Chapter 726: A Huge Stir

“Alright!” Yang Qi said. “If you put it that way, then I'm not worried at all.” He had tossed out the bombshell about being able to cure heterogeneous true energy in the hopes of quickly winning the hearts of the people. If he could win over fifteen or twenty elder kings as sworn siblings, then even if the God Dragon Tribe really did try to make a move against him it wouldn’t be a sure thing. The Dao Defense League was gradually turning into an immense organization of its own, filled with powerful old-timers; some of them supported the unification, but some secretly denounced it.

“In that case, I’ll swear an oath right now,” Xie Wusuan said. “If you successfully heal me, I’ll do everything in my power to keep you safe. If I go back on my word, let me die by heavenly tribulation.”

“Very well. Please, sit back and relax.” Yang Qi flew over to him, gathered some true energy in his palm, and turned it into the shape of a needle which he then plunged into Xie Wusuan.

The man instantly felt the streams of heterogeneous true energy within him going wild the way they usually did when they flared up and caused him intense pain. Beads of sweat popped out all over him.

“Fear not!” Yang Qi said. Then he drew on Heaven-Devouring True Energy, imbued with the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth. It was a mixture that would make it impossible for anyone to analyze. After all, the combination of those two specific things conformed to the ancient saying that snakes devour mammoths. As such, the Heaven-Devouring True Energy could do things that the ancient King Heaven-Devourer could never have succeeded at.

The true energy transformed into a host of draconic spirit snakes that burrowed into Xie Wusuan. Of course, Xie Wusuan assumed it was some sort of energy art from the Dragonfolk, which only served to increase his trust in Yang Qi.

Heaven-Devouring True Energy could neutralize the effects of heterogeneous true energy, otherwise there was no way that Yang Qi could simultaneously successfully use his five phases energy arts, the Eight Tribes Godfist, and all of the other godly-class energy arts he had collected.

The God Legion Seal had something else to do with it as well, as it enabled him to tolerate all types of godliness. After all, the Sovereign Lord was the Monarch of Divinities and the father of the legion of gods.

Where water flows, a canal is formed! Five energies combine! Five energies flow to the origin!”

After a long moment, a tremor passed through Yang Qi and he slapped his palm down on the middle of Xie Wusuan’s back. In the blink of an eye, Xie Wusuan felt closed meridians opening and previous blockages unraveling. In that moment, he suddenly felt like he could become a god.

Five waves of energy appeared above his head, ceaselessly flowing back and forth. All obstacles had been removed.

Xie Wusuan burst out into hearty laughter. “It worked! My true energy flows perfectly now. The five energies were combined, and now they can flow to the origin. For years I’ve dreamed day and night about reaching this level! It finally worked! I've been given a new lease on life!” Turning to Yang Qi, he said, “Let’s swear brotherhood right here and now.”

Seeing Xie Wusuan’s eager expression, Yang Qi coolly said, “I can tell that you're a kind person, Elder King. Otherwise you would’ve just left upon being healed. If you had, then the effects of my healing would have ceased and you would’ve been stuck in your cultivation. In fact, the heterogeneous true energy conflicts would have eventually returned and you’d have ended up right back where you started. You see, I merely treated the symptoms, but not the root cause. If you want to continue your cultivation, you’re going to need to take these medicinal tablets of mine.”

Yang Qi waved his hand, and a bottle of medicinal tablets appeared in Xie Wusuan’s hands. “They were created by a secret magic of the Dragonfolk that I know, and are specifically designed to combat the effects of heterogeneous true energy. You need to take one every time you enter a session of cultivation. If you run out, just come back for more. Incidentally, with those tablets, you won’t be limited to five energy arts. You could cultivate five hundred without any problem.”

The tablets were actually Heaven-Devouring śarīras that he had altered with the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, and were perfect to deal with heterogeneous powers. Without something like that, a person couldn’t cultivate conflicting true energies without King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans.

“I see,” Xie Wusuan said, cold sweat dripping down his neck. He suddenly realized that acting in good faith had definitely been a good choice. If he had simply accepted the treatment and tried to make excuses to get out of making a payment, the future consequences would have been horrifying.

Instead, he and Yang Qi became sworn brothers, uttering oaths to the god-spirits that they would never forsake each other.

As soon as Xie Wusuan walked out of the Sage Panacea Sect, an uproar ensued. Countless almighty experts scanned him with divine will to find that his five godly-class energy arts had been combined in some mysterious fashion. He was many times stronger than before, and it looked like he would rapidly make progress to reach the Measureless God level.

In the Godmyth level, each breakthrough was immeasurably more difficult than the last.

That was especially true of the final five levels, in which success could not be had without the most fortuitous developments. Some people never made progress for the rest of their life.

The sight of Xie Wusuan having been healed and pushed onto the road of further progress was profoundly shocking to the almighty onlookers, and all of them immediately resolved to go and seek out Yang Qi for treatment.

