Chapter 714: Heading Toward the Godrelic

Because of how famous and important Yang Qi was in the Nine Yangs God Sect, it was only natural that there would be top experts keeping an eye on him at all times with divine will. That was especially true considering he had the Aeonic God Psalter.

That said, Yang Qi usually handled matters with a power double, while his true self remained in the Cruiser of Civilization. Because of that, it was difficult for the almighty experts to keep track of him all the time. When they assumed he was simply sitting quietly in meditation and contemplation, he might be doing something completely different.

This time, as soon as Yang Qi went out, the almighty entities sent divine will out to follow, yet they quickly came up short.

He moved so quickly that it surpassed the limits of heaven and earth, and the bounds of common sense.

Some of those who were watching him were so stunned they nearly passed out.

In their minds, Dragon Proudheaven was just a child. Perhaps he was special, but no matter how miraculous he was, it didn’t make him capable of surpassing the limits set in place by cultivation bases. Those were rules and principles that were iron-clad in the immortal worlds.

High cultivation bases were stronger, lower cultivation bases were weaker. It was an unbreakable truth.

In the Immortal-Slayer’s Sect, Young Master Leaf had just received the update from Confucian Daoless and sent his own will over to observe the Nine Yangs God Sect. Yet, in that moment, he saw Yang Qi blasting off toward the Heaven Beyond Heaven. 

‘Dammit, how could he be so fast?’

Young Master Leaf had already set up a big spell formation to trap Yang Qi, thus bypassing the need to call on the Warriors of the Great Dance from the future world.

But then he saw Dragon Proudheaven blurring into motion, to the point that his own divine will was incapable of keeping up with him. In fact, in the following moment, Young Master Leaf couldn’t even locate his specific position.

Yang Qi sped along, combining the powers of a Heaven Moving One with his Angel Wings. It made him capable of surpassing the speed of anything in existence, and that was even without using the flight systems of the Cruiser of Civilization. If he did that, he would be even faster.

‘How could this be happening?!’ Confucian Daoless thought. ‘I can’t even get in touch with Young Master Leaf now!’

Although he was inwardly howling, he didn’t let loose a peep as he watched immortal worlds and spatial tempests speeding by. They traveled for what must have been millions upon millions of light-years, and what was most terrifying was that it didn't seem to take any effort at all on the part of Yang Qi.

At a certain point, Confucian Daoless finally drew on his immortal-slaying powers to say, “Master, Master! We're going too fast! I can’t take it! I never could have guessed you would be able to move this quickly. Why don't we slow down for a moment? It looks like we're already in a high-level area of the universe. These are all twentieth ranked immortal worlds or higher, which means that if we go beyond this we’ll reach the thirtieth ranked immortal worlds. Once we’re there, we’ll run into primal-chaos debris left behind by ancient primal-chaos worlds! If you keep going this fast, we might end up falling into a place like that and getting stuck forever!”

Of course, Confucian Daoless’s true intent was to get them to slow down for long enough to send a message to Young Master Leaf.

“You know what, you’re right, Confucian Daoless,” Yang Qi said. Yet he didn’t show any signs of slowing down. In fact, his wings began beating faster and the immortal worlds began whizzing by even more quickly. “The fact that your immortal-slaying powers allow you to speak at speeds like this is pretty incredible!”


Confucian Daoless felt like he had just been struck by lightning, and shivered down to his core. “Immortal-slaying power? What’s immortal-slaying power? What do you mean, Master? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Yang Qi laughed. “I mean the gift Young Master Leaf from the Immortal-Slayer’s Sect gave you. You might be able to hide it from other people, but not me. You see, I have immortal-slaying power, too. I've known from day one that you were a mole sent by Young Master Leaf. Instead of outing you right then and there, I decided to beat Young Master Leaf at his own game. I used you to lure him out so that I can take his legacy medallions. And now you’re going to pay the price for betraying me.”

A vortex popped into being above Confucian Daoless, which penetrated his head and began tugging at his brain matter. In the blink of an eye, the immortal-slaying power within him began flowing out. This power wasn’t exactly the same as the type possessed by Yang Qi’s immortal-slaying clone, but had the same origin.

