Chapter 695: Brahma’s Heart

Having done these things, Yang Qi returned to the Brahman Immortal World.

The power converging there was so intense that, as Yang Qi entered again, he felt a force of expulsion repelling him. Shocked, and worried that someone might notice him, he quickly began absorbing as much of the power as possible.

It resembled numerous dragons streaming into the Cruiser of Civilization’s power reactors, causing the power level readouts on the photonic computers to constantly rise.

‘Alright!’ Yang Qi thought. ‘I'm benefiting a lot here. Although it seems I can’t stop the invasion of the future world, at least I’m able to gather a huge amount of power. I guess what I need to do now is kill Young Master Leaf and get his three legacy medallions. Then I might be able to start causing problems for the forces of the future world. If I can get those six medallions, I should be able to use them to cloak my God Legion Seal.’

A tenth ranked immortal world appeared within the Brahman River. It resembled a warrior's shield that seemed to pulse with an aura of steel and blood, an aura that thrummed with the glory of the martial path. Obviously, this was a world that focused on fighting and warfare.

‘That’s the Martial Blood Heaven!’ Yang Qi thought.

Yet the Brahman River slammed right into it.

Yang Qi’s heart thumped as he recalled the Inspiring One he had met who hailed from the Martial Blood Heaven. Having assimilated both Brahma Echo-Silk and Goddess Treasure, he now had the constitutions of an Enlightened One and a Fraudulent One. Added to his constitutions of a Fateless One, Future One, Reincarnated One, Heaven Moving One, and Slashing One, he had the ability to sense the deepest profundities of the universe.

Unfortunately, that didn't actually count for much.

Right now, he really needed to think of a way to handle Young Master Leaf and his seventy-one brethren.

Every one of that group of seventy-two had a unique constitution; if he collected them all, how strong and fierce would he be? The attacks of Godmyths would definitely be child’s play to him and he would be well poised to reach the Deathless Throne, which was the realm of the gods.

As the Brahman River swept over the Martial Blood Heaven, their glowing defenses of steel and blood shattered. There were experts that began fighting back, but Yang Qi didn’t sense the aura of an Inspiring One among them. It was almost as if that person had fled.

“Destroy. Destroy. Destroy…. Destroy this tenth ranked immortal world!” Back in the Brahman Immortal World, numerous patriarchs were praying, causing even more power to surge forth. The waves on the surface of the Brahman River rolled forth with such intensity that the very foundation of the Martial Blood Heaven was ripped up.

Yang Qi watched as the entire immortal world collapsed, until the entire place was wiped out of existence.

Ai. I know that powers rise and fall, sometimes in the blink of an eye. But I refuse to believe that the Brahman River will just keep doing this. There’s got to be some high-level immortal worlds that will come to interfere. That’s when the real conflict will begin and the passageway to the future world will truly open. I wonder if actual warriors from the future are going to come through?’

After the Martial Blood Heaven was gone, Yang Qi could sense transformations in the Brahman Immortal World. In the Unknown Temple, the divine likeness of Proud Heaven spoke with the emotionless voice of a photonic computer. 

[Power levels full. Begin upgrade to thirteenth ranked immortal world!]

Immense changes were underway as the depths of the Brahman Immortal World became like an enormous furnace. Mountains quaked and heavenly bodies fell. As the greyspace expanded, cataclysmic forces rocked the entire world, resulting in many low-level individuals being unable to withstand the fluctuations and exploding.


In that exact moment, Yang Qi detonated Brahma Echo-Silk’s power double.

It caused a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering explosion so intense that it immediately overwhelmed several nearby Godmyth patriarchs, shredding them into powder.

Shocked, August Patriarch Proud Wing waved his hand to get the power of the explosion under control. “What just happened!?” he shouted furiously. “Brahma Echo-Silk was a genius among us, blessed with virtual godhood from August Patriarch Proud Heaven himself! How could she have just exploded?”

“August Patriarch, it seems most likely that she pushed her cultivation forward too quickly and experienced cultivation deviation. There are probably quite a few greedy disciples who are recklessly absorbing the power available right now. Under such circumstances, the slightest mistake could lead to a violent death.”

“Trash!” August Patriarch Proud Wing growled. “They're all trash! In fact, it's good that people like that die! Continue with the upgrade!” Volcanoes erupted all over the immortal world, causing widespread catastrophe. New mountains rose up, rivers changed courses, and mighty castles and fortresses crumbled to the ground.

