Chapter 725: An Independent Sect

The shocking killing intent emanating from the Warriors of the Great Dance immediately cowed numerous unscrupulous individuals who’d been considering trying to take advantage of the situation.

Not only did they possess incredible fighting prowess, they also had the terrifying morphblight virus to work with. No immortal could avoid the effects of that virus, and Yang Qi was the only one who could cure it.

“Those are the legendary Warriors of the Great Dance from the future world. They’re all Revisionist Gods, and their leader is none other than Void Dancer!”

“That really is Void Dancer. I heard that about half a year ago, he and the Warriors of the Great Dance assassinated One Lord Great Joy from the Great Joy Heaven, who was a seventh division Measureless God. Although they didn't outright kill him, they infected him with morphblight and got away without being hurt at all.”

“You’re right, everybody was talking about that a while ago.”

“So this Dragon Proudheaven actually got them all to surrender to him? Don't tell me…?”

“Those Warriors of the Great Dance are all puppets now! He actually turned them into puppets! How could he possibly be strong enough to do that?”

“The Nine Yangs God Sect really miscalculated here. Dragon Proudheaven was obviously testing them to see how loyal they would be. Now he knows that they only put on a pretense of strength, but are actually weak inside. Not a single one of them had dared to take a stand for him when the God Dragon Tribe caused problems. It makes perfect sense that Dragon Proudheaven would go out on his own. Obviously, the Dao Defense League as a whole will still support him; without him to treat the morphblight, it would cause widespread panic.”

“The Nine Yangs God Sect really screwed themselves over here. Well, they deserve it. They earned a lot of treasure, thanks to Dragon Proudheaven, but now their days of profit are over. How much do you think he’ll charge them when they send their disciples to him for healing?”

“Dragon Proudheaven’s new business is going to be booming. With the Warriors of the Great Dance as puppets to protect him, he won’t even be worried about the God Dragon Tribe. No one will dare to pick a fight with him; everyone will be stumbling over themselves to get on his good side.”

“Hey, didn’t he have some problems with the Immortal-Slayer’s Sect? You’d think that if he went out to start his own sect, they could show up and cause problems. So where are they?”

“Forget about the Immortal-Slayer’s Sect. I heard that someone beat Young Master Leaf in a fight, and afterward, he went back to the Tusita Heaven to work on his cultivation. The other seventy-one patriarchs left too.”

“I wonder if Dragon Proudheaven’s backer was the one who beat him. I guess we’ll find out eventually.”

There were quite a few immense streams of divine will inspecting the new Sage Panacea Sect. Those that tried to probe inside to learn some of its secrets suddenly found themselves facing some immense divine ability that sought to devour them, as though some ancient beast lurked within the sect. Terrified, they fled.

The Warriors of the Great Dance patrolled the area outside the sect, and they were already famous enough among the immortal worlds that none dared to cross them.

At a certain point, Yang Qi sat in a main hall in the sect and sent his voice echoing out for all to hear. “I hereby announce the creation of the Sage Panacea Sect, which will treat injuries of all sorts. Not only can we expunge the morphblight virus, we can cure cultivation deviation, restore vital energy reversions, neutralize heterogeneous true energy, and more. Before, I worked for the Nine Yangs God Sect, who ratcheted prices to an incredible level. But now I serve the Dao Defense League as a whole, all for the purpose of defeating the scourge of the future world. And thus, I'm cutting all prices in half.

“I’ve also performed a great service for the Dao Defense League by cutting down the Warriors of the Great Dance and asking my almighty backer to turn them into puppets. They are now like nascent divinity clones of mine, so you have nothing to fear from them. As long as no one makes a move on my Sage Panacea Sect, I'm no threat. But if someone does make a move, I’ll be forced to kill them.”


Golden light flashed and an enormous mountain rose up, which was the entrance of the Sage Panacea Sect. At the bottom of the mountain were hosts of teleportation portals, which would make it very convenient for people to enter the sect.

Yang Qi wanted to make things easy for himself—and everyone else—so he threw out something of a bombshell.

He could cure the ill effects of heterogeneous true energy!

Among those who cultivated the dao of immortals, heterogeneous true energy was more feared than anything else. There were many experts who came across godly-class energy arts, but didn't dare to cultivate them because of that reason. Conflicts with the energy arts they already cultivated could lead to cultivation deviation, and eventually complete destruction.

In situations like that, it felt like being in front of a mountain of gold but being unable to touch it.

The lines that would form to have heterogeneous true energy neutralized would definitely surpass the lines of people who needed healing from morphblight.


Yang Qi’s bombshell immediately caused a huge commotion. Countless almighty experts began communicating via divine will, scarcely able to believe the news. However, after they thought about it for a moment, most of them came to the same conclusion. 

‘He’s backed by some old-timer who completely mastered the Eight Tribes Godfist. Whoever it is, he surpasses all of the experts of the Dragonfolk that we know about. Does he really have a way to neutralize heterogeneous true energy?'