“Clone, take this immortal-slaying power from some of the other legacy medallions. It should help you reach a more perfect level. It comes from different legacy medallions.”

Inside the Cruiser of Civilization, the clone sat there as the immortal-slaying power flowed into him. Slowly but surely, he began advancing to a higher level. It formed a resonance with the three of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions that were in the clone's possession and caused his dao heart to begin to crack. Tribulation formed as, in the shortest of moments, a full nine lineaments appeared on it!

It wouldn’t be long before the immortal-slaying clone reached the Godmyth level!

It seemed like the clone’s cultivation would actually advance a bit more quickly than Yang Qi’s. And of course, when he had power from all nine of the legacy medallions, his immortal-slaying power would reach the ultimate level, making him virtually invincible.

Even with only six, who could possibly beat him?

“Master, stop! My immortal-slaying power! It was difficult to mold my body with that power!” Despite the despair on the face of Confucian Daoless, Yang Qi didn’t slow down the process at all. He continued extracting the power, causing Confucian Daoless to grow weaker and weaker, until he was weakened to the point where he could hardly lift a finger.

“I didn’t betray you, Master! I would never! I performed some services in the Immortal-Slayer’s Sect, but after you saved me I renounced my past misdeeds. I've been spying on the Immortal-Slayer’s Sect to try to figure out their master plan!”

In his moment of despair, Confucian Daoless’s tongue turned quite glib.

“Enough quibbling. I know exactly what you and Young Master Leaf have been up to. Guess what? Everything I told you about the Nine Deaths Profound Art was a complete fabrication. I intentionally fed you misinformation! Did you really think I would let a power-hungry bastard like Young Master Leaf just do as he pleases? Just wait. Once my plan comes to fruition, I’ll kill Young Master Leaf, take his legacy medallions, kill your parents and your clan, then take over the Sagely Confucian Institute.” The killing intent Yang Qi bristled with caused Confucian Daoless’s sanity to begin crumbling.


His faith in Young Master Leaf was waning into nothing. Before, he had believed Young Master Leaf to be completely omnipotent, only to find that he had completely fallen for Dragon Proudheaven’s plan.

“By the way, my name isn't Dragon Proudheaven. I also have some of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions, and I’ve been plotting against Young Master Leaf for a long time to get at his. Thankfully, a moron like you came along and made my scheme come to fruition a lot faster.”


Confucian Daoless was completely and utterly crushed, and was at such a loss for words that he began babbling the most ridiculous words. “No… what do you mean I'm a moron? You just used me? But I'm so smart! I usually call other people morons!”

“Nope, you’re definitely a moron. You should have devoted yourself to me. Exercise faith in me, and you can be truly intelligent. You can have true wisdom.” Yang Qi sent an enticing stream of sagelight into Confucian Daoless’s heart. “Do it. Have faith in me, and I’ll give you endless power. Sacrifice yourself to help me get close to Young Master Leaf and strike a fatal blow. Go into my fragment of the Cruiser of Civilization and study my special self-detonation technique. Blow yourself up in Young Master Leaf’s presence, when he least expects it.”

After Yang Qi dismantled Confucian Daoless’s confidence, it was easy to convince him to turn into a living bomb, aimed directly at Young Master Leaf.

Just as he had said, the Cruiser of Civilization contained a genetic technology that could result in self-detonation. Of course, Young Master Leaf would obviously be on guard and wouldn't let just anyone get close to him. But he might not be on guard against Confucian Daoless.

Power seeds filled Confucian Daoless, filling his genes with explosive potential. Most terrifying of all, his soul and destiny would also detonate, and since they were linked to Young Master Leaf, that would be an additional source of damage.

Eventually, Confucian Daoless’s face grew clear and cold. It was almost as if, after being brainwashed by Yang Qi, he had reached a higher level of existence, transforming himself with faith that would make Young Master Leaf incapable of seeing through his ruse.

“Yes, Master. I’ll do anything for you. Even sacrifice myself….”


Around that time, intense spatial fluctuations filled the area.

“We’re in the area of the thirty-third ranked immortal worlds.”

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