As the power surged, Yang Qi began absorbing it at an even faster rate. The power reserves of the Cruiser of Civilization were closing in on the level of one one-billionth.

After devouring the Martial Blood Heaven, the Brahman River continued expanding, and the Brahman Immortal World continued transforming atop it.

One after another, tenth ranked immortal worlds fell.

Yang Qi couldn’t help but shake his head at the terrifying, majestic sight, something that most people would never see in their entire lives.

Eventually the Brahman River reached a fifteenth ranked immortal world, which was when it finally began to falter. Power erupted from this immortal world, a conflagration of sword energy, plus a host of enormous spell formations.

Then, a booming voice rang out. 

“So, the future world has come to cause mischief and throw the dao of heaven into chaos. We are an alliance of twentieth ranked immortal worlds called the Dao Defense League. We will slaughter all villains from the future world and purge all Future Ones!”

From the way the voice thrummed in Yang Qi’s ears, he could tell that this was some entity that surpassed the level of a Shattered God. This must be a Nirvanic God, or perhaps someone even more almighty than that.

A group of immortal worlds had finally banded together to stand up to the Brahman Immortal World. Without something like the Dao Defense League, perhaps the future world’s invasion would have been unstoppable.

Thankfully, there were still almighty beings among the immortal worlds who could take a stand.

It seemed that the end of the war was in sight.

In response, August Patriarch Proud Wing burst out into wild laughter. “You think a bit too much of yourself. Dao Defense League? Twentieth ranked immortal worlds? Compared to the combined might of the patriarchs of the future world, you’re little more than chickens or dogs. Now we will truly begin praying, opening the passageway to the future world and allowing corporeal entities to pass through!”

Without hesitation, the patriarchs all began fervently praying.

Meanwhile, the enormous spell formations sent streams of sword energy slashing into the Brahman River, only to be overwhelmed by the enormous waves.

Considering the energy flows at play, Yang Qi was certain that if he hadn’t acquired his fragment of the Cruiser of Civilization, he would be in great danger. This was a war between two great civilizations. Two worlds. It was present versus future, and the conflict would likely only grow more intense, casting the universe into chaos and causing immense tribulation.


Soon, the prayers began to take effect and power poured into the Brahman Immortal World from the future that surpassed anything from before by ten thousand times.

Suddenly, Yang Qi’s photonic computers began to send out urgent notifications as the power level readouts rapidly rose. 

[Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep. Power levels have reached one one-billionth. Two one-billionths….]

Obviously, the future world was finally going to send actual armed forces through the passageway. Up until now, they had merely been sending power, but future warriors would soon begin coming forth in great numbers.

‘Keep sending that power!’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Once my fragment of the Cruiser of Civilization reaches a power level of one one-hundred-millionth, things are going to change and I’ll be able to fight Young Master Leaf. I have to find an opportunity to get those legacy medallions from him.’ Gritting his teeth, Yang Qi held nothing back in his attempt to acquire as much power as possible.

At the same time, he could see that, deep in the Brahman Institute, layers of power were peeling away as a sealing mark was removed. An entire world became visible, an enormous heart that was connected to both primal-chaos and the future itself. It was impossible to describe exactly how large it was.

At first, it seemed to be pumping slowly and casually, but then it began rapidly speeding up.

Boom, boom…. Boom, boom….! 

It was like the pounding of the drums of war as an enormous passageway was slowly revealed.

‘Such incredible power!’ As Yang Qi watched, he realized that this was a level of power that made him so weak he was virtually useless. As of this moment, all of his suspicions of Goddess Treasure the Fraudulent One were proven true. Thankfully, he had been cautious, and hadn’t gone through with the plan to sneak into the Brahman Institute to undo the seal himself. If he had, he would have been killed instantly.

This was the living heart of the ancient god, Brahma, and it pulsed with immense godly might.

As it twitched and writhed, a pitch-black passageway was opened that led to the future. Even from a great distance, Yang Qi felt like he was going to be dragged into it and wiped out of existence.

‘So that's the passageway to the future world, one that corporeal entities can pass through. Is this the power of the legion of gods?’


The passageway trembled, then unleashed an aura like that of a primeval godling that wanted to devour countless immortal worlds.

Then a shadowy figure emerged. The future warriors had finally come!

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