As soon as he was out in the open, Xie Wusuan raised his voice and said, “I, Xie Wusuan, am indebted to Young Sir Dragon Proudheaven for his treatment. Henceforth, he and I are sworn brothers who will live and die together. Any matter of interest to him is also a matter of interest to me.”

Of course, the fact that someone as important as him had sworn such an oath ensured that Yang Qi was even safer from threats than before.

Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh.

Three patriarchs appeared in front of Xie Wusuan. “Xie, old pal, were you really completely healed? You didn’t need to get rid of any of your godly-class energy arts?”

“Well, if it isn’t the Fyre Watre Patriarchs.” 

These three elder kings were indeed from the twenty-ninth ranked Fyre Watre Heaven, and all of them had cultivation bases equal to Xie Wusuan’s. They cultivated a special technique from the Fyre Watre Heaven that was a composite of three godly-class energy arts. It was called the Fyre-Watre Positive-Negative Great-Compassion Energy-Dao. Unfortunately, despite having mastered the art, the three patriarchs couldn’t negate the effects of the heterogeneous true energy and were wracked by constant pain as a result.

“My heterogeneous true energy really was neutralized. If the three of you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself.”

With that, Xie Wusuan unleashed three palm attacks, one at each of the three patriarchs from the Fyre Watre Heaven. The three patriarchs met the palm attacks with their own palms, which resulted in several successive booms.

When it was over, Xie Wusuan stood there looking unfazed while the three patriarchs had staggered backward a few paces, astonishment written on their faces. The point had been proven. Xie Wusuan really had negated the ill effects and even made progress in his energy arts.

“Come on, let's go find Dragon Proudheaven! He’s the only one who can fix us!” Even as the three patriarchs prepared to hurry into the sect, Xie Wusuan reached out to block their paths. “Patriarchs, considering we're friends, let me give you a quick word of advice. Be respectful. If you don’t, my new sworn brother won’t treat you.”

“Right, of course,” the three patriarchs said. Glancing at the patrolling Warriors of the Great Dance, they turned and headed into the Sage Panacea Sect.

Before long, they were back out in the open, laughing loudly. “Our cultivation bases are finally free! We can finally reach a higher level!”

Suddenly noticing some of the Sage Panacea Sect disciples standing attentively off to the side, the patriarchs sent out beams of light, causing them to rise into the air and experience a transformative baptism. Heavenly tribulation appeared as the disciples experienced breakthroughs. 

“As new sworn brothers of Young Sir Dragon Proudheaven, allow us to baptize these disciples and help them rise to a higher level. After all, we’re going to need more medicinal tablets from the Sage Panacea Sect if we want to further our cultivation, so the stronger the sect is, the better!”

All of the disciples who had received the baptism were core elites from the Yang Clan, and they were clearly delighted at the transformations they were experiencing.

The sight of Xie Wusuan and the Fyre Watre Patriarchs being healed caused numerous other patriarchs to gather at the entrance of the sect and ask to be seen for healing. None of them dared to act rudely; all of them knew exactly what had occurred to the Immortal-Slayer’s Sect and the God Dragon Tribe when they came and arrogantly demanded help. Everything was very orderly.

Yang Qi seemed to be getting more and more powerful. Now he had Xie Wusuan and the Fyre Watre Patriarchs as sworn siblings, therefore, no one dared to cause problems. After all, they all wondered what other mysterious and almighty people might be backing him.

Hoping to curry favor with the Sage Panacea Sect, many of the patriarchs imitated the Fyre Watre Patriarchs by blessing the disciples of the sect. As a result, those disciples’ cultivation bases rose rapidly, quickly bringing more glory and honor to the sect as a whole.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi smiled, aware that his sect was already growing in power and influence, just as planned.

At the same time, not only did treating the various patriarchs allow him to spy a bit on their cultivation base and energy arts, it also provided him with a huge influx of riches and treasure.

Furthermore, they would need to rely on the medicinal tablets he provided in order to further their cultivation.

The patriarchs were fully aware of what that meant, but there was no other option. Without Yang Qi’s help, most of them would have been forever stuck in their cultivation.

His Eldest Brother and Elder Second Brother from the Invincible Society were already key members of the Sage Panacea Sect, as were his blood brothers Yang Yunchong and Yang Hualong. All of them were delighted to see the magical treasures and god items flowing in, as well as medicinal pills, daoist texts, power stones, and other strange treasures.

How many patriarchs were there in the Dao Defense League? Too many to count. So it was only possible to imagine how many people were lining up for treatment, and all of them brought gifts they had dug up from their treasure storehouses.

Most of the patriarchs would have given all of their prosperity to be healed, even their own wives. After all, they all had to deal with constant pain and frustration thanks to the heterogeneous true energy they had in them.

After the day passed, Yang Qi said he needed to take a break and would resume treatments the following day. The patriarchs simply waited outside in line, with more and more arriving to join them every day. During that one day, Yang Qi gained several dozen high-level patriarchs as sworn siblings, all of whom promised to protect the Sage Panacea Sect with their lives.

As word spread through the Dao Defense League, Yang Qi’s sect grew more and more firmly established.

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