Chapter 70: The Power of Twenty Megamammoths

Five particles within Yang Qi all opened up.

That meant that he now had the power of twenty ancient megamammoths coursing through him, more strength than many people in the Lifeseizing level.

At the very least, he definitely surpassed Chu Tiange.

However, it was a transformation that used all of the life force quintessence he had at his disposal. From now on, his cultivation would progress at a much slower pace.

Regardless, his rapid progress meant that he was now closer than ever to the Lifeseizing level.

Cracking sounds rang out within him as massive amounts of true energy began to gather in his sea of energy, glowing like magma.

And in the middle of it all was something that looked almost like a crucible.

His Hellfire Crucible was growing rapidly, and was already beginning to gain control of his sea of energy.

At the same time, his senses and consciousness were growing much more acute.

In fact, because of that, he now realized that there was something profoundly terrifying in Yun Hailan’s sea of energy, something beastly, like that of a god amongst animals.

‘What’s hiding in Yun Hailan? It's so terrifying! She’s even more mysterious than I realized. What I knew about her before was just a drop of water in the ocean…. It doesn’t matter though. I have to kill her. Not even Chu Tiange can stop me!’

As he floated there in midair, Yang Qi flexed his muscles, causing thunderous cracking noises to echo out into the air. The different forces of energy inside him cause a force field to spring up around him, making the air ripple, and sending out powerful fluctuations.

Moments ago, Jing Wuxue had been preparing to launch an attack from his position atop the building. However, when he realized Yang Qi was powering up, and that there was a force field rippling around him, he began to back up. ‘What a massive aura! What is that? My Blood Emperor devil energy seems like it wants to explode out of me to offer obeisance! This guy’s true energy seems like that of an otherworldly devil-god that can dominate all creation, and force all types of demon-devils to heed its commands. What energy art is it? Don’t tell me it’s a fabled imperial-class energy art! I cultivate the Devil Sutra of the Blood Emperor, which was once an imperial-class art. Unfortunately, my version is far removed from the original, and is only royal-class.’

At this point, he decided that the best thing would be to wait patiently and watch how the situation developed. 

Laughing loudly, he said, “I don’t want to get involved in a conflict between the House of Spring and Autumn and the Demi-Immortal Institute. Chu Tiange, you fight it out with this guy first, and then we can continue our duel.”

With that, he flew up into the air to avoid the fluctuations of Yang Qi’s power-up.

“Horrid monster!” Chu Tiange cursed. Moments ago, when he realized that Yang Qi wasn’t in the Lifeseizing level, he had unleashed Ten Suns Ascend to Heaven, a consummate move that he had assumed would be instantly fatal.

However, his true energy hadn’t even been able to damage his opponent's body, and had been completely useless. In fact, his opponent then went on to unleash shocking energy.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Qi’s force field had covered almost the entire imperial palace. At that point, he dispelled the swirling snow around him, ceasing to use the Four Seasons Swordplay and instead fully drawing on the invincible Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth.

The aura caused Chu Tiange’s face to turn very serious. Now, he could see a black-armored figure, tall, with long horns on his head, and vicious spikes protruding from his back. All of a sudden, he had the feeling that he might not be able to win this fight.

‘What happened? What technique is this? It’s actually intimidating me on the level of my soul? I cultivate the Cosmic Sunflare Sword technique, the key to which is to treat the world like a brightly shining sun. There is nothing more domineering than the burning sun shining down on the lands below! How could I possibly be intimidated by something like this? Ah, whatever. I’ll just kill him. That should solve the problem. It will probably be a big help to my cultivation too.’

Chu Tiange was a consummate expert, an elite student of the Demi-Immortal Institute. Therefore, he simply blurred into motion, a streak of afterimages that smashed through the force field and headed straight toward Yang Qi, sword outstretched.

That sword seemed as unstoppable as if it were being wielded by a god.


Yang Qi’s Infernal Deity Spear shot forth with supernatural speed and focus, heading directly toward the tip of the sword.

“Leaping Flames; Burning Sun!” Chu Tiange said, a vicious smile playing out on his face. Keeping his grip on his sword with one hand, he stretched his other hand out in a palm, within which was a burning, sun-like flame. Suddenly, an enormous flame giant leaped out from the flames, radiating such intense heat that all the coldness in the area vanished, and the stone ground even began to melt.


The palm struck the Infernal Deity Spear with such intense heat that the spear’s true energy ignited. In the blink of an eye, Yang Qi’s spear transformed into nothing but fire.

Back on the building, Yun Hailan watched with icy calm, apparently not worried about the possibility of Jing Wuxue attacking her while Chu Tiange and Yang Qi fought.

“Listen punk, my Cosmic Sunflare Sword is designed to ignite true energy. Enjoy it while you can!”

