Chapter 717: The Mysteries of ‘Beyond Heaven’

Yang Qi really was in the midst of an enormous vortex. But his calls for help were a ruse. He was actually absorbing the pure power of the vortex, including power stones filled with godliness, and even liquid power.

As soon as he entered the Heaven Beyond Heaven, he felt resistance, similar to how a person might feel when stepping into a massive waterfall.

It was such an intense level of power that he wasn’t able to adapt at first. Looking around, he saw dazzling lights and colors. However, as he focused his senses, he realized that there were numerous spell formations in the area.

It was obviously a deadly location that most people would never be able to survive in.

However, as the spell formations recognized Chancellor Demi-Immortal’s destiny, the power flows around him softened and the formations didn't assail him. Despite that, moving was still difficult, and felt almost like trying to walk through gelatin.

[Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep.]

The photonic computers immediately began providing more information. 

[Unknown power detected. Godliness detected. Power conversion degree ninety-eight percent. Power compatibility ninety-nine percent.]

As things became clearer, Yang Qi realized that he was in an ancient spell formation filled with bleached bones that were apparently the remains of people who had tried to enter this world, only to be killed. There wasn’t even any spirit energy left in them.

There were also power crystals floating here and there that looked like they were made of nephrite. [1]

Normally speaking, he wouldn’t be able to take such power crystals. They contained a heterogeneous type of energy that would cause a deadly reaction like the attack of an entire army. But thanks to Chancellor Demi-Immortal’s aura, the energy calmed and allowed Yang Qi to simply harvest it.

Thus he began restoring his power reserves.

Gradually, he was able to send his senses back out to see how the battle was faring outside between Young Master Leaf and the six Warriors of the Great Dance.

Young Master Leaf was dead set on cutting down the Warriors of the Great Dance and getting inside the Heaven Beyond Heaven. Obviously, he was aware that the vital energy in that heaven was vastly beyond what ordinary experts could handle.

The Warriors of the Great Dance knew that as well, so they had no intention of going inside. However, Yang Qi’s cries from inside left them furious. They were all thinking roughly the same thing. ‘It doesn’t matter what that brat says, we're not just going to run inside. Once we deal with Young Master Leaf, we’ll have plenty of time to decide what to do next!’

As they continued fighting with Young Master Leaf, both sides were draining their power and inflicting injuries on each other.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi was inside the Heaven Beyond Heaven, absorbing power from the spell formation and slowly working on his cultivation. As he did, and as the power of the Cruiser of Civilization built back up, the Sage Monarch Heaven also received blessings of power and began growing larger as a result.

Everyone there sank into a state of deep dao enlightenment and cultivation.


Another lineament appeared on Yang Qi’s dao heart, causing his energy arts to reach an even higher state. His vision was also able to pierce deeper into the Heaven Beyond Heaven, although he was still currently in the border region and had no idea how far it stretched. At the very least, it was no smaller than the Hell of Mahānata. Yang Qi felt like a speck of dust inside of it, looking at the endless cloudy mists, which rippled occasionally and emanated roars that seemed to indicate enormous beasts were inside, hunting prey. There were also numerous spell formations that crunched and cracked with killing intent.

These were god formations of immense scale and size.

A gust of wind rose up, which Yang Qi had the photonic computers analyze.

[Beep-beep-beep. Primal-chaos flame wind detected; can damage virtual godhood. Only true gods can remain unaffected by it.]

‘Incredible. Although it’s no threat to me, I can’t help but wonder how strong Chancellor Demi-Immortal would have become if he found his way here. He would have become invincible, eventually.’

It was a place that was naturally suitable for cultivation, but at the same time it was a deadly place for most people. Chancellor Demi-Immortal would have fit right in, and as he unlocked the secrets and the treasures of the place he would have advanced by leaps and bounds. Eventually, he would have formed a resonance with the immortal world’s essence and power and gained control of the ancient god formations. Then he would have been able to beat nearly any enemy who came at him.

Unfortunately, despite having taken Chancellor Demi-Immortal’s power, Yang Qi couldn’t just directly take control of the place. There were secrets here to be uncovered, and he needed to find its ultimate core. He also needed a much higher cultivation base.

In that respect, it was similar to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

The main difference was that the medallions connected to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart were scattered, and needed to be collected before they could be used to enter the place. In contrast, Yang Qi himself had all the qualifications to enter the Heaven Beyond Heaven with the greatest of ease.

