Chapter 690: A Change in Plan

“No!” the prince howled. His voice trembled with incomparable grief and indignation, yet he refused to back down in humiliation.

“On your knees!” Yang Qi repeated, increasing the pressure. The light flared brighter and brighter until the prince finally flopped onto his hands and knees like a dog.

“You’re a precious prince of the Mechfolk, with the blood of the imperial house in your veins, yet here you are on your hands and knees in front of me.” Yang Qi laughed. “Since you refuse to offer me your allegiance, I'm going to kill you to convince everyone else of the error of their ways.” He slowly raised a hand above his head as he prepared to deliver the fatal blow.

Yang Qi wasn’t actually as strong as this prince, but with the powers of the Cruiser of Civilization, he could crush him.

In response to Yang Qi’s actions, the patriarchs all began clamoring in sorrow and anger. 


“Don’t harm our prince!”

“As long as you don’t hurt him, we’ll acknowledge allegiance!”

“If you dare harm him, we’ll get revenge on you, even if it’s as ghosts!”

Yang Qi chuckled coldly. “So, you are willing to negotiate. Either offer me complete allegiance, or watch your prince die. I won’t have a bunch of disloyal traitors in my spacecraft.”

“We’ll submit! We’ll submit!”

Grabbing the prince by the top of the head, he tossed him back into his cell.

As they had all agreed to offer allegiance, Yang Qi drew on his accumulation of faith power and sent sagelight into their hearts and souls. In the blink of an eye, they all became loyal believers in Yang Qi.

Just like that, billions of Mechfolk converted and Yang Qi could sense the boost in faith power. Some of the patriarchs were Shattered Gods, which meant the accumulated faith power they could provide was equivalent to an immortal world. In fact, it actually surpassed the Titan Emperor Heaven as a whole.

After all, first ranked immortal worlds usually didn’t have Godmyths. And Shattered Gods only came from fifteenth ranked immortal worlds or higher.

People like that could easily destroy thousands of first ranked immortal worlds.

‘What an incredible boost in faith! If I share this with my immortal-slaying clone, he should easily be able to step into ninth stage Dao-Demolishing.’

There were at least a dozen Shattered Gods among the Mechfolk prisoners, and with their combined power it would be an easy task to turn the Brahman Immortal World into a wasteland. Yang Qi wouldn’t even need to use the Cruiser of Civilization!

The only individual among the Mechfolk who didn’t offer allegiance was the prince.

Thus it was with complete ruthlessness that Yang Qi first infected him with the Devil-God Seal, then used the cruiser’s genetic systems to analyze his genes and extract a genetic serum from him.

Genetic serum had one function: to improve the fleshly body and push it to a state that could rival the legion of gods.

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t provide any help when it came to cultivation levels. Whether it was in the ancient mechanical civilization, or in the future world, there were plenty of people who would use genetic serum to improve their fleshly body and become shockingly powerful. The downside was that because their souls would sometimes have trouble handling such strength, they would sometimes lose control and turn into raving, murderous monsters.

Unfortunately, although some genetic serums could reorganize one’s genes to the point where one could slaughter gods and devils with a single fist strike, it also made it impossible to cultivate immortal skills and energy arts. All in all, genetic serums had outstanding upsides, but also incredible downsides.

The prince howled in anguish as his blood was extracted and turned into genetic serum. Yang Qi didn’t kill him, but at the same time did nothing to alleviate the incomparable anguish he experienced because of the process.

Shifting his focus back to the Unknown Temple, Yang Qi thought, ‘I think I’ve taken about as much power as I can. If I keep going, the divine likeness and the photonic computers of the future world might realize what’s happening. The Cruiser of Civilization can mask my power theft, to a certain degree, but the science and technology of the future world is no less advanced than that of the ancient mechanical civilization. In fact, they might even be superior!’

He stood up. ‘It’s not worth the risk. When the time comes, the future world will send waves of power through the passageway that are so strong they could destroy me millions of times over. That's when I can steal some more. Hmph. Brahma Echo-Silk wants me to unseal Brahma’s heart, but she has a deeper scheme at play. Most likely, she knows that the power surge will kill me, and intends to sacrifice me to further her own cause. But with this piece of the Cruiser of Civilization, everything is different. I’ll use the ship to absorb the power, and maybe even push the reserves past the level of one ten-thousandth. I wonder what’ll happen then?’

