Chapter 702: Girl in Green

The disciples from the Nine Yangs God Sect were bursting with rage at the sight of this girl and her green net. In fact, the burly disciple slashed his axes out in an attack, yet the canopy wasn’t harmed at all. It didn’t even ripple.

“Dammit! That girl in green really is way stronger than us!”

“You tyrannical bullies think you have what it takes to fight these future warriors better than me?” the girl said to them via projection. “You keep your tails between your legs in there. And maybe next time don’t be so arrogant! My Green Smoke Miasma is a deadly poison, and anyone who tries to attack me through it will be infected, and their energy arts will immediately waste away. So go ahead and attack me, if you’re stupid!”

Even as the burly disciple pulled his axes back from his attack moments ago, they began emanating green smoke.

The burly man inadvertently inhaled some of the smoke and began turning green himself. His true energy suddenly stopped circulating and pain filled him, prompting an agonized shriek. 


Face completely expressionless, Yang Qi exhaled some flame, which burned all of the smoke away then turned into a tiny dragon, which bored into the burly man and excised the miasma.

Then he said one casual phrase.

“Be broken!”

The Green Smoke Miasma exploded into flame and burned into nothing. At the same time, a dragon shot out of Yang Qi, passing the girl in green with its mouth agape.

Then it quickly formed an enormous formation filled with writhing true dragons and dragon columns that rose high into the air. In the blink of an eye, the future warriors were completely surrounded.

Then there was a flash of light, and the warriors disappeared.

There had been at least two Godmyth experts among them, yet they didn’t even have a chance to defend themselves before the dragon formation crushed them and they were dragged into the Cruiser of Civilization.

Obviously, they weren’t crack forces from the future. But if they had escaped to roam amongst the immortal worlds, they would have been dangerous bandits.

After all, they had mechas that could absorb power from the universe around them, which meant that they would never weaken. Furthermore, at this stage in the conflict it was known that they had the power to create morphlings, an army of which could devour immortal world essence and grow in number. Because of that, future warriors would be a terrifying force wherever they went.

It took a long moment for the girl in green to react to Yang Qi destroying her treasure, then defeating and capturing the future warriors. When she did recover, she was incensed and her face turned icy cold. 

“You! How dare you damage my Green Smoke Miasma! And you also lost me my chance to capture those future warriors! Dammit!” Suddenly, she flicked her finger, sending out over ten thousand streams of deadly sword light in what was obviously a trump card attack. “Ten Thousand Swords Combine. Ten Thousand Sword Torrent!

Deng! Dong! Ding!

A host of bucklers appeared around Yang Qi, which were apparently magical treasures that made it unnecessary for him to use his own power to defend himself. Despite the severity of the attack being unleashed by this girl in green, Yang Qi was defending himself with magical treasures, just like a hedonistic silkpants would. He really did seem like an important member of an aristocratic clan, the kind who had been blessed with numerous magical treasures by his elders.

This girl was a Godmyth, and Yang Qi was only a Demolisher. Normally speaking, they should have been beyond compare with each other. But now Yang Qi had the advantage; how could this girl possibly just accept that?

After the sword energy had slammed harmlessly into his defenses, Yang Qi said, “Miss, you demanded we hand over our money back in that teahouse, and I decided not to complain about that. You also said some sarcastic things, but I didn’t bicker with you. But then, in the face of an attack by future warriors, you tried to trap us with your magical treasure. We didn't do anything to offend you, but you insulted us and even tried to hurt us? If it weren’t for the fact that I know what I'm doing, we might have been killed!”

Up to this point, he had still not yet unleashed an attack.

Retracting her sword energy, the girl in green snorted coldly and looked over at Yang Qi. “You’re from the Dragonfolk, that much I can tell from the draconic true energy in all those magical treasures you have. Since you’re from the Dragonfolk, I'm not going to hold you accountable for destroying my Green Smoke Miasma. But you need to hand over those future warriors right this instant. Do it, and I’ll forgive you and let you screw the hell off.”

“Sorry, I need those future warriors. Besides, there are plenty more out there to be had. Instead of wasting time talking, why don’t you just go catch some more?” With that, Yang Qi turned to leave.

“Where are you going? Go ahead, I dare you to take another step. You might think you're special because you’re from the Nine Yangs God Sect and have the blood of the Dragonfolk. But what are you going to do if I choose to take you captive? I happen to cultivate a type of medicine that needs Dragonfolk blood. You would make the perfect sacrifice for it.”

“Oh?” Yang Qi was really starting to get annoyed with this stubborn, unreasonable young woman. She was the type who would kill first and never ask questions. Yang Qi wondered how any parent could raise a person with a personality like this.

“If that’s how you want to do things, Miss, then how about we exchange a few moves? You’re a Godmyth, and I'm just a Demolisher. That’s a big difference, but don’t think it means you can push me around.”

With that, Yang Qi prepared to make a move.

