Chapter 696: Out of Hand

The situation was truly out of hand.

The future world had fully opened a passageway. People from the future world could now tap into the power of time travel to come to the present, transforming their constitutions and making them Future Ones. All of a sudden, Yang Qi realized that traveling through this passage would be incredibly difficult. Apparently, getting to the future world wasn’t going to be a simple task.

All of a sudden, the photonic computers began speaking. 

[Power reserves at one one-hundred-millionth. New units of measurement available. Genetic systems, power dissemination systems, hyperdrive systems, weapon manufacturing systems, and future extrapolation systems have available upgrades. Proceed with upgrades?]

The mere arrival of the future warriors had brought such a surge of power that the Cruiser of Civilization immediately reached a higher level.

Yang Qi could sense that there was immense potential here, yet he knew that now was not the time and place. 

“For now, don’t perform any upgrades. Continue storing power.”

The photonic computers immediately complied with the order, and power continued streaming into the reactors. Even people in the Sage Monarch Heaven were able to sense the profound developments, but Yang Qi wasn’t focused on such things right now. ‘How do I get through that passageway and into the future world? I have to save mother, Aunt Susu, and Master! I guess I just have to bide my time for now. The future warriors are here, and more power from the future is on display.’


The first of the future warriors to arrive was in a mecha that emanated such incredible power that not even ancient devil-gods could compare to it. The chest of the mecha featured the head of a tiger, and its helmet looked like the head of a dragon. The spaulders on its shoulders resembled gobblewocks, and the knee covers looked like the heads of chymeras.

Its elbow pieces were like the heads of frazzlefreaks, its girdle was a golden lion with a gaping maw, and its boots looked like anacondas. [1]

This warrior seemed to pulse with the genes of all sorts of primal-chaos godlings, and upon entering the Brahman Immortal World he looked over at August Patriarch Proud Wing and the others.

August Patriarch Proud Wing let out a whoop of delight. “With future warriors, we can slaughter immortals and subjugate immortal worlds!”

“Greetings, everyone,” the future warrior said in a grating voice that sounded like metal scraping against metal. With no further fanfare, he entered the Brahman River and flew toward the defensive formations set up by the old-timers from the Dao Defense League. Seemingly unimpressed, the future warrior unleashed an attack.

Yang Qi knew that those formations would definitely devastate his God Legion Paradise, but they didn’t have any effect at all on the future warrior’s mecha.

Howling, the future warrior smashed his fist into one of the formations and pulled out a handful of Godmyth patriarchs as easily as if he were harvesting carrots.

Bang! Bam! Boom! 

The Godmyth patriarchs were crushed as surely as if they were chicken eggs, and the spell formation collapsed.

“Freakish hellion! Wretch-devil!” shouted the other patriarchs from the Dao Defense League as they unleashed divine sword strikes.

Meanwhile, more future warriors were coming to join the fighting. Blood fell like rain as close-quarters combat broke out everywhere, and more future warriors emerged from the passageway. Meanwhile, the power of the Brahman Immortal World grew so intense that it formed something that looked like a golden shell around the immortal world, making the place look like an enormous castle. In some regards, it actually resembled the Cruiser of Civilization.

It almost wasn’t an immortal world any longer, but rather a plane of existence formed from the science and technology of the future. At the same time, it still had the power of the dao of immortals.

Crack! Snap!

All of a sudden, a bolt of god lightning descended from above, causing the Brahman Immortal World to tremble. Yang Qi looked up, and to his surprise he saw an almighty daoist, brimming with the power of the universe itself. It was obviously a seventh or eighth division Godmyth that had descended from a much higher immortal world to provide assistance.

By now, the conflict had far surpassed a level that Yang Qi could participate in.

‘I have to get out of here,’ he thought. ‘Otherwise I'm going to end up getting killed.’ He knew he had to leave soon, but before he did, he wanted to make one last effort to absorb as much power as he could. Of course, he had to be very careful about how he did it.

‘I think now is the time to use King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions! Young Master Leaf can use the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart to get into the Brahman Immortal World, so I should lure him here. That would really throw things into chaos. And I could take advantage of that to get my hands on even more power, possibly even taking out Young Master Leaf. Of course, I should let him fight with the future warriors until he’s on his last legs, then swoop in at the last minute and strike a fatal blow!’

After a moment of thought, Yang Qi drew on the power of his fragment of the Cruiser of Civilization to secretly slip into the Brahman Institute and head toward Brahma’s heart.

It was a restricted area in the institute, and a place that was currently brimming with immense power. However, now was his best opportunity; if he waited for the fighting to calm down, he would definitely be discovered.

