Chapter 722: Dragon Everlasting

“Hold on!”

One of the older ones from the Dragonfolk walked over to where the burly fellow had been smashed into the wall by Yang Qi and dug him out. After pouring some true energy into him, the burly man recovered.

Dragonfolk had particularly doughty constitutions and recovered quickly from injuries. The burly man glared over at Yang Qi and said, “I can’t believe how rude you were just now, brat. I heard you were Dragonfolk, and when you attacked me now, I sensed the aura of a fire dragon. Well, fire dragons are the lowliest and most despicable of the bloodlines. They don’t even come close to comparing to the Eight Tribes. How dare you strike me, a member of the noblest of all the tribes, the God Dragon Tribe! Get on your knees this instant and acknowledge allegiance to me. Show some respect and courtesy!”

The Eight Tribes of the Dragonfolk were the Heaven, True, God, Infernal, Bone, Netherworld, Devil, and Buddha Dragon Tribes.

The most revered of them all, and also the most mysterious, was the Buddha Dragon Tribe. Ranking directly under them were the God, Heaven, and True Dragon Tribes. After them came the tribes of Infernal, Devil, Netherworld, and Bone.

The Bone Dragon Tribe ranked absolute last.

The fire dragons didn’t even rank within the Eight Tribes and didn't count as royal or noble in any way. There were many other types of dragons. For example, golden dragons, red dragons, silver dragons, fire dragons, black dragons, and more. All of them comprised small tribes that were scattered throughout creation. But the culmination of all Dragonfolk were those from the thirty-third ranked immortal world known as the Eight Tribes Heaven. And there were only eight tribes of dragons from there.

The other types of dragons were essentially slaves among other dragons and were considered the lowest of the low.

Because this burly Dragonfolk had sensed the aura of a fire dragon on Yang Qi, he felt free to act brazen. After all, in his eyes, fire dragons were like slaves that could be bossed around without a second thought.

“God Dragon Tribe?” Yang Qi scoffed. “You’re the noblest? From what I recall, the Buddha Dragon Tribe is actually the most highborn and mysterious, ranking first among the tribes. Since when did the God Dragon Tribe defeat the Buddha Dragon Tribe to take the number one spot? I think I need to look into this situation a bit.”

“Watch your mouth, brat! How dare you talk to me like that. When lesser Dragonfolk disrespect greater Dragonfolk, they have their muscles and tendons severed, and get skinned alive!” Grinning viciously, the burly man advanced on Yang Qi and prepared to attack him again.

“Back down, Dragon Fierce!” the older man shouted. “Have you no sense? Don’t cause a big scene here!”

Glaring fiercely at Yang Qi, Dragon Fierce stopped in his tracks. He was not happy at all about having been hit so hard. And he’d heard rumors that this doctor was actually very weak, relying on talismans and nascent divinity blessings from higher-ranking Dragonfolk experts to get along.

“Young Sir Dragon Proudheaven, we can sense the fire dragon aura on you. Are you a member of the Fire Dragon Clan? I am Dragon Nine-Weapons from the God Dragon Tribe.”

Yang Qi waved his hand dismissively. “I couldn’t care less what your deal is, just don’t get in my way while I see my patients.” 

“You!” Dragon Nine-Weapons growled, his expression flickering wildly for a moment before turning ice cold. “There’s a patient right here, a young sir of the Dragonfolk. He’s Dragon Everlasting, and he fought a desperate battle with a future warrior called Heaven Dancer. That was when he got hit with morphblight. Can you cure him? If the other patients die, they die. Not even ten thousand of them could be worth the same as one of our young sir's fingers. There’s no need for you to waste your true energy on them. Help our young sir, and you’ll earn endless benefits.”

In addition to all the patients in the hall, there were plenty of family members, as well as experts from the various sects they hailed from. When they heard Dragon Nine-Weapons’ words, their eyes went wide with fury and hatred, yet none dared to say a word in opposition.

A young woman stepped forward from among the Dragonfolk and said, “What are you people looking at, you worthless vermin? If you have any problems, I can just kill the lot of you. I don’t care what twentieth or thirtieth ranked immortal worlds you come from. As far as we’re concerned, you’re all the same as slaves. We Dragonfolk are the noblest of races, and you humans might as well be bugs compared to us!”

Everyone present trembled like cicadas in winter, and didn’t dare to open their mouths.

Frowning, Yang Qi said, “Oh? Well as far as I'm concerned, all of the patients here are equal. It doesn’t matter if you’re a noble or a commoner, once you’re sick, you’re the same.”

All of a sudden, he blurred into motion, slapping his hand out over and over again to cause numerous black holes to spring into being above all the patients. Instantly, the morphblight and its effects were dragged out of them.

Some of them immediately leapt to their feet.

Now that they were healed, they didn’t dare to stay inside the hall for any longer and quickly exited, leaving behind valuable magical treasures as payment. Of course, all of them resolved to exact vengeance on the Dragonfolk experts sometime later.

“What incredible gall!” Dragon Nine-Weapons shouted. The sight of Yang Qi healing everyone else before their young sir was so infuriating that he thrust his hands out in Yang Qi’s direction. Instantly, scales rippled out over his wrinkled skin, turning his hands into dragon claws.