‘In that case, I might as well just stay here, work on my cultivation, and see how things turn out between Young Master Leaf and the Warriors of the Great Dance. Considering how much I hurt Young Master Leaf with that explosion, and how much energy he wasted on the chase, I wonder if the Warriors of the Great Dance will be able to defeat him.’

Outside, the battle was raging.

Young Master Leaf was releasing a consummate divine ability; unbeknownst to his opponents, he was drawing on his powers as a Fortuned One. All sorts of signs suddenly appeared around him; mountains and rivers arose, the cosmos inverted, snow and wind screamed, and yin and yang transposed.

One Thought Brings Good Fortune; Thought after Thought Create the Macrocosm!

All of a sudden he thrust his hand out, fingers splayed, unleashing his Fortuned powers and causing immense pressure to weigh down. Of the three thousand special constitutions, the Fortuned Ones possessed one of the top three, allowing them to stand alongside Fateless Ones and Eternal Ones. When they truly unleashed their powers, they were incredibly terrifying.

One palm, one thought. All it took was a single thought for the world to transform to conform to the workings of his mind. In that moment, he was the creator of good fortune; he was the creator of all things.

Create Fortune; Create the Corporeal!

He chopped his hand down and Sand Dancer had no time to get out of the way. The blow struck him, and his mecha shattered. A scream rang out, and he transformed into nothing more than a clump of yellow sand that fell into Young Master Leaf’s palm.

“Sand Dancer?” Young Master Leaf smiled viciously. “So that’s your power? You can control sand? Child’s play. You’re strong, but you’re no match for me.”

“Stay your hand!” Void Dancer blurted. He suddenly seemed to flow into the void itself, and when he reappeared he was right above Young Master Leaf, his hand stretching down toward his head.

Young Master Leaf didn’t even look up. “Heavenly Cauldron of Good Fortune!

True energy erupted from the top of his head in the shape of an enormous cauldron, which Void Dancer’s attack slammed into, causing a sonorous boom to ring out.

‘That attack contains the boundless strength to rip open immortal worlds! But it’s not strong enough to get through that cauldron?’ Void Dancer immediately shot away from Young Master Leaf.

“Too slow!” Young Master Leaf said, his eyes glittering with malice, his lips twisted like those of a ravenous fiend-devil. “Void Dancer, you scum. I can’t believe you challenged me to a fight with such weak power. You really want to fight a Fortuned One? I know that you have a special constitution type. You’re one of the Void Ones!”

Launching another palm strike, he said, “Good Fortune at Heaven’s Peak! Hate Heaven; Never Return!

The void kingdom around Void Dancer collapsed and his mecha shattered. Blood sprayed out of his mouth and his eyes went wide with disbelief at how vicious Young Master Leaf was. Void Dancer was an important person in the future world, with a high cultivation base, but in the end he wasn’t a match at all for Young Master Leaf.

Now that Young Master Leaf was going all out, the Warriors of the Great Dance were on the verge of being wiped out.

Six Warriors Combined; God Dancer Transformation!

Void Dancer immediately burst into flames, as did the other warriors. Even the life force of Sand Dancer flowed out of Young Master Leaf’s hand as all of them combined into one.

The God Dancer had arrived.

This God Dancer glowed with golden light and was surrounded by countless bolts of electricity. Everything else in the area seemed to vanish except for that one enormous warrior, who carried a cudgel that seemed capable of propping up heaven and destroying everything in existence.

“So this is the power of your so-called God Dancer? Young Master Leaf said with a disdainful smile. “I guess the abilities from your future world really are shallow and weak. Well, I’ll just destroy you and take your power for myself.”

He burst into flames and thunder, making him seem almost like a volcano surrounded by drums of war.

King of Good Fortune!

A projection of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart appeared, causing the power of monarchs to flow into him as he launched an attack directly at God Dancer’s cudgel.


A massive boom rang out as they clashed. The primal-chaos debris outside the Heaven Beyond Heaven was shoved away violently in all directions, and many of the beasts that lurked in the area were wiped out of existence.

Cracks spread out over the surface of God Dancer’s mecha, the golden light of which was already starting to fade. Young Master Leaf looked as majestic as ever, but Yang Qi could sense that he was short on breath and his heart was beating irregularly. Obviously, he couldn’t sustain this level of power forever.

Young Master Leaf didn’t seem to notice. “Prepare to die, Warriors of the Great Dance! Monarch of Myriad Monarchs!

1. Nephrite is essentially one of the two main mineral species that are known as jade. In Chinese it is literally “soft jade”.

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