Chapter 720: God Pill

Looking inside the pill bottle he saw, not just a mere pill, but rather an entire world. It was filled with apsaras, yakshas, medicine kings, medicine spirits, and they seemed to come into existence and be extinguished moment by moment. They were as numerous as ants, and from what Yang Qi could sense, they were all actual living beings with their own life forces, short though they may be. [1]

As he inhaled, roiling medicinal energy poured into him, completely replenishing his power and provoking a response from the Cruiser of Civilization. 

[Deathless godpower: power compatibility one hundred percent… unique power signature, insert for increased strength….]

‘Forget it,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘This is too valuable to waste on the Cruiser of Civilization. I'm going to take it.’

He opened his mouth and inhaled deeply, absorbing the medicinal energy into himself. Immediately, his depleted Blood of the One God began building back up, and before long, it was completely back to normal. That alone went to show how powerful this god pill was.

Unfortunately, Yang Qi faced the same problem that Leaf Dao-Denier had faced; trying to take full advantage of the god pill was impossible. He might as well have tried to inhale a mountain.

He just wasn’t strong enough for the whole thing.

That said, even a bit of the medicinal power was enough to help him advance by leaps and bounds, pushing him closer and closer toward a breakthrough into the Godmyth level.

‘Who could have guessed that Leaf Dao-Denier would have something like this on him? I have to track him down and get those other legacy medallions. Once I get the fifth and sixth pieces, collecting the others will be much easier.’

At the moment, he wasn't feeling greedy. He just wanted to get one more medallion. If he did, he would have a total of five, which meant that the most any other person could collect would be four. And such a person would have a hard time taking his away. Conversely, if he only collected four, while another person collected five, that person would quickly become the bane of his existence.

That was why chasing down Young Master Leaf was an absolute necessity.

Drawing on the powers of the four medallions, he yet again summoned an image of Young Master Leaf, who was currently flying in the direction of an enormous violet immortal world. Yang Qi’s face fell. ‘Not good! He’s trying to get back into the Tusita Heaven. If he succeeds, I’ll never be able to get him, and worse, I’ll be in great danger. I hurt him a bit, but didn’t damage his destiny, which means that if he recovers, the consequences will be too horrible to contemplate.’

Eyes blazing, he opened the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, performed a teleportation, and popped out right in front of Leaf Dao-Denier.

He was determined not to let Leaf Dao-Denier escape this time. Throwing his hand out, he unleashed a host of godwarding spells, and also drew on the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, the Cannon of Civilization, immortal-slaying power, and other deadly moves, forming all of them into a combined attack of devastating proportions.

“You really want to kill me, don’t you?” Leaf Dao-Denier said. That much was obvious from how Yang Qi didn’t waste time with words and simply launched a furious attack.

“Not necessarily. Give me the command medallion and maybe I won’t kill you.” Despite giving utterance to such words, Yang Qi unleashed the most deadly of moves. Each attack was backed with full power and he didn’t pay attention at all to how much true energy it was draining. After all, he still had the god pill, which could replenish him with a mere inhalation.

“Die!” he shouted, devastating all of Leaf Dao-Denier’s defensive measures, and then activating the God Legion Seal in what he hoped would be a mortal blow.

“Even if you defeat me today, I’ll still come back later for revenge! I’ll get the essence of the Tusita Heaven, and once I'm its ruler I’ll be able to kill you as easily as turning over my hand!”

Seemingly resolved in his next course of action, Leaf Dao-Denier exhaled a stream of violet light, which was none other than a paper talisman inscribed with violet energy from the east that pierced all the way through the void to attack the God Legion Seal.


The God Legion Seal ripped it to shreds, but by the time that happened, Leaf Dao-Denier had vanished. He reappeared a moment later, even closer to the Tusita Heaven.

“What the fuck!” Yang Qi blurted. “How does this guy have so many magical treasures?! None of them are a match for my God Legion Seal, but each one buys him a bit of time. Don’t tell me he’s really going to get away from me?! Damnation! His cultivation level is too high for me to use the Glad Tidings of the Lord on him. Maybe the Wheel of Fate will be able to distort his fate enough for me to kill him.”

Yang Qi activated the Wheel of Fate and immediately locked onto Leaf Dao-Denier’s fate. It was long, complex, and abundant. It had been damaged by Yang Qi, but the closer he got to the Tusita Heaven, the more that immortal world blessed him. It seemed clear that there was no way to truly harm or kill him now.

‘So that’s how it is. He has the approval and legacy of the immortal world essence of the Tusita Heaven.’ Shocked, Yang Qi pooled all the power he could muster to fling a fist strike at his opponent’s back.

Even as the fist-wind bore down on Young Master Leaf, a mighty expression of will erupted from the Tusita Heaven. 

“Who dares to attack Dao-Denier?”

Numerous bolts of lightning appeared, forming into a long spear that stabbed toward Yang Qi just as aggressively as he would normally attack with his Infernal Deity Spear.

