Chapter 693: Godly Might of the Brahman River

‘The Brahman River is so huge it takes Godmyths to wield it. Is it really that strong? It can destroy immortal worlds just like that?’

Yang Qi could see far and wide with his divine will, plus, the photonic computers on the Cruiser of Civilization gave a clear view of the Brahman River as a whole.

The Brahman Immortal World controlled thirty-six thousand lower-ranked immortal worlds, which were now being swallowed up by the rapidly expanding river.


The image on the photonic computer flickered as the river reached an immortal world, causing a shower of sparks to explode out that was comprised of the immortal world essence, the humans, the immortal cultivators, the devillings, the godrelics, and countless other treasures all exploding.

An entire immortal world, filled with millions upon millions of cultivators, was destroyed just like that.

An immortal world was essentially like a whole collection of planetary systems from the mortal world. And even just one planet in a planetary system might have countless empires, civilizations, and a sprawling history. As for the civilizations and history of an immortal world, it would usually be too extensive to record in full.

It was truly lamentable and appalling, as far as Yang Qi was concerned.

However, he could do nothing to stop it. The Brahman River was simply too powerful, so much so that Young Master Leaf and his seventy-one brethren probably couldn’t do anything to slow its momentum.

After all, this wasn’t being fueled by the power of the Brahman Immortal World, but rather the future world. It was almost like the rampaging of an angry god.

Countless lower-level immortal worlds were being overwhelmed as a river of tribulation spread through the universe, and before long, all thirty-six thousand immortal worlds were destroyed.


As the quintessence energy and power flowed into the Brahman Immortal World, its greyspace trembled and terrain features such as mountains and rivers began transforming. Even the plants and vegetation were affected. Numerous cultivators flew up into the air to observe the changes.

“Immobilize!” August Patriarch Proud Wing shouted and the power of magical laws swept out, forcing all living beings into a state of immobility. Every cultivator who wasn’t a Godmyth was incapable of moving.

The patriarchs from the Brahman Immortal World were exulting as the Brahman River continued to expand. 

“The immortal world is about to rise to a higher level. The Brahman River has been imbued with the godpower of the august patriarchs of the future world, and we will soon occupy a higher place in the universe. Eventually, all immortal worlds will be devoured by the Brahman River. We will not rise to the level of a seventh ranked immortal world, nor the tenth, twentieth, or even thirtieth rank!”

“We’re all going to become supreme beings!”

“Our immortal world is going to stand side by side with the most ancient and powerful of immortal worlds!”

Before long, the river reached the region of the Regal Event Heaven, which ruled over many smaller immortal worlds, and had once been the home of August Patriarch Fire Dragon, who Yang Qi ended up killing.


The threat to the immortal world caused numerous top experts of the Regal Event Heaven to emerge. When they saw the situation, their faces drained of blood.

Meanwhile, August Patriarch Proud Wing burst out in maniacal laughter. “Regal Event Heaven, you have long opposed our Brahman Immortal World. After a hundred million years of fighting, the time has finally come to destroy you. Let’s see you stand up to the might of the Brahman River! Die. All of you, die!” 

Countless cultivators could only watch as their immortal worlds were overwhelmed. And when they were severed from the essence that supported their life force, they exploded. Only Godmyth patriarchs could separate themselves from their immortal world, although in this case it did them no good. The waters of the Brahman River were too fast, quickly overwhelming and killing them.

The patriarchs of the Brahman Immortal World were howling in triumph at their immortal world’s rise to prominence.

“Nobody will escape. No one will flee with their lives! No one!”

They were a mere fifth ranked immortal world, but they now had the power necessary to devour numerous heavens! Not a single immortal world could stand up to the Brahman River; they all collapsed and had their essence absorbed.

As the Brahman River expanded with increasing speed, it soon reached the central area of the Regal Event Heaven. It was at this point that patriarchs from higher immortal worlds sent down godpower to resist the advance of the river.