However, that was when several whistling sounds echoed out and three powerful auras weighed down on the scene. Three patriarchs appeared, all of them young, with Incarnated God cultivation bases. Almost immediately, Yang Qi’s dozens of men from the Nine Yangs God Sect realized that this was a force they couldn’t deal with, causing fear to play out on their faces.

“Young Lady Green Blaze, it’s you!” the patriarchs said. They had been summoned by her earlier, and now that they were in her presence they treated her with the utmost respect. Obviously, she was an important person.

“My god!” said one of the disciples from the Nine Yangs God Sect. “They’re all Incarnated God patriarchs! That makes them prime elders in the Dao Defense League! Why are they acting so respectful to that girl in green?”

All of the disciples were visibly fearful, even the burly man with the axes, whose knees were now trembling.

“Well, you certainly took your time, didn’t you?” Young Lady Green Blaze said, completely ignoring Yang Qi. “Where’s my brother? The clan elders sent me here to find out what’s going on. Have there been any developments with the Mechfolk?”

“The young master is fine,” another patriarch said. “He’s with Young Master Leaf, and they all joined the Dao Defense League. They founded something called the Immortal-Slayer’s Sect that has already absorbed plenty of immortal worlds and become a very formidable force. Young Lady, you arrived just in time. It’s not safe out here. The future world broke free of the blockade and their warriors are running rampant. It would be horrible if you got hurt, so please, come with us to the Immortal-Slayer’s Sect.”

“Well, of course I want to go see my brother, and Young Master Leaf as well.” Eyes flashing, she turned back to look at Yang Qi. Chuckling coldly, she said, “Kill these people for me!”

The three Incarnated God patriarchs looked over and saw Yang Qi with his followers from the Nine Yangs God Sect. 

“But they’re from the Dao Defense League, Young Lady. There’s no need to be rash. You people, apologize immediately. On your knees!”

Hmph! This is the younger sister of Young Master Green, one of the seventy-two patriarchs of the Immortal-Slayer’s Sect. If you offend them, not even the Nine Yangs God Sect will be able to protect you.”

“Young Lady, they’re from the Dao Defense League, so we probably shouldn’t kill them. Just cripple their true energy and extract their quintessence vitality. Make them commoners, then hand them back over to the Nine Yangs God Sect.”

“There’s no need for that, just kill them!” Young Lady Green Blaze said. Then she pointed at Yang Qi. “Except for him. I want him alive. He has some treasures from the Dragonfolk that I can use. He’ll pay for destroying my Green Smoke Miasma! He went so far as to challenge me to a fight. Look! Look at how arrogant he is, just standing there. I'm going to make sure he lives a life worse than death!”

Yang Qi’s expression flickered slightly.

This Young Lady Green Blaze was apparently subservient to Young Master Leaf, and was the younger sister of some Young Master Green, who was one of the seventy-two brethren. They represented unimaginable strength and power, and within the Dao Defense League their Immortal-Slayer’s Sect was particularly domineering. Not even the Nine Yangs God Sect could do anything about them. And right now, Yang Qi was essentially a nobody from the Nine Yangs God Sect.

“Let’s go!” Yang Qi said. Making a snap decision, he swept up all his comrades from the Nine Yangs God Sect and made a break for it. “If you want to kill me, Young Lady Green Blaze, you’ll have to catch me first!”

“After him!” Green Blaze shouted. “Don’t let him escape!” Sending a projection to Yang Qi himself, she said, “If you flee, I’ll just go to the Nine Yangs God Sect and start slaughtering people!”

Yang Qi replied with a projection of hearty laughter. “If you, a young lady and three Incarnated God patriarchs, can’t catch me and these disciples, then would you really have the face to go to the Nine Yangs God Sect? What if word got out? You would lose so much face you wouldn’t have any left!”

“Damnation!” Young Lady Green Blaze blurted, aware that Yang Qi was right. If quarry such as this escaped, they could never have the face to go cause problems in the Nine Yangs God Sect. Yet she was convinced that she would be able to catch them. After all, they were nothing more than Demolishers.

“How dare you insult us! Death would be too good for someone as worthless as you. You think a couple of magical treasures will be enough to escape from us? Many Heavens Acceleration Magic; Path of Godly Flight!

The three patriarchs and Young Lady Green Blaze unleashed a consummate move that first surrounded them with clouds and lightning, then propelled them forward in a blur.

The chase was on, yet Yang Qi maintained the lead. Not even their secret magic enabled them to catch up. Eventually, Young Lady Green Blaze devolved into a smoldering rage.

“Who would have guessed that this punk would have a magical treasure that would make him so fast?” one of the Incarnated Gods said. “The difference between ninth stage Dao-Demolishers and people like me is the same as the difference between ants and dragons. He must have a really powerful magical treasure, probably a god item.”

“Let’s see how far he can go before his true energy runs out!”

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