Grand Dragon Consumes the Sun!

A blur of attacks closed in on Yang Qi.

Yang Qi’s fingers became swords that slashed through the incoming attacks, sending sword energy straight toward Dragon Nine-Weapons’ heart. In response, Dragon Nine-Weapons snorted coldly, shattering the sword energy. Inwardly, he was shocked; his Grand Dragon Consumes the Sun attack was unrivaled, yet this mere ninth stage Dao-Demolisher had vanquished it? Dragon Nine-Weapons was a fifth division Nirvanic God!

Of course, a Nirvanic God from the Dragonfolk would surpass a human by many times. They could compare to Infernalfolk in that if they faced a human with a similar cultivation level, they would absolutely dominate them. In fact, slaughtering seven or eight such humans would be as easy for a Nirvanic God dragon as it would be to drink some water.

That was just what came with the constitution of the Dragonfolk.

“Calm down, all of you,” Yang Qi said. “I never said I wouldn’t heal him. But it’s not as if you’ve been particularly polite customers. Look, you broke my sign! What's your explanation for that?” Truth be told, Yang Qi had just been testing out these Dragonfolk to see what they were capable of. After all, it seemed as though they were now stepping in to join the fight against the future world. That just went to show how powerful the future world was, and how much of a threat they were. After all, not even the Dragonfolk could tolerate them.

“You’re a fire dragon, from the lowliest of tribes,” the female Dragonfolk said coldly. “What gives you the right to hang up a sign that has the words ‘heaven dragon’ on it? And even if you really were a heaven dragon, you would still be below us god dragons. What. You think you’re going to charge us for treatment or something?”

“That’s exactly right,” Yang Qi replied with a decisiveness that could sever nails and chop iron. “I'm definitely going to charge you. A lot. And if you don’t pay, you can take your young sir and just leave without treatment.”

“You!” the female Dragonfolk shouted. “Heaven curse you, you puny little fire dragon! Are you really going to defy our orders? Tell whatever fire dragon expert you have backing you to show his face! I don’t care if he’s a Fire Dragon Tribe chieftain! Not even he would dare to talk to us like this.”

“Forget about this fire dragon business,” Yang Qi said coldly. “Are you going to pay, or not? Considering you broke my sign, you owe me a Revisionist God dragonpearl at the very minimum! If you don’t pay up, you’re not welcome, and can kindly scram. Do you really think I'm going to jump through hoops to help some impolite customers like you? You've got to be kidding me!”

“Quite the defiant one!” the female Dragonfolk said, stamping her foot and curling her finger into vicious claws.

However, at this point, a weak voice floated out. “Give… give him… the compensation. All of it….” 

All of the Dragonfolk experts shivered as they looked over at the god item that was the wooden bed, where Dragon Everlasting had managed to look up and speak.

“Those are the young sir’s orders,” Dragon Nine-Weapons said. “We have to follow them!” The other experts were furious, but had no choice but to simply look on as Dragon Nine-Weapons produced a dragonpearl and handed it to Yang Qi.

Yang Qi looked at it and confirmed that it contained an impressive amount of power. It would be a big help to those subordinates of his who cultivated the Eight Tribes Godfist. “This is compensation for my sign. But you still need to pay in advance to have your young sir healed.”

“You want more!?” Dragon Nine-Weapons shouted furiously. “This is outrageous! Boy, we’re giving an inch and you’re asking for a mile!”

“It’s all up to you,” Yang Qi said, clasping his hands behind his back indifferently.

“Fine, what do you want?” 

“Simple. I want that wooden bed he's lying on. I happen to like it. If it’s worth your young sir’s life, then hand it over. What's the thing called anyway?”

All of the Dragonfolk erupted into howls of rage and fury. “Kill him! This blasphemer can’t be forgiven!”

“Cut him down if he won’t heal the young sir!”

“Grab him and torture him! I refuse to believe that he can take the pain!”

Yang Qi snorted coldly. “Go ahead and make a move if you want,” he said. “I have a thousand and one ways to spread toxins in the air that will make your young sir’s morphblight even worse. He’ll turn into a morphling in the blink of an eye.”

The Dragonfolk all froze, hesitating to shoot the rat for fear of breaking the vases.

Once again, the weak Dragon Everlasting lifted his head and said, “Do it. The Star Emperor Dragon Bed isn’t worth my life.”

With that, the female Dragonfolk slowly took Dragon Everlasting up into her arms and kicked the bed over to Yang Qi. Chuckling, Yang Qi waved his sleeve to collect the bed and begin fusing with it.

“Now you have to save our young sir,” Dragon Nine-Weapons said, his cheek twitching.

“Very well, that’s much better.” Yang Qi waved his hand, sending a stream of true energy into Dragon Everlasting.

Crack! Snap! 

Black lightning bolts shot out of Dragon Everlasting, writhing like snakes toward Yang Qi as if to burrow into him. ‘How could this morphblight be so virulent?’ he thought. ‘It’s a hundred times stronger than anything from before!’

The Dragonfolk were so stunned that they nearly passed out. “If you don’t heal him properly, brat, we’ll take your life in compensation!” They all knew that if they didn’t see this Dragon Everlasting healed, they would never be able to return to the Eight Tribes Heaven alive.

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