Considering that numerous almighty entities were joining forces to attack the Brahman Immortal World, who would possibly stop to consider that something was going on within its defenses?

‘This pure power is so strong!’ Yang Qi thought as he remained within the Flatverse and produced heaps upon heaps of power stones. The power stones he could create thanks to the future world were on par with what was available from the god world. They surpassed the power of the Tusita Heaven by far.

Right now, he was like a tiny ant who was slowly eating away at an enormous dyke.

Of course, he really wanted to get far enough inside to reach Brahma’s heart. The power in that area was so incredible and pure that not even Yang Qi was able to wrap his mind around it.

He caught sight of śarīra-like crystals from the future that looked almost like diamonds. He had actually read about objects like this, and knew that they were god crystals.

By assimilating them, one could acquire power directly from the god world.

With these, the power reserves of the Cruiser of Civilization could reach an even more incredible level.

After reaching the level of one one-hundred-millionth, further upgrades would come much more slowly, and each one would require so much power that Yang Qi wasn't sure how to calculate it. In fact, under normal circumstances it would’ve probably been impossible.

He got closer and closer to the nucleus of the power, and at a certain point he was suddenly struck with inspiration and unleashed some immortal-slaying power.

Immortal-slaying power was something very mysterious, and only people with King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions would be able to detect it. As expected, back in the Mechwave Heaven, Young Master Leaf suddenly shot to his feet. 

“Brothers,” he ordered, “you keep up the fight here in the Mechwave Heaven. Wipe out all of the Mechfolk and get that fragment of the Cruiser of Civilization. I just sensed one of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions. I have to get it!”


He took a step forward and pierced through space-time, until he was right at the location of the battle between the Dao Defense League and the Brahman Immortal World. Immediately, a look of fear flitted across his face. 

‘What a catastrophe! Our Tusita Heaven predicted that something like this would happen. Space-time has been reversed and the future world has come to throw heaven and earth into primal-chaos. The legion of gods perished. When the gods experience nirvanic rebirth, a new civilization will once again be born. And King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions are here? I have to get them. Who cares about the future world! Can they even do anything to stop me?’

Blurring into motion, he turned into a razor-sharp sword that slashed directly into the Brahman Immortal World.

“An ambush!”

“It’s so strong!”

“What a powerful enemy! Hurry up and block his path!”

“The Brahman River can’t even stop him! He must be using some invincible god item!” 

Suddenly, a host of future warriors poured out of the pitch-black passageway, swarming toward Young Master Leaf like locusts.

“Fuck off and die!” Young Master Leaf shouted. Even as he looked around trying to find King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions, he unleashed a fist strike that slammed into several future warriors and caused them to explode. However, the leader of the future warriors quickly moved over to get in Young Master Leaf’s path. “King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions? The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart? Hand them over now, or die!”

Young Master Leaf responded with a burst of laughter. “That's my line! I can’t believe you would try to use it. What a joke! Prepare to be no more!”

A massive fight broke out.

Young Master Leaf wasn’t holding back anything at all. As he fought, wormholes popped into being above him that erupted with the power of monarchs, taking the shape of countless clones that he then sent into battle. He was clearly much stronger than he had been the first time Yang Qi met him.

‘Terrifying,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘He’s definitely a seventh or eighth division Godmyth. When you add in the power of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions and the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, I definitely wouldn’t be able to beat him without being seriously injured in the process! And even then, victory wouldn’t be guaranteed!’

The mere sight of what was happening caused Yang Qi’s heart to pound with fear. Thankfully, he had already used the God Legion Seal to cover up the aura of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions.

Meanwhile, he kept moving deeper toward Brahma’s heart. He was already at a point where the energy fluctuations could kill a fifth or sixth division Godmyth. Thankfully, his God Legion Seal was protecting him from harm and enabling him to further absorb power.

‘I'm finally at a place where I can get god crystals!’

He was now in so deep that he could hardly move.

Up ahead of him were a host of god crystals. Here, the power of the future world crushed down on Brahma’s heart, causing numerous such power crystals to appear, all of them thrumming in a way that surpassed anything from the immortal worlds.

1. The ‘frazzlefreak’ is a beast mentioned in the Classic of Mountains and Seas, and I couldn't find any mention of it online in English. Obviously, the term ‘frazzlefreak’ is something I coined. It has two descriptions from two different parts of the Classic of Mountains and Seas. One is a creature that resembles a winged tiger, and the other is a bull-like beast with spiky fur like a hedgehog. Both are fond of eating humans, usually head-first.

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