Chapter 716: A Successful Framing

Young Master Leaf was so angry that his head nearly exploded.

Never before had he suffered such a heavy loss. Never had he been ambushed like this. Worse, his ambusher had issued infuriating taunts right before fleeing.

In that moment he vowed to capture this ambusher and torture them with the most painful techniques in order to excise the heart-devil that had formed inside of him. He absolutely had to vent his anger.

I call on immortal-slaying godmight to surpass the void; sacrifice my blood to space-time; displace any and all obstacles in my way!

He immediately began performing a sacrifice, using his own quintessence blood and vital energy to shoot after Yang Qi. Considering he had just recovered from a deadly attack, he shouldn’t actually be doing something like that, but in his fury, he didn’t hesitate.

After all, if his quarry escaped, how could he possibly vent his anger?

Thus, they sped off into the universe. This was an area of thirtieth ranked immortal worlds, a location of extreme danger. But these two were freaks among freaks, the type who could ignore such threats and who were constantly rising to higher levels.

Time passed.

The power levels in the Cruiser of Civilization were dropping. In fact, they had already descended to the level of one one-millionth. Unfortunately, despite having struck a heavy blow to Young Master Leaf, Yang Qi hadn’t benefited at all. In fact, the only thing that seemed to be happening was that he was wasting energy. Thankfully, they were soon approaching the Heaven Beyond Heaven; once they arrived, he would draw on the destiny of Chancellor Demi-Immortal to try to make a connection and power up again.

Although the power from the Heaven Beyond Heaven wasn’t as pure as that from the future world, it was still more than enough for his current purposes.

Three days and nights passed, during which Young Master Leaf remained hot on Yang Qi’s trail. Any primal-chaos debris that got too close to him was melted in the blink of an eye. Young Master Leaf was now so furious that he wasn’t holding anything back in his effort to kill his ambusher.

Yang Qi now realized more than ever that if he didn’t have the Cruiser of Civilization, he wouldn’t have any hope at all of even fleeing Young Master Leaf, let alone fighting him.

At a certain point, he felt something stirring within him.

He pierced through a mass of primal-chaos debris and saw an immortal world up ahead that was larger than anything he had ever seen before.

In fact, only a corner of it was visible within the primal-chaos, yet that was larger than any immortal world Yang Qi had encountered before. At the moment, it was impossible to see exactly how large it was.

After all, thirtieth ranked immortal worlds and higher were so high within the universe that they nestled in the depths of primal-chaos that bordered on the kingdom of the gods.

Unfortunately, only ninth division Chaos Gods—those who understood the dao of primordial chaos—would dare to venture in search of thirty-third ranked immortal worlds. The primordial chaos beasts that lurked in those parts were extremely dangerous, as well as the spell formations. All of them were powerful enough to harm actual gods.

Yes, Yang Qi was now high enough that he was reaching the limits of the universal planes of existence and was approaching a world of pure primal-chaos.

The Heaven Beyond Heaven was ancient, desolate, and completely lacking the fluctuations of living things. It looked like an open mouth that was just waiting to consume anyone who got too close to it.

A smile appeared on Yang Qi’s face as he flew directly toward that mouth.

As for Young Master Leaf, the sight caused a cruel gleam to flicker in his eyes. ‘Go ahead. You think you’re going to find some treasure hidden there? Little do you know that I’ve been here before. Considering the spell formations there, and the vital energy expulsion power at play, you’ll never get inside. Catching you now is going to be as easy as trapping a turtle in a jar.’

Yang Qi became a streak of white light that pierced into the ‘mouth’ of the Heaven Beyond Heaven. Instantly, he was surrounded by an aura that was vaguely familiar.

He had never been to the Heaven Beyond Heaven, or even seen it, yet it was almost like home to him. That, of course, was because of the destiny and memories of Chancellor Demi-Immortal.

‘There really is plenty of power here,’ Yang Qi thought. He quickly hid his own destiny and aura and put Chancellor Demi-Immortal’s onto display. Within moments, a projection of Chancellor Demi-Immortal appeared within the Cruiser of Civilization. Instantly, the power of the Heaven Beyond Heaven began flowing toward Yang Qi. It was roughly as pure as the power of the Tusita Heaven, and Yang Qi quickly channeled it into the Cruiser of Civilization around him.

[Power compatibility, ninety percent.] Compatibility numbers of ninety percent were very high and would lead to rapid recovery.

‘If Chancellor Demi-Immortal had survived, he really would have been able to take over the Heaven Beyond Heaven. He might have even been able to reach the Deathless Throne.’