The Regal Event Heaven wasn't strong enough to stop the Brahman River on its own, but there were patriarchs from there who had ascended to work on their cultivation. Upon finding out that their original home was in danger, they either sent power down to assist, or actually came down in person.

‘This is bad,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘If the Regal Event Heaven falls, then countless tens upon tens of thousands of other immortal worlds are going to be destroyed. It will eventually reach the Sage Sword Heaven. I need to get the Sage Sword Heaven into the Cruiser of Civilization as quickly as possible! Power Convergence; Analog Clone. Flatverse Travel!

Calling on the power of the Cruiser of Civilization, he used raw power to quickly create a minor clone that resembled him in every way. Then he used the cruiser to slip into the Flatverse and leave the Brahman Immortal World.

He soon arrived at the Sage Sword Heaven, which was the center of a collection of many immortal worlds. The Godmyth patriarchs from there all hurried over with anxious expressions on their faces.

Obviously, the events with the Brahman Immortal World were causing widespread panic. After all, the godpower fluctuations were clearly detectable by sixth through tenth ranked immortal worlds.

“Daoist Brother, you’re finally here!” Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit said. “What’s going on? The immortal worlds are in chaos!”

“You’re right, turmoil has erupted. I don’t have time to explain all the details. Suffice it to say, it’s a major catastrophe. The shape of the universe is changing, and it’s likely that the civilization of the future is preparing to invade. We're entering a time of chaos.”

From the grave way he spoke, he almost seemed like a god from an ancient epic saga. “I want to take the Sage Sword Heaven and put it into a boundless magical treasure I acquired. That will keep it safe from the Brahman River.”

At this point in time, the Brahman River seemed completely unstoppable.

But with the Cruiser of Civilization, Yang Qi was like a god from heaven descended into the mortal world. Without any hesitation, he pulled the Sage Sword Heaven out of its place and put it into the cruiser, and did the same with several hundred other nearby immortal worlds.

He wished he could take more, but there wasn’t enough time.

Rumbling sounds could be heard off in the distance, and everything was violently trembling as numerous Godmyth experts died. The Regal Event Heaven couldn’t stand up to the Brahman River and collapsed.

Yang Qi shrank down again, then used future power to shoot back to his original position. Thanks to the Cruiser of Civilization, future power, and his God Legion Seal, he was able to slip in and out of the Brahman Immortal World for now. But as it grew stronger and stronger, it would become more difficult to rely on that trick. 

[Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep.]

The power reserves had just reached the level of one ten-billionth. The next major milestone was one one-billionth.

Back in the Brahman Immortal World, he watched as the Brahman River destroyed the Regal Event Heaven and countless cultivators lost their lives. Many almighty entities who had come to defend it were swept over and perished.

The people of the Brahman Immortal World felt power surging around them, and many laughed heartily. That was especially true of the Godmyth patriarchs; as their immortal world rose to a higher level, they would also rise within the Godmyth level, all without the threat of heavenly tribulation!

There was currently no dao of heaven in the area, and natural laws weren’t functional. It was almost like the era of ancient primal-chaos, where there was no order and the legion of gods was still on the rise.

The fact that the Regal Event Heaven fell was shocking, even to Yang Qi.

At this point, Brahma Echo-Silk’s heart was pounding. ‘What do we do? What do we do? I thought the Brahman Immortal World would ascend in the normal fashion. Who would have thought that they would go around devouring other heavens? If they simply rose to the tenth rank, my immortal world could probably stand up to them. But now I can see it won’t be that simple.’

Finally, she sent a message to Yang Qi. “Yang Qi, get in there and break that seal. If it works, we can stop the Brahman River! Otherwise, it’s only going to be a few days before the Brahman River reaches my Glorious Treasure Heaven, and then we’ll all be doomed.”

“Are you crazy?” Yang Qi replied without a hint of politeness. “You want me to do something right now? Are you trying to get me killed?”

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