Chapter 723: Join Me

Upon seeing the Dragonfolk reacting with such strong emotion, Yang Qi’s tone of voice suddenly turned even colder. “What are you people in such a rush for? I can cure anything under heaven, even a virus left behind by the legion of gods! Back down immediately, otherwise you’re going to cause delays. And you’ll have only yourselves to blame for the consequences.”

“Back down, everyone,” hissed Dragon Nine-Weapons. “Now!

He was still burning with anger, but at the same time, didn’t dare to cause any problems.

The Dragonfolk edged away, and in fact, even some of the remaining patients hurried away, not wanting to be too close to any potential conflict. Even the disciples of the Nine Yangs God Sect left, aware that the Dragonfolk were too fierce for them to handle if fighting broke out.

Even if the Nine Yangs God Sect fought as a united sect, they would still be crushed by the God Dragon Tribe of the Dragonfolk. In fact, only one one-thousandth of the forces of the God Dragon Tribe would be enough to destroy them.

Obviously, this Young Sir Dragon Everlasting was an important person to the God Dragon Tribe, and thus, his retainers had no choice but to put his interests first. It was for this reason that not even the almighty leaders of the Nine Yangs God Sect dared to make an appearance. Under any other circumstances, they would have already stepped in to defuse the situation. But not with the God Dragon Tribe of the Dragonfolk.

Yang Qi was well aware of what was going on. He’d started out on very good terms with the Nine Yangs God Sect, but that was only because he needed protection from the Immortal-Slayer’s Sect. He had also needed a foundation upon which to build his own enterprise. But things were different now. His plot against Leaf Dao-Denier had worked perfectly, and he had eroded the strength of the Immortal-Slayer’s Sect. He didn’t really need the Nine Yangs God Sect any longer, and truth be told, one of his main goals upon returning was to declare his own independence and join the Dao Defense League as his own sect. Then he would continue gathering power and building resources as a top member of the league.

The business of treating morphblight was more profitable than any other type of business right now, and those profits only continued to rise. It was easier to make money that way than searching for treasure, by far.

The black lightning coursing in Yang Qi’s direction was the morphblight virus itself, trying to infect him. If he were an ordinary person, he would have been finished. Thankfully, he wasn’t an ordinary person. Plus, he had just acquired another of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions. Even as he began suppressing the black lightning, he inwardly marveled.

‘This Dragon Everlasting is amazing. I can’t believe he held out against the virus for so long. This thing is a void-based primal-chaos virus built with godliness and virtual godhood. It’s violently infectious and contains elements of insane devil beasts. Once it infects someone, they will be doomed to turn into a high-level morphling that not even the future world can control.’

Yang Qi used the Cruiser of Civilization to analyze the virus and found that it was definitely far stronger than any version to date.

Thankfully, the cruiser’s power levels were back to normal now, which would make it easy for him to destroy the virus. Soon, a flame appeared in his palm, within which were all sorts of medicinal auras. He sent the flame streaming into Dragon Everlasting through the lightning; one by one, the black lightning bolts transformed into green smoke that faded away into nothing.

Surging quintessence vitality began flowing through Dragon Everlasting, almost as if some sort of sealing mark had been released. He opened his eyes, and they crackled as if with lightning as he stared at Yang Qi. Then he waved his hand, sending a profound stream of true energy right into Yang Qi to take his soul, true energy, and any other treasures he had.

Even an immortal world would have been emptied by that true energy.

Thankfully, Yang Qi had been on guard and knew that this Dragon Everlasting was a top expert. He immediately drew on the power of the Heaven Beyond Heaven through the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and sent it coursing into Dragon Everlasting.

In the blink of an eye, Dragon Everlasting was filled with such incredible energy that cracks started spreading out on his skin as though he might explode. Dragon Everlasting shivered and sent a furious stream of energy into Yang Qi in the form of an attack. However, Yang Qi neutralized it, then took a tiny sliver of the black electricity that was the morphblight virus, and sent it back into Dragon Everlasting. It was hidden in a latent form, but it would grow, and once it erupted, Dragon Everlasting’s previous injuries would reappear, becoming far more severe in the process.


Yang Qi’s actions forced Dragon Everlasting’s arm to drop to his side. Then Yang Qi floated backward a few paces and said, “So, Dragon Everlasting, you’re the type who returns evil for good? I just cured your morphblight, and you immediately drew on a profound absorption art of the Dragonfolk to try to devour my true energy?”

Laughing cruelly, Dragon Everlasting rose to his feet. Robes rippling and eyes flashing with vicious madness, he said, “So, you’re something of a genius, eh? I was testing you just now, to see how strong your techniques are. As it turns out, you’re only a Dao-Demolisher with four lineaments. You're not really very strong at all; you just use some sort of sealing mark power given to you by some almighty backer.”

Dragon Everlasting had a profoundly strong cultivation base, so as soon as he had recovered he revealed how utterly arrogant and domineering he was. Without any hesitation, the other Dragonfolk quickly fell into rank behind him.

“Hand it over!” Dragon Nine-Weapons said, stepping forward and extending his hand.

“Hand what over?” Yang Qi asked calmly.