He was just on the verge of actually entering the Heaven Beyond Heaven. Once he did, he would definitely be able to refill all the power reserves. And perhaps there would even be god crystals for the taking, power similar to that of the future world, with one hundred percent compatibility.

At that point, Yang Qi’s fighting prowess would definitely put him on a level high enough to kill Young Master Leaf. After all, Young Master Leaf was focusing so much on the chase that his recovery had been hindered.

But that was when laughter rang out. “Hello, distant traveler. We've been waiting for you here.”

Suddenly, something like a huge net spread out to cover the entrance of the Heaven Beyond Heaven and six spell formations suddenly popped into existence in front of him.

Six figures stepped out, who were none other than future warriors.

Light Dancer.

Flame Dancer.

Gloom Dancer.

Lightning Dancer.

Sand Dancer.

And last, the leader, Void Dancer.

They were the Warriors of the Great Dance, whose auras were like mountains, seas, or even black holes.

Yang Qi immediately responded with a powerful burst of divine will that carried his words out in all directions. “You got here just in time! I successfully lured Young Master Leaf here with the technology you gave me. He’s hurt, so now's the perfect opportunity to take his life. I’ll leave it all up to you. Kill him and take his legacy medallions, then we Mechfolk and you people from the future world can share the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart!”

Everyone could hear him clearly, even Young Master Leaf.

The Warriors of the Great Dance were stunned and had no idea what was going on. But as for Young Master Leaf, he saw the six warriors and the spell formations they had set up, and smiled viciously. “So, the future world and the Mechfolk have teamed up. And you set up a trap for me here? You even detonated one of my own followers to injure me ahead of time! Let me tell you something. I'm Leaf Dao-Denier, and I'm a god who can never be killed! Immortal-Slaying God Lightning! Tusita Multitudinous Flower Blossoming!

Holding none of his power back, he summoned a huge, blood-colored volcano behind him, which belched forth countless glittering lotuses. Each lotus was a world of its own, pulsing with rage and fury as they shot toward the Warriors of the Great Dance and Yang Qi.


Young Master Leaf attacked with vicious decisiveness, burning his own quintessence blood and vital energy.

In the blink of an eye, the spell formations that had been set up by the Warriors of the Great Dance shattered into pieces.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi let the momentum of the explosion catch up to him, then directed the Cruiser of Civilization to slip into the Heaven Beyond Heaven.

Behind him, the six Warriors of the Great Dance clashed with Young Master Leaf.

“This is a misunderstanding, Young Master Leaf! We’re being manipulated into hurting each other. We're being taken advantage of!” Void Dancer, the leader, was a strapping man equipped with a pure white mecha that almost looked like it was made from silk. It was so thin that it seemed like a robe, and as he flitted about in it he emanated a profound majesty.

“Hurt each other? Manipulated? No, you’re all going to die!” Not only was Young Master Leaf a skeptical person to begin with, and his soul was so influenced by his rage that he was hardly in a position to be making rational decisions. Furthermore, his previous cooperation with the future world had been a matter of pure practicality. Therefore, he immediately resorted to deadly attacks to try to kill the people blocking his path.

‘That Dragon Proudheaven is a fool to enter the Heaven Beyond Heaven. Maybe he thinks he can escape me by doing that, but he obviously doesn’t know how the place is filled with deadly vital energy vortexes. I’ll kill these people first, absorb their power and vital energy to heal myself, then go after Dragon Proudheaven!’

Howling, Young Master Leaf said, “Shatter the Many Heavens!

Instantly, the heaven above him shattered into dust that spread out to cover the six Warriors of the Great Dance.

“Damnation!” Void Dancer spat. “This guy is crazy. Does he really think he’s invincible!?”

He and the other warriors had no desire to fight with Young Master Leaf, but right now it seemed that they had no choice.

However, it was in that moment that a bloodcurdling scream rang out from within the Heaven Beyond Heaven. It was Yang Qi. “Don’t any of you come in here! Kill Young Master Leaf out there and get his legacy medallions! Then come here and save me! I never could have guessed the vital energy vortexes in the Heaven Beyond Heaven would be so strong. I'm stuck!”

Hearing this, Young Master Leaf’s arrogance grew and he laughed heartily. “You’re trapped in a thirty-third ranked immortal world and you think you’re going to escape? The Heaven Beyond Heaven is one of the most mysterious of all immortal worlds! Even ninth division Chaos Gods wouldn’t dare to enter that place!”

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