully. “If they rebel, we can just slaughter them.”

“True. But rebellions always give birth to heroes, and the last thing we need are ambitious and ruthless people like that. If the ten magisters were around, they could crush any rebellion that might arise. But considering they’re currently in the Primeval Age, we don’t want any rebellions breaking out in our backyard.”

“Then let’s take the initiative and cut them all down,” another warrior said.

“We don’t have the authority to make decisions like that,” General Samman said. “And it would cause a huge headache for the marshals. Once we’re in the Middle Age, we can slaughter the immortal dao civilization and take all of their resources. And we need to find the God Legion Seal, take it, and bring it back for August Patriarch Proud Heaven. Once we’re out of this space-time passageway, we won't waste time reconvening with our forces in the Middle Age. We’ll head directly to the Tusita Heaven. According to the message from Heaven Dancer, both King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions and Yang Qi are there.”

Another warrior nodded and said, “Heaven Dancer is an expert in reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering, but I wonder if he actually made contact with that Yang Qi. We need to find out the details first, lest we fall into a trap.”

“Don’t worry about that. Once we get to the Tusita Heaven, everything will be made clear.” General Samman smiled viciously. “The forces of the Middle Age use the power of the dao of immortals, which gives them a very unique and wonderful flavor. To we who have had our bodies and genes molded by the vivicreation systems, immortals are simply delicious. Especially Godmyths!”


The Cruiser of Civilization proceeded along at top speed.

“According to our power analyses,” General Samman said, “the Tusita Heaven has a very high compatibility rating. It’s the perfect place to make morphlings. With a sea of Tusita Heaven morphlings, we can sweep through all of the immortal worlds with ease.”

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