Chapter 703: Counter Attack

“Boss, can we really get away? Those are Godmyths back there! And three of them are Incarnated Gods and prime elders. Lowly disciples like us can’t even compare to them!”

All of the disciples from the Nine Yangs God Sect were trembling in fear.

It seemed obvious to them that if these pursuers caught up, they would end up dead and buried. It was true that they were all members of the Dao Defense League, but if prime elders wanted to kill ordinary disciples, that was their prerogative. They wouldn’t even need to hold a trial. It was a very tense situation. After all, the future warriors were breaking free from the blockade and causing problems, and it would be easy to blame them for the deaths.

“Calm down, all of you. These people aren’t a match for me. Did you really think that I, Dragon Proudheaven, would be so easy to push around?” As Yang Qi fled, he was finalizing his plan for what to do next.

If he wanted to, he could simply use the Cruiser of Civilization to flee.

In fact, considering he was a Dao-Demolisher now, his fateless dao fruit had pushed his energy arts to higher levels, including his Angel Wings. The mere flap of those wings would be a devastating attack that would likely kill his pursuers.

Thus, he flew along, making sure that he kept enough distance between them to make the chase seem real, but at the same time give his enemies the hope of catching up. He also put on a front of running low on true energy, making sure that they stayed focused on the chase as he led them to some unknown location within the universe.

The chase went on for three days and nights.

Eventually, Yang Qi stopped in front of a certain spatial tempest.

“Hurry!” Young Lady Green Blaze cried out in delight. “His true energy is running out. Surround him! So, you’re finally out of steam, huh, you little punk. I never would have guessed that your magical treasure would be this strong. Whatever god item it is, hand it over and you’ll save yourself a lot of pain.”

The three Incarnated God patriarchs slowly spread out, vicious smiles on their faces as they set up a huge spell formation around Yang Qi and his fellows.

“Listen up, Dragonfolk brat,” one of them said. “Hand over your magical treasures and maybe we’ll spare you!”

Laughing madly, the three patriarchs began advancing on Yang Qi.

“Aren’t you people worried our Nine Yangs God Sect will get revenge for this?” one of the disciples shouted. “Our sectlord is a ninth division Chaos God! He’s about to reach the Deathless Throne. There’s no way your Young Master Leaf is a match for him. You’re going to murder us, just like this? Don’t you care at all about the rules?”

Green Blaze laughed loudly. “Rules? People make the rules. And right here and now, that means us. It’s time to die, scum. The Nine Yangs God Sect won’t care at all about your deaths. We’ll just say you were killed fighting future warriors. Right, patriarchs?”

“Exactly,” replied one of the patriarchs. “Why would we ever chase some useless Demolisher brats? It was obviously the future warriors who killed them.” Laughing maniacally, he said, “Hey brat, where did you think you were going to run to? Want to try again? How about I break your legs first, then we’ll see how far you can get!”

“Are you people really that sure you can beat me?” Yang Qi said with an enigmatic smile. “Actually, what you said just now couldn’t be more correct. Any deaths here can just be blamed on future warriors. And I doubt anyone will mourn your passing. Besides, who would ever suspect me of killing you people? If I'd wanted to escape from you, I could have done it from the beginning.”

As the last words left his mouth, Yang Qi suddenly began growing physically larger and his aura rumbled out, causing everything to tremble violently.


It was like myriads of devils and myriads of gods had all descended into the world of men at the same time. The huge spell formation collapsed as a kingdom of gods spread out, filling an area larger than hundreds of immortal worlds. It was really a shocking development.

“What’s this?!” Young Lady Green Blaze blurted. She and the three Incarnated Gods backed up, looking at Yang Qi with dazed expressions as they wondered if perhaps they were dreaming.

“No, this is an illusion!” one of the young patriarchs said. “Don’t be fooled! He’s obviously just a Dao-Demolisher. He’s a nobody! This is preposterous! He’s using a magical item to try to confuse our minds!”

With that, he unleashed a palm attack on Yang Qi. “Preheaven Adjudication Grand Palm Strike!

Yang Qi merely looked on coldly and said, “Quite the reckless one, aren't we? Fine. Die!” 

Not even moving a muscle, he unleashed the Glad Tidings of the Lord. Instantly, the Wheel of Fate appeared above his head, rotating slowly as something like the will of heaven descended from above.


The Incarnated God’s true energy vanished and he began withering, then slowly crumpled up into a ball of twitching gore. His head was left behind, but that took only a moment to melt away. Soon, he was nothing but a sphere of vital energy that Yang Qi grabbed and set ablaze. A moment later, he had the śarīra of an Incarnated God, crystalline and translucent.

