Chapter 724: God Dragon Tribe

Without any warning, Yang Qi made his move.

In the blink of an eye, he turned into a crackling stream of light that was as fine as a thread of silk, but backed by enough power to shake the universe. This was all his own cultivation base, Dao-Demolishing with four lineaments, without any help from the Cruiser of Civilization.

Considering his cultivation level, his Angel Wings, and the Heaven Moving constitution he had, he was capable of speeds so incredible that even the most almighty of experts wouldn't be able to keep up with him.

And he had just recently gained a lot of experience by tangling with Leaf Dao-Denier.

Because of that, Dragon Nine-Weapons, who was a fifth division Nirvanic God, didn’t stand a chance of evading the attack.


A red line appeared on Dragon Nine-Weapons’ neck, and then his head toppled off his shoulders, his eyes shining with disbelief and shock.

“Die!” Yang Qi thrust his palm out, hitting Dragon Nine-Weapons’ torso and sealing him in place. Having lost his head, the rest of Dragon Nine-Weapons’ body transformed into an enormous golden-scaled dragon, thrashing and writhing in a way that sent blood spraying all over the hall. Despite losing his head, he was still alive, but was completely and utterly locked in place by the Devil-God Seal.

“Get over here,” Yang Qi said. He beckoned, and the shrieking head flew into his hand, then burst into flames. Agonized shrieks rang out as Dragon Nine-Weapons’ human head returned to its original form, that of a dragon with golden whiskers and bright red eyes.

Crick. Crack

Yang Qi attached the dragon head back to the dragon body. Then, he produced a crystal vessel thrumming with spatial magical laws, into which he tossed the trembling Dragon Nine-Weapons. In the blink of an eye, one of Dragon Everlasting’s top experts was trapped as surely as a fly in amber.

“Who the hell do you think you are to cause such a ruckus in my presence?” Shaking his head, Yang Qi put away the sealed crystal.

“Are you looking to die!?” Dragon Everlasting shouted. Never could he have guessed that this person would dare to actually launch an attack. It was an outright insult and challenge, therefore, he leaped off the bed and unleashed draconic might that instantly caused the entire hall around them to collapse.

Endless River of Myriad Dragons; Crush a Thousand Mountains!

It was the Eight Tribes Godfist.

Dragon Everlasting was using the top fist technique of the God Dragon Tribe, and clearly, he had mastered it to a level that made him vastly superior to Dragon Nine-Weapons. After all, Dragon Everlasting was a sixth division Revisionist God, a level that would make him an elder king in the Dao Defense League, and one of its most powerful members.

However, despite being a ferocious fighter, he actually couldn’t match up to Leaf Dao-Denier. Yang Qi hadn’t hesitated to tangle with Leaf Dao-Denier, so there was little need to mention this young sir of the Dragonfolk.

The reason the Nine Yangs God Sect feared Dragon Everlasting, but not Leaf Dao-Denier, was that the former was backed by the might of the God Dragon Tribe. The Eight Tribes Heaven was more domineering than the Tusita Heaven, and furthermore, Leaf Dao-Denier had never brought his own weight to bear on the situation.

If Leaf Dao-Denier had actually shown up in person, it was hard to say whether or not the Nine Yangs God Sect would have intervened to help Yang Qi.

“Is that supposed to be the Eight Tribes Godfist?” Yang Qi said, a strange expression in his eyes. “Your mastery is superficial at best. Let me show you what it’s supposed to look like. Pay attention….” With that, he unleashed his own Eight Tribes Godfist, with each blow causing myriads of dragons to scream out in attack. He used all eight tribes, including the heaven dragons, the true dragons, the god dragons, the buddha dragons…. He combined all eight tribes into one, creating the perfect manifestation of the technique. In fact, it caused a golden figure that resembled an actual buddha to appear.

It was a dragon and a buddha at the same time.


When the two fist strikes collided, Dragon Everlasting’s robes billowed out and exploded. Then Yang Qi’s fist slammed into his torso, forcing him back into a seated position on the Star Emperor Dragon Bed, where he coughed up mouthful after mouthful of black blood.

“You… have the consummate version of the Eight Tribes Godfist? How is that possible?”  Dragon Everlasting couldn’t have looked more shocked. “And you didn’t actually remove the morphblight virus from me? You villain! This is outrageous!”

Yang Qi laughed. “I got the full Eight Tribes Godfist from a talisman left behind by the ancient Dragon God.” Of course, that was a complete fabrication, but Yang Qi didn’t want to reveal too much true information, so he claimed he was able to unleash the consummate power of the fist strike by means of a talisman.