The cruiser’s power supplies were divided into several levels: one one-trillionth, one one-hundred-billionth, one one-billionth, one ten-thousandth, one one-thousandth, one one-hundredth, and one tenth. After that, the power reserves would be absolutely full. And each major tier of power would come with dramatic transformations.

Going from the level of one one-trillionth to one one-hundred-billionth was hard, and it would take a long time. Reaching one ten-thousandth would be even more difficult.

But at that point, Yang Qi was fairly certain he would be able to create genetic warriors, and analyze all sorts of daoist techniques and energy arts. He would even be able to enact transformations to his own power. Using science and technology to research one's own genetics would make reaching the Godmyth level much easier.

Yang Qi was also fairly certain that pushing the Cruiser of Civilization to the level of one tenth power would make it possible for him to kill Young Master Leaf.

And full power would make it possible for him to dominate even ninth division Godmyths and conquer all sorts of immortal worlds. Unfortunately, only gods could possibly push the cruiser to full levels of power.

‘And all of that is with only one piece of the cruiser. What would it be like if it was complete? Could it compare to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart?’

Yang Qi’s heart was full of admiration for that ancient mechanical civilization.


He left the Unknown Temple and returned to the Sage Monarch Heaven, where it hung in a desolate and empty part of the universe. There, he found Empress Jadefall practicing cultivation by means of an enormous eye.

The eye looked somewhat faint and dark, and was emitting an outflow of deathless godliness. Within the eye, it was possible to see a swirl of godrelics. Of course, it was the eye of Titan.

‘What a pity that eye is completely dead,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘That said, if it were still alive then the paltry Titan Emperor Heaven wouldn’t have been able to keep it suppressed. It would have eventually flown off to the boundless god world.’

As Empress Jadefall breathed and circulated her energy arts, she emanated faint traces of the Godmyth level. She was already starting to form virtual godhood.

“Yang Qi? You’re back! How have things progressed?”

“I've brought you a bottle of genetic serum from the ancient mechanical civilization,” Yang Qi said. “I acquired an enormous god item recently, a spacecraft from that civilization. After powering it up, I used it to extract the genes of an Incarnated God. You can use this serum to significantly boost your power, and probably reach the Godmyth level. The downside is that it will limit your ability to achieve enlightenment, which will make it harder for you to progress through the Godmyth level. What do you think?”

“That’s fine,” she replied with a pleased smile. “The harder it is to achieve breakthroughs, the more incredible they are. I was aware that the ancient mechanical civilization achieved incredible insights into genetics, far beyond anything that we immortal dao cultivators can comprehend.”

“Very well, here you go. I’ll stand as dharmic guard for you while you use it.” Yang Qi handed her the bottle, which she opened and carefully sniffed. Closing her eyes, she took some time to analyze the aura, then summoned a flame into her palm which quickly absorbed the serum.

Her genes immediately began to restructure and grow, causing magical symbols and porcelain light to swirl all over her.


Yang Qi watched as numerous heavenly tribulations formed above her as the dao of heaven expressed its fury at her stepping into the Godmyth level.

“What’s going on?” Yang Qi murmured, unsure of what exactly was happening.

“The genetic serum is being absorbed by the porcelain godspore in my sea of energy!” Empress Jadefall exclaimed. “As a result, my Reincarnated powers are greatly benefiting! That’s what’s pushing me into the Godmyth level. If I can get more genetic serum in the future, my porcelain godspore will absorb it! I can sense the godspore’s pleasure!”

To Empress Jadefall’s delight, the heavenly tribulation was also absorbed by the porcelain godlight around her, leaving her completely unharmed. In fact, it even boosted her power a bit.

The process lasted a few days. When it was over, Empress Jadefall was a Godmyth.

“So you can just devour genetic serum without any downside? What exactly is that porcelain godspore?” Yang Qi had no idea.

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