“The Star Emperor Dragon Bed. And that dragonpearl. Those are powerful magical treasures belonging to the Dragonfolk. They’re not meant for the likes of you.” He smiled coldly. “Did you really think we would let you profane god items like that? Steal our treasures?”

“That was your payment for treatment,” Yang Qi said with a derisive grin. “Now you're asking for them back? It seems the God Dragon Tribe really is the most unprincipled and shameless tribe among the Dragonfolk. If word about this spreads, are you really ready to accept the ridicule and humiliation? Who would ever dare to do business with you again?”

The female Dragonfolk stepped forward. “Don’t even think about trying to threaten us. We're the Dragonfolk. And not just that, we're nobility among the Dragonfolk. Lowborn bloodlines such as yourselves have to follow Dragonfolk rules. We run things. If we ask for your life, you have no choice but to freely give it to us. What, are you saying you refuse to give those things back? In that case, you can’t accuse us of being rude.”

“Enough!” Dragon Everlasting said. He waved his hand and the Star Emperor Dragon Bed trembled as though it might fly out of Yang Qi’s grasp. Clearly, Dragon Everlasting had placed a warding spell on it that couldn’t be dissolved in a short time.

‘Time to beat them at their own game!’ Yang Qi thought, struck with sudden inspiration.

Pretending to have been overcome, he trembled and allowed the Star Emperor Dragon Bed to fly out and land in front of Dragon Everlasting.

Dragon Everlasting sat down on the bed and looked at Yang Qi with a cold smile. “Excellent. You know, I’ve never run into anyone who dared to extort me, so now I'm at a bit of a loss about what to do. Look, I’ll give you one chance. Join me. Work for me. Or die!”

At this point, Yang Qi wailed, “Oh, almighty leaders of the Nine Yangs God Sect! Where are you?! We had an agreement! I set up this medicine sect as part of the Nine Yangs God Sect, and you were supposed to protect me! Now the God Dragon Tribe experts are threatening me. Aren’t you going to stop them?”

He made sure to raise his voice very loud so that everyone present could hear exactly what he was saying.

There wasn’t even a peep of a response.

“Cut the racket!” Dragon Nine-Weapons said with a vicious grin. “The paltry Nine Yangs God Sect would never dare to cross the God Dragon Tribe. If they did, we would turn them into dust in the blink of an eye. Now I think I'm going to break every bone in your body, just to see how tough they are. Even if they’re made of steel, you’re still going to die!”

“Nine Yangs God Sect!” Yang Qi cried. “We split all the profits from this medicine sect, and now, in my moment of need, you’re just ignoring me?!”

Obviously, Yang Qi knew that there was no way the Nine Yangs God Sect would do anything. But considering he wanted to establish his own independent sect within the Dao Defense League, he needed a good reason to break out on his own. Otherwise, he would face resistance. In fact, unless he played things right, they might even forget favors and violate justice. But in this situation, in which he asked for help to deal with Dragon Everlasting, if they refused to do a thing, then it would prove that they couldn't protect him. In that case, him going out on his own would make perfect sense.

The female Dragonfolk burst out laughing. “You can scream for help until your throat goes hoarse. Nobody’s going to save you!”

Of course, the almighty leaders in the Nine Yangs God Sect were watching everything and even discussing the matter via divine will. 

“Should we say something?”

“Like what? It's not as if our Nine Yangs God Sect could possibly stand up to the God Dragon Tribe. In fact, maybe we should curry favor with them. That might help us in the future. The God Dragon Tribe has already joined the Dao Defense League, and they’ll soon officially found a God Dragon Sect here. So why not get on their good side now? Besides, all of this is really Dragonfolk business.”

“Dragon Proudheaven is backed by a Dragonfolk elder. Let’s see if that elder steps in.”

“There’s no way that elder will do anything. Do you know how important the God Dragon Tribe is? They’re basically above all the other dragon tribes.”

“I still think we should at least say a word or two.”


Even as Yang Qi and Dragon Everlasting stared each other down, the voice of one of the almighty leaders of the Nine Yangs God Sect echoed out. 

“Young Sir Dragon Proudheaven, it's not that we don't want to offer help, but we know that this is a matter between your Dragonfolk tribes. As humans, it would be inappropriate for us to meddle. Please, forgive us.”

Of course, there was no written rule backing up this claim.

“Well, since that's the case,” Yang Qi said, “I hereby renounce any affiliation with the Nine Yangs God Sect! All previous gratitude and grudges are written off!”

“Enough with the jibber-jabber!” Dragon Everlasting said, tapping his finger impatiently. “What’s your decision? Are you going to work for me? Or do you just want to die? We’re going to set up a God Dragon Sect here in the Dao Defense League to help fight the wretch-devils from the future world. If you join us, and continue to treat patients, you can profit a lot. We’ll even give an official title to whatever Dragonfolk elder is backing you. Your clan can become high counselors to the God Dragon Tribe and serve us for generations to come. You’ll have few superiors, and endless subordinates.”

“This is an earnest and well-meaning offer, brat!” Dragon Nine-Weapons said. “Understand? Keep being pigheaded and I’ll crush your skull! By that point, it will be too late to say yes, and too late for regrets!”

The other Dragonfolk experts all began to say, “On your knees, now!”

Ai!” Yang Qi sighed. “Since you all clearly want to die, I’ll accommodate you.”

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