Chapter 691: Rapid Development

Yang Qi was very pleased that Empress Jadefall had reached the Godmyth level.

She was no ordinary person; because she was a Reincarnated One, she was able to use a very enigmatic method to become a Godmyth. In fact, she was actually stronger than the average Reincarnated One. Because of practicing cultivation with Yang Qi, she was touched by the aura of a Fateless One. And she also had the power of a Future One thanks to the young man in yellow.

The combination of all those powers made her constitution very special. And now that she was a Godmyth, she could draw more fully on all of those special powers. 

Yang Qi knew full well that the porcelain godspore inside her was something that would strike fear even into the legion of gods. And based on his studies, he knew that Reincarnated Ones were beings that started out as part of ancient primal-chaos, some of whom were stronger than others. In fact, they were grouped into nine specific subcategories, which were further grouped into three major overarching categories.

As for Empress Jadefall, she was most likely the strongest type of all. After all, Yang Qi had personally witnessed how, back in primeval times, the porcelain godspore had been assaulted by all sorts of gods—even primal-chaos elder-snakes. Obviously, the porcelain godspore was a profound thing, and one of the most enigmatic things in all of heaven and earth.

Considering that Empress Jadefall only had a bit of Fateless power, and yet was this amazing, Yang Qi was starting to get an inkling of what it would be like when he was a Godmyth.

The fact that the porcelain godspore had so easily devoured the genetic serum caused Yang Qi to speculate that the godspore was somehow actually connected to the ancient mechanical civilization.

“Cruiser of Civilization,” Yang Qi said. All of a sudden, the enormous spacecraft appeared, causing a huge vortex to appear that was not a wormhole, but rather a god tunnel, the kind that the legion of gods could create. The god tunnel devoured the Sage Monarch Heaven, sucking it directly into the Cruiser of Civilization.

Yang Qi laughed in relief. “Finally. With my immortal world safe in the Cruiser of Civilization, I can finally rest at ease! And I can use the immortal formations in it to feed power into the Cruiser of Civilization when necessary. If I ever run into Young Master Leaf again, I should be able to escape without any problems. The biggest issue I have now is that I need access to more power!”

[Beep-beep. Beep-beep.]

Even as Yang Qi was contemplating what to do next, the Cruiser of Civilization spoke in its emotionless voice. 

[Emergency. Emergency. Embryonic immortal world contains heterogeneous power. World has the potential to reach the tenth rank, but power levels are currently insufficient. It must be either liquefied or upgraded. Beep-beep. Beep-beep. Liquefaction of the immortal world will provide power influx. Liquefy or upgrade?]

‘So, the Cruiser of Civilization has the ability to upgrade immortal worlds?’ Yang Qi was stunned at this unexpected development. Of course, he didn’t want to liquefy or upgrade it at the moment. 

“I'm fine with the status quo. Leave things as is.”

[Order received.]

The photonic computers processed the order and the Cruiser of Civilization quieted down.

At this point, Yang Qi sent his divine will out into all corners of the spacecraft, which was when he realized that it contained countless worlds, some of them little more than seeds. With enough power, those seeds would transform into full worlds of their own. 

‘Amazing. There are world seeds in here.’

It was only after starting to truly power up the cruiser that Yang Qi was able to see more about what it could do. The more he discovered, the more he felt like prostrating himself in admiration to science and technology. Back during the universal Big Bang, countless world seeds had exploded out into the primal-chaos void, and as they absorbed power from their surroundings they would become full-fledged worlds.

That was how many immortal worlds had started out. It was similar to how trees would spread seeds that would themselves eventually turn into trees. At the same time, some smaller seeds would become grass.

Of course, some immortal worlds had been directly created by immortals. Those were essentially fabricated by human hands, but the principles of their creation were the same.

In any case, with enough power provided to the Cruiser of Civilization, the countless world seeds within it could erupt into immortal worlds.

Compared to all of them, the Sage Monarch Heaven was like nothing.

What was more, in its complete state, the Cruiser of Civilization could even create more world seeds.

There were other mysteries to the Cruiser of Civilization which Yang Qi had yet to unlock.

As for the billions of Mechfolk, he already had them hard at work making mechas and battleships. They had already studied the Cruiser of Civilization for a million years, and were thus superficially familiar with how to use it for those purposes.

Even better, because of the resources from the Hell of Mahānata, the Sage Sword Heaven, and other immortal worlds Yang Qi had access to, it was possible to create all sorts of weapons and medicinal brews.

The Sage Monarch Heaven was developing rapidly.

In addition to the general rise in population, there were many disciples who had been hopelessly stuck in their cultivation that could now use genetic serums to become powerful warriors.

There were now two general paths in the Sage Monarch Heaven. One was the path of science and technology and the other was the path of immortal cultivation. Almost immediately, friction began developing between the two paths.

Yang Qi saw that, and did nothing to interfere. In the end, it was actually a good thing. As long as science and cultivation could exist side by side, when the time came for war his immortal world would be supremely equipped to fight.

Now that the Sage Monarch Heaven was buzzing with activity, Yang Qi took some time to spy on the ongoing battle between Young Master Leaf and the Mechwave Heaven.

An image soon popped up on the screens in the Cruiser of Civilization. The battle was still raging. Mechfolk battleships rushed to the aid of their immortal world, but were mowed down by Young Master Leaf and his seventy-one brethren. That said, the latter force was clearly starting to tire out.

If things continued this way, it seemed likely that Young Master Leaf would achieve victory, albeit at great cost.

‘I’ll leave them alone for now and wait until the very last moment to swoop in. The Sage Monarch Heaven is safe, and as long as I have enough power I can use the Cruiser of Civilization to the fullest advantage. My biggest weaknesses right now are my cultivation base and my lack of access to power. I guess I’ll head back to the Brahman Immortal World and try harvesting some more power. Who knows when I’ll get another chance like this?’

Yang Qi had the feeling that even if he eventually traveled to the future world, he wouldn’t be able to absorb power of this quality. There were many kinds of power in the future world, and the power that was being sent through the space-time passageway to suppress the heart of Brahma was of the highest type. It was a unique opportunity that he had to take advantage of while he could.

Thus, Yang Qi returned to the Brahman Immortal World with his fragment of the Cruiser of Civilization.

The moment he returned to the Brahman Institute, his jaw dropped. He hadn’t been away for very long, but massive changes had played out. The entire place was pulsing with immense levels of power, to the point where many children of Brahma with low cultivation bases were ejected.

As for the higher-level children of Brahma, they were delighted and absorbed the power to improve their cultivation bases.

In the very depths of the institute, the power was so strong it was like steel. And all of it was coming from the divine likenesses in the Unknown Temple.

‘The perfect opportunity!’ Yang Qi blurred into motion, heading directly inside and absorbing massive amounts of power for the Cruiser of Civilization.

As the power reserves grew, Yang Qi realized that he might have a chance to kill Young Master Leaf sooner rather than later.

[Power reserves at one one-hundred-billionth. Two one-hundred-billionths….]

A smile broke out on Yang Qi’s face as the power levels grew higher and higher, and he only wished he had some clones here to help him absorb power faster. There was so much that not even the ancient King Heaven-Devourer could have consumed it all.

Dong. Dong. Dong.

Numerous bells tolled, followed by an ancient voice. “Children of Brahma, the final preparations are being made to upgrade our immortal world. The three-year time period for missions is over. Gather in the square to give your reports.”

The children of Brahma immediately flew out to follow the orders.

As for Yang Qi, his heart was pounding as he also followed along, simultaneously absorbing as much power as he could. Something big was about to happen. Very likely, the future world was about to begin their invasion.

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