“I’d rather not. Frigid Ice Hell.” Yang Qi’s echoing voice was so cold it seemed capable of freezing everything for tens of thousands of miles. As it swept out, the flames in the area were extinguished one after another.


The Infernal Deity Spear swept directly toward Chu Tiange’s throat.

Chu Tiange shot backward, a look of shock on his face as he switched sword stances. Suddenly, his sword erupted into flames which took the shape of a fire dragon.

“Fire Dragon Belches Pearls!”

He was pushing his Cosmic Sunflare Sword technique to the limits of its capabilities. His fire dragon sword clashed with the Infernal Deity Spear over a hundred times, until the sword began to hum. Then, he sent a fist-sized fireball out, which exploded right in front of Yang Qi.


The entire area instantly transformed into a sea of flames.

However, Yang Qi was completely unaffected. The true energy of his spear was like that of the Frigid Ice Hell, and as he swept it out in front of him, a wind rose up that sucked the fire completely away.

As the sea of flames vanished, his spear suddenly extended in length. It was like a pillar that could support the heavens, or an infernal deity from the distant past. It was something capable of slaughtering devils or demons or ghosts from the deepest hells. Suddenly, a godmammoth appeared behind him, its trunk capable of absorbing stars and moons, its four limbs ready to crush hells.

“The boundless netherworld is filled with dancing devil-gods. Summon the dismal souls into the pitch black of hell….”

As his true energy swirled, a sound filled the air like a song from the Nine Serenities underworld, summoning countless souls to it.

All of a sudden, it almost seemed like the world had been turned into hell itself.

The Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth almost seemed to open the gates of hell itself, unleashing millions and millions of devil-gods, all of them thirsting to control the universe and eradicate the world of man.

“Die!” Yang Qi said, thrusting his spear out in the direction of Chu Tiange.

With him dead, Yun Hailan would have no one to protect her any longer!

“The sunlight bathes all things, sweeping through the universe! The brightness of the boundless blazing sun can ignite heaven and earth! DIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!” Chu Tiange’s sword exploded, transforming into innumerable fragments that began to glow as bright as suns. At the same time, his energy surged upward, like a pillar of fire rising into the sky; behind him, a golden-yellow god-spirit appeared, shining brightly, a massive sword held in its hand.

It was as if Chu Tiange had actually summoned the god-spirit who resided in the sun!

“Humanoid True Energy, Lifeseizing Nascent Divinity. The quintessence of the sun, an invincible out-of-body incarnation that can slaughter everything in its path. As long-lived as heaven and earth!” Letting out a shout, Chu Tiange attacked again, his movement mirrored by the flame god-spirit, which slashed its sword toward the Infernal Deity Spear.

Two divine weapons battered against each other more than a hundred times, until swirling black smoke filled the area. Finally, Chu Tiange shouted, “You just wait, you freakish hellion! I’ll get you eventually!”


Suddenly, he transformed into a column of fire that shot up to Yun Hailan, grabbed her, and then vanished.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi tumbled out of the sky, landing hard on the ground, his true energy in chaos, his meridians twisting and distorting. He was injured, but deep down, was actually very happy. He had fought a Lifeseizer, and even forced him to retreat. Although he hadn’t been able to kill him, he had injured him significantly.

And he had confirmed that he himself was as strong as a Lifeseizer.

If he actually broke through to the Lifeseizing level, he would definitely be able to cut down Chu Tiange with ease.

At long last, Jing Wuxue saw the chance he had been waiting for. Dropping down to the ground, he pulled out a long, blood-colored whip and said, “Hand over my Sage Devil Painting, brat, and I’ll let you live!”

This Bloodshadow Godwhip caused the reek of blood to fill the area; it was at least a hundred times more powerful than the version used by the red-furred vampire Yang Qi had fought earlier.

“That’s pretty presumptuous of you, Jing Wuxue," Yang Qi replied. "I’ll take a rain check on sharing fighting tips with you. Just wait till I make another breakthrough. Then, you’ll be dead.” Jing Wuxue lashed out with his whip, but Yang Qi’s spear shattered it. After that, Yang Qi leaped into the air, two enormous wings sprouting out of his back. With a gust of wind, he burst into motion, vanishing as sure as a divine crane flying into the highest heavens.

Jing Wuxue was inclined to give chase; obviously, his opponent's true energy must have been significantly drained after his fight with Chu Tiange. Now would be the perfect time to try to kill him. But Yang Qi was capable of such speed that Jing Wuxue knew he could do nothing more than eat the dust he left behind in his tracks.

‘What are those wings?’ he thought, shocked. ‘And what energy art is that? I'm not even close to being that fast….’ 

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