“And you’re right, I left some of the virus behind. So if I were you, I wouldn’t push things too far. Otherwise, the virus might flare up, and I won't help you get rid of it.”

“You lowlife!” Dragon Everlasting growled. Yet no matter how much he refused to accept the situation, he now realized that it was taking about ninety percent of his effort to keep his injuries in check. If the virus flared up in circumstances like that, how could he possibly fight a duel with Yang Qi?

“Kill him!” shouted the female Dragonfolk. She, the burly fellow from earlier, and a handful of other young Dragonfolk experts suddenly rushed at Yang Qi from behind, unleashing their energy arts to lock down space in the area.

Dragon-Trapping God Formation!” Using both fist techniques and magical treasures, they tried manipulating their complex magical laws in an effort to trap Yang Qi in place.

Unfortunately, even as their Dragon-Trapping God Formation took shape, Yang Qi vanished.

The powers they had all unleashed slammed into each other in what was equivalent to an attack on each other, which caused them all to stagger backward.


“How did he disappear?”

“What’s going on?”

Even as their blood roiled, they heard Dragon Everlasting speaking into their ears. “Be careful!” 

Then Dragon Everlasting shouted, “How dare you attack my followers, villain!”

Despite his words, he was scrambling backward.

Meanwhile, the vicious female Dragonfolk suddenly lurched up into the air, grabbed by Yang Qi and thrown into an amber-like crystal.

The burly man was sliced in half and a bloodcurdling scream rang out as Yang Qi flicked the sleeve of his God Legion Battle Robe to suck him in. When his screams were cut short, even the world’s most stupid person would realize that the man was finished.

One by one, more screams rang out as all of Dragon Everlasting’s subordinates were cut down by Yang Qi and sealed in crystal. In the end, they became a beaded bracelet on his wrist.

Within the beads were actual dragons, all of them very lifelike—but lacking any aura—and wreathed in flames. Their souls twitched in horrific torment, and any Dragonfolk who laid eyes on them would know that they were dragon souls.

“How dare you cruelly defile the experts of the God Dragon Tribe!” Dragon Everlasting shouted, pointing accusingly at Yang Qi yet not daring to make a single move out of fear of the virus flaring up.

“Leave,” Yang Qi said. “The remaining virus won’t be a problem for you as long as you spend time every day keeping it suppressed. It will take a lot of effort, but remember, if you piss me off, the virus will explode and not even I will be able to save you. By the way, you can keep that Star Emperor Dragon Bed. Think of it as a token of my mercy. I’m going to be founding a new sect in the Dao Defense League, the Sage Panacea Sect. If you really want to be fully cured, then come back with the right payment and I’ll be happy to help.”

With that, Yang Qi flew away, and not even the divine will of the almighty beings in the area could do anything to stop him.

The experts of the Nine Yangs God Sect were starting to lose their heads out of fear, fully aware that they had just done something monumentally stupid.

Yang Qi hadn’t been worried at all about offending the God Dragon Tribe. He had been an elder in the Dao Defense League for some time now, and had used the powers of an Inspiring One and a Fraudulent One to earn the loyalty of many of the other elders. It would take a lot of formalities to strip him of that position now.

He had enough power and clout to start his own sect at any time. When he left, many of his most loyal disciples left with him, even some of the elders of the Nine Yangs God Sect.

He quickly identified a suitable location within the Dao Defense League, which soon echoed with thunderous rumbling sounds as he created palaces, pagodas, minor worlds, and other aspects of his new sect. Killing intent boiled as he created warding magics and other mysterious defenses.

Word was already spreading of his conflict with the God Dragon Tribe and falling out with the Nine Yangs God Sect, and quite a few experts were watching to see what his new sect would be like.

Everyone was amazed at the results; it surpassed anything that even a sixth division Revisionist God should be capable of.

Revisionist Gods were elder kings, and as for the seventh division Measureless Gods, they were old-timers who usually withdrew from worldly affairs and didn't show their faces in public.

“Warriors of the Great Dance, come out,” Yang Qi said, summoning Light Dancer, Gloom Dancer, Sand Dancer, Flame Dancer, Lightning Dancer, and the leader, Void Dancer.

Although these six hadn’t been a match for Young Master Leaf, they were still sixth division Revisionist Gods who most people in the immortal worlds would tremble in dread at.

They had even killed elder kings.

Yang Qi had infused them with more power from the future world and used the Cruiser of Civilization to transform their genes, making them puppets who were stronger than they had been before.

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