An Incarnated God and prime elder had just died. And Yang Qi hadn’t even unleashed an attack! Just like that, he became a śarīra. No one present even had any idea how he died, and could do little more than stare wide-eyed. Even the disciples from the Nine Yangs God Sect were staring at him with jaws slack from astonishment.

“Just what exactly is going on here?” Young Lady Green Blaze said, backing up a bit. All of a sudden, she didn’t feel very confident at all in carrying out an attack. “You didn't even do anything, but he’s dead?”

Ignoring Young Lady Green Blaze, Yang Qi turned to the disciples from the Nine Yangs God Sect and said, “There’s no reason to be afraid. The truth is that I'm a consummate expert who has been hiding out in the Nine Yangs God Sect. Don’t worry, I'm not out to hurt you people. My main interest is opposing the Immortal-Slayer’s Sect. Stick with me, and you’ll receive benefits without end.”

Trembling, the burly disciple looked at Yang Qi and said, “Boss, are you really some consummate expert?”

“That’s right. Watch.”

He knew that he had just implanted these disciples with immense confidence in himself, to the point where they viewed him almost like a god from heaven. Henceforth, they would be his main foundation in the Nine Yangs God Sect.

“You’re quite the unlucky one, Young Lady Green Blaze,” Yang Qi said, looking quite sorrowful. “You might be in the position to bully other people, but you went and picked me to provoke. Ai! Was it really worth the trouble? Now that you know my secret, I'm afraid I can’t afford to let you live.”

“How dare you!” Young Lady Green Blaze growled. “I'm Young Master Green’s little sister, and he's one of the seventy-two brethren who founded the Immortal-Slayer’s Sect! There’s no way they’ll let you off the hook!”

“That’s right, brat,” one of the surviving patriarchs said, hoping to frighten Yang Qi. “Don’t you know how powerful the Immortal-Slayer’s Sect is?”

“Immortal-Slayer’s Sect? That crappy sect founded by Young Master Leaf? He and I have been at each other's throats for a while now. He wants to get my legacy medallions, and I want to get his. Sadly for him, I’ve actually been playing him this whole time. I have his every move and action under my control, and sooner or later I'm going to kill him. Now you’re trying to threaten me with his name? That just goes to show how foolish you are.”

Yang Qi was done being polite.

He extended his hand, within which were three legacy medallions that pulsed with the aura of King Immortal-Slayer. Upon seeing them, Green Blaze’s jaw dropped. Then a moment passed and she said, “So, it's you! You’re the guy that Young Master Leaf has been searching for. You’ve been in hiding as a lowly disciple in the Nine Yangs God Sect. But why?”

“Young Lady, please, enough with this chatter,” one of the Incarnated Gods said. He chuckled. “He’s already decided to kill us, otherwise he wouldn't reveal secrets like this. It seems catastrophe is unavoidable here.”

Young Lady Green Blaze’s face turned ashen as she realized what it meant that Yang Qi had shown them King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions. Obviously, he wouldn't let them go now, otherwise they could spread word about his secrets.

Suddenly calming down, she said, “What exactly do you want, anyway? My Green Clan is an aristocratic clan from the Tusita Heaven. If you just let us go, I’ll give you anything you ask for. And I’ll swear an oath to never reveal anything from today. I’ll even be a mole for you! If you want to get close to Young Master Leaf, I could be your best asset! What do you think? I’ll devote myself to you!”

Yang Qi was frankly surprised at how quickly she collected herself and made a decision. She might be crafty, but she also knew how to make snap decisions when necessary. Besides, her offer was a valid one. He could definitely use a pawn on Young Master Leaf’s side. Who knew what benefits that would lead to?

“Alright, fine. Since you put it that way, I won’t kill you. Open your souls and give your faith to me. Allow me access to your thoughts and believe in me like you would a god. Once you get back to the Immortal-Slayer’s Sect, do whatever I say, and send me useful information.” He clasped his hands behind his back. “If you do, I’ll spare your lives. Very well, begin.”

“Alright! I acknowledge allegiance!” Young Lady Green Blaze replied quickly. “As long as you don't kill me, I’ll do anything. I made a big mistake here, and I have to pay the price. I understand that principle.”

“Excellent. A wise man submits to the circumstances. Or should I say woman?” Yang Qi sent some sagelight into Young Lady Green Blaze’s head, which she initially instinctively resisted. But then she relaxed and allowed Yang Qi’s thoughts to fill her.

She was now completely bare before him and devoted to him in her very soul, as faithful as a slave.

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