As Yang Qi opened the massive golden entrance to the sect, an almighty figure appeared.

It was a sixth division Revisionist God, a majestic elder king.

He landed on the grand staircase, looked at the disciples who stood in ranks lining the way upward, and shook his head. After all, the disciples were all mere Demolishers, the type whose cultivation base was completely insignificant to him.

In truth, they were all children of the Yang Clan. Yang Qi’s plan going forward was to bring such disciples out to serve in the Sage Panacea Sect. After all, having them cultivate and train in the Sage Monarch Heaven was somewhat restrictive, and would deprive them of the benefits of truly deadly combat. And that in turn would inhibit their growth.

Once he had a strong enough foundation in the Dao Defense League, he would bring all of his followers out into the open.

At the moment, Eldest Brother, Elder Second Brother, Yang Zhan, Sword Seventeen, and other key figures were assigned to important positions within the Sage Panacea Sect.

The minor world that contained the sect was filled with countless smaller halls and structures that had been made using spatial folding techniques he had learned from the Cruiser of Civilization. Not even the top experts in the Dao Defense League would understand what they were looking at, and would assume it was all thanks to Yang Qi’s supposed backer.

‘These disciples are far too weak,’ thought the visiting elder. ‘They're definitely not the top members of the sect.’ Then he looked at the six Warriors of the Great Dance. 'Those six were already incredibly famous, but now they're puppets. If I tried to fight them, I doubt I would be able to come out on top.’

Making sure his energy arts were ready, he called out in a loud voice, “I am Daoist Xie Wusuan from the twenty-eighth ranked immortal world the Evil-Suppressing Heaven, currently an elder king in the Dao Defense League. I have some heterogeneous true energy in me that I was hoping you could neutralize. I'd be willing to swear brotherhood with you if you treat me, as well as offer a handsome reward. What do you think?” [1]

“Please, come in, Elder King,” Yang Qi said to his first big customer.

A golden beam of light appeared that led Elder King Xie Wusuan inside. The divine will of numerous other almighty beings was focused on what was happening, curious to see if Xie Wusuan’s case of heterogeneous true energy could truly be resolved.

“People say that this Xie Wusuan has a pair of god eyes that let him see into the depths of numerous spell formations and primal-chaos debris fields. He can use them to seek out relics left behind by the legion of gods, which is how he collected five godly-class energy arts. Unfortunately, he got greedy, and although his cultivation base rose, the true energy conflicts cause him incredible pain.”

“I remember hearing about that. I wonder if he can actually be cured?”

“Let’s see what happens. If this Dragon Proudheaven can actually perform the healing, his services are going to be in high demand. We’ll all have to go to him for treatment.”

Xie Wusuan entered the Sage Panacea Sect to find Yang Qi waiting there for him, performing some complex hand incantations the likes of which he had never seen before. Nodding in greeting, he sat down and said, “I’ve heard a lot about you, Young Sir Dragon Proudheaven. Now that I'm finally able to meet you in person, I can see that you’re clearly an extraordinary person.”

“There’s no need for such politeness, Elder King,” Yang Qi replied coolly. “As you well know, I'm not even a Godmyth yet, which earns me quite a bit of public ridicule. The truth is that the reason I'm not a Godmyth is that I cultivate a very unique, invincible energy art. If I push the technique to completion, the dao of heaven won’t tolerate it. That said, I’ll still complete it, sooner or later.” Yang Qi could see that Xie Wusuan actually had more to say. “Elder King, you already explained the purpose of your visit. I can see that you cultivate five godly-class energy arts, and the true energy from those arts has created a conflict within you. I have a way to resolve the issue.”

“Young Sir, don’t tell me your method is to remove four of the types of true energy, leaving me with only one.” Xie Wusuan smiled wryly. “You have no idea how long I've cultivated these five godly-class energy arts, nor how much I've benefited from them. I really can’t bear to think about losing them.”

Yang Qi burst out laughing. “If I was that stupid, I would never have been able to found the Sage Panacea Sect. I would never treat people in such a way. I promise that I can create harmony between your five energy arts. Going forward, you won’t have any conflicts, and will be able to use them all as smoothly as if they were the same art. In fact, not only will your energy arts improve, you will personally benefit as well. You might even be able to reach a higher cultivation level.”

“What?” Xie Wusuan said, leaping to his feet. “If you're serious, then I would be in your debt for the rest of my life! How could I possibly thank you enough?”

“All I ask is that you offer me your protection, Elder King,” Yang Qi replied with a faint smile. “As the first customer ever in my new sect, I’m going to treat you free of charge. Let’s hope the rest of the people in the Dao Defense League realize that they should avoid following the example of the spineless Nine Yangs God Sect, who backed down at the slightest hint of adversity.”

“Heal me, and we can be sworn siblings! We’ll live and die together! If anyone causes problems for you, they’ll be causing problems for me too!”

1. Xie is a common surname that also means “thank, apologize”. Wu means “no, without” and Suan means ‘calculate, compute’.

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