‘Not good. Some almighty enemy has appeared!’

The Tusita Heaven was an enormous place that not even Yang Qi would dare to try to defy. And the power that was now on display made it clear that he had to give up his pursuit of Leaf Dao-Denier. If he didn’t, he would end up dead.

‘I have to get out of here!’ Without the slightest hesitation, he turned in place and then vanished.

The lightning spear continued to shoot forward, transforming an entire swath of the void into a sea of lightning before fading away. When it was over, Leaf Dao-Denier finally stopped moving. Panting for breath, he glared hatefully in the direction Yang Qi had vanished but didn't give chase.

“This grudge will never go away. I'm going to get revenge by killing him. Sooner or later.” It was an oath sworn to heaven by Leaf Dao-Denier.


An old man appeared behind him, surrounded by a crackling world of lightning. “What happened here, Leaf Dao-Denier? I can’t believe that person beat you up this badly! You've lost a lot of face for the Leaf Clan here!”

Leaf Dao-Denier gave an angry snort. “What right do you have to criticize me, Leaf Lightning? What if I told you that he has a God Legion Seal? That would be a pretty monumental secret, don’t you agree?”

Upon hearing the news, Leaf Lightning staggered backward in shock. “What? God Legion Seal? That young man you were fighting has a God Legion Seal?”

“Thanks to the fight with him, I learned a lot. I did lose, but not to him. I was defeated by the God Legion Seal. That seal was created by the faith of all the living things in the many heavens, directed to the Sovereign Lord. That person must have an incredible destiny to have acquired it, but sadly for him, I'm going to kill him and take it. The God Legion Seal is going to be mine soon.

“Don’t worry, his cultivation base is pathetically weak. I’ll capture him alive and force the God Legion Seal out of him. With it, we can quell the unrest in the Tusita Heaven, then go on to make the countless other immortal worlds our personal territory. Soon, I’ll be just like the leader of the future world!” Leaf Dao-Denier burst out laughing. “It's time to go back and take the Essence Trial of the Tusita Heaven.”

“What?” Leaf Lightning said. “You’re going to take the Essence Trial? If you pass that test, you’ll become the true ruler of the Tusita Heaven. But no one has passed that test for billions of years! And if you fail, you die. Aren’t you worried you might get killed?”

“Someone with a God Legion Seal just chased me down and tried to kill me. I could sense the immense destiny on him, and to be honest, it frightened me. But I survived, and in the process, gained enlightenment. I'm definitely going to take control of the essence of the Tusita Heaven, gain its legacy, and become the ruler of this immortal world. Later, I’ll reach the Deathless Throne and rival the glory of the legion of gods.” A profoundly ruthless smile appeared on Leaf Dao-Denier’s face.

As for Leaf Lightning, he broke out into a cold sweat. ‘Leaf Dao-Denier is the most powerful genius in our Leaf Clan, but I can’t believe he’s this confident. If a child of the Leaf Clan really becomes the ultimate lord of the Tusita Heaven and is approved by its essence… then that means all of creation will become the property of the Leaf Clan! We’re truly going to become like an imperial house!’

Leaf Dao-Denier blurred into motion, heading into the gloriously violet Tusita Heaven. Almost as soon as the immortal energy there touched him, he became even stronger than before.


Some distance away, Yang Qi was looking at a photonic computer screen that depicted Young Master Leaf entering the Tusita Heaven. 

‘What a pity he slipped through my fingers.’

Unfortunately, the photonic computers couldn’t see inside the Tusita Heaven itself. It was a thirty-third ranked immortal world, with an essence that not even the immense power of the Cruiser of Civilization could pierce through.

However, Yang Qi had been able to eavesdrop on the conversation between Leaf Dao-Denier and Leaf Lightning.

When he heard that Leaf Dao-Denier was going to take the Essence Trial, he knew that it could prove to be a bit problematic. At the very least, it signaled the pending need to abandon the identity of Dragon Proudheaven. However, the fact that Leaf Dao-Denier was going into hiding to take the trial meant that Yang Qi had a bit of time to work with. He could still act as the god-doctor and, for the time being, didn’t need to worry about the Immortal-Slayer’s Sect.

‘For now, I’ll focus on my own matters. Now that my immortal-slaying clone has Chancellor Demi-Immortal’s aura, he can work on his cultivation in the Heaven Beyond Heaven. And he can send power from there to me via the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. Meanwhile, I can focus on my own cultivation for a time.’

With the four legacy medallions, his ability to use the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart had improved and he could easily sense the vital energy of the Heaven Beyond Heaven through it. And it was an easy task to establish a connection and move power between there and any other location.

1. Since it's been about 200+ chapters, here is a quick reminder that apsaras are flying spirits from Hinduism and Buddhism. Another note: the version of ‘yaksha’ that appears here actually contains the character for ‘medicine’, making it particularly relevant to the medicinal theme of this passage.

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